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Default New Chick

Hi everyone,

My name is Nicole and I started Atkins on March 13, 2004. In that time I've lost 102 lbs and am still going strong, though the weight loss has slowed down these last few months, I'm not letting that get me down. I feel so much better than I did at this time last year, nothing will put a damper on this way of eating for me.

I'm 54 and menopausal, though the symptoms have been very minute, alot to do with low carbing I'm sure, it would seem starches and sugars encourage hot flashes and other unpleasant things that happen when one is going through this. I don't get any hot flashes nor headaches which are a common occurence for some, no mood swings either.

I've been married 33 years and have two grown and gone children, son 30 and daughter 26. She got married last fall and is working on making me a grammy, looking forward to that.

Hubby is retired and is a wonderful cook, he's taken on the challenge of learning to cook low carb and he's really great at it, let me tell you a nice home cooked meal to come home to each evening is a blessing, the leftovers usually get taken for lunch the next day. I work full time in a teaching hospital, with 3 more years to go before I can take my early retirement, really looking forward to that as well.

My only health concern is osteo arthritis in my knees, something being overweight most of my adult life contributed to. I've recently had to come off the cox inhibitor Celebrex that I was on and I'm feeling the stiffness alot these days, I'm sure alot less than I would have 100 lbs ago though.

This seems like a great and fun place for support, hope to meet others with 100 lbs or more to lose and compare notes.
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Hi Nicole and Welcome

You've done a great job, and congratulations on your 100lb loss. Thats wonderful!!

I have to agree with you about the starches and hot flashes. Im only 39, and started with the hot flashes the night of my 39th birthday(a year ago) But when Im eating properly and exercising, the incidence of hotflashes is almost gone! Every now and then it will come over me, and Im peeling off cloths, but for the most part, its much better. I went from 2-3 a week, to 2-3 a month.

Ive lost and maintained a 100lb loss for about 4 yrs now, Im working on the other 49ish that still has to go. Ive been struggling with it, but I think Ive finally made peace with my "inner fat lady" and this is a life change. I dont intend to gain it back....I just want it all gone! For good!

Stick around, and join the daily where we chat about everyday things, and our struggles, and triumphs. You've found a great spot for support here!


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Thanks for the welcome Robin and congratulations to you too for having lost that 100 lb., I'm sure you'll get the rest of it off eventually, just keep plugging away at it and soon those pounds will clue in that you mean business.

Best of luck to you.
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Hi Nicole and welcome. You're a great inspiration to us all with that 100 pound loss! Proves it CAN be done!! Come join us in the daily chat and share some of your wisdom of how you did it And I never gave it a thought before but my moods around TOM improves the better I eat. And night sweats seem to be almost non-existant. Thanks for bringing that information to my attention--didn't realise it was due to LC!!! Again, Welcome

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Congratulations on your weight loss so far!

I'm new here as well and have 100 pounds to lose.

Keep up the great work!

Mamma bear
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Welcome Nichole and Mamma bear!
This is a great place...always supportive and inclusive unlike some others I've seen...good luck!

Veni, vidi, velcro. I came, I saw, I stuck around
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