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Old 08-29-2008, 05:33 AM   #1
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Default Freaky Friday

Oh, it's going to be a wait and see game for the next couple of days here but it doesn't look good. I still need to lay in a few more hurricane supplies and then just hope for the best. We are planning on staying since we are not that close to a big body of water. It's the wind I'm worried about since we are surrounded by huge pine trees.

Yesterday afternoon I was on bus duty at school when my phone rang. We are not supposed to get calls at work. It was my daughter calling. Day before yesterday was her birthday and she and BF had gone to Mexico for a couple of days of R and R. (she lives in L.A.) I told her I couldn't talk but would call her back as soon as I could. I called her about 20 minutes later when I got home and she said "I'm kind of busy right now, I'll call you back in a few minutes?".

About a 1/2 an hour after that my oldest son came in and shouted "hello!!" and I yelled back "I'm in the back!" I heard his boots on the wooden floor and they sounded kind of "clacky". I looked up from the computer and there was my daughter standing in the doorway!!!!!! My jaw dropped to the floor. I've only seen her once in over a year and was so thrilled. She is supposed to fly back out of New Orleans on Sunday. uh oh. I might get to keep her longer if she can't get a flight out of Baton Rouge back to LA. Obviously she and BF were NOT in Mexico. She got to N.O. at one o'clock yesterday morning and my ex husband picked her up there and they got to spend the day together and my son came in from Baton Rouge to join them after he got finished with his classes. I have never been so surprised in my life. Not the best time for a visit though with so much going on with the storm. But I'm not complaining!
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Good morning all! Nothing new to report here, looking forward to the weekend. I plan on planting my rear end outside by the pool for the duration! It will be nice to just have a relaxing weekend with no plans, usually we have *something* but there is nothing for three days. My hopes are that the kids will sleep in at least a little bit!

Cat - that is awesome that your daughter came. How exciting!
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ONEderland here I come!
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oh CAT what a GREAT GREAT surprise! I hope and pray Gustav is not too much trouble.

Autumn have a great weekend..

Me: same old same old it's raining WW points w/SBD seems to be working I ate great yesterday all beachy food, within my points. scale is creeping down.

bagel is having a rough time with his lyme disease right now and with Tropical Storm Hanna my Hannah keeps looking at the tv thinking they are calling her name.
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Come on Spring!
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Can you believe I slept until nearly seven and the dogs are still asleep! I need to crash out to the kitchen to make coffee and will wake them up. Hershey's new meds may be affecting her and Daisy is a Hershey disciple.

Cat, what a nice surprise! I know you've really missed your daughter. I will be thinking of you as that darn storm moves - wind and pine trees frighten me.

Autumn Rose, a weekend without "stuff" sounds great! Enjoy! Sitting beside the pool sure sounds good to me.

Nothing not self-inflicted on my schedule today - laundry, getting beds ready and some cooking for the Pyper onslaught tomorrow. John, 17, is bringing a buddy but also bringing a tent so the boys will sleep out in the meadow. I am flipping the switch on the power out there so they don't decide to play guitar all night.

I'm outta here to make coffee, do meds and get the first pee sample of the day from Hersh. I should have paid more attention to yesterday's potty discussion so I could collect it via a Cheerio!

'Morning, Ladybugnessa. I'm glad to see you still posting in here. There's no reason why WW wouldn't work if SBD principles are followed. I didn't realize there was yet another tropical storm brewing! Now I know why I live in The Great White North.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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jeep girl
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Cat...what a GREAT suprise!!!! Enjoy her company!!!!

Yep...wait and see around here. I have to go get a GOOD map so that I can maneuver my way to work on sunday....they're saying now that they will start evacuations and contraflow and all that lovely stuff...so traveling should be fun!! I'm hoping to stay....not really wanting to leave town. Just want it to go away!
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Cat & Mandy & Zeff - Here's hoping it fizzles out. I wish I was close enough to be useful. I'd be happy to put any of you up here but it is kind of a long trip.

Cat - What a lovely surprise! Have a great visit.

Autumn- How nice to be a woman of leisure all weekend

Nessa - Glad to hear WW is helping and the scale is creeping in the right direction!

Ruth - The dogs must have known you needed to sleep in before the Pyper onslaught I'm trying the cucumber chips today. Hope they are good because our zucchini didn't like all the wet weather this year.

Me - It's a work at home half day. I've got data entry stuff to do so may just blow off this morning and parcel it out over the weekend. Food preservation is on the agenda. I'm filling the dehydrator with cucumber chips, tomatoes & green peppers today and fruit tomorrow. Refrigerator pickles are also on the list along with flavored vinegars (I used all the bottles my Mom had leftover in bean salads so decided I need to make my own this year!). I'm making a crock pot of those beans Laurie mentioned yesterday. I love having something to grab a bowl of on weekends.

Hawk watching has officially started so a hike up the mountain is also in the plan. That will be my reward for getting the dehydrator set up

Have a good day Chicks
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I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning, I think I hit the snooze 4 times. Still got everybody up and moving on time, just did not get my "me" time before they were up. It is gray and drizzly and a great day to spend in bed with a book if I could. But it IS Friday, and that's a happy thing. Also peeked at the scale and I think I lost another pound this week, which just makes my August goal. I will wait until Sunday and see if it sticks before I move my ticker. Back to school night was fun last night, just to see everybody after the summer - many nice comments on my weight. I had a fifth grader last year, so I already knew the classroom drill and all the teachers.

Not much planned this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates so we can get to the pool for the last time before it closes. I think I'm signed up to work pool closing. Last movie on the green on Saturday. Otherwise, the usual stuff.

Cyndi, your day sounds perfectly lovely.
Cat, what a wonderful surprise! As long as the storm isn't too bad it might be fun to ride it out all together. A hurricane party!
Good morning Nessa, Ruth, AutumnRose, mandy.
Take care LA, MI, FL chicks.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.

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Good Morning all,

Cat-What an wonderful thing your kids did.

Autumn- Now that sounds like great long weekend plan. Remember the sunblock!

Ladybug- Glad the scale is moving for you. Did you join the WW group or are you trying to go on by yourself?

Ruth-Happy sleep in day. Maybe the animals know what is coming and they are resting up also.

Mandy-Hope you can stay but do be safe.

Cyndi-I would love to see your pantry at the end of summer! All full of good summer eats. I bet it would remind me of my aunts.

As for me it is just trying to hang on to the weekend. All the kids want to go in different directions and only 1 staying at home. I love they have plans hate they expect me to get them there and on their times. I guess I should treasure these moments but...(sorry for the whine). Enjoy the day ladies, LA group be ready, be safe.

Have a great day and a safe one too!!
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ONEderland here I come!
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Schmoodle great news on scale movement.

Cyndi sounds like a nice weekend is planned....

phxsunflower. I rejoined WW on Wednesday night... it's worked for me before. my problem with them is that my goal is set so low (not that i've set a goal yet) I can't even imagine ever getting to 141!
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Good morning,

Cat that is a wonderful surprise- I am watching the storm since my parents live in Gulfport- praying it just dies down

AutumnRose- have relaxing by the pool

Nessa- glad to hear the combining programs is working for you. I need to get my butt in gear

Ruth- Have a great Day

MandyLeigh- Praying for you gals down their.

Cyndi- I am wfh today as well, hopefully since it is Holiday weekend we will be slow today.

As for me yesterday was totally off plan- did not to well eating but today is a Fresh day and plan to eat p1 today to kick yesterday. I am going to re-read book for motivation to get back on track instead of just going back onplan without doing that.

Have a great day
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Happy Friday!

I am so looking forward to this 3 day weekend which is gonna be a busy one. Tonite of course is Friday family dinner nite, Saturday is the memorial service for my cousin who passed away and then we are planning to go to the movies and see Hose Bunny. Sunday is church and working on redoing our bedroom and Monday will be more work on the bedroom and dinner at Longhorn.

Cat what a super surprise. You guys be safe with that crazy storm

Nessa congrats on rhe day you had yesturday I hope today goes just as well

To everyone else have a great day and a super weekend - be safe
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Morning Chicks, that goodness it is friday. The house is pretty quiet today. And a slight arguement breaks out as I speak. I am pretty much have my house organized and clean and ready for tuesday. Whoot whoot. I am going to make my menu plan, I am back on track tuesday. I am feeling fat and unfit. ( I need the week end to finish up my pina coladas) Well gonna dash take care everyone and Cat,Mandy and Zeff- I will be thinking about you girls and watching the news. Take care and be safe.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Cat - yay! It must be nice to have such a surprise.
I'm on a mission to find water today. I've been to all the wal-marts in town, one of the Targets, most of the other grocery stores...nothing. I hear that the Target on the other side of town has plenty, so I'm headed over there this morning. Good luck getting your supplies.

Autumn - have a nice weekend.

Nessa - haha! Hopefully hanna doesn't turn out to be anything bad, it will get even worse!

Ruth - have fun with all of that. Sounds like you have a busy day/weekend ahead of you.

Cyndi - sounds like you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of you, enjoy!

Schmoo - Congrats on the scale moving! I love that little bouncy thing.

Phxsunflower - I don't think Mom's are supposed to appreciate being a taxi pulled in all directions

Pearl - here's to some great motivation!


I've checked all but one store in lafayette for water....and all I have to show is 2 packs of 12 .5 liter bottles. We could go through that in a day, easily. I'm going to head to a different target and the Sam's club to see what I can find. Sources say they have plenty. Other than water, we have enough supplies - batteries, canned/dry goods up the wazoo, crank flashlights, candles.

We decided to not go to the hurricane party that we had scheduled - especially if the storm keeps its track and increases severity. It just wouldn't be responsible to bring a child. We've tried finding places to stay farther north, but so far really haven't found anything. I have a few more places to call today.

I'm moving DS' bed into our bedroom today as he has 3 eastern facing windows in his room and large trees outside. Our bedroom only had north-western facing windows and shouldn't have a problem with flying debris.

It's so weird, I'm used to tornadoes and have had to completely re-educate myself on the workings of hurricanes.

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Wow, I better find work fast, I'mnormally up at 4:30... I woke up several times last night, but just got my lazy bum out of bed... at 10!!!!!! I feel like I could sleep all day. I wasn't feeling well last night, thought I was going to vomit! The sleep felt OH so good! I weighed in this morning and back down to 180. I tried eating a little more yesterday, but I couldn't stomach much so I had a couple glasses of milk.

((((CAT)))) What an awesome surprise! I know you'll enjoy having dd home for however long she can stay, even if it's storming out or on the way!

Rose, enjoy your long weekend!

Lady, watching points may not be such a bad idea! Glad you found something to bring the scale down a little!

Ruth, enjoy a day of "self infliction"...

Mandy... if they say go, make sure you go!

Cyndi, I wish I could find a job I could do at home more! ... of course, right now ANY job would do!

Congrats Schmoodle on moving the scale! ((hugs))

Phx, enjoy them now!

Pearl, one day misstep, I like your attitude, get right back up and into the program! Just don't stay p1 for long!

Sounds busy Gonna! Sorry about your cousin and have fun remodeling the room!

Chick, enjoy the weekend!

Me... I got a call from the people that took Tucker, they decided he's too much. I told them find another home, as I'm in too much pain to deal with him. I'm disappointed because I stressed to them he's a handful.. "oh, no problem!" he told me. Of course, when I seen how he was trying to get the dog to do a simple "sit" (by pushing his but down) I should of known this guy didn't have a clue on obedience. OH well, I made the decision.

I'm not feeling well I'm looking forward to a few days to lay around the house. but if I feel any better Sunday, I'm gonna sneak out and visit a church, I need company! I haven't found a good church to fellowship and I've grown frustrated with that!
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Hi Zeff, simulposting... Good idea to move ds's bed... I hope you find a safe place to go to for a short while till the hurricane blows over!
Timothy 4:8 (King James Version) 8For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

Nov weight loss goals
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