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Default Time for some Fun... Post your favorites!

Board Games:
Computer Games:
Sports Team:
TV Shows:
Types of Movies:
Types of Music:
Types of Books:
Books (by title):
Sunday Paper:
Sections of Paper:
Breakfast Foods:
Snack Foods:
Candy Bars:
Alcoholic Drinks:
Non-Alcoholic Drinks:
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Losin It For GOOD!
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Colors: Blue and Forest/Hunter Green
Scents: Baby Powder and Greg's deoderant.. sorry it smells yummy!!
Flowers: Peach Roses
Board Games: Cranium, Scattergories, Spoons
Computer Games: Lemmings, You Don't Know Jack
Sports: hockey, volleyball, Football
Sports Team: PATRIOTS! RED SOX! CELTICS! BRUINS! (sorry I'm a home town girl)
TV Shows: Survivor, Buffy, WWE, Tough Enough, Amazing Race, and any of the trashy day time talk shows!
Types of Movies: Action/Adventure, Romance, Comedy...
Movies: Harry Potter, The Mummy movies, Shrek, The Princess Bride
Actors: Vin Disel, Bruce Willis, The Rock
Actresses: Julia Stiles, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz
Types of Music: Anything except country and hard core rap/metal
Bands/Singers: Fuel, Michelle Branch, Linkin Park
Magazines: Too many to list!! Cosmo, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Reader's Digest, Weight Watchers...
Types of Books: LOVE forensics books, medical mysteries...
Books (by title): The Left Behind Series, the Harry Potter books, any medical mystery book
Authors: Patricia Cromwell, Dean Koontz...
Sunday Paper: Boston Globe
Sections of Paper: Living, Arts/Entertainment, Comics
Breakfast Foods: I love crossaintwhiches or bagel sandwhiches, and hash browns.. mmm
Sandwiches: Meatball Sub!!!
Dinners: Anything Italian..
Meats: STEAK!
Vegetables: Broccoli and green beans
Fruits: STRAWBERRIES!!!!!, but I like everything else
Snack Foods: Chex Mix, pretzels, fat free granola bars
Candy Bars: 3 Musketeers, anything made by Reese's
Desserts: Eclairs, Ice Cream...
Alcoholic Drinks: Midori and Sprite, Smirnoff Ice
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Pina Colada's, Diet Coke
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Colors: Dark Greens (Hunter, Emerald etc)
Scents: Permanent magic marker (j/k) and fruity smells like pear and peach
Flowers: Roses, Daisies and this pretty little flower my daughter grew for me that we dont know the name of.
Board Games: Scrabble, Ink blots
Computer Games: Online Role Playing Games <--I'm an addict
Sports: Not much of a sports fan
Sports Team:
TV Shows: Who's line is it anyways, Star Trek TNG,Voyager,Deep Space Nine (eep!! I'm a trekie)
Types of Movies: Anything that doesnt involve cowboys or karate
Movies: Too many to list
Actors: Brad Pitt (drool), Bruce Willis (drool), William Robins (no drool but he makes me laugh)
Actresses: Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan
Types of Music: Anything other then Rap
Bands/Singers: Creed has to be my favorite (at the moment)
Magazines: I don't buy magazines.
Types of Books: Romance, Mystery, Horror
Books (by title): A Rose in Winter is my #1 book
Authors: Stephan King
Sunday Paper: Milwaukee Journal / Sentinal
Sections of Paper: Local,comics, classifieds
Breakfast Foods: Hashbrowns ! could eat them by the ton!
Sandwiches: (my mothers only) bolonga salad
Dinners: Homemade Roast Beef with potatoes and carrots
Meats: BEEF!
Vegetables: Corn on the cob and frenchcut greenbeans from the can only
Fruits: Oh thats a hard one, I like everything but Banana's have to be my favorite
Snack Foods: Chips and dip, pretzels and popcorn
Candy Bars: Nutrageous
Desserts: Cherry Cheese Cake
Alcoholic Drinks: Mailbu and Orange
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Diet Coke and Coffee

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1/2 Marathon May 15 2011
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'0"


Colors: yellow
Scents: ginger - I love all the ginger products from
Flowers: tulips
Board Games: ALL!
Computer Games: sheepshead - it's a wisconsin thing
Sports: baseball, hockey, football, skiing, skating
Sports Team: Toronto Blue Jays & Toronto Maple Leafs - my home town!!!
TV Shows: Judging Amy, Six Feet Under (hbo), sopranos (hbo)
Types of Movies: most -
Movies: most - have a Sting dvd on right now - we love to go to the movies
Actors: Kevin Spacey
Actresses: can't think of one!
Types of Music: almost anything -BUT country
Bands/Singers: Big Time Sting fan!!!!
Magazines: read lots - you name it - I flip through it
Types of Books: Peter Pan, One fish Two fish... I have a 2 year old daugher
Books (by title):
Sunday Paper: Green Bay Press Gazette
Sections of Paper: cover to cover - takes all week - but I grab the coupons first!!

Breakfast Foods: Natural ovens bread - made right here in Wisconin - they will change your life! maybe I should sell these..hehe
Sandwiches: grilled cheese w/ healthy choice ham
Dinners: chicken fajitas
Meats: steak on the bbq
Vegetables: red peppers, onions, brocolli, corn, name a few
Fruits: ALL! - but I am lime crazy!
Snack Foods: pretzels, skinny cows
Candy Bars: eat more - only available in Canada - good thing I now live in the states!
Desserts: key lime cheesecake
Alcoholic Drinks: don't drink alcohol - maybe once every two years - maybe
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: old favourite - dr pepper... new favourite... diet cherry coke! (remind me to buy stock in that! )

Cute thread

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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'5"

Default I'll finish!

Colors: green, black (for my clothes)
Scents: jasmine, vanilla, honeysuckle
Flowers: sunflowers are my all-time favorite!
Board Games: probably Clue
Computer Games: Boggle
Sports: football (mostly college), hockey to a small extent, baseball
Sports Team: Ole Miss Rebels (Hotty Toddy!), Green Bay Packers (Brett Favre is to DIE for!), Memphis Riverkings (hockey), San Francisco Giants (hometown loyalties), Tennessee Vols (just sorta rubbed off from my best friend)
TV Shows: C.S.I., 24, Sisters (in syndication on Soap Network)
Types of Movies: thoughtful dramas, romance, comedy
Movies: When Harry Met Sally, L.A. Story, Slapshot, Rat Race
Actors: Steve Martin, Paul Newman (yum! ), Adam Sandler (cute in a boy-next-door sorta way)
Types of Music: classic rock, adult alternative, old country
Bands/Singers: Radney Foster, Aerosmith, John Mellencamp
Magazines: Ladies' Home Journal, Seventeen
Types of Books: mysteries, horror, Southern family stories
Books (by title): As I Lay Dying (William Faulkner), anything by Patricia Cornwell, The Dead Zone and The Stand (Stephen King), Prince of Tides (Pat Conroy)
Authors: Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King, Ed McBain, Bobbie Ann Mason
Sunday Paper:
Sections of Paper: Comics/Dear Abby; Sports
Breakfast Foods: sausage, fried eggs, grits with butter, salt and pepper
Sandwiches: Reuben, or salmon and butter on sourdough
Dinners: Mexican or sushi platter
Meats: roast beef
Vegetables: all!
Fruits: everything except cantaloupe (YUCK!)
Snack Foods: anything salty
Candy Bars: Special Dark or Cadbury Fruit-n-Nut
Desserts: cheesecake
Alcoholic Drinks: margarita on the rocks
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: diet Coke, diet Pepsi Twist (the diet Coke version tastes like furniture polish!), diet 7-up

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colors: Gold and purple

scents:Carolina Herra perfume, royal jasmine,
gardenia,Honeysuckle,wisteria,and roses

flowers:Jasmine, gardenia,Honeysuckle,wisteria,& roses

boardgames: sorry,upwards yahtzee, ,monoply and a few psychological games

computer games:same game and vegas casino

sports: Ice skating,gymnastics
sports teams:n/a

TV shows: Star Trec,crossimg over,Jesse Duplantis,Survivor,Big Brother, Amazing race, Christopher Lowell,Trading spaces,Cops,most of the discovery channel and science programs,Oprah

types of Movies:Spookies,sci fi,mysterys,old movies, some comedies,Gothic,some musicals such as Janette Mc Donald and Nelson Eddie( I know it is before my time )& Historical
Movies:6th Sense, Bicenntenial Man, The Patriot, Gladiator,King of Kings,Wizard of Oz, The Robe,Jane Eyre, Silence of the Lambs,The Others, Naughty Marretta, Indian Love call, Dances with Wolves,Titanic, Nutty Professor ,Forrest Gump, Dr. Dolittle , Dr. Dolittle 2,Interview with a Vampire,Ghost and so on

Actors:Mel Gibson,Eddie Murphy, way to many to name

Actresses:Katherine Hepburn, I really don' know the names of todays actors and actresses off the top of my head
Types of Music: New age, christian, soft rock, 50's, 60's and some 70's 80's and 90's not country nor rap although I do like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton.

Bands and singers:Celine Dion, The young girl whose last name is Church, Pavrotti,Dimengo, Robert Tree Cody, Spotted Eagle, R.Carlos Nakai & William Eaton,
Magazines:Southern Homes and Garden, Romantic Homes and Gardens,circle the word,Discovery Science Digest, Omni, and Archeology
types of books:Mysteries, spookies, thrillers many different types really
Books by title: Ancient Echos,Flowers in the attic, The Trilogy,
Hawaii, Ghost, Discover the power within, Classic Poetry( a collection),Short Stories of Edgar Allen Poe, Unraveling the Dead Sea Scrolls, Guardian Angels,Speak to the Angels ,Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and thousands of ohers

Authors:Way to many to log here

Sunday Paper: Charleston Gazette

Section:Arts and Living

Breakfast foods:Grits and eggs, fresh made bread ,butter and apple butter

Sandwiches:Barbeque anything, omelet in pita bread,grilled cheese, cheese steak

dinner:spicy chicken wings and onion rings, cabbage rolls in sauerkraut, sea food most any kind, chinese food, fahitas, Chimy Chongas
Meats:Fried Chicken, lemon peppered chicken, stuffed chicken breasts, Beef stroganoff, beef vegetable soup, pork stirfry, pork chops, bacon, ham,liver chicken or calves.
Vegetables:all and just love roasted garlic and onions any way and in most everything.
fruits:Most all. Love Bing cherries fresh, peaches,plums,grapefruit to the max and mangos are to die for.
snack foods:Popcorn,toffee covered popcorn and nuts,cheetos, fritos, pork rinds,seasoned rice cakes ,sees chocolate , whitman sampler,chex snack mix,sesame treats,bachlava,peach pie, cherry pie, cheese cake, key lime pie, salt and vinegar potato chips,ruffles and french onion dip.and a variety of others
candy bars:Heath, score, peanut butter cups, reason nips coffe flavored, Jelly Bellies.
desserts:Chocolate torte, my cheese cake, Humminbird cake fritters, gooey butter cake, pound cake with butteron top,shortcake,pie , pie, pie with homemade whipped cream.
alcoholic drinks: lightly sweet wines, dessert wines, kahlauha and almeretto
non alcoholic drinks:diet Check Cola, diet cream soda, diet root beer, crystal lite, herbal teas but oh how I long for the taste of Moroccan tea, spearmint with a little green tea and brown cone sugar served hot. I like iced tea as well.
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Colors: Black
Scents: vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin/apple spice (love my candles)
Flowers: Bleeding Hearts
Board Games: Imaginiff
Computer Games: Spider
Sports: Football, Tennis, Ice Skating, Gymnastics
Sports Team: *GREEN* *BAY* *PACKERS*
TV Shows: Days of our Lives, ER, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother (love the reality shows), Fear Factor...
Types of Movies: Comedy
Movies: Coyote Ugly, My Best Friend's Wedding, Meg Ryan & Julia Roberts' movies....
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaghey
Actresses: Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz
Types of Music: Country, Classic Rock, Pop
Bands/Singers: Air Supply, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson
Magazines: Soap Opera Digest, US, People, Prevention, Health, Shape, Walking
Types of Books: Historical Romance
Books (by title):
Authors: Nora Roberts
Sunday Paper: local papers
Sections of Paper:
Breakfast Foods: scrambled eggs, bagel/english muffin sandwiches
Sandwiches: tuna fish
Dinners: pizza
Meats: turkey, ham
Vegetables: corn, peas, green beans
Fruits: banana, pineapple
Snack Foods: sunflower seeds.... Can you see the high-fat content here!!!
Candy Bars: snickers, heath
Desserts: mint chocolate chip ice cream
Alcoholic Drinks: Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Margaritas
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Diet Coke
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Default Follow-Ups...

Jennelle -- *GO PACKERS*!! Brett Favre is awesome
gbo -- Charlotte Church Isn't she amazing!!!
slimdown -- "sheepshead - it's a wisconsin thing".... I've never
heard of it, and I've lived in Wisconsin all my life! LOL!!!!! The
Natural Ovens Bakery is not something that sticks out in my
head, either. I did a store search, and the other grocery store
in town sells it (not the one I normally go to), so I'll have to
check it out sometime!
Beth Anne -- Dean Koontz has a home... well... "fortress"
(LOL!!!) in the same area where my sister Kari lives
(Newport Coast, -Orange County- CA). She showed me his
place while I was visiting
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Colors: Earth Tones, Black Clothing

Scents: Basements (know am weird), Vanilla

Flowers: White roses

Board Games: Taboo, Monopoly, Yatzee

Computer Games: Yahoo! Pyramids

Sports: Basketball

Sports Team: NY Yankees (what else?!?)

TV Shows: Will & Grace, Friends, E.R., Lifetime for women

Types of Movies: All types

Movies: Grease, Annie, Face Off, Wizard of Oz,

Actors: Vin Diesel (YUMMY!) Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Affleck (easy on the eyes), Harrison Ford

Actresses: Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd, Sally Field

Types of Music: Dance, Country, R&B, Pop, Disco

Bands/Singers: Dixie Chicks, Jaheim, Pink, No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, Lenny Kravitz

Magazines: Oprah, Ladies Journal

Types of Books: I read anything I can get my hands on

Books (by title): Alot

Authors: John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Dean Koontz

Sunday Paper: NY Post

Sections of Paper: From front to back

Breakfast Foods: French Toast, Fruit, Bagels, Cereal..all the stuff I shouldn't have

Sandwiches: Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese, LTM and a bit of pepper on a roll

Dinners: Italian or Mexican

Meats: Steak

Vegetables: Broccoli, Spinach, string beans

Fruits: Strawberries, Kiwi, Bananas

Snack Foods: Uhm, anything.

Candy Bars: Snickers

Desserts: Carrot Cake

Alcoholic Drinks: White Russian, Coors Light, White Zin, Absolute & Cran

Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Water, Coffee

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Height: 5'6


Colors: purple, green, yellow
Scents: vanilla
Flowers: peach roses
Board Games: sequence
Computer Games: ma-jongg
Sports: hockey
Sports Team: NY Yankees (because of hubby)
TV Shows: ER, CSI, Survivor, Real World
Types of Movies: All kinds
Movies: West side story, Armagedden, Never-ending Story
Actors: Ben Affleck (OMG!!), Bard Pitt, John Cusak
Actresses: Julie Roberts. Meg Ryan, Halle Berry
Types of Music: Country, Alternative, Pop
Bands/Singers: Toby Keith, Collin Raye
Magazines: Shape, Fitness, Working Mom, Parents
Types of Books: Self-help, fiction
Books (by title): The Game, Life Strategies
Authors: Dr. Phil, Leo Buscallia, Sydney Sheldon
Sunday Paper: Times
Sections of Paper: Sale Ads
Breakfast Foods: Biscuits
Sandwiches: chicken with cheese and bacon (grilled bread)
Dinners: chicken fettuchini alfredo
Meats: filet
Vegetables: very few
Fruits: apples, strawberries
Snack Foods: popcorn, cookies
Candy Bars: M&M's
Desserts: ice cream
Alcoholic Drinks: wine coolers, malibu rum with grapefruit juice
Non-Alcoholic Drinks:diet caf free pepsi, lemonaide

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Colors: PURPLE!!!!!!! also yellow

Scents: Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze

Flowers: Peach roses

Board Games: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit

Computer Games: games, Who wants to be a millionaire

Sports: YUCK!

Sports Team: Still YUCK!!!

TV Shows: Friends, Reba Show, Will & Grace

Types of Movies: Comedies

Movies: Miss Congeniality, Titanic, 101 Dalmations (102 also)

Actors: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise

Actresses: Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts

Types of Music: Country, Pop Rock

Bands/Singers: Faith Hill, JoDee Messina, Trick Pony

Magazines: Cooking Light, Health

Types of Books: Romance

Books (by title): Anything by Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele

Authors: See above

Sunday Paper: Too poor to buy one

Sections of Paper: Classifieds, Comics

Breakfast Foods: Don't usually eat breakfast, bad me!!!

Sandwiches: Anything made from cow products

Dinners: Mexican or Italian

Meats: COW, COW, COW

Vegetables: Ooooh am I supposed to eat these?

Fruits: Watermelon, strawberries, raspberries

Snack Foods: Ice Cream, Cookies

Candy Bars: Hershey's w/Almonds, Almond Joy

Desserts: Ice Cream

Alcoholic Drinks: Don't Drink

Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Coke
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Default just for fun...

Colors: Lavender, Purple and Blue

Scents: Caswell and Massey Lilac Perfume and TeaRose Perfume

Flowers: Roses, Pansies, Lilacs

Board Games: Monopoly

Computer Games: none

Sports:watching figure skating, swimming

Sports Team: not into team sports

TV Shows: Everybody Loves Raymond, Providence, HGTV, E/R

Types of Movies: comedies-especially British and Irish

Movies: anything with John Cusack (!) and The Commitments

Actors: John Cusack, Mel Gibson

Actresses:can't think of any current favorites

Types of Music: singer-songwriter and rock

Bands/Singers:numerous!! Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, Shawn Colvin, U2, Hothouse Flowers, EmmylousHarris, Queen, Over the Rhine, Heart (early stuff) Pete and Maura Kennedy, janis Joplin, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Magazines: Romantic Homes, Quick Cooking, Light N Tasty, Rosie, Romantic Times, Performing Songwriter, Country Decorating Ideas, Country Almanac

Types of Books: fiction and mystery

Books (by title): Circle of Friends and Light a Penny Candle by Maeve Binchy, Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher, Woman to Woman by Cathy Kelly

Authors:Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly, Rosamunde Pilcher, Sheila O'Flanagan, Marian Keyes, katie Fforde, Susan Wittig Albert, Sandra Scoppettone, and on and on....

Sunday Paper: Trenton Times

Sections of Paper: Life, Home, Entertainment, Parade

Breakfast Foods: eggs or pancakes

Sandwiches: grilled chicken, or turkey with cheese

Dinners: anything Italian

Meats: don't eat red meat

Vegetables: sweet potatoes, corn, red peppers, carrots

Fruits: pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes

Snack Foods: anything chocolate!

Candy Bars: Hershey's with almonds or Reeses

Desserts: brownies or chocolate chip cookies

Alcoholic Drinks: don't drink
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: iced tea, water or skim milk
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Height: 5'3"

Default Re: Time for some Fun... Post your favorites!

[Colors: green
Scents: lilac and lavender
Board Games: scrabble
Computer Games: don't play
Sports Team: Toronto Blue Jays
TV Shows: Fraiser, British sitcoms
Types of Movies: comedy, sci fi, adventure
Movies:Four Weddings and a Funeral
Actors: Keanu Reeves
Actresses: Meg Ryan
Types of Music: practically everything, mostly soft rock
Bands/Singers: Ace of Base, ABBA, Beatles, Elvis
Magazines: Biography
Types of Books: sci fi, fantasy, mystery
Books (by title): The Hobbit
Authors: Lillian Jackson Braun
Sunday Paper:
Sections of Paper: comics
Breakfast Foods:bacon, eggs
Sandwiches: toast tomato, peanut butter
Dinners: roast beef or turkey, mashed potatos
Meats:roast beef, turkey
Vegetables: you gotta be kidding
Fruits: bananas
Snack Foods: crackers
Candy Bars: anything that has Hershey chocolate
Desserts: Lemon merangue
Alcoholic Drinks: I don't drink
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: ice tea, gingerale
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Colors: Purple, Turq, lime, Jewel tones.

Scents: Perlier's Green Tea everything. White shoulders (since college). Youth Dew.

Flowers: Plumeria, pink and/or white roses, lilly of the valley.

Board Games: Scrabble, Trivial Persuit, anything trivia or words.

Computer Games: something I can win.

Sports: baseball

Sports Team: The Tribe (Indians)

TV Shows: JAG, CSI, ER, Whose line..., Carol Duvall, Boston Public, Simpsons, Family Guy, Law & Order (all of them), Brit coms, decorating shows, Guardian, and a few more.

Types of Movies: Action/Adventure, Love stories, Comedy, 50's romances, old musicals, Classics.

Movies: Young Frankenstein, Shrek, any Mel Brooks, Sayanara, Come Back Little Sheba, Labyrinth, Babe, Dave

Actors: Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, Michael Clarke Dunkan, Sydney Poitier

Actresses: Jane Russell, Kristen Johnston (especially Sally's 1st sneeze), Meg Ryan (since ATWT)

Types of Music: Hard Rock, Christian, Classical, Gregorian Chants, Show Tunes, light jazz, bluegrass (but NOT country), Seattle Grunge

Bands/Singers: Led Zep, Van Halen, Creed, Lenny Kravitz

Magazines: Victoria, Mary Engelbreight, Woman's World, First

Types of Books: Crime Drama, Mystery, Horror, spy novels, devotionals

Books (by title): Memoirs of a Geisha, Where the Heart Is (Billie Letts), the whole 'Mitford' series by Jan Karon, The Left Behind series, Gone With the Wind

Authors: Jack Higgins, Patricia Cornwell, Jan Karon, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy

Sunday Paper: Lisbon Morning Journal

Sections of Paper: crossword puzzle

Breakfast Foods: sausage gravy and biscuits, omlets, fried potatoes, any fast food b-fast sandwich.

Sandwiches: Big, ole, greasy cheeseburger, reubin, oven-baked subs

Dinners: lobster, grilled seafood, pasta, steak

Meats: beef, pork, turkey, lamb, chicken

Vegetables: EVERYTHING but turnips. Especially fire-grilled EVERYTHING.

Fruits: mangos, oranges, strawberries, red raspberries, melon, at the moment...and every thing else, too.

Snack Foods: tortilla chips, pretzels.

Candy Bars: Don't eat them...believe it or not!

Desserts: cheesecake of any size, shape, or flavor.

Alcoholic Drinks: margarita, pina colada, midori sour.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks: water, coffee, green tea.
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I have 2 comments..

#1 Is anyone else reading these and saying "OH yeah I forgot that _____ was my favorite _____!!!"

#2 VELVET LIKES LED ZEP And VAN HALEN????? My chin is still flopped onto my chest!!!!! Never would have guessed that in 5 bazillion years!!!
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