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Claire, it's very interesting that you mention borderline personality disorder, because, it's the first thing I thought. Boderline people can be scary, and in fact the lady that was sending me the hate emails, I found through a little online digging by googling her rather unique sign-on name, that she belonged to several mental health and borderline personality support groups (as well as many prison dating sites, which was disturbing on another level).

I would just consider proceeding with caution, if you decide to take any action.
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OMG Trazey, that is terrible, and puts a whole new spin on the story. I think you should out her. She is causing real damage and distress.
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Yep...I agree.

If she is putting down others and behaving in THAT way, then it completely changes everything. That's not just hurting's hurting others.

Glad I'm a woman who has the perogative to change her mind!

Bad, BAD news...and good for you for calling her on it, even if she didn't get the drift!

I'm sorry you have to go through this!
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It isn't far off from *******.
That is what I was thinking but didn't want to be saying that too soon
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Ahhh I have to reply. Former loser, right here!

She's doing this to fulfill a void in her life. She's probably extremely depressed about being she's living in a fantasy world. What she wants to happen is to lose 80lbs. and have women praise that's what she's creating. In a fantasy world would we have to deal with loose skin and stretch marks? Nope! So that's why she "doesn't have any".

My mom died I was 13...and I went a little loopy. I was depressed and desperate for attention. So I used to get online and lie about my mother. I'd talk about how great we get along, how much fun we had together, how much she loved me. I made our relationship online better than the one we actually had! And of course...I'd put down other girls moms. "I wish your mom was like mine...she's so awesome!" Kind of what your friend is doing...she's creating a perfect fantasy world and I was creating a perfect fantasy mom.

Please don't be angry with her. I know that can be a first reaction because she's making light of what we on here are working so hard to do...but she's obviously not well. There's something very wrong with her and I can relate in a way. You should feel a lot more pity than anger, even though I'm sure it's really hard.

And everyone should ease up a little on judging her. Yeah it's wrong...but I'm sure we've all done things that were wrong. Especially those of us who have struggled.
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Cherryblossom-- Thanks for that post and that insight. It's very easy for us to judge others, isn't it... but we don't know what they're going through on the inside.
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That would be my biggest concern, we have no idea what she is going through on the inside, so it's also very difficult to judge the extent of her mental instability, and what her reaction to confrontation would be. She is having a negative impact on others, but I would hope that most people on-line do realize that not everyone is who they say they are, and that if a person's story sounds too good to be true (weight loss without effort or side effects?) it probably is not true.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I agree with Cherry - once I calmed down i realise she's someone to be pitied, and i find this whole situation unsavoury at best. i keep drama to a minimum in my life and i don't want to be a part of anything so sordid

as an aside, i've heard several references to 'kimikins?" who's that? what's the story?
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it's always something
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Trazey, ******* is a diet plan created by a woman (heidi diaz) who posted fake before/after pictures of herself, claimed to have lost a ton of weight doing her own modified version of Atkins, and was featured in Women's World magazine (they didn't check up on her). She had actually been around for a few years, reveling in the attention she received online as a diet success story. She started a website and charged subscription fees, accumulating close to 2 million dollars. In the end, it was discovered that she never lost weight, the photos were fake, all the testimonials on her website were fake (she used Russian mail order bride sites to scavenge for photos). The few people that actually did lose weight on the starvation diet she touted ended up having serious health problems. There's currently a lawsuit taking place to shut her down, but she's still open and has made it known she'll restart under a new name. The similarities between their stories goes beyond the photos and fake loss, but Heidi also claimed she never had stretch marks or excess skin, and she made other people feel bad for not doing what she claimed she did. It was also learned that she is mentally ill, and has a long history of scamming people.

Your friend is treading dangerous waters right now. It could escalate, and if she does get caught then who knows what will happen. Heidi started out just like your friend.
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trazey i really think you need to tell the poeple on that site.. she is on there making them all feel like monsters because she has no skin problems and everything is so easy what a load of bull. andone that has had stretch marks will always have stretch marks. they just look differtent then they used to .. and as far as the skin. i think most of use have that too.. im sporting a lovely set of chicken wings becuase my arms have lost weight really quick. much quicker then the rest of me lol..
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