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Default Do you take a multivitamin?

Since my program has a little check-off for daily multi-vitamin, I've started taking one.

I was wondering:
1) Do you take one?
2) Why? I realize that vitamins are good for you, etc., but what really is the big deal about taking a multi-v every day?
3) Do you take a "special" type? I made sure to find one with 45% DV of calcium since I don't really like milk.

Thanks for your responses & have an excellent week.
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I do take one, since I started that and eating a variety of nutrients I haven't had a cold in 7 months. I would fully recommend it.
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I take a womens formula multi-vitamin because my doctor recommended it, especially for women of childbearing age. You want to have an adequate supply of folic acid which can help prevent spina bifida or other birth defects and it helps increase your blood supply once you get pregnant. That's the reason I'm taking it, just in case

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i take a one a day vitamin for women. its supposed to help with preventing breast cancer because it has more calcium i think.. ill have to edit this and make sure its calcium that helps with it. but yea, i try to remember to take one everyday. but i started taking them because of the low carb diet.
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I take a Flintstone Multivit. everyday. Why Flintstones? The doctor told me it was plenty and I like them!! I've been doing it for years and if I don't take them for a week or two I can tell. I just don't feel the same without them. So for me I figure why change something if it's not broken!!!
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I take one. My doctor said that she wants EVERY woman in reproductive years to be on a multi-vitamin with folate. Even if you aren't planning on getting pregnant, she says, because accidents can happen (I've had 3...haha) and by the time you know you're preg it can be too late for extra folate to matter...
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Yep, another woman here within childbearing age. I take a prescription prenatal. I like the ones that I take as they don't taste like a multi-vitamin, they have a shell on the outside (think like an advil). But, they're more expensive then the kind I could get at Target (for three times the quantity), so I might switch for the savings.
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I take Mutli-Expecting by SISU. I take this brand because they're in easy to swallow, orderless capsules. (Wow, sound like a salesman.) It has everything I need in it. I also take calcium chews and b-12 losengers. I take the extra calcium cause I'm on the Depo-Prevera shot & the b-12 because I don't eat much meat.
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I am NOT have any more kids!!
I do, however, take a CHEWABLE multi vitamin. I believe you get more out of a vitamin if it breaks down faster. I have also heard that a children's chewable vitamin is just as good for most of us adults.
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I take One-A-Day Women's multivitamin (or the generic brand when I'm broke ). I only started and haven't noticed any of the benefits as of yet and I don't remember to take them everyday, either.
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YES - if you are of child bearing years, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN. We had a son with a spina bifida birth defect that was not compatable with life. Such an easy thing to do, and so very important to your future children.
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When I can remember I do.

Flinstones...hmm..I love those. I might check into that. I bet I'd remember then!
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I do - count me in for Flintstones! While I do eat really healthfully nowadays, I take it to fill in any gaps that might exist nutritionally....covering all bases, so to speak!
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growing up i was always told by my mother that vitamines made you gain weight so ive had that mentality every since, hence why i dont take them. doctors have told me that they do not make you gain weight, but i just dont want to risk it.
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(1) I take one
(2) because I don't eat a variety of food everyday.
(3) I just grabbed whatever was on sale at that time, it happened to be One-A-Day for women.
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