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S/C/G: 212.5/212.5/130ish

Height: 5'7

Wink Stats, Please... & about me

Hey everybody!

Ok....since I am a new member here and don't really know jack about most of the "workout language" you guys use, I thought it would be a good start if I could get a little history on you, your stats & goals and your decision to become a healthier person.

I am over-weight but am vowing to change that! I think becoming a member of this board is a great first step to change.

Thanks in advance for the info. Ohhh...here's mine, jfyi:

I'm 31, wife of 14 years (married @ 17), 2 children (B&G), and hating myself lately. I use to be a size 6 and then once I had my kids, the weight poured on. I am 5'7 and weigh an unhealthy 210!

I have a licensed in-home child care program in the sweet home Alabama! Yelp...that too I hope to change one day. You see...most of my younger years was spent goofing off so I never went to college and since my kids are here, I can't find a way to persue my life-long dream of being a nurse. All of the nursing programs in my community are only offered during the day. I have a child in private school so I can't give up the daycare and the GREAT money to attend day classes.

Anyhow, that's too depressing to think about so....I guess I'll continue my nighttime degree in early childhood and when I'm 70 just greet the kids at the door with my walking cane.

Sorry to ramble but this sort of explains my boring life.
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Ilene the Bean
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S/C/G: 165/149/140

Height: 5'3"


Good idea Sandy! Firstly I can never remember everyone stats so ... Oh Mrs. JJJJeem, I just know you're at work twiddlin' your thumbs ( NOT !!! I know better, so don't everyone pounce on me) Maybe a Sticky Stat thread would be a good idea?? Yes ?? No?? Maybe so??

This is pretty similar to what I had posted at L&S and it's pretty much the same still, except for the body stats which I haven't updated yet...This was at the beggining of January...

Let me introduce myself my name is really Ilene and not Lana.... I'm from Eastern Ontario, married 20 years, have a great family with THE most understanding husband, and a Tweeny (girl 12) and a Teenager (boy 14).

Before my son I had gone down to 135 with a 25" waist I had joined WW and lost 30lbs. I have no idea what my BF was at the time, it wasn't fashionable to do the BF thing... But I thought that was pretty good, and I was doing weights back then too..

1st pregnancy went up to 180lbs.... then lost all again... got prego again went up to 200lbs+ I didn't look at the scale the last month... Since then I've been battling 30 lbs...

This is THE year for me.... I will be 46 on the 11th of January... I've been hitting the gym for 18 years but not with great intensity specially lately. Except for Aug 02 when I only lost 2 lbs but 2 full inches on my hips and waist, doing my first Challenge.... Don't really know why I waited this long for C2 but I did.... but I am picking myself back up and here I go.....

Here are my stats: (Jan.02.03)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 162
Chest: 40.5
Rib Cage: 34
Waist: 32
Hips: 44
Thighs: 26.5
Biceps: 14.25
BMI 28.7
BF (circumference) 40.4%
BF (YMCA) 26.3
I realise these BF are not very accurate but this is all I have for the moment, I used the Body Fat Calc on the site at L&S

Hobbies: Posting here! Specialy lately! In the winter skiing, summer biking, roller bladding. I love to entertain, read, decorating, spending time with the kids, visit museums and sight seeing, shop.....

I'm a secretary, for 10 years I was a stay at home mom... Lately I temp with the school board and replace secretaries when needed...It keeps me pretty busy, I work on average 2-4 times/wk... and I like that...

That's all for now folks ....

I l e n e
Falling down is not failure....Failure is staying down.

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I think that would be an awesome idea, Ilene - BTW I got your PM about it, but then got into about 6 different projects requiring my attention at work...

How 'bout I start an intro thread and everyone can chime in?!? In fact, I'll just turn THIS thread into an introduction thread!!!
Mrs. Jim
Highest weight: 265 pounds, size 24/26 (May 1990)
May 1991: 174 pounds (-91 lbs)
September 1996: 155 pounds (-110 lbs)
*LIVING at: 145-149 pounds, size 4/6 (-116/120 lbs)

*Maintenance = LIVING.
Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.

Wanna know how I lost the weight and have kept it off for over 16 years? Click here!
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Default LWL Introductions...

LWL = Ladies Who Lift! (we love anacronyms here).

I'll start up, then attach a thread that Sandy started, then y'all can introduce yourselves...

Okay, I'm 40, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

I have no kids, but the world's best husband and two kitties, Sparky and Megan.

Other than bodybuilding and working out, I'm also passionate about horses and horseback riding, reading, and I love my job!

My high weight was 265 pounds back in 1990 and I have lost about 120 pounds. I had liposuction in Feb 2003 to get rid of the 'unloseable' fat and fat cells on my thighs, hips, and flanks.

If I think of anything else I'll add it here!

Mouseketeers Roll Call! Who's next??
Mrs. Jim
Highest weight: 265 pounds, size 24/26 (May 1990)
May 1991: 174 pounds (-91 lbs)
September 1996: 155 pounds (-110 lbs)
*LIVING at: 145-149 pounds, size 4/6 (-116/120 lbs)

*Maintenance = LIVING.
Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.

Wanna know how I lost the weight and have kept it off for over 16 years? Click here!
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My name is Selene, but everyone calls me Sel. I am a paralegal and currently run my own real estate closing doc review business from my home. My beloved husband and I reside in Long Island, NY and are without the charm of children or pets.

I have completed two bfl challenges. Current dress/pant size is a loose 22W, down from my high last year of a size 28W. So I still have far to go to reach my goal of a size 10. I was/am a big follower of woman's bodybuilding and have weight trained on and off (at home and in gyms) since the late seventies. So for a long time it was easy to fancy myself as just a big, strong woman who carried her weight well. But the simple truth is that I made a sport out of eating, which lead to my weight gain, starting at age 29, of over 100 lbs. I will be 45 in the next 2 months and have decided that mid-life is the perfect time to become an athlete. My goal is to lose the weight slowly by changing my cooking and eating habits, exercise daily and to start competing in race-walking events within a year.

Some of my hobbies and passions are:
Cooking; reading; music (any kind, but especially jazz); movies (film noir is my favorite); carpentry; art; traveling; cycling; weight lifting; museums; history; and finance.

Fall in love with the "process" and the rest will take care of itself.
Ernestine Shepherd, 66-year-old bodybuilder

If there's something you desire, then it doesn't matter if it's hard or easy to attain. It's the journey to your goal, that is the goal. So embrace the trip. Keith Ryan

There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. Bruce Lee

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Central Coast Chick
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Angry HI there

Hello everyone

Im Jayne. I'm 27 and live on the beautiful North Shore of Sydney. I'm a admin assistant at an engineering firm and also part-time IT student. I am currently single (much to my mothers dismay) and wilthout kids or pets. I do have some fake plants though (have i mentioned I have a black thumb?? )

I have been consistently inconsistent with BFL over the last 2 years and have managed to lose 12 kilos. I have another 15 or so to go and I plan on doing it in the next 4-5 months.

A couple of my hobbies are bellydancing, reading, going to the movies and visiting friends.

Stay cool!
A friend will help you move ... a good friend will help you move the body.
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Location: In my own world
Posts: 96

S/C/G: 212.5/212.5/130ish

Height: 5'7

Wink Pictures

Good evening friends!

Ok...I just posted my photo at the 3fatchicks-ladies who lift site. Now...as self conscious as I am about my weight, I I posted for all to see.

So you guys haven't posted yours yet because.........??????

Come on...you can do it!!
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I just found this forum a couple of days ago and I love it!!! I am 30 years old and have been struggling with my weight for 13 years. My weight was 130 and steadily increased until my highest weight last July. I have 2 children a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.
About a year ago I decided that I wanted to join a gym. I needed a little me time and what a perfect way to do that then to workout. I started with a 30 min cardio and 30 min weight 3 times a week,but because I was not working on the calorie intake gained more weight. I started watching my calorie intake in July and have had a steady decrease in weight.
I now do a Bodypump class twice a week for an hour. It is said to be the best way to change your body. Within the first month of doing the class I increased my strength by 10%. I see new gains every month. It is great!! I also do 45 min of cardio 5 times a week.
I really am surprised about my body change. When I started I was wearing size 38 mens Levis and a 2x shirt.
Now I wear size 32 Mens levis and a Medium shirt. I am very happy!!!! My goal is to get down to 130 again. I have a goal to be there by June for our trip to the Oregon Coast.

Here were my stats: July 2002
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 195
Chest: 43
Rib Cage: Not sure
Waist: 36
Hips: 44
Thighs: 24
Biceps: 15
BF 38%

Here are my statsnow: March 2003
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 152
Chest: 38.5
Rib Cage: 36
Waist: 32
Hips: 39.5
Thighs: 20
Biceps: 11.5
BF 34%

I look forward to sharing food ideas and lifting advice.

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S/C/G: 163/163/149

Height: 5'7"


Hi Everyone -

Great idea for a thread Sandy, Mrs. Jim and Ilene...I have trouble keeping everyone straight! This should help make everyone more real...

I'm 38 years old, and have recently moved to the Big Smoke, Toronto. I met my DH back in 1989, and within 6 months had bought my first pair of running shoes as an adult and quit smoking. We've been married for almost 11 years and have twin five 1/2 year olds (b/g).

My DH is an aerospace engineer with the Canadian Air Force, and this is our fourth posting...we've lived in England for two years and just recently moved down from Northern Alberta.

I've been home with the kids since they were born, and plan to go back to work in the fall (social services caseworker). I credit being fit with helping me to dodge many opportunities to put on weight so far in my life - I put on 55 pounds with the twin pregnancy, but was active throughout (walking, swimming) and walking/aerobics/weights shortly after, so lost the weight by 6 months. Also nursed the kids, which makes you a metabolic powerhouse.

I introduced Body for Life for both my DH and I in January because while we both spent lots of time working out, we weren't happy with the results we were seeing...in fact, under my BFL 'before' picture in my journal I've written "Does this look like a woman who works out four times a week?"

Given my results so far on the 7 weeks of the BFL program, I've decided it was all about my food choices...never been a poor eater, just making the typical choices a lot of women do. Not enough protein. Too many white carbohydrates. Too many fruits. Not enough complex carbs. Not enough vegetables. Too much fat. BFL has shown me how to eat to be strong and lean. And NEVER be hungry.

Welcome all newbies, you're going to love what pushing weights does to your body!!

Starting weight: Jan 27, 2003
Height: 5 '7"
Weight: 155
BF %: approx. 33%

Half way 6 week marker:
Height: same
Weight: 147
BF%: approx. 28%

Ultimate Physique goal: (end C2?) To be Lean & Strong
Weight: don't care
BF%: about 20%
Strength goals: bench press my weight
Do 1 chin up
Finish 5 K fun run this summer in 25 mins.

Goal #1: 159 by Mar 1
Goal #2: 155 by Mar 31
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Default New here too

Mornin' everyone! Meg kindly told me about your board last week after I asked if anyone lifted weights in the WW area and I've been reading ever since.

My name is (as you can see), Adena, I'm 37 years old. I'm a business analyst working for an insurance software vendor (asleep yet??) I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario but moved out to the country about 3 years ago with my boyfriend, his son and our two dogs.

I have been on the weight thing since I can remember and have tried every diet known to man (haha). I even also had a stint with anorexia (back in my early 20's, oh the days of being a size 2 and not being able to walk a block). The only thing that kept me alive back then I'm sure was the fact that I was drinking quite heavily, as weird as that sounds.

Anyway, back in October I had decided that I have had enough trying to diet, I figured I would make better food choices and hired myself a trainer. I workout with her twice a week and we do strictly upper body lifting. I have recently started bench pressing 60lbs and I'm quite proud of that! The idea was that I would do cardio on my two 2-3 days a week additionally but somehow I never got round to it.

When I started reading this board I found out about Body For Life, went and bought the books immediately and am on my way as of today! (thanks SO much in advance to all of you because you have already been an inspiration and this time I have a sneaking suspicion I will be successful). I even bought the BFL success journal to track my progress.

I should stop typing now, but, between us, my weight is 176 (down from 185). My goal is to NOT care about how much I weigh but to fit into my size 10 jeans. I'd also like to be in a size 12 by mid July (I'm in a wedding party and all the bridesmaids are a size 2, but they're all mushy size 2's). I will get my measurements and post them later on.

A year from now you'll wish you'd started today..
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Hey all!

Im a student residing with my DH (Dear hubby) in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. I was never really "heavy" until I moved here and started to REALLY eat emotionally. I was lonely, depressed, and miserable. I've been here 3 years now and Im finally taking charge of my problem.

I am a HUGE Alice Cooper fan, but you will most likely find me listening to anything from Queen to canadian folk rock (Great Big Sea!) to Jazz. I was a fairly active kid (Dairy 4-H, softball, band, dance etc) until my senior year.

I am one of those people who DOES actually have a large build. I weighed 72kg and looked (if I may say so) great! Even when I was a definate size 10, my shoulders would never fit into a blazer. I actually dont mind tho

I've tried WW before and it was a nightmare. Way too few calories, and Im sure I lost mostly muscle.

My goal now is to be able to do an unassisted chinup (chinups are cool!) and to be able to wear a bathing suit and not feel like some kind of bug.

When I started the challenge I wore a 16/18 and I can now fit into some 12/14's.

Not sure what else is interesting, so this will have to do!

Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear.
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Hi - My name is Amy J and I live in coastal North Carolina. I live here with my husband and my two cats, George and Rochester.

Currently, I am a glorifed word processor at an accouting firm, but I have also been a Jr. High Science teacher and a computer programmer.

DH and I are both ready to make a change in our lives so we are planning to go back to school, hopefully next year. He is planning on becoming a nurse and I want to enroll in a radiologic technology program. We will be visiting the school we are interested in at the end of the month and can't wait for that weekend to get here.

When we aren't turning our lives upside down with major life changes, we like to travel ( I carry a can of SPAM with me and take pictures of it and put it on my website at www.spamtravels.com), read, golf and I'm learning to crochet.

My highest weight was 224 in a size 22. That was too much weight for my 5'3" frame to carry around. I'm currently at 176 in a size 16.

My current goals are to be in shape for a hike in the Grand Canyon in May (starting to break in the new hiking boots now) and to be ready to run my first 5K race on the 4th of July.
Amy J

"We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers!" - Jimmy Buffet
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S/C/G: 206/175/145

Height: 5'4"


Hi, Everyone!

My name is Carrie. I'm 44 years old and live in Davis, California, with my husband of almost 20 years, Brian, and our 11-year-old son, Tony. I'm sort of a professional student, having been briefly in law school and optometry school, and for longer periods studying epidemiology, statistics, and educational psychology. In my late 30s I started medical school, and did a year of family practice residency after my M.D. I'm trying now to switch to a preventive medicine residency, but haven't been able to get into a program (it's very competitive)

I've been overweight most of my life, losing up to 40 lbs. at a time starting at age 9 with Weight Watchers (and then usually regaining 50, since I never exercised). In Jan 2000, I started a study for large women that emphasized "food pyramid" nutrition at 187 lbs at 5'4'' and 46.5% body fat. I lost both fat and muscle, and my weight went down and then up again, which I tried to control with Atkins.

In Aug 2001, my husband and I started BFL (we post as TeamTigger on L&S). By Aug 2002 I had gone from 160 lbs. and 42.5% BF to 142 lbs. and below 25% BF. Since then, I've stayed below 25% BF, but have gained weight (some lean and some fat). I'm now trying Body Rx, and would really like to lose some of that fat! I do feel strong and healthy, though, and weightlifting and other exercise are a permanent part of my life for the first time. I do Tae Kwon Do, mat Pilates, stability ball training, and water aerobics in addition to my lifting.

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I have been lurking for a while. Last we I got the BFL book and started the program Thursday.

I am 41, an artist, and live in Brooklyn with my partner.

I have been working out off and on for 2 years. The structure and simplicity of the BFL program is hard to believe that it works. Yet I feel a difference in my workouts already.

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Hot Sauce!
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Default Hello all!

This is a great thread!
Hi, my name is Jamie and I am 23 years old. Right now I go to college for computer networking full-time, work at an automotive supplier company full-time and work out full-time ! Yup, I am quite busy. I should have my associates after the summer semester and my MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) certification by the end of this year. I also will have my ISSA fitness trainer certification by the end of this year. Oh yeah, I live in Utica, Michigan too (suberbia-land of detroit)
Currently I am engaged to Bill (I have some pics of me and my family at the msn board) and while we don't have any human kids, we do have 3 animal-kids! We have my kitty Tigger and 2 cockatiels named Flappy and Flutter. Bill and I would eventually (our ultimate goal) like to open up an animal shelter. We want to take in all strays (any animal out there) and there would be no putting the animals down, they would just live in peace and have wonderful homes for the rest of thier lives (almost like the SPCA that I used to volunteer at). Currently we volunteer with the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society. Bill is a vegetarian and he has slowly converted me over. I only eat fish now, no cow, pig, turkey, chicken.....none of that.
I started getting into health and fitness 2 years ago and did complete 2 BFL challenges and found it didn't do too much for me. It was great as a stepping stone into the fitness lifestyle though.
Hmmmm, I have lots of hobbies and interests...here are a few:
fitness, rollarblading, making scrapbooks, reading, hockey and animals.
Nice to meet you all!
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