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Default Food of the week: eggs

Focus on eggs:

how do you cook them?
how often do you eat them?
what do you add to them?
what kind do you buy?

tell me everything you do with eggs!

I buy egg whites and make a low cal/low fat omlet! with frozen pepper mix w/ onions. Sometimes I will add a little sharp cheddar. Filling.

For the rest of my family when make scrambled eggs I will mix in some of my egg whites - they can't even tell!

I also use egg whites to bake with.

(if you have a food of the week you want to focus on please pm me.. thanks!)

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Eggbeaters or eggs, 1 slice 2% rf cheese on LaTortilla Factory tortilla.

I spray a 2c plastic bowl (the kind that your chinese soup comes in) with Pam, and put in the eggs, Morton's lite salt and pepper. I bring it to work and microwave it for about 45 seconds. I can get it ready the night before and it's ready to go. Add a piece of fruit and you have a great breakfast on the go.

Also, low fat egg salad:
2 hard boiled eggs, 1T lite mayo, yellow mustard, dash of salt and pepper. I blend it in the Magic Bullet and bring to work. Serve with whole wheat pita (4" ones) or the tortilla. Add a salad w/Salad Sprtizer, and a few baby carrots and you've got lunch.
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You know, eggs are something I love but I tend not to eat them. I love hard boiled eggs and I can down 3 of them without thinking. I really want to get back into the South Beach egg muffins. You put eggs, cheese and veggies in a muffin pan, bake them ahead of time then reheat when you want to eat them.
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Ugh eggs. Being 6 weeks into South Beach, I'm getting pretty tired of eggs! I have never been a breakfast eater and for those first 2 weeks of phase 1 having eggs every morning was one of my biggest challenges ever! Truth be told, I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs. I have found that they are a really quick and convenient protein source. I'm a busy homeschooling mom (how does it happen that we are hardly home and mostly in the car!) and a hard boiled egg travels well! Easy to make in advance too.

We've had some crustless quiche type of stuff for dinners. I'll be really interested to know what everyone else is doing with their eggs!

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I almost bought reduced cholesterol, Omega-3 enhanced eggs (I think they feed the chickens fish meal to raise the Omega-3) this week, but saw they were three times as expensive as regular eggs. I bought regular Grade A eggs.

I buy the cheapest Grade A large eggs I can get at Walmart or Aldi. Where I shop, it's almost always cheaper to buy eggs and throw away the yolks than it is to buy the whites so that is what I do.

Actually, I don't like egg-white only scrambled eggs or omeletes, so I usually add one whole egg to 3 or 4 whites, if I'm cooking for myself. And one whole egg to 2 or 3 whites when cooking for myself and my husband. He would never have eaten them if I had told him what I was doing, as he "hates" egg whites. Now he knows and when I make scrambled eggs, he'll ask that I not "add too many egg whites." It's obviously the color more than anything though, as he will eat "egg beaters," and not even know the difference, at least if I add onion, mushroom, or other seasonings to them.
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I buy brown eggs, I just think they taste alot better.

I use a 3:1 ratio for whites and whole eggs. Scrambled, toss in cheese, mushrooms, peppers and I am a happy camper. I grew up with a stepdad who is Mexican and from him got my love for burrito styled foods. I use flatbread or pita's now, although we found some 50 calories white corn tortillas that I love! If I can fit it into the tortilla, that's how I eat it. Cover with salsa and my morning is complete!

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I am with Angi - the brown eggs are richer tasting. I use one egg and 2 or 3 whites to make my scrambled eggs or omlets too.
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I use 1 egg and 2 egg whites as well, usually on a slice of whole wheat toast with some canadian bacon and cheese. Yum!
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I'm not an egg lover.

Although, I went through an egg white omlette stage. What I did was saute a bunch of veggies, like onions, peppers, spinach and mushrooms. I made enough for 5 days worth or so. In a small non stick frying pan I would spray some cooking spray and would make a omlette using the whites only of 3 extra large eggs. And then I would put in my pre-made veggies. Actually talking (writing) about it is kinda putting me in the mood for it. They certainly are healthy enough, lots of protein, little calories.
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Ok. I know this isn't my "forum", but I saw EGGS and had to come running over! I love them! I could survive on sprouts alone if I didn't love eggs so darn much! For me, egg white omelettes with mushroom, hot sauce/salse, and cheese if the right kind is around.

I heart eggs.

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I only buy free range organic eggs and use them hard boiled in salads with salad cream, poached on soda bread, poached on some spinach and mushrooms or just plain scrambled on toast.

We don't get eggbeaters over here and I've no clue what they are? We don't get egg white only cartons either...its whole fresh eggs or nothing!
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I tried the Kroger brand of egg-beaters and had an issue with them being watery after cooked...they made my tortilla soggy. Has anyone had this happen? I was very disappointed. Also, they didn't seem to have the same flavor and I really found myself wanting to add salt. I intend to keep playing with them and see if I can do anything that I like.

When you use non-stick you can easily fry and egg with just a spray of oil. I like doing that and putting it on top of a cheese toast. I find that even though the calories go up a bit due to the cheese, it's a very filling breakfast. ..and very satisfying tastewise. My worst times are when I eat something that doesn't taste so great...then I want to go "fix" the taste in my mouth with something really yummy (and really off plan!).

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Egg Beaters here too. Every morning. 1/4 cup scrambled with my turkey sausage cut up into it. My grandma used to fix them for my grandpa when I was a kid and I used to eat them then. I love Egg beaters.
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A couple of things that I do with eggs are, when I make fajitas, I make extra fajita veggies and then toss some in with my eggs. I also the the mushroom, onion, fresh spinach and bacon bits thing with my eggs. I really like them in a tortilla with salsa and either of those combos in there with them. I also do the one egg two egg white omelet thing.

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(Once you understand the concept of the recipe, you can do it with any combination of vegetables or meat - I've made ham and cheese, brie and asparagus, etc. This recipe will start you out).

Egg Whites, EggBeaters or a combination of whites and yolks
Goat Cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes, Chopped
Frozen Chopped Spinach
Chopped Garlic
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat Oven to 350F.

Spray a muffin tin with a non-stick spray like PAM.

Loosely fill each muffin compartment 2/3rds full with combination of all of the vegetables and cheese.

Pour in the eggs leaving a little room at the top (about 2/3rds). Add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Bake in the oven for around 20-30 minutes. They will poof up (and flatten when they cool).

Once cooled you can pop them out of the muffin tin and put in the refrigerator to eat for breakfast for the rest of the week. I pop them in the microwave for a few seconds.

Also, if you're the type that gets bored if you have the same thing for breakfast every day, you don't have to fill the cups with the same vegetables. One muffin can be spinach, another turkey sausage and peppers, etc.
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