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On a break with Baby #5
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Lyn, I've been following on your blog and I am so glad to see you're back on track and with us again on 3fc. Welcome back and congratulations on your most recent losses!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

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hi lyn, i remember you! welcome back
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Shairing her ESH...
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Another member of the Lyn Fan club--glad to see you again!!
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Keto on!
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Lyn I am SO glad to see you back here! I read your blog daily but always look forward to your posts here.
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Former Quitter
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Welcome back, Lyn! I sure did miss you.
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A Turtle loser
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WB, of course we will receive you with open arms....I too am a returning member.
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M.S. + living balance
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Originally Posted by Glory87 View Post
Well - I read your blog so it's like you never left for me, but glad to see you posting here again!
same here. I saw the subject line and thought - you werent gone! Keep on keeping on (it's what I'm doing... ugh so brutal)

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Thank you all SO MUCH for the warm welcome back!! It made me LOL about those who read my blog so I "wasn't gone!" You guys really made my day... totally!! I am thrilled to see so many familiar faces

cfmama!! woman, we weigh almost the same! I am so proud of you, staying here plugging along without me!!

I missed this great place. I just got too caught up in stressful stuff, let it get to me, regained a total of 31 pounds. But I am done with all that now, and eating healthy/biking daily. I did a lot of "mental/emotional" work over the past year and I feel totally ready to lose this weight for good!
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NEVER EVER going back
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I know! I was like holy cow! I weigh what Lyn does now and when I STARTED your weight seemed so freaking unattainable to me! Let`s plug and plod together my friend
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