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Angry On track and GAINING???

Ok so I posted this on the 300lb board as well, but need all the help I can get!!

Ok so I have started this higher protein diet that I saw in the magazine "FIRST". It is mixing way and soy protien. I make a shake for breakfast, lunch, eat a normal dinner, and two 100 cal snacks. But over the last three days I have gained??

Now I know I'm at the start of my cycle, but I have been drinking lots of water and here goes for the rest:

Shakes (2)
1 scoop protein Powder 120 cals
1 cup soy milk 100 cals
1 cup friut 50 cals
1 ff yogurt 60 cals
Total cals p/2shakes = 660 cals 64 g/p

Pizza Mia w/peperoni (3 slices ) =630 cals 30g/p

two 100 cal snacks =200 cals
Water, coffee (black) and diet soda only to drink

Gives a grand total of 1490 cals for the day and 90+g/p. While the diet in the book says to stay around 1200 cals for the day I try to stay between 1300 and 1500. Now the pizza was a treat and normaly it's something like chicken breast with a salad and such. Now the normal meal is not supposed to be all protein and vegis.

I also walk between 45 - 60 min pr day.

It's just frustrating that each day I have gotten on the scales they have been going up??

Ok I have vented, lol.

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3 days is too early to see if you are losing/gaining, particularly if you are about to start your period. I don't see a lot of "real" meals in that menu. Shakes and 100 calorie snack packs don't seem very nutritious or satisfying. I would suggest finding a healthier/lower calorie lunch and dinner options (600 calories of pizza is not a great day - that's als a lot of salty food that can blip the scale), eat more vegetables and fruit and keep going!

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It is very early on in the game here I'd say give it two weeks, especially since you're possibly beginning your TOM soon. Hang in there! Don't focus on the scale in the beginning if it's causing stress, focus on how you feel while eating healthier.
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I agree, what you're seeing is probably just water being retained from who knows what all, but it could have something to do with the food you ate before you started your current program. Having a treat once in awhile is not too terrible, but just make sure you don't let any bad habits creep up on you! Also, you might want to consider weighing in once or twice a week instead of every day, especially if you are easily discouraged.

I'm was about the same as you when I started (I had lost some weight before I got to 308, but I didn't have the courage to step on the scale at first so I don't know exactly how high I really was), and I was able to lose weight with restricting my diet to 1500 calories, and an intense 45 minute workout 4 times a week. After a week or two of walking, you may want to consider adding something a little more intense, as much as you can handle anyway.
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I'd also give it more time. And I'm thinking the calories in that pizza is more then 630 calories perhaps.

But I don't know. This just doesn't sound like a very sustainable plan. I personally need more FOOD. I'd be hungry eating that (despite those three slices of pizza) and those 100 calorie packs don't satisfy me at all. They leave me munchie and looking for more 100 calorie packs. I need to get satisfaction (fullness and nutrients) from my food. If I'm hungry, then I don't stick to plan.
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I agree, 3 days is too early to tell. Plus pizza has lots of sodium and it can make you retain water.

My question would be, where are your veggies?
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I agree with Robin - hat doesn't sound like enough food to keep me satisfied either And I don't see any fruits or veggies in there! Give it more time, you are on the right track!
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I add a cup and a half of fruit (either fresh or frozen) to each shake, plus a ff yogurt as well as the soy milk and the protein powder.

Most of the time I eat vegis (a salad with ff dressing, or carrot sticks, or cellery with pb) for the 100 cal snack. I also (not the day I ate the pizza) usually eat good protein and lots of vegis for dinner. So it's just two shakes a day. I just started to add fiber to the shakes since there is only about 3 grams or so pr shake.

I did end up retaining a LOT of water, in two days my weight went up by almost 10lbs. I have now started to loose that as I am in the bathroom ALL THE TIME, lol.

I did very well on the Slim Fast shakes, but they made me very shaky with the amount of sugar in them. And they only had like 7-10 g protein and my shakes have around 30g protein for the sam amount of calories. AND my shakes are at least double the size of the Slim Fast ones. (and taste better as well).

Hopefully I will start to see some loss here soon.
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