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yes girl
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Default counting calories vs. ?????

so, since i started trying to lose weight i have not really been on any specific diet or anything. i've just been eating a lot more fruits, veggies, baked everything (chicken, fish) and ocassionaly some ground lean beef. lots more water and exercising 6x a week. i have lost 6lbs. in almost a month so i am doing something right, but i wonder if calorie counting is the way to go since it seems like a lot of ladies on here are doing that? or am i being impatient or doubting myself? would i getter results from counting calories?
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i think no matter what you choose to do..its important to record everything you eat. Weather you use calorie counting, adkins, weight watchers etc. I like calorie counting because i can eat whatever, just stay within my limits. You are definately on the right track by eating better. But you may find as you start to loose have to do something to get the weight off. You need to find something that works for you..but calorie counting is definately easy for most...there are many different sites to help you including 3FC. also you can use free log sites to track your food such as daily plate or fitday. You can also look up food info on Or you can do it the old fashion and easy way..pen and paper. But either will help you to track your food. good luck
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There's no right way. You have to find what works for your lifestyle and body. Try one thing for awhile and see how it goes, then make adjustments or try something new. It's a constant game of finding what works, since what works for the first 20 pounds might now work for the second 20 due to how bodies work and how boredom can set in.
It sounds like you're doing great so far! If you feel like you need to try something new, then go for it!
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Default calories and journals

I count calories and I journal. My problem is it doesn't stop me from going over. I don't know why, but I cannot keep my calories at 1500 a day.

I seem to be maintaining and not gaining, but I really wish I could figure out why I have to hoover all day and then way into the evening as well!

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In the past I tried just making healthier choices and dropped a couple pounds but never saw real progress.

With calorie counting I have a "system" that adjusts with me as I lose the weight. Keeping track of everything I eat is super useful for me. I am learning that my concept of how many calories I needed every day used to be ridiculously unrealistic.

Also research has shown that people who monitor a behavior usually change that behavior.
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You have to chose what is right for you. For me, Weight Watchers is great. For my mother, counting calories was her way to lose 110 lbs. Both these things it is most important to journal what you eat. ^_^ Good luck.
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I like counting calories because I can also track my vitamin intake and my % carbs/protein/fat. I make different food choices depending on how those % are coming out each day.

I use the free online meal planner tool.
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It's what worked for me. I think the flexibility is what made it easy. I can spend my calorie budget anyway I want. Whatever you do, realize that you can still eat too much of all the right kinds of food. Just making the right choices as to food type won't guarantee weight loss.
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I have to count something to lose weight. Weight Watchers worked OK for me. I am counting calories now and it is going very well.
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I started off just trying to eat healthier but then decided to start counting my calories as well because loosing weight is basically about math. (I hate math but bare with me lol) To loose pounds you have to burn more calories than you take in. 3500 calories must be burned to loose one pound. So for me I need to know how many calories I am eating so I know I am exercising enough. I was successful with this when I lost weight before so I decided to do it again. I was just to unsure if I was doing it right without the numbers in front of me. And when I did start checking out the calories on things I was surprised. Some things I thought would be low cal and good for my were not. Other things I was surprised at how low cal they were and I got to fill up on those kind of things so I never had to feel hungry.
However that doesn't work for everyone. And the key is finding what works for you. If you do decide to keep track of cals is awesome. I just started using it but it's so usefull. And free!
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As many others and you I started off the same way, but when I started learning about calorie counting I feel I have done much better with staying on plan by planning! I think that you should give it a try and see how you like it.
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I've read the analogy that not having a plan of some sort (even a loose one like counting) is like trying to navigate an unknown city without a map. You might get to your destination - but clear directions means less chance of getting lost along the way.
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oooo well put.
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I have always counted calories and I agree write down what you eat. I eat 1800 a day. It just makes since to me. Less in equals less weight and for me counting the calories just helps keep me honest. I could just eat healthy and watch it but I know I would be lying to myself. I woulld say something like "oh you didn't have that much to eat today. That little bit of ice cream won't hurt." So for me it's just better to count. Once you get used to it then it becomes second nature.
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It is important that the plan you choose fits your lifesyle and your personality. One plan does not fit all. I agree that writing everything down is very helpful for most people.

I think it is also important to have a goal of how you want your eating habits and lifestyle to be once you loose the weight. Have a plan to get to that goal and stay focused on the goal even if you have to modify the plan along the way.

Good Luck!

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