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Phasing off for vacation-worried!!

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Default Phasing off for vacation-worried!!

I am about to go on a vacation. I will be staying with friends who I have already warned that I am trying to watch my carbs and be good. However, because they are providing the place to stay and planning most of our activities, I may not have as much control over my food. I have talked it over with my coach and she has suggested I phase off quickly -in 1 and 1/2 weeks time - and then get right back to phase one when I return. I have been 100% OP since I started so this has me WORRIED. I agree it's probably the best thing for my circumstances and I need to learn the tools of maintenance so I don't totally mess up! But, any tips for learning this in such a short time would be SO helpful!!! Has anyone else done this? Any things I need to watch out for? I am committed to IP and to moving back into phase 1 when I return, but I am scared of a setback! I am taking some snack items with me to help out but I am limited to what I can carry. Thanks for any help!!!
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You might want to look at this thread first!
Great ideas for staying 100% - which is definitely better than phasing off each time you have a 'holiday/vacation/extended event.'

Travelling on IP - lessons learned by a road warrior

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I just went on a 9 day holiday and stayed with a friend and I lost 4 lbs. during that time. I have no idea why your coach would recommend you phase off.

For me what it boils down to is how strong you are in your resolve to do it no matter what. By that I mean be as close to program as possible, presumably you could eat your own breakfast and have snacks with you and you could buy and boil some eggs when you get there and pack a little handbag style cooler everyday. If they eat out, have a salad with olive oil and your 2 eggs that you brought, or just order some chicken, fish, shrimp or a hamburger patty and eat with your salad. Ask for olive oil and balsamic or something like that on the side.

It's very doable if you're committed. Even if they go for fish and chips have some veggies along and order your fish grilled. To me it's all about how badly do I want it.

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I traveled early on in P1 to my sister's house, my mother's, my in-laws and Disney World (it was a CRAZY trip)! It took a lot of planning, but I just brought my food with me and didn't expect anyone to change their own eating plans for me.

To me this is an issue of giving your POWER (I know that sounds like Oprah....sorry) of choosing healthy foods over to others. What I think I have learned the most in IP is how POWERFUL and PEACEFUL I feel when I am making healthy choices for myself. I will not be surrendering that again to my "inner brat" or anyone else!

Standing up for yourself and saying, "Hey, this is how I'm eating!" is really another way of saying, "Hey, I'm important!"

GL with your decision! There is much debate on how to handle vacations and different people choose different paths!

"Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt
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I'm not sure of all the details for your vacation but I bet you can find a way to stay OP. It may take some planning but it'll be worth it. If people can go to Disney, cruises, Vegas, etc. while staying OP, I'm sure it is possible for nearly any vacation. Phasing off will only cost you money and time in the long run. Explain the situation to your friends, I'm sure they will understand and be supportive.
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Ideal Protein 7/10/14
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I don't think you should feel guilty for phasing off and enjoying a vacation now and then, and then get back on protocol when you return, knowing you will be up because of carb fluids, and possibly gain if eating more than you burn. It's your choice, and you can make it. I would eat like a fit person, and add in a few complex carbs, but stay away from anything refined, processed or sugar. If you eat sugar, make sure it is very small. Snack on veggies. It's a good compromise I think.

If you really want to stay on protocol and the thought of going off and on is driving you insane then consider the suggestions to take your IP with you. Anyone can say no to dressing, desserts, etc as long as good lean meat and veggies are offered. Can you ask for that or even pitch in food money and buy chicken breast? Everyone will feel better eating better. I have had house guests since starting IP and I provide a good dinner and the carbs are their responsibility, as well as breakfast and lunch---so easy to IP. Remember you won't be hungry on plan, but if you go off, you'll crave everything under the sun and it is actually our head hunger that makes it harder to follow plan.

Good luck with whatever you decide. It's your choice either way, and just roll with your plan and be strong and don't deviate. YOU are IP STRONG!
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I went on a cruise my first time with IP when I had lost about 75 pounds. I stayed on phase 1 the whole time and came back 6 pounds lighter. Now I will tell you it was not enjoyable at all and I would never do it again, but you have to know yourself. If you are 100% positive you can get back on when you get home, then go make responsible choices and you will undo any possible damage when you get home. Sometimes I think it's good to shake up our metabolism a bit anyway. Life is short, enjoy it and when you get home you can get serious again if that works for you.
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One more thread started by evemomma, BTW you might want to take your advice from the successful maintainers - isn't that where you want to be sooner rather than later.
But, I know, it's still your choice to make. We just all want you to be successful at this 'journey.'

Disney World and Traveling on IP


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I just did Disney on Phase 1 and came home 2Lbs lighter and then had a nice 4lb loss the following week. Seriously it is about mindset. I had told myself that I was going to do the best I could without making myself nuts. Brought all my packets with me and some QUest bars. I also told myself that I was going to allow myself 1 or 2 indulgences if I so choose (glass of wine or a Mickey Ice Cream)..... In the end when the times arose that I could have one of those items, I was really not interested....

Go with how you feel...off or on program I am sure you will have a great vacation...make it about enjoying the friends and family and not about the food...


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Even if you phase off, in maintenance you only have one fun day a week. Is that really what you are thinking of doing? Although you have more food options available in phase 4 it is somewhat complicated to get the hang of and I think you will be a more difficult house guest trying to accomplish a fat mea, and a carb meal than you would be eating OP. Anyone can make you extra veggies and a protein. You are taking care of your own snacks so it will be easy. If your friends want you to lose weight, they shouldn't try to entice you. The most difficult if they spend the week saying one bite won't kill you.

If I have guests and feel left out at breakfast, I will have a couple egg whites and a slice of ham. A big salad at lunch for me while they eat their meal and we all eat the same dinner except they get a starch.

If you know you aren't going to stay OP, it is better for your body to phase off.

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About two weeks after starting IP, I went to Canada to stay with a friend for two weeks. I visited a clinic up there and got food for the week - BUT - with my allergies and the restricted diet, I was stressing the **** out of my friend (who was on WW and more than willing to eat healthy). What I ended up doing was going into Phase 2 for those two weeks. So I had my protein bar every morning, then we went out and did fun activities for the day. We'd stop somewhere for lunch (usually this locally grown/organic cafe I LOVED) and I'd get a big green salad with roasted chicken on top. We'd go home and make an IP friendly dinner (which was also very WW friendly) and have a snack during movie time before bed. I decided it wasn't worth stressing out my friend (and myself) in order for me to be 100% on plan. When I got back to the US, I'd lost 4 lbs, and my coach said those were the kinds of decisions I'd have to make on maintenance, so I did well and shouldn't beat myself up too much. It was hard - let me tell you - we went to a lot of outdoor art fairs and there was kettle corn at EVERY SINGLE ONE. Kettle corn is my favorite snack, but I never indulged.
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