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Default I'm normal!

Yesterday, I received the results of my routine bloodwork. Guess what? I'm completely normal! My cholesterol is great, my liver counts are great....everything is great. And, I no longer have insulin resistance. Yep, losing 30 pounds and eating healthier has not only lowered my cholesterol, but I've also reversed my insulin resistance. So, I no longer have a convenient excuse for not losing weight.

I was thinking a lot yesterday about my stalled weight loss and I had an ah ha moment. My top four weight loss heroes here at 3FC have all lost weight with the same weight loss secret. They didn't lose by drinking a "special" drink or paying big money on a "special" weight loss product or plan. Their secret? Counting calories and sweating. That's right. It all came down to the simple equation of calories in versus calories out. So, why have I been fighting the need to follow this simple plan?
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That is great news! I hope you take this and use it as fuel to keep going!

Sometimes we need to take a break from our weight loss routine and focus on maintaining. I know that there are some here who lost weight without having one day off their program. But during my journey, I had many planned breaks. I never gained though, I always maintained. The breaks were because other things were really stressful in my life and I needed to fix those before I could focus on the weight loss. Maybe you need to get your bearings and then come back to your weight loss journey with a fresh attitude?
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Congrats on the bloodwork results! Yeah, we all want to look good, but the bottom line is health. You have reversed your path to diabetes. You should be very proud of yourself!!

One the one hand weight loss is simple: eat appropriate portions of healthy foods and move more. But on the other hand, that calls for a complete overhaul of habits, soothing, comfort, grocery lists, and a constant vilgilance against our obesigenic environment.

But the most amazing thing about this journey is learning that each one of us has the power to change. Our bodies will listen and adapt and obey us. We own that one else can do it for us, but on the other hand no one else can stop us, either.

Every cell in your body is healthier today because of what you have chosen to do. You totally rock!
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Rhonda--I am SO happy for you!!!!!! Congrats!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Whodathunk counting calories and sweating was the answer?
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Hey, congrats!! That's great news!!

And you've learned what I think is the REAL secret to weight loss and maintenance!!!
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Congratulations on your blood work!! That's great news.

Regarding your stalled weight loss - I'm kind of weird this way, but I actually like plateaus. To me, it means that my body has just found a new set point, one that's lower than it was before. I don't want a plateau to last indefinitely, but I like the fact that my body has decided it's comfortable at a weight that's a lot less than it used to be.

For years and years, I was at 288. I didn't gain from there, but I didn't lose from there. It was my set point. And then I started losing, slowly, and I got down to 264, where I stalled for a while. I kept thinking that I was going to gain the weight back, but the winter holidays came and went and I gained a few pounds, and then dropped right back to 264 without any special effort on my part. My body liked 264, and it wanted to be there. Now I know that 264 is not a great weight, but I'm much happier having my set point be there than at 288. If the pattern holds, I'll reach another stall/set point right around 240. I'm looking forward to that being my "new normal"!

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Smile WOO HOO FOR YOU Girlygirlshebas

I am really happy for you. I know that I too have seen similar results in such a short period of time. All that hard work has really paid off. And, yes, it is both that simple (and hard), isn't it?

Keep up the good work! We all know you can do it. You'll make it to the finish line with an attitude like that!

Woo Hoo again!
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Rhonda...this is such fantatic news!!! YOU did this - you are getting healthier and healthier. And yes...that is the "secret" calories in and movment determine weight loss.

Stalling is so, so hard to take when you know you deserve to lose. But, it always will start moving down again in your body's time.

Good for you!! :

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3 + years maintaining
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Oh Rhonda!!! That is sensational, sensational news!!! I am so very happy for you.

As far as the counting calories and the sweating goes - well, yeah - that's the greatest weight loss "invention" in the world, IMO. Of course I always knew it. But unfortunately knowing it - and DOING it did not go hand in hand for me.

Anyway, congrats on changing your health/life for the better. Here's hoping your life/health just keeps on improving from here on in.
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Rhonda -

So very happy to hear it! Hopefully, the insulin resistance thing will help unstick the scale needle. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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I have less blubber!
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What great news! Hope you get unstuck soon
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Way to go! I love when people put the work in and prove it can be done naturally!
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WONDERFUL news Rhonda! This is a great motivator for you!
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Rhonda - that is FABULOUS news! A huge congratulations to you.

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