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Default Letting go....

I really let things get to me in the last month. The break up with my boyfriend has been pretty devastating among other problems in my family. It has basically been the month from Heck.

I lost 8 pounds since October 24th and then regained 6 of them since then. I was doing really well when he dropped the bomb. It was out of no where and the weirdest thing is he can’t let me go with a clean break.

I decided last night almost one month later. I am pulling a Scarlet (O’Hara) and saying “I can’t worry about this now…. I will worry about it tomorrow.” I woke up and ate properly and plan on changing my eating and exercising lifestyle. I am joining the gym today at the base hotel and starting to go back during the week and on Saturdays. I have to get my life back. I think the exercise will be good for the frustration and hurt. Getting in there and sweating it off so to speak will help me combat this deep dark depression I feel.

I am tired of crying and sobbing over him and his choice. I can’t let it go on. One of my friends says it all comes in waves and just knocks you over …..well….I am trying very hard to think of things that will make it better and keep my mind off of him and his bad choice. I have a great life and many options ahead of me. I did absolutely nothing wrong with him and this choice was all his. I will get some time for myself and get it all straight in my head when vacation come around in December.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Default You go, girl!

You go.

The best way to get over a man is to find a new one.

Now, I don't mean, dive in head-first, but find some flirtations....and recognize them for what they are....a flirtation, a diversion, a "maybe" at best.........but just don't limit open to new adventures....and be aware they are the diversions that they may develop, but likely what?? It is a great diversion.

I did caution is .........don't get caught up.............this is a cat and mouse came....just be sure you are the CAT.......don't get caught up in the "he wanted me even though I was fat......NO!!! ..shut that monologue up... you are a beautiful woman with things to share......he is lucky to have found you!...if you think that, that is your reality...YOU pick, and YOU discard..........

And......the best revenge is living well........the best way to overcome this knock down by someone who doesn't appreciate you is to do better.........there is could do to better yourself than to get healthier.......focus on that.........better health......better diet.......better fitness...You GO, girl! Are you really MAD?? Were you really WRONGED?? Were you really BLIND-SIDED??? Of course you were! Then, just plow all that wrong into a right. YOU GO!!!
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beautiful on the inside:P
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Hi there Seoul Sister,

I think it's always hardest when it's because of someone else's issues. Of course he's finding it hard to let you go, I'm sure he doesn't want to. However, guys in Korea seem to be able to compartmentalize that kind of thing, somehow. Anyways hang tough. It's going to get better, especially if you start thinking of yourself more. You deserve to be treated well
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