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Default Monday Chatterings

Happy Monday.

I've been up for a hour and there isn't even any glimmer of a sunrise yet. Our summer is definitely winding down. I'm not sure I'm ready for winter yet, though.

I had a nice weekend. It was pretty quiet for a change, but Jake and I got a lot of work done on the kitchen reno, which is a good feeling. I think things will come to a standstill for a while, though, until we're ready to buy the countertops. I have several trips planned all the way through Sept., so I won't be around to help on weekends, anyway.

Today the girls and I all have hairdresser appointments. Cut and color for me, and trims for them. School starts tomorrow, and their bangs are way too long! Cindy has to work late today, so I guess it will be up to me to supervise their baths and lay out their outfits for tomorrow. The girls are really excited about their new school, and I hope it's a good year for them. I have to start packing for my trip later this week, too. My DD and I are driving up to Maine to take my GD to college. I'm a bit sad that she's going to be so far away, but yet I'm excited for her to start a whole new phase of her life. We can't keep them in the nest forever, although I'd like to.
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Good morning Cottage

I'm not a fan of the dark thing. I becomes increasingly hard for me to get out of bed when it's dark and by December I'm late a lot. Oops

How special for your GD that both you and her Mom are taking her to college. You've been through this already so you know what to expect. I'm sure your DD will appreciate having you there too. It's so exciting and sad all at once. Hope you get some time to enjoy being in Maine too!

Well I'm back to work today. I'm giving myself a pep talk and working on a positive attitude. I know it won't do any good to go back with a negative outlook so will do the best I can. I do get to spend some time focusing on preparing the food preservation workshop, so that will be fun.
I really want to be a kept woman

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning Cottage, dry your tears, give a smile, and know you and dd raised her into a beautiful woman equipped to handle the situations life throws her. And if she falls or missteps here and there, know she'll be alright!

Still trying to find a new home for pup. Found out they changed the rules here in the park last year that only one dog is allowed. UM.... then why does a neighbor have two? Well, I left him out of the crate and he slept most the night by me, as I slept on the couch, so I'm still tired, didn't sleep to well. But at least I got some.

I've had four people say they'd call me back on him, and not one did. If they are not interested why not drop a line (email) or call saying, thx, but no thx. Why do they think I'm bothering to make sure they know he's needing some training?
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Hi Cottage and Cyndi

It's dark here, too. And a little cooler in the mornings, yay. A cricket is making a racket outside my window this morning. We're off to IKEA today to browse, and stop at Trader Joe's on the way home.

Cottage: I'm sure you are thankful for your quiet weekend. Have a great "Beauty" day!

Cyndi: I wish you the best with being postive. It's difficult, but you can do it and it will help.

Hi Lori, simultaneous posting!!

Happy Monday, all!

On the Beach for Life!

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Come on Spring!
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Cyndi, being a kept woman would be great but you'd be at the beck and call of some fat old guy who smoked cigars in bed and left the seat up. Better try Plan B.

Cottage, that first day of school is so exciting. Ours doesn't start for another week but the little kids are counting the sleeps. Too bad your GD will be so far away but it'll be very maturing for her.

Well, my food dehydrator is evil! I did peaches yesterday and nibbled away too much. It's too darned easy to forget that four little pieces are a whole peach. As Weezle would say, I'm waiting for the "celebration" and am hoping it doesn't happen during this morning's Victoria's Quilts workshop.

This afternoon I plan to do some outside tidying as my property is starting to look like a crack house. The potting season is over and I must stash away my huge collection of pots and generally tidy up outside. It's a nice cool day for it too. The pears are ripe over at Claire's place and I may pick a few baskets to dehydrate - and NOT eat! After that I will go visit Harry and take along Hershey rather than Disney.

Happy Monday to all. Only one more week of this month. It must be nearly the end of summer.

Loriann, I do hope your problem "child" gets re-homed soon. You have enough stuff to deal with right now. The only one dog rule may make it easier but it'll be hard to explain to Jade.

Belle Mere, I love IKEA and will visit tomorrow when I'm in Ottawa. Crickets are considered good luck, by the way. I usually have one or two that decide to spend the winter in my cellar and don't really mind them.

Now I'm outta here before somebody else simulposts!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning,

I could so live at the equator. it's light more there. of course the whole going to sleep when it's still light would mean NAPPING on the couch which i can easily do when it's light out.

first day back to school for girl child and DH...

oy. was a nice weekend.

have a good one girls.
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Ruth - if you like ginger toss some of those pears with shredded fresh ginger before drying. Yum!
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Still dark here too, but definately not cool. It's hot and rainy and just plain icky. Was hoping school would be canceled today because we are still under a flood watch, but no such luck.

Spent hours yesterday working on lesson plans (they have to be done online) went back today and they were GONE. I nearly had a cow after all that work, but then found them under "2009" instead of "2008". whew.

Have a great day, all...no time for personals, heading out the door.
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Oh, Cat, I was holding my breath on that one! thank goodness!

Good morning chickies, and Matt if you check in (eh, I'll see him later anyway...He's very nice in person too!!)

me - gotta rest from the weekend! My children were HORRID yesterday! I know it's because we let them stay up too late Fri and Sat nights. It's that bad that weekdays are more restful then weekends?

With this cold and work, yesterday was the first day I got a good jog on the treadmill in. Go cold medicine! Made me feel better....easier to ignore the kids being bad!

Today - work and doctor's appt. Annual exam, aren't you jealous?!?!!

Oh - and I had spinach & strawberry salad yesterday (with bleu cheese (RF!) and pecans with homemade red wine viniagrette), and it was soooo good, I want it again today!!

Have a good one!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good Morning Chicks a fly by for me, got a ton of things to do to get ready for school to start next tuesday. Need to get my fall life organized. I love fall. Totally fell off the wagon this weekend we ended up camping on sat night at my moms trailer, love my new tent, anyway lets just say smores and wine were involved. then we ended up have a bque with dh sister and hubby late yesterday afternoon and that involved short cake and pina colodas.... Oh well I figure I am not going to be able to be totally faithful til school starts and life is more structured.

Cottage good luck this week end. You are only a couple of hours away from me, too bad you didn't have time to scoot over to NB. Hugs for you. I am sure you GD will love it, but I totally understand my dd has been talking about going to university away from home as well.

Well gotta to dash life it crazy around here and my todo list is growing instead of shrinking.

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Good morning! Sorry no personals, I have to run to the elementary school to drop off my sons lunch and library book ASAP. Humid and rainy here. I think this day is a bust for me. I tend to only want to read on rainy days and since they are few and far between lately I will indulge myself. I will Zumba after I get back from school so the rest of the day is free for whatever. If the little one is up for a nap I would love that too. I've been dealing with insomnia lately, falling asleep just fine and waking up between 1 and 2 and never getting back to sleep....sooooo tired..... HAVE A GREAT MONDAY ALL!
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Good morning chicks, just a quick hello between kids. DS went off on the bus about an hour ago, and DD and I will walk to school in 15 mins. I've got a really bad case of the Mondays, I DO NOT want to work today, just want to sip coffee and sit on the porch and enjoy my quiet house. But there's always so much to do, sigh...
Hope you chicks have a great day.
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Aw, Linda! Hugs for your big trip to Maine! I'm sure that will be difficult.

What's a "kept woman", Cyndi? Good luck with the workshop!

Loriann, sorry about the dog mess. Have you heard anything about the job?

Belle, have fun shopping! I need a bunkbed mattress and stool from Ikea. Think you could grab them for me?

Sorry about the peaches, Ruth. Kadyn had a run in with some dried apricots on Thursday and she was not a happy camper. I told her next time she needs to stop at three.

But, Nessa, it's so HOT at the equator! That would make me grumpy.

Cat, my heart jumped in my throat over your lesson plan story. Glad you found them!

Twynn, have fun at the docs. I hate the doctor! You should definitely stop on the way home and treat yourself to a good book or something!

Have fun with your organizing, LC! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, too!

Autumn, here are some sleeping vibes for you...(((zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)))

Schmoodle, hope you can enjoy your coffee at work!

Well, this weekend was busy, as promised. We spent Saturday at yard sales (found NOTHING), grocery shopping, and then at a barbeque for AWANA volunteers. It was good to get to meet the rest of the leaders. Sunday we had church and then AWANA registration, which lasted an hour longer than it was supposed to so we didn't get home until 5. Tom was thinking quick on his feet and suggested breakfast for dinner, which was very yummy - scrambled eggs with salsa in a whole wheat wrap. This week will be equally busy. Tom and I are in charge of the kindergarten to second grade group, which means we have nine leaders and fifty kids to attend to. Lots of preparation to make sure the kick-off night in two Sundays goes well. I'm really excited and can't wait to start!

I got on the scale this morning to see that I've gained four pounds since last week. I'm magical!!! Here's hoping for a whoosh the other way come next Monday.

Connor's trying to figure out how his math so I'd better go help him. Ah, he figured it out himself. Smart boy. Still must run.


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WOW busy morning today! Hi everyone! I'm a bit groggy and really sore. We moved all of Grandma's stuff out (the heavy stuff, at least) yesterday. Man, she had a lot of furniture in that little apartment. We're hurtin pretty bad today.

Today is going to be a busy day at work. I have to set the wall and then have an orientation with a newbie at 1. Hopefully no conference call today otherwise I'm going to have to interrupt training my new girl. Thank God vacation starts Friday!!!!! 10 whole days off..... I'm so ready. Hopefully my books arrive soon.

Hope you girlies have a great day!

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coming up for air WAHH I am in my 4th week of schoolSummer isgone around here,but someone forgot to tell mother nature. Life is busy around here. I REALLY miss getting here more often.

Cottage- enjoy the hair appts. My girls love going to the before school cut.
Cyndi-hope your day is a good one.
Loriann-good luck on finding a place for your pup.
Belle Mar-we have to many lizards around for crickets. Every once in a while one sneaks in and the dog gets it. Sorry you had a noisy wake up.
Ruth-Happy busy day to you.
Ladybug- living closer gives you the heat also.
femme-glad you found the class prep.
twynn-Gotta love the week to make up for the weekend. Have had many week like that especially lately.
Little chick-Sounds like a great weekend spent with family.
Autumn, Schmoodle- I am off and running with the kids also just don't seem to be running fast enough.
Kara-Hi again glad to see you back.

Just wanted to check in again now I must run and make lunches and get everyone moving and now I am running behind.

Have a great day and a safe one too.
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