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Default Boot Camp

Okay, so here's the deal. I have been at this for about 4-5 months and I have lost 30 pounds. Not too bad but I had greater expectations. I have had many really, really good days and some not so good days and I have struggled with not getting frustrated...

So, our community has this get-fit boot camp. I have been going to the gym during this time and I can slowly feel myself getting stronger and, honestly, I really want to do this....but I am nervous.

This is new to me 'cause I am not a nervous kind of person when it comes to doing things like this. I have to wonder where the nerves are coming from?! I even asked my friends if they want to do this (some need to and others dont...) thinking that would make me less nervous. A couple friends are really excited about it but that is making me MORE nervous!

HOLY COW! What is wrong with me?!!! Any thoughts?
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Boot camp is AWESOME fun!!

I joined a boot camp program last July - it ran for 6 weeks and I enjoyed it so much I signed up for the next one which ran for 12 weeks.

It was 6 am 3 times a week - involved a lot of strength work and resistance training along with interval training, speed work, boxing...they even got the old car tyres out lol.

I went from being able to do about 3 push ups to doing 40 full body push ups in a minute! I joined mostly because my upper body was so weak but it really improved every part of me. My back side and legs increased in tone as did my back, arms and shoulders.

I highly recommend it

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Look at the quote you have from Maya Angelou!

Give it time. You'll do fine. Change is unnerving, that's all.

Enjoy yourself.

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Hey! If you have over 100 pounds to lose, and you've lost 30, then that is great, but you are probably still pretty large. It could be that you're nervous because your body is afraid you're going to hurt yourself.

If you are serious about doing this bootcamp, get a copy of the program you'll be following, and take it to your doctor. Get his or her opinion about whether you are at a point where you can realistically do this level of exertion without hurting yourself. The place running this will probably have people sign a disclaimer anyway.

It really is possible to overdo exercise and do damage to the body. Just last week I had 'workout' session with a trainer, and I thought she'd kill me. My heart rate was through the roof and I thought I was going to pass out. She was all of 20 years old or something, and she had the nerve to say that I ought to "listen to my body" more--in other words, she was putting it on me. Well, my body says, don't use that trainer again!

Seriously--if you're afraid of doing something there may be a good reason.

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Thanks for the input. I am feeling much beter at it today. I actually went to the gym - it looked just like mine! whowuddathunkit? - and I will be doing the circuit training portion, not the cardio portion. That makes me feel a lot better!
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Tonia, you're stepping out of your comfort zone...and, this is a great thing! Life has so much to offer us if we just take the chance. Just think of all of the great experiences you'll have on this journey.
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