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A Spring Weekend!

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Old 03-28-2009, 06:17 AM   #1
Welcome Spring!
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Default A Spring Weekend!

It sure looks like April out there rather than still March! There's still a bit of snow along the shady side of the lane and some ice in the shaded corner of the patio but it's looking good. We are actually in drought conditions for this time of year and may start hoping for rain soon.

The dogs got me up early today with a couple of choruses of howling. The wild critters (wolves and/or coyotes) were having a convention out in the woods and my darlings decided to contribute to the brouhaha! Of course, all the village dogs join in and it's actually quite funny.

Odds and sods to do today including baking a cake for Church coffee hour tomorrow and printing more Church Bulletins. (I forgot we are having a combined service for the three congregations.) I'm hoping my ink cartridge holds out because I sure don't want to drive to town to Staples on a Saturday!

So come and sit a while and chat about your weekend plans.
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Morning, Ruthie.

Your area sounds absolutely blissful. I love the sound of coyotes.

Any idea what type of cake you're going to be baking?

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. With my mom being in town, it hasn't left me much time to do anything. As much as my mom being here is a blessing, it is nice to return back to our normal schedule.

Laundry to do this morning as I got behind this week. We're taking DS1 to see a noon showing of the new animated monster movie and then he is going with my MIL for dinner.

Have a great weekend, ladies.
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Welcome Spring!
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It's a Bacardi Rum Cake and is absolute Food Porn ! I need to wait until eight when the store opens because I am out of eggs but will get right to it after that. The cake is much better after 24 hours as it gets a chance to soak up all the rum!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Morning, you two early birds!

Zeff, that Rum Cake recipe of Ruth's is the best ever! I know there won't be a crumb of it left, Ruthie.

Monica, Caite & Carley came out late last night to spend the night, and we're getting ready to go out for breakfast at the Amish Smorgasbord before going up to Reading to the outlets for a day of shopping. Caitlyn needs jeans badly before she heads back to school tomorrow, and we're going to shop til we drop! Jake is coming along to keep Carley entertained.

I'll be back later (and much broker) this afternoon. Have a great Saturday!

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Good morning Wow, it must really be spring. I got my first email allergy alert of the year. My eyes are itchy so I already knew what it said Oh, and there is no visible snow from my computer window!

Ruth - I've been woken up on camping trips by coyotes howling. It's such a wild, eerie sound. I've also lain awake listening to loons though so maybe that's me. The cake sounds positively decadent and I'm not even going to look at the recipe. Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather today.

Zeff - I missed you but glad you had a nice visit with Mom.

Cottage - Good morning Have a fun family shopping day

I thought about a bird trip today but would rather spend time in my garden and yard. I'm going to take my bike out later for a ride too. I've been itching to do that for weeks but the road was so wet I resisted. I'm going to clean the gardens, put the cold frame up to warm one, and plant peas in another. I love spring
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Welcome Spring!
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We are still way too cold and soggy for gardening but soon..... No sight or sound of loons quite yet, Cyndi. We are blessed with very clean lakes and I look forward to their eerie cries every year.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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good morning ladies... ive been up for a while but couldnt drag myself outta bed lol.... last night the house was freezzing, and i took the heating pad to bed to get warm lol...
ruth-- i keep seeing in the paper and hearing on the news that the coyotes are getting brave and coming into the city here... they are telling people to watch their animals and children. so the howl of one would probably scare me lol... the other day my friend text me and said "ah stacy, you better keep an eye on maggie, i just watched a hawk circling her" lol scarey but also would be funny to watch a big bird carrying my dawg away yes im in a twisted mood today lol.

cottage-- broke or not shopping is fun! have a great time!

cyndi--have fun gardening, and take care of those allergies girl

zeff-- nice to have relatives come visit, but also nice when they leave. its funny how one house guest can mess up your whole schedule. that happens to me too... i feel obligated to sit and entertain and nothing gets done lol

well i guess thats it for personals.... i just heard savannah wake up, so i must get going... have a great day on the beach gals...

stacy xxx


for every 5 lbs lost
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Good Morning!!!
It's storming here and we are in for the day, so I thought I'd buzz in to say hey! Just a few more weeks and I'll be out of school and can be active on the list again.

Hurt myself a couple of weeks ago by popping my thigh bone out of the hip socket and have not been able to go to the gym...talk about withdrawals! (note to self...do NOT ever do the "twist" with second graders again!) I tried just doing the treadmill earlier this week and it hurt like h*ll a few hours later, so will wait a few more days before trying again. Told my husband I'm scared of breaking out in fat again, but so far, no weight gain. I just feel sluggish.

Keep dry and warm!!!
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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no longer single
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morning all,
i'm sitting here dealing with cramps today so not doing much more than catching up and drinking water. i've been getting to the gym alot more this week so the scale is being nice to me. hopefully it keeps it up. my dd is here so still debating what we are gonna do today. especially since its supposed to snow tommorrow and possibly freezing rain...ugg
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Good Saturday morning, everyone! The coffee is hot and the oatmeal delicious, so I hope you'll pull up a seat and join me.

Ruth: I do hope a Saturday run to Staples is not in your forecast. I'll be joining Cyndi in the "I won't be viewing that recipe" club. It sounds divine!

Zeffryn: I know what you mean about family coming to visit. It's wonderful to see them and spend time with them, but our routines get so off-track it makes me dizzy! Lol! I'm glad you had a nice visit and that things are getting back to normal. How is the blogging venture going for you?

Cottage: How wonderful your weekend sounds! Poor Jake, though, with that house full of women! Enjoy shopping and your time with the family!

Cyndi: I'm itching to get into the garden as well, but it won't be this weekend. I've still got to recover from last weekend! Enjoy your ride!

Stacy: We used to have to keep my little dachshund on a leash because a hawk did dive at him once! And then an owl moved in and started eyeing him as well. Thankfully, we moved not to long after that. That's sad about the coyotes. I think they're beautiful creatures, but they can be a nuisance animal. I don't think you have to worry about your kiddos, though. I've been around coyotes all my life and they're more scared of humans than you'd believe. I hope you have a great day!

Cat: So nice to "see" you around again! I look forward to hearing from you more often when school lets out. I do miss the pics of LA that you always share! Sorry about your hip; I can't imagine how badly that must have hurt!!! Take it easy!

ETA: me4life: I hope you have a wonderful day! Great job getting to the gym so much!!! It's nice when the scale acknowledges all our hard work, isn't it?

Me: It's been a glorious start to my Saturday so far. The washer is already going, I'm dressed and the dogs have been fed, brushed and medicated. DH and I are going to go to the hardware store for some stone pavers to set up a permanent dog-washing area in the back yard today. The big one's allergies and dry skin are going to necessitate more frequent bathing with an oatmeal shampoo. He's started getting daily fish oil pills and he loves them, so that should help as well.

Other than that, it's ww homemade pizza night tonight, so no dinner prep for me. I've got to run to my Sunday School classroom and make sure everything is set up the way I need it for tomorrow. I have a long, tough workout planned today, but that's pretty much it! An easy Saturday is in the works for me!!

Okay, okay. Time to get moving again! I hope everyone to come has a wonderful day!


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Morning all, happy spring!

Ruth: Please do share that recipe (although I can't imagine an appropriate place on the SBD board). It sounds yummy!

Zeffryn: Welcome back to your normal routine. Enjoy the movie

Cottage: Enjoy the day of shopping. Amish Smorgasboard and Reading Markets give me flashbacks to weekends in Amish Country I would spend with my family when I was a kid. I grew up in Jersey, so it was not a far trip, and I swear we seemed to go there every single summer. We'd stay at Willow Valley, and tour the Anderson Pretzel Factory. Ahh, memories

Cyndi: Enjoy the bike ride and the weather!

Stacy: Good morning! Hope today is a bit less stressful than yesterday

FemmeCreole: Haha, the twist is something with a permanent spot on my "never to again" list. Along with jumping jack. never. again.

Me4Life: Enjoy the day... lazy saturdays are the best kind!

Kim: Have a great saturday with dogs... what kind/how many do you have?

As for me... BF is at work all day today (he works for CBS college sports, so with March Madness in full swing, he's working 80-hour weeks... I never see him in March), so I am on my own. I'm meeting some friends for lunch at a Yemenite restaurant; I've never had Yemenite before, but it's my best friend's boyfriend's heritage, so I trust him to take us to a good spot. Then it's a group trader joe's run. I am the only one of my friend's with a car, so I call then shots on when we go to Trader Joes, and it's usually a group outing. Tonight we have a birthday party to go to in Manhattan... I am thinking of driving in, I don't plan on drinking and options for getting back to Queens late night are awful... the subway runs so erratically, and a cab ride would cost at least $20. Still, I am petrified of driving in Manhattan, so we shall see...

Have a great day!

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Good morning chicks. It still is morning, only just. I did the epilepsy walk this morning with the kids, 3 miles in the drizzly rain. Now I am warming up and drying out with some soup and coffee while DH takes the kids to their riding lesson. Cleaning was on the agenda but I don't think I'll be able to get anyone motivated after our busy morning. Maybe we'll hit it fresh in the morning and I'll figure out something else productive to do this afternoon. No idea what to fix for dinner. A movie would be fun tonight, hopefully the kids will not ask to have anyone over tonight, they need an early night and some sleep, I think.

Happy girls' day out cottage. I may do some shopping, but the grocery type, not the fun kind.
swan, I seem to remember a food porn thread not long ago and I think Ruth posted her cake.
Kim, I would not call a long hard workout an easy day, but that's just me.
Hope you find something fun to do with your daughter today me4life.
Hi Cat!! Must be old home week, first weezle, now you. Now we just need Nessa and kara.
Have a great day stacy.
Cyndi, planting already, that's great. DH seems to be on board with the raised beds, so we'll have to get those in soon so we can get stuff in the ground. Won't be happening this weekend though.
Glad you had a good week with your mom, zeff. That movie looks cute.
Ruth, wish I could send you some rain. I want some sun!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Morning. I apparently don't sleep well when I'm alone anymore. It's just been too long. So, I'm a bit poopered out today.

We're supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tonight. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! That displeases me. Fortunately, it'll be 41 tomorrow and 56 Monday, but still. Honestly. It's almost April. I worry about my Tommy driving home tomorrow now. I don't want him to wait until Monday!

Well, think I'm going to make a few phone calls and try to set up appointments for next week. I think a mug of green tea will help. I haven't really talked to anyone yet except 2 hours ago when Tom called me so my voice needs a little work. I'll pop in later!

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Ruth: I had my first buzz when I was in the 7th grade -- eating rum balls at Christmas. Rum cake would bring back memories.

Swandive: March... Sheesh! If DH is in the room, basketball is on the tv!

Weezle: We don't have a weather radio. I only want to know if a tornado is on my head, not across the state! We're those bad people who when a siren goes off, we go stand on the back porch to see the tornado. I know, I know...

Me: This morning, I taught my last Saturday class! WooHooo!!! Instead of having Jazzercise on Tues, Thurs and Sat, we are moving to Mon, Tues and Thurs. I'm hoping that will make for better attendance.

Today is my FIL's 70th birthday. We had his official birthday party last weekend. I guess when you are under 20 and over 65, you get to celebrate your birthday for a long time. We're going to his favorite seafood restaurant tonight. Lots of healthy choices.

You all have a great weekend. April is coming!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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I booked 4 appointments! YAY! Would've booked more (had hoped for 7) but have to get to one at 2. Wish me luck! See you in awhile!

Oh, and tsk tsk tsk Chelby! I'm the first one in the bathtub and/or basement! Too many close calls!
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