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Default Finally the longed-for comment! And yet...

I took the dogs into kennels today and the owner said, what is it that's different about you? oh yes, you've lost weight!

Hurrah! The first genuine comment about it!

And yet... don't think I'm ungrateful but what I've learned on this wonderful site, amongst other things, is that it's not what others think or notice, it's what I've achieved and am achieving.

So woot for the kennel lady, woot for the first notice but double woot for yet another good thing learned on 3fc!
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Excellent! Having lost 60lb, I guess the difference will be amazing indeed!

I have not shared at work that I am trying to lose weight because I want any comment to be genuine. If they know they may say nice things just for the sake of it. As they don`t know I will be sure that anything they notice will be for real! Can`t wait!

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Loving life!!
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I'm glad you finally got a comment....that would have driven me crazy too
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Maintaining :)
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I remember when I got my first comment - I had lost about 40 lbs.

Here's a warning though - you are going to start getting a lot more of the same - very soon! Be prepared
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Good for you Ailidh! I'm so happy for you.
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Ahhh, so they're noticing. Yay!!!! That's a good stage to get to. Feels real nice. Of course you're doing this first and foremost for yourself, but it most certainly IS a great feeling to have others realize that you're making some pretty spectacular changes.

It's funny, I was going to write here that I remember the first time someone *finally* made a comment to me that it was so special. I remember thinking at the time, that I will never forget who first said it to me - but I CAN'T REMEMBER NOW!!! It's driving me crazy. Maybe it'll come to me later. Maybe it won't. I guess in the end it wasn't all that special. But it was. It really, really was - at the time anyway.

Keep up the great work love. Those comments will be coming in left and right.
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And chances are a lot of nice comments from hot spanish men too. Congrats on the comment, see it just had to be someone who hadn't seen you in a bit. Have some fun for the rest of us too, I'm sure there will be enough to go around.

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Glad you got the first acknowledgment. Other than those who know I'm dropping, I'm 30 pounds down with nary a word.

Oh well, I think I look better.

But it's great you finally got a top of the hat for your efforts.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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yay I"m so happy for you!!! I remember how bummed i was after my 1st comment --- someone said "wow you've lost a lot of weight" and I thought "wow only 30 lbs. and someone noticed, yay!!!" but then I found out she knew a friend of a friend who'd TOLD her I'd lost weight so I'm sure she just said it to be nice LOL as if i remember that!
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Yep, usually the people around you every day don't notice because it comes off slowly. Congratulations on your first real comment!
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That's awesome!! They good vibes and comments will just keep on coming!! Keep up the good work!
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How awesome! Congrats on losing 60 lbs so far!! You're doing great!
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Starting over
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Yay for the kennel lady!

--and you too, of course.
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Originally Posted by Jennelle View Post
Yep, usually the people around you every day don't notice because it comes off slowly. Congratulations on your first real comment!
Yes, that's what I was going to say. People who see you frequently are seeing the weight come off slowly and so they're gradually becoming accustomed to the slimmer Ailidh. The dog kennel lady hasn't seen you so she's gone from the plumper version to the glamorous version all at once!

I also got my first comment yesterday from someone I haven't seen in awhile (and didn't know I had started losing weight). She was very positive and enthusiastic, with just the right amount of "Wow" in her voice. It was nice!

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That's great! Enjoy it!

I got my first comments yesterday as well. My boss said one of the pilots out of the blue said. "wow, donna's lost a lot of weight?" boss he also said his wife mentioned it. but I wonder. He's admitted that he's not noticed the change but I have been talking to him about it and he does see me everyday. He joked that that was his excuse. I feel okay about it just unusual and I tried to not sherk it off and take it at face value.
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