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Default Reflections

Wow! You ladies (and the occasional gentleman ) are SMART! I read more than I post and the things I am learning....not just about my physical well-being but my emotional (and occasionally spiritual) as well.

Today I am reflecting. I adopted a healthy lifestyle about the middle of Jan and since then have lost about 30 pounds. I have been hanging steady at this 30 pounds and this week am trying something a little different to get me going again. So, what have I learned?
  1. If my world is interrupted I still go back to old habits. sigh.
  2. If I am tired or busy I go back to old habits.
  3. If I DON'T PLAN I go back to old habits.
  4. My old habits suck.
  5. When your scale breaks, it is not the end of the world.
  6. Exercising is not for the elite. Who is elite? Are those people really out there?
  7. Exercising really, really makes me feel better.
  8. My students can tell when I don't exercise.
  9. It is ESSENTIAL to write everything down!
  10. If I don't go into the teachers lounge I wont know what is in there!

So, obviously I am working on some of these...mainly this week I am focusing on planning. Not that it is new to me but I have been a slacker lately (in that respect - still trying to make good choices).

So, what are your reflections?

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1. Eating well doesn't mean I never get my favorite foods
2. My favorite foods have changed over time
3. I am physically stronger at almost 40 than I ever was in my entire life.
4. I am emotionally stronger at almost 40 than any other time in my life.
5. Slip ups aren't the end of the world.
6. I don't have to be perfect all the time.
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1) There will always be stress. This is life.
2) Menopause doesn't mean that I can never lose weight.
3) I can't handle "just a little" sugar. Sugar and refined starches make me depressed.
4) Exercise is requirement for my weight loss
5) This is not a temporary. I must do this for the rest of my life.
6) I deserve this!
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