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On Getting Enough Sleep

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Default On Getting Enough Sleep

I just want to hear thoughts on what you think are the healthiest sleep patterns, and maybe some tips on how you are able to 'turn off' and get some restful sleep each night.

I have heard a lot of people talk about how sleep is super important in aiding weight loss and exercise, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. I have struggled with insomnia on and off for the past eight years and I am starting to go through another bout of it. Right now I sleep, at best, 4-5 hours a night because so much is going on and it's hard to shut my brain off. I know people say that 7-8 hours is ideal, but is that really logical?
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Pink Hurricanie , I hear you loud and clear. I am another who averages 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I would love to get this 8 hours I hear about. I don't know how to make that happen, my body seems to think 4-5 hours is enoiugh.
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Oh man, I would hate to see me with anything less that 7 hours of sleep... That would be unpleasant for everyone involved

I don't have much advice really, only that I try to wake up early and go to bed early, I am usually in bed by 9:30 (asleep by 10:30) it takes about an hour for my brain to finally shut up. Then up by 5:30-6... And I find that if I exercise that day, and don't eat too late, I go to sleep quite a bit quicker.

Not really helpful I guess, sorry

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I downloaded a free app on my iphone- it's called relax lite- if you search for it it comes up it's called "relax with andrew johnson lite". I was also one that didn't sleep much. And, this is amazing for me. I fall asleep sometime before the 27 minute sleep hypnosis is up and wake up in the morning. When used to I'd sleep 2 or 3 hours here get up for a good hour or two and lay back down to get another 2 or 3 hours if I'm lucky.

It did wonders for me- except for now due to being on prednisone for my severe asthma. I just can't sleep. But, when I wasn't having attacks it worked great. I still listen to it to fall asleep. I just wake up in 4 or 5 hours but still with a ton more energy than when i DIDN'T Listen to it.

Also, I have free interweb on my phone I go to www.rainymood.com click play and it plays all night. Rain helps me sleep though. So depending on my mood it's those two. Today is a rainymood.com day. LOVE IT
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I'm breastfeeding a young baby at least 3-5x during the night and i feel fine in the day... I make sure to eat properly and get all my vitamins/supplements in.

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I will definitely give the suggestions a try! Once I am up I feel fine during the day but I wasn't sure if the little amount of sleep I get most nights would affect my overall health or not.
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I feel like sh!t and lose control of what I eat if I deviate from 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night. I'm spoiled rotten.
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I think the healthiest sleep pattern is the one that works for you.

Some people need 8 hours, some need more, some need less. And unfortunately, some are better tuned for late night work and late morning starts but have to adjust to the "norm", the "norm" being early to bed, early to rise.

For me, I feel better if I get up around 9:00 and am asleep by midnight. But I'm young and my doctor told me that my age range is kind of built for that schedule. Unfortunately, I should be coming to work at 8:00...can't seem to make it though... /sigh
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I really wish I could get away with less sleep. I feel like I'm exhausted unless I get 9 hours of sleep, and most of the time more....Ugh.

I do struggle with insomnia, though, and the brain racing that y'all are talking about. Two things that help me immensely are: 1. making a list of things I need to do the next day/ things to remember the next day right before I go to bed. Otherwise it keeps me awake thinking, "Oh- I have to remember to do that tomorrow...And call X, and send out that bill..." Keep the pen/paper in your night table and if something pops into your head at night, write it down and then forget it. and 2. having the tv on when I go to sleep. I put it on low, and I put it on something familiar- like an episode of "The Office." It's got to be something I'm not too interested in/that I've seen before, and I prefer lighthearted/comedy stuff. It's enough to distract me from my weird pre-sleep thoughts but not enough to keep me awake. Best of luck!
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Originally Posted by krampus View Post
I feel like sh!t and lose control of what I eat if I deviate from 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night. I'm spoiled rotten.
I'm exactly the same way.
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clearly, given the fact that I'm posting right now, I'm also prone to insomnia. If I were to bow to my natural habits I'd go to bed at 2 am and sleep until 9, which works fine on the weekends, but not so much on weekdays. One strategy I've found that really works is having a bedtime ritual, which for me is making a cup of herbal tea and drinking it in bed. I'm a huge fan of Celestial Seasoning's tension tamer and sleepytime varieties, and if i turn off my computer before I start drinking it, I'll usually be out cold before I finish the mug. Once I finally am ready for bed it takes me virtually no time to fall asleep, so I feel for those who lie awake for hours.

Although I sleep for 7-10 hours when I can get it, I function quite well on much less (sometimes less than 3 hours). For much of college I routinely slept for about 2-3 hours a night. Whether I get 3 or 10 hours of sleep, though, I cannot make myself get up even 15 minutes earlier than I absolutely have to. I wish I were more of a morning person, it would make fitting in exercise so much easier.
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Sleep is absolutely important for weight loss and overall health. It's equally as important as nutrition and fitness. They find that if you don't get enough sleep that your body starts to crave more carbohydrates in order to fuel your body, thus resulting in extra weight - I'll have to look that up for complete accuracy but that's the gist of it.

I've never had insomnia but I've struggled with rough patches of sleep from time to time. The key for me was to cut down on caffeine (no caffeine past 11am or else I get the jitters at night). I also make sure that I get enough physical activity during the day so that my body has spent its energy. But no exercise past 4pm or else my muscles are jittery at night. Stress relief also plays a big role in rest and relaxation. I've been doing "Restorative yoga" which is very gentle and meant to relax your mind and muscles and it's gentle enough to do before bedtime. I also find that reading a book in bed helps relax me and take my mind off my thoughts and helps me get to sleep. A hot cup of chamomille is great too. Turn the lights low, maybe turn the tv off because the blaring lights send signals to your brain that it needs to be on alert. And stay off the computer.

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