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Default Spinning is not for me....

I tried out a spinning class today. Not my cup of tea. The instructor was great and the black lights were cool but I just didn't like it. The seat WAS KILLING ME....It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I know have sore spots and they HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kept thinking that I'd rather be running. So, back to the track I go. I may try out a cardio kickboxing class first.

NSV.....Today, I was off. I was actually EXCITED to try out a new class (and not to try out a new restaurant!).

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Ouch! Sounds painful.

Congrats on the NSV!
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I had the same issues with the seats! LOL...but for some reason at the gym I'm at now, they charge extra for spin classes so I don't take them for that reason. You do burn A LOT of calories in them, though!

What I love is step...I take a class on Friday nights called Turbo Sculpt, and we do step along with dumbbells and body bars. I sometimes lose 2 pounds of water just in that class!

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... I called in sick the next day, after my first (and only) spin class because I was pretty sure I had injured something that wasnt supposed to be injured!!!!
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Spinning is tough for sure! I'm usually counting down the minutes until it ends, but I feel pretty accomplished afterward for sure. I can't say I enjoy it though. There is one instructor who I find makes it slightly more enjoyable because of the great music she plays, but it's rare that I go to the class.
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It's important to wear riding shorts, but even still, until your bum gets used to it, it hurts. I just find it so repetitve and no music or instructor can make it less so. Riding outside there is at least the view (though it's harder as the hills are FOR REAL).

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I can relate to your post. lol I tried spinning once over the summer and it wasn't for me. The seat was very uncomfortable and I found myself constantly looking at the time. I would probably prefer to go bike riding outside, but spinning does burn a ton of calories.
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I agree, spinning is painful, particularly when the instructor makes you stand up then sit, then stand, then sit, etc. You feel like you've been kicked in the bones of your ***.
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I know no one will believe me but I SWEAR, after your third class, your bits and rear end won't hurt anymore. I am a regular spinner but always after an extended break, there's a "callus building" period.
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Originally Posted by Goddess Jessica
I know no one will believe me but I SWEAR, after your third class, your bits and rear end won't hurt anymore. I am a regular spinner but always after an extended break, there's a "callus building" period.
I agree! my first spin class was horrible...so painful! And every time I return to spinning after a break. Now it is my most satisfying exercise; i have my heart rate up the whole time and feel great after. After about 3 classes, the butt pain really is gone. And whenever I return after a break, I always go at it a little slower than what the instructor says (slower speed and less resistance) and build up from that so I don't feel like dying early in the class (or feel bad afterwards)

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I'm so glad I am not alone in experiencing massive discomfort in my bits and butt...tried my first spin class last night, loved the burn and the class but by the end I couldn't sit on the seat!
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This might not be exactly what you're talking about but have any of you heard of Alcock's syndrome? One of the supposed causes is sitting on a bicycle for an extended period of time. Affects both men and women. I'm not sure where I heard about it but ever since then I've been afraid to sit on a bike. Might want to give it a google. Sorry if it's too graphic, just felt I should give a heads up.
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It's funny: A couple of years ago when I first tried spinning, I really didn't like it, and I had the seat pain that you're referring to. I took it anyway for a while, but I never liked it. Fast forward a couple of years, and I decided to take it again. Now, though, the seat doesn't hurt as much (I don't even need to bring my seat pad as I used to); maybe they changed the bikes? IDK. Also, I like it now---in small doses. I take it once a week, and I enjoy that. I'm not a huge fan of spinning as some people are, but I don't mind it, and I like the fact that it's a great workout.
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Your butt will hurt the first few times you spin - no doubt, but after a few classes your body gets used to it.

Think of how you lift weights and you're sore the next day - do you stop lifting weights? No, you just rest your muscles for a day and then keep on. It takes time to get used to it.

Wearing riding shorts (that are padded) is HUGE and will make a world of difference, too.

I spin two-three times a week and also ride a road bike. I went for a 16 mile ride on my road bike yesterday (after not riding in a couple of months because of the weather and my butt is SO sore today, but I know it's because I just haven't ridden in a bit.)
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I've just started spinning. I'm 5 classes in and LOVING IT! In the way you love that guy who hates you kind of way.

I dread going before it, I look at the people in their fancy spin clothes and I'm in my reg gym outfit I feel nervous, and I do count the minutes down. But afterwards when my shirt is soaking wet and I go home barely able to walk...I have a sense of accomplishment that very few other cardio workouts have ever given me. It also helps that my instructor is GORGEOUS

Yes, my butt hurt the first two classes but I know my position now and its fine.
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