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Default Gaining Weight -- Intentionally!

I haven't been around the 100 lb. club all that much since I hit my goal, but I've been lurking and trying to keep up with many of your posts. I love watching all the successes and I'm always pulling for everyone's who's facing a struggle, even if I don't get a chance to post my support.

Anyway, here's the point. I'll be taking a bit of a break from weight loss now, and I wanted to let you guys in on the reason why. I'm pregnant!!

I'm 36 and have tried for a very long time to conceive, but my weight gave me ovulation problems (I've only just figured out that obesity truly WAS the problem). After so much focus on weight loss and running, it's going to be odd to gain a bit of weight and be ok with it! I may be coming to some of you for advice, since this is my first baby!
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I have less blubber!
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OMG Congratulations!!! This is so exciting!!! Good luck and PLEASE keep us updated

Big to you
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3 + years maintaining
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I congratulated you over at the Maintainers Forum and I will gladly congratulate you once again. I can't possibly say it enough - I AM SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

I get the chills when you say that losing the weight helped you to conceive. What a blessing that you found the strength to do this for yourself - and your family.
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Yeah for you!! Congratulations!!

I have two boys and let me tell you, you are in for a treat!! I have to say the gift you are receiving is truly priceless!! As my brother-in-law told us for our first -- you will become a millionaire, because you wouldn't trade that precious little package for a million dollars!!!

Good luck, enjoy (even the "bad stuff" -- sleep is over-rated ) and, I'm sure the people on this site have much mommy info to share, whenever you need it!!!
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Congratulations, Lisa! I'm so incredibly happy for you.

You know, both times I became pregnant was after I'd lost some weight and had been working out for 2 or 3 months. Hmmmm.
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I am so very happy for you!
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Congratulations LisaMarie!
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back on track, again!
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Default Awesome!!!!

Congrats LisaMarie! and now that you mention it.. the first time I got preggers I was at a healthy weight for about the first time since age 10, and the next two times were both after I had lost some weight and been working out. Hmm.... Good Luck, and Congrats again!!!!!!
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Congratulations!!!! Gaining this weight is a blessing! I'm so happy for you!
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How wonderful...congratulations!!!
I'm jealous

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One life, live it well
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You (and WindyCityChick and YP1 and ennay and, and, and) were a huge inspiration for me to start running and keep on running. And when I gave up, to start running again. It's wonderful to see that things are going great for you! And hey, maybe we'll be the ones asking you questions.
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That is some incredible news!! I am so very excited for you!!!

Please keep us posted!!
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You know I'm so happy for you - but congrats again anyway!!
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