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Default Starting Out - Not So Good

Hi All - I've been meaning to post an introduction for the last several days. I actually joined this site in June, but unexpectedly got a new job and have been insanely busy ever since, so I have never returned to the site until the last few days. Although I have not been dieting, my new job is so hectic I have been very busy and often not having time to eat, so I dropped a few pounds anyway. That encouraged me to get organized and get started on a genuine journey, so I've spent the last few days getting back up to speed on the web site, and preparing my house and head for a legitimate effort at getting healthy. I had hoped today was going to be my first full day of working at staying on plan, but it was not meant to be.

I am the director of a non-profit that includes several programs, one of which is a homeless shelter for women and children. Today one of our clients left and abandoned her children ( one of whom is a pregnant young teen and one is 7). I have spent all day and evening taking care of the situation, and rotating from angry to heartbroken to angry again. My meal plan pretty much consisted of cookies and Diet Pepsi, and I'm only just now leaving my office after a 14 hour day, so exercise is probably not going to happen. (Although I do have a labrador / chow puppy who is going to need walked no matter how tired I am, but I doubt that we'll get very far).

I'm too tired to write much more than this, but since I'm starting to post here, I thought I'd be polite and say "hi, I'm here".

I am single, 50, have a crabby old cat and a new VERY energetic puppy, and I take care of my 80 year old mother who lives nearby. I have quite a bit of weight to lose, and while I have never lost all of my weight I did have a really good year once and not only lost a large amount of weight, but more importantly gained much better health. So, I know how to do it, I just need to figure out how to fit the healthy lifestyle stuff into my current reality.

By the way, even though tonight was very sad and life is very hectic at this organization, make no mistake that I absolutely love my job, even on the hard days. Just when sad stories like this threaten to get me down, I also get to see that we made a real difference in someone's life and helped them to a better place.

Anyway, I hope you're all well tonight, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone on this thread.
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Lili, welcome! Glad to have you aboard. Your job sounds stressful and amazing all at once, and it sounds as though you've had a heartbreaking day, to say the least.
Take it slow, and make some changes...hopefully you can figure out a way to do what you love (taking care of others), and take great care of yourself as well.

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Hey, you can't beat having a few extra pounds fall off all by themselves!! I am glad to hear that you are creating a healthy lifestyle. We'll be here to chat!
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to 3FC Lili! First off, let me say how much I admire you for your line of work. I don't think I would have the strength to experience everything you do.

Second, I'm so glad you found us and, more importantly, that you returned to us despite your hectic schedule! I'm glad to meet you and can't wait to cheer you on as you say buh-bye to the pounds.
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Lili - Congrats on the job. I write grant applications on a contract basis, so I work in the nonprofit sector as well and can relate a bit. I have a different perspective, though. I write about the heartbreak (and really, the more heartbreaking I can make it sound, the more likely I'll get an organization some much needed money), but don't experience it first-hand, so I get the high of helping without the agony of seeing the misery so closely. It really is people who are strong enough to do what you do that change the world.

Congrats on your decision to commit to a plan. And if you ever need suggestions on how to get through a 14-hour day while still eating in a healthy way, I know you'll get showered with suggestions on how it can be done if you just start a thread asking for them. Hope you were able to bring some measure of comfort to those abandoned children.
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hi, you have the job I always wanted, but it does sound very hectic!!
When things are easier you can begin planning this, little by little, like taking some healthy snacks to work, so when you can't eat anything, you can grab something healthy. Also I would try and make time for you, because I know how emotionally draining your job can be, and it is tough, but I hope to hear more from you , and good luck on your weight loss.
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Lili! I love people like you who are willing to help. However, I'm sure the job comes with a lot of stress. Eating right and exercising can only help. Please post as often as you can. We look forward to getting to know you.
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Hi all - Thank you to everyone who responded, I appreciate the support. I admit I actually logged back in several times after I posted last night, because Iwas full of grief and just needed to know that SOMEONE "heard" my vent! Today is much better, I've actually had a pretty relaxing day. I've stayed on plan so far, and am about to take a nice long walk.
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Hi Lili. It's very nice to "meet" you. What an incredibly stressful job you have. It must really take a toll on you at times.

Good luck with your weight goals. It would be real nice to do something wonderful for yourself, such as getting down to a healthy weight. You CAN do this. You most certainly deserve it. I look forward to getting to know you better.
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