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Everyone is different. We are suppose to changing how we look at, think about and eat food. These are changes that last a life time. That is how we keep the weight off. Doesn't do any good to be hungry all the time or not get enough food into our body's. Some need less, some need more. That is how I look at it anyway. If you are losing weight do what works for you. Make sure most of what you are eating isn't fat and carbs. You are right, I think, when you stop losing weight then lower you intake until you start losing weight again.
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I'm a Loser ;)
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Do I want to eat more? Many times yet - I will make sure that I have a reasonable serving set on my plate before everyone else does (as they can serve themselves as much as they like).

After my serving, if I'm still hungry - I'll gulp down a glass of water. There are times when my brain cries out like a whiny child (But I want moooooooore)... I don't give in anymore, I used to and look where it got me.

I dont feel that way much anymore since my stomach shrunk down.

If I have a larger serving... I will stop just before the "full" feeling -
I used to sit there and FORCE myself to finish it (habits from growing up... I couldn't leave the table unless I finished "Every Last Bite!")
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I feel fantastic!
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I find I'm having less and less of a hard time with this, although there are still times when I wish I could eat a whole pizza but I just take a few deep breaths until that thought passes

I don't think I'll ever go on a diet less than 1500 calories and I seem to get plenty of food at between 1500 and 1700 calories a day. I'd rather step up my exercise than feel like I'm depriving myself to the extent that I'm thinking about food nonstop. I know some folks have no problems doing 1200 or even lower per day but me..nope won't work. I know I'd get aggravated and give up.

Did anyone ever see the movie "Defending Your Life" ? I want that world, where you can eat all you want and never get fat..I'd just like not to have to die to live there LOL. There's always a catch!


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loving my beautiful self
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Do I ever feel this way? Yes, definitely.

Some days I find myself more hungry or just requiring more food than others. Sometimes I just want to eat because food can be so delicious! If it's the second one, then I definitely try to curb it. If I am hungry or my body is telling me it needs more food, then I listen to it. Oftentimes, just a little bit more helps to restore me back to feeling good and satisfied. The few times I've ignored it, I've usually started picking at food all day or until my next meal.
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I am a "volume" eater, defianately. The way I eat now though, I am never hungry! I think that is one of the reasons why this is working and it never did before. (I used to think you were supposed to be hungry if you were loosing weight!) I eat tons of GOOD fresh food - (I avoid processed foods like the plague - NOT satisfying and too many calories) I also eat something every 2 to 3 hours now. I just think it is amazing at how I eat now compared to what I used to. If I wanted to eat more, I would - knowing the things I choose now are all good for me, it doesn't matter!

I have found that around 2 weeks prior to TOM - my appetite increases dramatically for a couple of days. I just go with it.
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