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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Will I eventually get used to morning routines?

I didn’t work out yesterday – Monday’s are one of my days off – but I felt myself falling asleep around 8pm. I told myself that if I was up early enough I’d try working out in the morning; which I have never done before. So I was awake at 4:00am and at the gym by 4:45am. I was 15 minutes into my cardio workout and I was already starting to crash -- feeling lethargic, legs tired. Mind you my cardio routine is typically 1 hour at a speed of 4.7-5.0. (I’m short so my legs can only go so fast). But despite being fatigued so quickly, I only was able to maintain a speed of 4.1-4.3. I knew if I went faster I’d be dismounting from the elliptical in a very unpleasant way! I did that for 30 minutes and then did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I got my hour in but it was difficult.

The thing is, with my schedule, I’d rather work out in the mornings some days. Will I eventually get over feeling crappy during a morning workout or am I just an evening girl and that’s it? What has your morning vs. afternoon experiences been? Are you able to easily mix it up or does your body have one preference over another?


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Not sure if it's the "mornings" or simply your energy level. The reason I say this, is because my energy level fluctuates. Some days I can barely make it through my workout and others, I feel like I could run another 5 miles!

I see your local to me. As the weather gets better, you may find yourself enjoying the fresh early morning sun at Byrd Park! That's what I do...they have a wonderful trail there!

I thought I was gonna die on my treadmill yesterday, but the week before I ran at the park, after run 5 miles, I felt as if I had seriously had at least another 3 miles left in me. Daily hormonal changes/energy levels will fluctuate. Always push yourself, BUT accept that you will not perform at peak performance every workout and remember to listen to your body!

Congrats on making it through your workout!
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As it stands, I HATE mornings. I'm up in the middle of the night feeding my daughter (6 months old), son wakes me up at 5 am and I have to have them at daycare by 7:30 then to work by 8 am. There ain't no way in this world I'm making it to the gym before all that mess. So, I just go at 9pm. Some days I'm tired, exhausted and just want to curl up on the couch but that's the only time I have.

If that's when you really want to work out, try it out a few more mornings and don't rule it out without some experimentation. If you're a coffee person, have your coffee, try a small bit of protein before hand, etc.

I'm definitely not a seasoned gym-goer but that's just my two cents. Good luck finding what works best!

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Are you eating anything before you workout?

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I am not a morning person. I just never will be. However, I made it my routine to work out in the morning and it stuck. I read a lot about not eating before working out in the morning but I just can't do it. I have to have a snack (either a yogurt or a protein shake) and I always have my coffee before going too. That is key to me having any kind of energy.

In answer to your qurestion- yes, you will get used to it. Hang in there!
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Yes, you will start to find it easier eventually. That's the great thing about human bodies, they are adaptable. Good luck
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I was always a night person but slowly (as I aged, go figure) I shifted my schedule because I knew the only way I would ever consistently work out is if I do it in the mornings. Now, I am normally in bed around 9pm and even without an alarm, six mornings out of seven I'm awake at 5am. I feel very rested and I get a great workout in, either at the gym or running outside, at 5:30am or so. I don't eat before I work out - I feel nauseous - but if I'm running for a while, I'll take along a Gu or something similar (not the best "food" but it's quick energy).

So - short answer - you can become a morning person but it'll take time to adjust your body clock, and I think you have to be consistent with your waking and sleeping times to make it really "easy" (at least in my personal experience).
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I'm a ridiculous morning person, but man, you're up earlier than even I am! I'm up at 4:40, at the gym by 5:00. Even though I have no problems with mornings, it is hard to wake up THAT early. It was hard at first but after a full year of doing it, I have found it isn't bad at all.

During the Summer I do not have to work and therefore do not have to get up that early. Last Summer I kept the schedule anyway and made the easiest transition back to work that I have ever made. My friend chose to sleep in a bit during the Summer and I don't think she was back into the routine until around November. The body most certainly likes routine but I think it takes a long time to stop fighting you.
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