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Default We Are Back Online!

If you tried to check in today, you saw that the server was down. It crashed at 1:40 am. When Suzanne 3FC tried to restore it from the backup, she discovered that the daily backup was corrupted and unusable. Unfortunately, last night was the night when the weekly backup ran too, so its database was also corrupted and unusable.

So we're back, restored to May 22, the date of the last monthly backup. Everything posted since then is lost, I'm sorry to say.

Feel free to repost any threads or questions.

For more information, please see the forum-wide announcement, which is HERE
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Withdrawal. Can anyone say withdrawal?

I"m so glad you guys could get the majority of hte posts back up. I've run a message board and had it crash before. I know the stress and frustration of not being able to restore or retrieve data. My sympathies to the admin team! And thanks for bringing it back as fast as you did!


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I'm SOOO glad that we didn't lose everything!!
How awful would that have been??!!?? may have to re register if you joined in the past two weeks...but please do, if necessary

to everybody!
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Linda - I think there was a crash a few years ago where everything was lost (or maybe I'm wrong). I'm glad we are back though!!
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Back in November, 2003, we lost two months of posts. That was tough because the Maintainers forum was only six weeks old and we lost the entire forum except for a few documents I had saved in Word.
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Thank you to 3FC for the efforts in getting back online. I missed this soooo much!!! I'm just glad that you were able to save so much.

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Talk about withdrawl LOL glad it's back up!
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Gosh...I didn't realize how much I would miss y'all so much. Seems like 3fc is one way I start my day.

Glad 3FC is back on line! I am so, so glad that only a few weeks was lost - when it might have been ten years worth of information and posts.

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^^Seriously! I was scared the site wouldn't come back....
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I absolutely agree... I'm not a computer expert, but seems like, after a major crash like that.. 3FC was very quick to get us back up and running as quickly as they did... Thanks for a great job.. I'm so glad we're all back together.
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does this mean it will take longer for me to get a ticker???
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I had to re-register. It's gonna take me even longer to get the ticker!!!
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I am so happy 3fc's is back up! My computer has been in repair for a while so I went to the library to use theirs and was so disappointed not to be catch up! Serious withdrawal.

Great job 3fc's on bringing it all back to us so quickly!
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I'm glad y'all are back up! I've done some server work myslef, and you all must have been working hard to get things up and running quickly! Thanks, ladies!

Drat, lost 30-odd posts, just realized!

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Thanks for the update... really sorry about the bits that we lost, but you ladies are awesome for getting us back up so soon, I love looking around the site on my evening.
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