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Kelly M
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Default Witchy Doctor Update

OK, for those of you that have been with me for the last year, you know the story of my doctor and how she's been anything but supportive. Never a kind word or any type of encouragement. Based on our insurance plan, I've been sort of forced to wait to change doctors until our annual enrollment period, which is coming up in early December. Before you ask, yes I am switching docs on the first day of open enrollment!

Anyway, on to the update......had my 4 month check-up today. I was certain that she would prove me wrong and be supportive, or at least decent. WRONG AGAIN!!!! Again, after not mentioning or acknowleding my weight loss in any way she began discussing my blood pressure. I've been totally off meds for 3 months now (YIPPEE!!!) and the bp is running excellent....averaging 105/68. Who could ask for more? Apparently Ms. Witchy Doctor can!!! She said to me (in not too nice of a tone) "so what do you think has caused your bp to improve?" What? Are you kidding me? I responded (not too nicely) "oh, I don't know, maybe the 94 pounds that I've LOST?!?!?!?" She followed this remark up with telling me that my bp will always be a concern now that I've damaged my heart by having high bp. I was unaware that there was any damage, in fact the ekg I had prior to losing weight showed no damage. She also said that I shouldn't get too excited by the bp readings as my body is more than likely just in a "honeymoon period" and my bp will go back up (note that I never had high bp until I was 75 pounds overweight), oh, and I also need to consider that I'm entering MENOPAUSE and that will cause my bp to spike! OMG!!!! I have no symptoms of menopause and I'm only 39 for heaven's sake! Take into account family history and the fact that my gma was still having periods at 67, my mom had a hysterectomy at 50 and had not entered menopause yet, then yeah, I'm sure I'm in it full swing right now!!!!! Not batting an eye, she asked if I exercise. Again, we discussed this on the last two visits...maybe I was the only one listening? I told her I walk, at a very brisk pace, for at least 45 minutes and/or use my elliptical for the same amount of time, trying to switch it up a bit, at least 6 out of 7 days a week. Her response was that I really should try to increase my activity. She then moved on to my cholesterol levels. At my highest weight and time of worst eating habits, my cholesterol was 147. Based on this I'm expecting my numbers to come back and be good. She's not. She says I did too much damage by being overweight to ever NOT have to worry about my cholesterol, even if I do "manage" to maintain the weight loss. Cool. Thanks for the encouragement, doc!

OK. The day is about over and I'm about over this visit, but dang, shouldn't these people have to go to some kind of school to learn how to treat patients????? Thank heaven's I have you guys to complain to!
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Finding My Bliss
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Wow. She sounds like an angry robot!

I think it goes without saying that you should be VERY proud of your accomplishments and how much your body obviously responded to your lifestyle change!
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girl toward svelte
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What a brat!!!! I'll be so happy for you when you get to change doctors. Why become a doctor if you can't stand people! Sheesh!
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Ick, what an awful woman.

My family Dr could do nothing but fall over himself with compliments when he saw me last. Thought the weight loss was impressive and told me how healthy I was (with all my lab readings to).

Gah, what a stick in the mud your Dr is. I have to go to my OB next month and I'm hoping she's not like your Dr and more like my family Dr.

Since she didn't say it, I will - you've done an amazing job. You undoubtedly look great and you've done yourself a wonderful service by losing the weight that you have.
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I'm wondering how she keeps any patients. A permanently negative attitude such as hers cannot help her patients. Maybe someone needs to tell her that her mental attitude is affecting her own health negatively. Sounds angry and maybe depressed!
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Never want to go back!
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Kelly, I hate your doctor just from your descriptions. Imagine how I'd feel if I had actually ever met her? It's a wonder she has any patients!!! Does she wear a black hooded cape and carry a giant sickle? She's like the Angel of Death with her cheery encouragements...
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Does she not read medical studies? It sounds like she is a little ill-informed about the long-term effects of being obese and losing weight. She is right that it is hard to maintain weight loss, but it would have been nice to encourage you rather than act as though she doubted that you could ever do it.

So, congratulations on blowing her off yet again. There are plenty of nay-sayers in the world. Too bad that she is one of them.
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Wow, is she INSANE? Geesh! You'd think a "way to go" is in order, at the very least!

Girl, you've made AMAZING progress!
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hara hachi bu
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I'd be very vocal about this, to her, to the manager of that clinic, to your insurance, to whoever will listen. Let her know straight up that you're leaving because her bedside manner is terrible.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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what a b.i.t.c.h.!!! mine's a bit like that too -- my bp and cholesterol are weirdly normal and it's almost like she's DISAPPOINTED ~ grrr no wonder people hate doctors

oh well, this time next year you'll be thin and healthy and she'll still be a cranky b.i.t.c.h heheheh
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Geez, how soon can you change??? December 1st can't be soon enough for you. You deserve something much better than that. I wish I could send you a doctor just like mine. She's extremely encouraging. Just keep blowing her off, it doesn't sound like she's particularly well informed about lots of things.
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Wow, she is just crazy-bad! I don't know what state you're in, Kelly, but find out the number of the State Medical Board for your state and call in to report her. Seriously. You could write a letter and include the timeline, the changes that have happened for you as you've lost weight, and what she's said to you even in the face of such marked improvement.

Search for the word complaint, your state's name, plus the words medical board. Ours is this page, for instance:

And, as the others have said, you've done GREAT!! She has a real complex and I feel badly for her other patients, let alone her family.
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Wow. Thank goodness you get to change Drs soon. You shouldnt have to put up with that.
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The Witchy Veggie
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I haven't found an endicronologist yet here, but my nutritionist is awesome! She's a little slow on the uptake when I joke, but she was happy to see me eating more fresh foods and losing weight. She makes nice suggestions, doesn't bring me down. As soon as you can, get out! No one needs to feel bad about awesome accomplishments!
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is recommitted
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Ohmigosh. I can't believe that!! You definitely need to report her. Maybe I need to take a trip just so I can clock 'er one jk
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