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Default Arthritis anyone?? Also,outer thigh pain when dieting?

I found out today that I have arthritis in my ankles. The nurse called and told me what the xray revealed and said no more. I had to ask what I should do!

She said continue to lose weight and take OTC meds, that's it.

So, does anyone have Arthritis and if so, what OTC meds do you prefer?

Also, I can't find anything on this weird symptom and the MD didn't know what it was.

When I diet, my outer thighs hurt when someone bumps me. If the puppy jumps on me or if I run my finger down my outer thigh it hurts.

Isn't that odd?? I ignore it but I am curious.

Aren't you glad the season of cookies is over?? I did pretty well but need to get going again.

Thanks for your help!
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My mom has arthritis in her ankles...she does acupuncture once a month. She is not a new agey kind of person so I was surprised when she tried it, but now she swears by it and has managed to stay away from any meds because it seems to help.
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I have mild arthritis in several joints and my Dr. told me to take the glucosamine & chondroitin supplements, to take a total of 1500 mg. a day. I take two pills a day (Depends on the brand) to equal this. She said after about a month most of her patients get some relief from mild to moderate discomfort. After about a month, my symptoms were much better. I also use ibuprofen as needed for flare-ups. She also advised that exercise, including some weight lifting may help.
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Thanks! There is an MD in town who does acupuncture, interesting.

I'll look into the supplements tomorrow
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Have you had The Surgery?
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Since I have lost all this weight, I have learned more and more about my body. One day, while walking home from work (wearing 5lb ankle weights on each ankle), my left knee started to give out on em. X-rays showed nothing. MRI showed a torn ACL (I was so proud - a sports related injury?!?!). The torn CL was chronic. I was told only surgery will take care of that. Surgery was not recommended for me, as I am not in constant pain. Continued weight loss (and developing the muscles) will alleviate the pain.

I then learned, that whenever I was in pain, it is always my left leg. Whether it is in the ankle, the knee, or the hip. X-rays were ordered in all areas, and this was when we learned I had arthritis. We also did an X-ray of my right shoulder. When working out with weights my trainer noticed that my form was awkward. Doing 25lb dumb bell curls put me in a lot of pain on that shoulder. I have mild arthritis there as well.

When I started experiencing pain in my left knee, my doctor recommended glucosimine MSM. He also gave me a prescription for some anti-arthritic med. This made me drowsy. He then gave me a prescription for Mobic. I only take these when I know I am going to be working out.

When shopping for glucosimine, there is always something on sale, so look for your Rite Aid, Walgreen's, etc. I get a product called Move Free (get the one in the green box, contains the MSM). Also be sure to check Sunday coupons. There are always coupons for glucosimine products. The one I mentioned you will get a $5 off one every once in a while. AND, this Move Free is always on sale, buy 1 get 1 free
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i have progressive arthritis in both my hands. however, scripts interfere with my asthma. So i take Alieve for relief. I also find that gentle yoga helps with some of the pain. i also eat anti-inflammatory foods (you can find the lists online) and take fish oil.

i hope this helps!
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