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09-26-2001, 10:17 AM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Sassy Sharon

09-26-2001, 10:27 AM
Thought I would take the liberty of bringing good old Jo's post to # 62, she posted on the 2nd page and so I wanted it to be read and since it is a new one and the last one! READ ON!

Anyone here?? Anybody home?? What's that "online/offline" thing below our names on this forum? Is it true that Ms. CJ is online right now? And how come it says I'm offline since I'm here? I think.

Anyway, had a nice dinner last night but my stomach was bothering me most of the day and that put a damper on things. Still, it helped me to behave. Appetizer (portobello mushroom with crab meat), dinner (chicken with eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes) and one glass of wine. And it was all so very tasty! A very nice birthday dinner for mom.

This morning I admit to eating a muffin that someone brought in and it's sitting in the pit of my stomach. Hopefully, that will keep me from snacking or cheating today. I still have one more birthday lunch tomorrow from some of the people at work but I'm really trying to be good. Last night was the first night in a long time I didn't walk either outside or on my treadmill. Guess I'll have to do extra tonight.

OK so everyone remember a while ago I was talking about my great new weight loss plan? That was before the tragic events of September 11 and we've all had other things on our minds since then. Actually, it's just as well because now that I think about it, it wasn't such a great idea anyway. It was more of a concept or a way of thinking and while it "might" work well for me, it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense to anyone I tried to explain it to. But if anyone's interested, I could try. Probably make you all wonder if Jo's completely lost her mind.

I've started my countdown. Only 17 days until Las Vegas! Yes, we're going even if it means having our luggage searched and having to be patted down or interrogated. I'm willing to do anything at all to ensure my own safety in the air. Our flight leaves at 8 in the morning and if that means getting to the airport by 5:30, so be it. I just wish they'd decide on whether or not they'll allow carry-on luggage. I have no problem with bringing aboard only a book to read and maybe a pack of gum or something but only if they can guarantee they won't lose my luggage and leave me with nothing. I usually carry on at least a toothbrush, a bottle of water, a change of underwear and most of my money just in case.

Well, I guess I'll go now. Work to do as usual. Oh what a glamorous life I lead. Hope to hear from all you guys soon!

Much love, Jo.

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

09-26-2001, 11:43 AM
Hey guys,
Now how in the heck did I ever beat Miss CJ to the punch in starting the new thread? I saw Jo's last post and usually we try to start a new thread before the 2nd page of a thread which I think is 29 will be the last one on the 1st page.

Hey Jo, I thought for sure you would just start this one, but than I saw that you were at work and I thought "Well maybe she has to get some work done" LOL

Anyways I have been doing really well finally. This past Monday I had a 2.8 lb loss and the Monday before I had a .6 lb lb loss so that makes a total of 3.4 lbs for 2 weeks so I am happy with that and I just wanted to get that darn 1.6 lbs off I had gained from my West Virginia/wine :nono: Labor Day weekend. So now so far I have lost 34 lbs and am finally gettiing somewhere. I have really been trying to get back to where I was program and exercise wise and have been trying to get my water in and do my journaling too. I have been really exercising and last week did something nearly everyday. Even if it was just doing a quick walk or doing a 19 minute tone up tape. Most of the time I just walk and have been walking so much lately. I am glad I did give it a shot though cause when I had the .6 lb loss the week before I thought I should have lost more with the way I was sticking to it and with all the exercise. But I thought I would just keep on trying and it paid off for me. I am pretty happy. :)

CJ-Got your email and sent one back at you. Hey how in the heck did you not get to start a new thead? You must have been still sleeping or out at breakfast with Dick. LOL Are you still at your house or at the cabin? I think you said that you would be there Tuesday for a few days so I would guess that you are at home now. I'll bet you miss you home when you are gone. Post when you have a few.

Sandi-Thanks for your cute post on exercising. I loved it and it made for a good laugh. I could relate to much of it.

Jo-Glad your birthday went well, but sorry you didn't win any money during you gambling trip. :cry: I am sure you will have better luck in Vegas when you go. Gosh they gave you a surprise party. How wonderful and I'll bet you were sure surprised. I would have loved to be there to see the look on your face when you walked in.

Gail-I hope things are going well for you and you are doing great with your new program you are on. It was good talking to you a couple of weeks ago. I miss you and hope you post soon and let us know how things are going for you. It just isn't the same around her without your wonderful posts. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((GAIL)))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sylvia-I know that the attacks have left alot of people feeling like that. You feel so helpless and it just adds to your stress and anxiety. Don't worry, you will get back on track again. You are already doing that with going to your gym to work out. Thanks so much for the Believe In Angels poem. It was so beautiful and I believe in them as well and always will. :angel:

Carolyn/Chglenn-Where are you? I hope you are still around and doing good with your WW program. I am sure you are. Come on back and give us a post. Miss you!

Mary Kay-You must be working so much and so hard. Hope things are going good for you MK.

Miss Nadine-Where are you? Come on and join in with us and post. We would love to hear from you. You will be welcomed here with open arms.

Trish-How are you doing there? Are you still around or traveling again? Hope things are working for you.

Chrissy-How you doing sister in law? I know you are still so busy with your going to school, working and doing your yoga. I hope that all is well with you. I miss you so much and just sent you an email yesterday. Take care of youself :yawn: during all of this cause you are too important to too many people. Like me! Love ya Chrissy! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Judy-How are you doing sweetie? We miss you and understand things have been so hard for you and I am keeping Cal, yourself and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Judy!

Where is Joanna, Julie, Carolyn/Regency, KimV, Kerri/Brite, Sherry, Debbie A, Gina, Kelster, Lisa A, Bernice, KLT/Karen, Angeleyes, and Katie? Come on back and be with us guys. I miss you and I know the other Thinsters do as well. :love:

Well I hope everyone is getting back to normal after this tragedy as I am trying. Life goes on, but it is sure not fair sometimes is it? I think about what happened and all the people and their families constantly. It sure is hard some days, but I know we will have justice if we are patient. We shall overcome! :mad:

Love you guys, Sharon :D

09-26-2001, 01:53 PM
Ms Sassy, what would I do without you!?!? :love:

I didn't even check the number of posts before I started.



09-28-2001, 09:19 PM
Hey Sharon, here I am. Still weight watching and in less than 1 lb. I will be at 30 lb. lost!!!! Yeah for me. Clothes are loose and I love it. Just starting to walk hope that will rush thing up. Probably lost that lb. last week but wasn't able to get to class. I did take my scales and put them in the garage. I was weighing every day and it was depressing me. It's to cold to strip down and run out to the garage!
I am now officially on Fall Break, it's two weeks and my goal is to move everyday, eat healthy and maybe clean house. Hope everyone is doing well and coping. My DIL works for Red Cross and they are working 7 days a week so I am babysitting a lot of nights and week-ends. But I love it.
Jo you must be enjoying your birthday. Have a happy one and drop a quarter for me when you go to L.V. (I'm to cheap to spend more than that) Sounds like you enjoy birthdays like we do, it's a week-long eating frenzy!
Where is everyone else? Come on out girls, and quit lurking.
Love, Carolyn

09-29-2001, 10:23 AM
Well, I guess it's time to get back on the wagon! I still haven't worked up the nerve to get on a scale. No telling what I weigh now. Soon, I promise, soon!

You have all been so kind through all of my dispare. "I love you"
"Thank you", just isn't enough to tell you how I feel. Actually, there are no words, so I hope you all will know how much you have meant to me during the past two years.

I've lost touch with the group, so some of you I don't even know. I will try to get re-aquainted as we go. From now on I'm going to try to post a lot more often.

Still no word from my daughter. She didn't even show up at the funeral. Word from the grapevine is that she was still in town. Oh well, she made her bed...............

My grandaughter, Allura seems to be adjusting just fine. Doing good in school and gets along with everyone. DIL seems to think she has a lot of anger inside though. They will try to get some counseling for her.

Some good news....was really scared of my financial future because of no life insurance. His company called me a few days ago to tell me that they had carried a small policy on him that we didn't even know about! It's not much, but enough to finish some of the work we had started on the house before he got sick, and with two trade-ins (my old clunkers) enough to get myself a new dependable car! I'm going to be fine, I will survive! I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!

If I keep this up I won't have anything to say when I post again!
See You all soon!

Hugs, Judy

09-29-2001, 10:42 PM
Judy- so glad to hear from you. You've been in my thoughts a lot lately. Glad to hear you finally had some good news. Will continue to pray for you-may God keep you in the palm of his hand. Love, Carolyn

09-30-2001, 01:39 AM

I thought I should check in.. I hope all is well with all of your families. A few of my friends are still missing but, I am still hopeful. It has been a long 3 weeks. In any case I wish you all well.

Prayers and Love,

Kerri :(

09-30-2001, 02:51 AM
Hi everyone!!

Probably thought I forgot about you. I know I am very bad about not posting. Been very stingy with my log-on times. Netzero allows us only 10 hrs/mth (this month having free weekends though)and until we can afford to pay for 6 months at a time (we don't have a credit card or checking acct for them to take the fee out, so have to pay for 6 months at a time), will be posting very few and far between. Also, didn't feel right to me the last few weeks to talk about my weight with everything going on. Just didn't feel like it, I guess.

JUDY-I'm sorry about your husband. How are you doing?? I lost my grandma back in May, and though I know that's not the same as a husband, I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love. You are in my prayers!!!

Hannah is 2 now! Her birthday was the 5th. Had her party on the 25th of Aug. Glad we did now as the weekend after labor day would of been too depressing.

She is still in therapy (in case I forgot to tell y'all-she is diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder--also called PDD. It's an autism spectrum disorder--like a mild form of autism) and is doing well. She is saying a few more words, and starting to help dress/undress self. Can put her sandles on by herself. Still has some troubles with her tennis shoes, though. Can take her arms out of her tops, but hasn't really figured out how to get them off her head. Will lift her feet up for her socks, and can take them off by herself. Also, can (attemps) pull her pants up sometimes. Still having alot of trouble feeding herself with a spoon, though. I know at 2 that's not a bad thing, but with her, we are just trying to stay on top of things, and not let her fall behind.

We have applied for and (i think) have been excepted into early head start for her. I think I'm going to like it. Just getting into something to enable me to be involved with other families sounds apealling. I am especially looking foward to the monthly family fun nights they have. First do things with the other families, then the kids go off and do there own thing while the adults "hang" together. Their is also a pre-school and/or daycare I can put her in as long as I have a job or go to school. I've been thinking of a (very)part time job for a few extra dollars, plus to get out of the house, and some time away from Hannah (I can't believe I actually admitted that!!!)

I have not weighed myself in so long. I know I've gained weight. I bought some new clothes and they are too snug. I hardly ever take the time to try on jeans, t-shirts, things like that when I have Hannah with me (which is almost always), and the jeans I bought Fri. are 24's. I'm still not used to being in that size yet, and they already are too snug. Same with some dress slacks I bought and a dress shirt. I've been really down about having to go up another size. I think--in all honesty is I will be the same size as my MIL and just a size below my SIL. My SIL is very tall, and too me, her size goes well with how tall she is, so I'm not making fun of her or anything. She have always joked of being the same size one day, and finally being able to borrow each others clothes (if I was tall enough), but she has always meant getting to my size, which she says isn't fat at all (this was before preg. with Hannah when I wore 18, 20, and occasionally 22). Anyway, my MIL has always just seemed so big to me, and I never wanted to get that big. I know it has caused/contributed to her health (diabetes, heart prob, blood pressure, and she is on a diaretic because she retains so much fluid).

Chad and I got to spend a night in Indy last month (withOUT Hannah) and I got a look at myself in a full length mirror. We don't have one, and this is the first time since having Hannah I got to see how awful I look. I know some of it is never trying to get back into any kind of shape after Hannah, but alot of it is I'm just FAT!! Which in turn has depressed me more, so I eat more junk, less good food, and cont. with my pop and no water.

I do have a new motivation for losing weight (I know my health should be number 1). Chad and I are going to renew our vows for our 10th anniv. I have until May 2003 to lose weight. I just don't know what should be a goal anymore. When I was right at or a little above 200, 150 seemed like a good goal. Now at about 230 or so, I don't know what to do. Do I make 200 a goal, and then change? 150 seems soooo far away, but 200 seems too heavy still.

I know I need to be disiplined and get into a good routine. Eat and eat right (have a bad habit of not eating most of the day then eating junk when I get hungry). Exercise, and lay off the pop.

Anyway, I guess I've rambled enough for now.

When I actually put my mind to it, and start some kind of weight loss program, etc. I will let you all know.

Think I'm going to get out of here now, and get some sleep.


10-01-2001, 10:41 AM
Good morning and happy Monday....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! :lol: Knew I couldn't say "happy Monday" with a straight face. Is there such a thing? Actually, I just found out that the old witch who works here ("pretends" to work???) is on vacation this week. Woo Hoo!!!! The air feels fresher already! There's a young gal working here who'd been on medical leave for the last 4 months or so and is back. The old witch has decided to pick on her and harrass her now. I guess the witch realized that she can't get to me so turned on someone else. I feel bad for the young girl but, horrible as it sounds, glad that the old witch has found someone else to harrass for a while. Anyway, "it" is on vacation and the place is just so much nicer and more pleasant now. :)

Kim, my friend! Breathe!!!! You sound a bit overwhelmed. I can't believe Hannah is 2 already! I'm glad she's doing so well. Hope you can get her into the head start program. Sounds like a great idea. Don't feel at all guilty about needing some time away. I just love :love: that you're planning for an event in May 2003 already. That's so cool. You have plenty of time to lose weight for it. Don't overwhelm yourself with such big numbers. Set smaller short-term goals. Remember me? I'm the Queen of One Day At A Time!!

OK, having said that. Talking about "big numbers". I weighed in last Saturday with ... drumroll ... trumpet fanfare ... a 3.6 lb. loss!!! :D Boy, did that feel good. But our regular leader wasn't there to help me celebrate. Humph. And Rich was up in Boston for the weekend. So I celebrated by myself. Just me and the pizza guy and Ben and Jerry. I overdid a bit. But I was back on track on Sunday, I swear. Weight's up a bit this morning but only (I hope) because I didn't get in my water and I'm PMS'ing a little.

Only 2 weeks until Las Vegas. Yes, we're going even if it means having to be at the airport and standing in line for a couple hours. At least the new security measures will make me rethink everything I pack and maybe make me pack a little lighter. ...Yeah, right. I never pack light! But I want to leave some room in my suitcase for presents. I've decided to buy all/most of my Christmas presents in Vegas this year. Let's just see how well I do. Anyway, I've booked us in a room at the Marriott Hotel in the Philadelphia Airport for the Sat. night before we leave. Our flight is at 7:30 on Sunday morning so we can get up and walk over to our terminal and won't have to drive down to the airport at 4 in the morning.

Judy, I'm glad to see you posting. Yes, I can "hear you roar"!!! I'm glad Allura's doing so well. Kids are resilient. Your son and DIL sound like wonderful people too. Some counselling might be a good idea. Meanwhile, sounds like your daughter has made her decision. It's her loss. :(

Kerri, it's good to hear from you again but I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It's still very hard to believe something like this can happen. Living in PA, I meet people just about every day who knew someone who was in the WTC or living in New York. My prayers are with you and your friends and all the others who've lost lives or loved ones.

Carolyn, nice to hear from you too. Congrats on the loss and the loose clothes. Feels great, doesn't it? But keep your clothes on in the garage, young lady! :lol: Could end up with pneumonia ... or some really interested neighbors....

So Chrissy. Reschedule your trip to Vegas yet? Let me know!

Have to go now. Boss was in early this morning and I'm hoping that means he'll be leaving early too. I have too much work to do to have him hovering over me all the time. :p

Hope you all have a good one!
Much love, Jo.

10-02-2001, 10:23 AM
This is going to be short as I should be getting our stuff ready to head back home for a few days (then back up here for 2 more weeks). We finally got the walls and cement floor done of hubby's equip garage (his playpen) a tough job as it has been raining almost constantly every day for the last 3 weeks up here! I still have to get my dress for my daughter's wedding in November (Kansas) no places in this small town to go to, and have not had a chance to go to Traverse City to shop. I did purchase a couple things on-line - will see this week when I get them if I like or not. Sharon - we just may be going dress shopping when we get to your house! LOL We are stopping off for a few days at Sharon's house on our way to Kansas as it is half-way mark (isn't that convenient)?. Cannot wait - just have so many things to do before. Have to get hubby in the suit shop for a new suit too! You don't know what a chore that is!

Jello: Have fun in Vegas girl! Win Win Win! We used to go every year in October - best time to go. Speaking of casinos - we went Sunday nite and walked out $300 richer than when we walked in. I was playing quarter poker and could do no wrong!

Judy: Bless you! I know you will miss Cal, but at least now he is not suffering any longer - I am so sorry about your daughter, but it's her choice to be that way and you will just have to accept it and go on with your life. At least your granddaughter is in good hands. You go girl - and post with us often you hear? We love you!

Sharon: Can't wait for November 7th or 8th --- we'll be there! It's coming up fast. I'll be talkaing to you before then tho. Love ya!

Kim: You sure do sound down to me ... sorry to hear that but you will do just fine. Post with us when you can ... and when you get started on whatever wt plan you go on, just take 5 lbs at a time for goals. When you are ready, you will do it!

Kerri: I am so sorry to hear about your friends! Will keep you and them in my prayers ... Thank you for checking in with us - missed you! Please, post with us again soon.

Carolyn: You go girl!!!! I am so proud of you for whatt you have accomplished so far ... you are going all the way this time! I'm still stuck at my 13 lb loss, but am getting back OP again this week. I kinda lost it a bit after the WTC attaccks ... really depressing - but I am working on getting myself back to normal (what is that?) again.

Hello to everyone I missed. I promise I will post again soon ... The next 4 days at home are going to be so hectic, but I will be around - you can count on that!

Love you all,

10-02-2001, 10:45 PM
CJ it's good to see you posting. We always miss you. I used to have a friend who worried about being normal. I found a book that was called "Normal is only a setting on the dryer". It was really good and we laughed a lot.

Jo I know you will have a great time on your trip, don't forget to drop a quarter for me in the slots. I'm sure it will be a winner!!!

Kim I know what your're going through, but you are doing what is just right for that precious baby. I also know that it is terribly draining on you. Don't worry about your weight until you feel better. Sometimes we just have to prioritize our jobs.

Going out of town this week-end with 5 (non-dieting) friends. Pray for me that I will stay on plan.

Everyone have a great week.

10-03-2001, 09:43 AM
Hello one and all! Jo's in the midst of obsession again. Learned from a guy at work whose wife is in Vegas that she waited 3 hours to get on the plane in Philadelphia and that they're searching every single bag in Vegas airport. Humph! I don't want someone rooting around in my socks and underwear! :o Oh well. I've been told by several people that I worry too much. No!!! Not me!!! :rolleyes:

Well, I got my period yesterday and feel like crud. I asked my gyn. at my last visit if there was anything I could do about the cramps and aches, etc. Nope. So I'll just suffer through it like we women do. But I'm gonna whine a little too! So there!

CJ, glad to hear from you. Hope you and Sharon have a great visit. (Oh sure. Like you wouldn't.) Hope you find something great to wear to the wedding. I have to buy something for this award banquet next month and it got me thinking about how long it's been since I shopped for clothes. Maybe it's time!

OK, here's the deal. I was going over my "track record" of weight loss. Do you know that I have not been able to go more than 4 weeks without a weight GAIN since October of last year!?!?! :mad: That's pretty bad, I think. So my newest goal....
Last year, I made it through 12 weeks without a gain and lost a total of 12 lbs. during those 12 weeks. Some weeks I had only a 1/2 a lb. loss, other weeks I stayed the same. But I had no gains. So I figure I have 13 weeks until the end of this year. My goal is to lose 13 lbs. in those 13 weeks ... or to at least have no weeks that I have a gain!

Having said that, my scale this week has not been kind. But I'm hoping it's water weight and will go away before Saturday's weigh-in. I'm also thinking it's going to be a little tricky considering I'm going to be in Vegas for a week but I'm looking at it as a challenge. Let's just see how I do. :^:

Gotta go now. Rumor has it that my boss won't be in today or tomorrow but he never mentioned it to ME!! Big dope. Actually, I hear he's going out to a trade show in .... are you ready .... Atlantic City!!! Now why couldn't I go to that one!?!?! Oh, I know why. I'd never make it to the trade show. :devil:

Hope you all have a good day!
Much love, Jo.

10-03-2001, 05:32 PM
Hello. Think I going crazy. For some reason if I find a group they seem to disappear or I can't find them again!!!
Well, I am 41 and would like to loose 32 lbs. so I think I got the stats right
137/137/105/0(32) lbs to loose.
I use to be a fitness trainer .I know what to do, I know what foods to eat. But I lack the motivation and sometimes time.
I've tried different things. I went so far as to buy the precook dinners which I think would have worked if it hadn't been for two teenagers and a husband who used them for quick snacks. Then I eat around 8 which I know is a no no. Then somewhere along the line---I started eating the leftovers!!! I didn't want to waste the food. Then if I bought the dinner at the restaurant, I 'd eat all of it. I never did that before. And then I have to curse those all you can eat buffets which my family loves. So within the last 5 years I have added 37 lbs to my frame. So I hope I can find this thread again. And I'll continue to read more of your threads!!

10-05-2001, 02:23 AM
Hi Kolika,
So glad you joined up with our wonderful group. We are a very friendly group and love newbies so welcome to the Thin Group and I know we will be able to help you get where you are going to and visa versa. No don't worry we have been around for around 3 years and we plan to be around forever. I see you hail from Kentucky and I am from Columbus, Indiana so we are neighbors, what city do you hail from? Tell us more about yourself so we can get to know you a bit better. So you used to be a fitness trainer? Wow I envy you, the ones at the gym really are able to have so much energy, they tire me out. LOL Yes I know the feeling, my 18 and 20 year old sons eat my Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice ect dinners all the time for a snack too. Yes those darn all you can eat buffets do me in as well. I love them, but how the heck do you count the points or calories when you eat there? I don't even try when I eat there and just start fresh the next day and cut back my points for a few days. Just hang in there and we will all work together toward our goals. You should go to our Till Thanksgiving Challenge Goal to get you on the right track, check it out. Hope to hear from you again soon. Keep on posting with us and you will be back to where you were in no time at all.

Jello-I really like your new goal of not gaining any weight. That will really help your loss if you don't have a single gain. Just do what you can and if you do have one than try to remember that you are only human and don't beat yourself over it. Gee pretty soon away you go to Vegas. I know you can't wait!

CH/Carolyn-Wow almost 30 lbs lost, how great is that? Have fun on you out of town weekend with you friends. I will say a prayer for you that you keep on track while you are gone. No matter what, win or lose remember to have fun while you are there. Where is there anyways?????????????????? Just wondering!!!! Good idea with that scale in the garage, it would sure cut down on weighing for me. LOL

CJ-Oh boy pretty soon Nov will be here and I will get to see you and Dick once again. It will be here before you know it. OK I am up for dress shopping, our mall is not too big in Columbus, but hey there is always Indianapolis which isn't too far at all. I am sure we will find something won't we? LOL

KimV-Hi and glad you posted again. Head Start is a very good program I know. They will really help Hannah along her way. Yes that is the ticket like CJ, Jo and Carolyn all said "One step at a time" Baby steps are much better than trying to lose too much all at once. I know your evening away with Chad went great. Moms need times like that to sometimes keep your sanity. Don't worry we all feel like that, I know you love Hannah and so does she.

Brite-Hey Kerri is that really you? I am soooo happy you posted with us, I have been thinking about you and hope things are going well for you. Sorry about some of you friends and my prayers go out to them and their families.

Judy-Welcome back and I know I speak for all the rest of The Thinsters that you were missed so much. I am so glad that you are finally having some good news and know that things will work out for you, just give things time. I am glad that Allurra is doing so well and hope and pray that your daughter comes around soon. We all love you so much Judy.

Well things not going too bad. I had a slight gain when I went on Monday to my WW class. I gained .4 lbs, but I am not worried about it. I changed from my shorts for weigh in to long pants in preparatrion for the winter months so that could even be part of it since I feek like I really tried this week with the journaling, exersising, my water ect so I will take that and try even harder next week and hopefully I will see a loss. :

Glad some of the missing in action guys came back to post with us. Come on back, we all love you.

Well guys, take care and talk to you soon. Love ya, Sharon

10-05-2001, 09:21 AM
Oh sure. I saw there were only 2 posts since the last time I was here and figured I'd have time to zip through them before I write my post. Little did I know one of them was one of Ms. Sassy's famous posts! :lol: Love ya, girl!

Kolika, welcome and fear not. As Sharon said, we shall not disappear! Come by often. Love to hear from you.

Well, girls, last night I walked into my hairdresser and told her "I need a change!!" And that's what I got. She took off at least 3 inches, added some layers, razored a bit, trimmed a bit, thinned a bit. I'm ... puffy!! (Well, my HAIR is anyway! :o ) I admit to a "What have I done!?" moment this morning but, for the most part, I love it. I've gotten rave reviews so far this morning too.

Know what else? I had some time before my appt. last night so I went shopping. Took 2 pairs of pants into the dressing room, tried them on, came out for a smaller pair, tried it on, came out for an even smaller size.... WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I don't look exactly like a supermodel just yet but.... :smug:

As I sit here, I'm listening to a commercial on the radio about how you can lose 10 pounds in 2 days. It's called the 48 Hour Cyclone Diet. Um, just who are these people trying to kid!?!? :mad: And all this for only $29.95 or something. Scary.

Well, I have to go, I guess. Rich has been planning all sorts of "projects" for the weekend. It's so rare that we both have a couple days off together and usually I'm the planning one. But I can help him rewire some outlets and organize the basement without getting into too much trouble ... I think. Watch the headlines girls!

If I don't get to check back in, hope you all have a great weekend!
Much love, Jo

10-05-2001, 12:17 PM
Jo, that Cyclone Diet might work, if you didn't mind sitting on the toilet for two days! LOL Where else is that weight going to go?
Sometimes I want to lose so bad I might be tempted to try anything! Your new hairdo sounds great! Toss your hair, hold your head up high and strut your skinny behind all over the workplace. Show it off girl!

I'm supposed to go out for lunch today with some friends but it has turned out to be cold and windy. The weatherman has promised some rain too. Don't think I really want to go now. Would rather curl up in my flannel PJ's and imbroidery on some pillowcases I'm making for my oldest daughter in California.

As for my youngest daughter, still no word....... My son is threatening to murder my grandaughter! He has forgotten all the dumb things an eleven year old can do. (Like purple marker marks on the dining table, wet towels thrown on the bathroom floor, dirty clothes thrown on the floor instead of the hamper.) Now he understands why I nagged at him when he was that age! LOL

Welcome to Kolila! This is a wonderful group. You gotta love us!

CJ, where's our Queen? Sure miss your posts. I know you're busy. Should be getting too cold to work on your house. maybe we'll be seeing more of you soon?

Carolyn, THIRTY POUNDS!, Look at me, I'm green with envy! You go girl!

Where is Sandi and Gail and Chrissy? I'm back now, come on out of hiding and post again.

Sassy Sharon, you are such an inspiration for me! What would The Thin Group be without you? You brighten my days with your posts. Love you!

Still haven't gotten the courage to step on the scale. I know it's gonna be a shocker! Want to save myself the possibility of a heart attack! Is that a good excuse, or what?

This cooking fpr one is no fun at all. Think I'll stock up on Healthy Choice meals and salad mixings, make some vegetable soup, eat to my heart's content and maybe in a month or so I'll work up enough nerve to get back on the scale! LOL

Hugs, Judy

10-05-2001, 04:40 PM
Thanks for the welcome!!!
I am originally for west side of Indianapolis (by Ben Davis), the in middle school moved to Lebanon Indiana. So I'm a transplant, lived in Hawaii, California, Tennessee, Florida and lastly here in Kentucky.

Sharon, I think Columbus is a lovely clean town. We camped at Ceraland park a month ago and had a wonderful time, then we went over to see John Anderson. You guys should be having a lot festivals with Brown County up there!!!

My husband told me about that 10lbs in 2 days. I told him I didnt think that would even work if all you drank was water and exercised all day---because we'd be passed out before the second day!!!

It's Friday--and at least I ate a healthy Sub sandwich--however then it's time to go home. That's usually were I get it. Eating late and my family loves all the hot wings, pockets, potato chips, then we had two birthdays and I still haven't made the second cake which my daughter wants. ARRRGGGHHH.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend (the weekends hurt me too never know where I will end up eating or what!!)

Nice meeting everyone!!!

10-05-2001, 08:15 PM
hello there, I have loitered round your thread for ages now,even joined your Labour day challenge (didn't finish) I was a bit scared to post as you seemed so close but I have seen how you have welcomed Kolika so I thought I would try, can a Brit who has reached a plateau that she can't seem to get past join in.

10-06-2001, 11:48 AM
Mornin all! Here we are back at the cabin again - got here yesterday afternoon. Probably be here most of this month - then home to pack for our trip to Kansas in November for our daughter's wedding (with a nice stop along the way to Sharon's for a few days) can't wait! (for both - the stay with Sharon and to see our daughter again)!! I'm just getting over the flu - got hit with it this last week - not fun! Had a lot of running around to do while home, and believe me, that was really a chore to get done! I didn't lose any more at WW weigh-in on Thursday, so am still only 13 lbs down. I had better get really serious now if I am going to get down 7 more lbs before the wedding! Am I dreaming or what?!!

We may not have to go dress shopping after all ... I ordered a couple things from QVC - one dress I already have and it's really pretty and it fits too! and am waiting for another outfit to get here probably this week - I may be bring them both and having to have opinions on which one to wear! Still have to get hubby to the suit shop for a new suit! That is like pulling teeth! LOL - Time is running out for things to get done to be ready for this wedding when we are up here at the cabin full time! He is suppose to fly (fly - i said fly!!! - don't like that idea at all!) to Maine with a friend to look at his friend's firetruck that is being refurbished the last weekend in October! I will be a nervous wreck I think until he is back home safe and sound!

A big welcome to this group! I know you will like it here -we are all one big happy family and there is always room for more! And I promise you we won't "dissappear". Some of us do for a while, but always come back ... but there is always someone here to keep the home fires burning ... we're like glue - we "stick"!!! Do you want me to add your stats to our weekly update thread? Then you just have to let me know any changes by Thursday of each week as I post (or try to) the changes on Friday. Look down the list, it's under Thin Group Weekly Updates. Anyway, welcome and post often with us.

Welcome back! I wondered where you dissappeared to - I remember you posting briefly on the challenge thread but then you dissappeared! Glad to see you are back and please stay and post often with us. You will love this group - they are the best! And don't be afraid of us please! We do not bite!

I'm here Judy - thanks for asking. I haven't posted as often as I don't seem to have the time because of our building up here at the cabin. But, thank heavens, I do have a computer up here so I can keep in touch with you all and my family. I am a computer addict I think! I wil try to take the time to post more often - sometimes I read but don't post. I am so glad to hear you posting with us tho ... don't worry about that dumb ole scale for now Judy ... just get situated with yourself right now - the healthy choice dinners sound like a good idea to me. Sorry you didn't get to go to dinner with your friend - that would have been good for you. Well, your're back posting with us - and "That's a Good Thing"!

Thank you so much - I got the pics you sent me of you and Gail and I will get them up on the website ASAP - only one problem. I can't get my @home mail (because it's cable) from this computer and I forgot to forward them to my north account, so will have to wait until I get home again ... But I will get them in as soon as I can ok? I am so jealous of your getting to meet Gail! She's soooooo sweet isn't she?

Well, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go go go..... a big hello to everyone I did not address (sorry) but just know that I am thinking of you all!!! Talk to ya soon.

Love, CJ
Well, hello to everyone else -

10-06-2001, 12:54 PM
Just wanted to let you all know we are having our first snowfall here in Gaylord! It is snowing - big flakes!!!!! Doesn't look like much work gonna get done here so ... hubby just suggested we go see our daughter in Traverse City and on the way home we stop at "the casino" .. sounds like a winner to me!

OK ... just wanted to let you know .... hee hee

Love, CJ

10-07-2001, 03:19 AM

Been having a couple of crummy days.

Friday, I was babysitting a friends two kids while she was training at a new job (watched them most of week), and thur. and fri had them from 9:30 to around 3:30. The boy is in kindergarden, so I had to take him to school both days, and then get him from the bus stop. Don't mind, but it just throws everything off for the day. Not used to it. Plus, my friend would call about every 15 min. from work, and then wanted to know if I would stop at her house before taking her son to school to make sure she unplugged the curling iron, oh, and grab her a book while I'm there and bring it to her along with a lg. iced tea. Her door was locked, so when I took her drink to her, she's like "oops, forgot to leave the key. Don't forget to get the book." I know I could of said no, but I feel like such a crum. The prob is the hotel she works at is on the north side of town, his school on the south side, and she and I kinda live in the middle, but about 10 blocks from each other (5 blocks this way, 5 that way kind). He has to be at school at 11:45, and Hannah had therapy at 1:00 then his bus drops him off at 2:30. I never thought about the time frame and am surprised I got any of it done.

THEN--had a chiropractor appt. at 3:30. Never have been to one before (had a general pract. who did back adjustments, though), and from my understanding I was going to get an adjustment that day. Also, picked this one only because he was the only "primary care" one on my ins. and ins. would pay better. That usually means a normal $10 co-pay (at least that is what the ins. lady said is for consulatations/exams--not for the adjustments). So, I go, fill out the paper work. I tell them I have fibromyalgia, which explains some of the achyness I have, and he talks with me, and examines me. Wants to see the x-rays I had back in Dec. 2000 after having a fender-bender (was rear ended) and some whip last. He REFUSES to do new x-rays, and refuses to do an adjustment without any x-rays. Then proceeds to tell me my current sore neck/middle back is from the wreck, and he pretty sure I don't have fibro. at all. All the hip pain, knee pain, stiff muscles just related to wreck. There are other symptoms I have that goes along with the firbromyalgia. I try telling him, but he doesn't want to hear any of it, except the pain part. Plus, I try to tell him that off and on over 15 yrs. I have had these kind of aches and pains in my neck and back, and an adjustment or two, or so does the trick. I used to be a nurses aide, and did a lot of lifting. That is why my back would bother me occasionally. I couldn't always pinpoint what started it at times, just would occasionally hurt. Anyway, my daughter weighs 30 lbs, loves to climb on me, and I love to play/rough house with her. I told him I felt this is what's causing it. Basically he told me he's the expert, not me, and I have a serious problem that is going to take time (and $$$$) to fix. I know it's out pretty good, but nothing worse than I've had before. I felt if he would of only listened. . .

Then, I'm checking out in a stunned state, and let them make another appt. for me on Mon (which I'm cancelling), and the woman tells me the charge is $40. She doesn't know what my ins. will pay, and they require pay. in full, and then re-imburse after ins. pays there part, or put it towards future visits. This is my ins. primary care dr. for chiropraters, and they don't know what the ins. pays?? If I go "out of network" I pay my $150 deduct. first, then ins. pays 80/20. In network, $10 for cons./exam, and then 85/15. She's not wanting to listen, and says they (ins.)pay only 70%, anyway. Well, if she knew that, then why not just charge me 30% or $40, (which would of been $12) and then reimburse if different?? I was in too much shock, disbeliefe, and anger to fight with her, so just paid it. When I got home, a friend suggested a different chirop. so I called them, explained EVERYTHING (was on phone for 1/2 hr with them), and they set up a FREE consultation (and maybe a brief exam). Explained right up front the cost, and how much my ins. pays (usually--they said sometimes it's different but most part 80/20 after deductalbe is met) and have a payment plan.

Isn't it amazing, they are not "in the network" and they know more than the one who is?? I'm calling my ins. company Mon. and asking them to explain again how much I was supposed to pay. After talking to them, I am going to this dr. office and DEMAND they call the ins. com. right then, and (hopefully) get some of my money back. I'm also going to file a complaint to my ins. com. about them (I read it somewhere in the handbook that if I'm charged different that supposed to be, I can do this). And then cancel my appt. (it's at 4:30, and my cons. with the other one is at 2:00. I'm tempted to cancel after I talk to doc. #2).

I know I am not an expert, but I have had these probs. off and on since I was 16. I have pulled back muscles before, thrown my back out, been in two rear end collisions, and have had whip lash twice. Nothing feels different_--except having the fibromyalgia with the sore back. The fibro. hasn't been bothering me much, until it turned chilly this week. My back has been hurting for about 3 weeks. I know the difference!!

Do you think I'm just being stupid??

now, for today (or should I say yesterday now). Anyway, on to Sat.

Got woke up this morning by MIL calling to let us know hubby's uncle died this morning. He had pacrietic (sp?) cancer, and was told he had one/two yrs. left. Unfortunatly, it's only been since Feb he was diagnosed. we knew it was coming, just thought he had a few more months.

This is bringing back all the memories, and grieving,etc of my Grandma. It's been about 4 1/2 months since she died, and it's almost like it just happened all over again. I know Chad wants me to go with him to the funeral as he doesn't handle death and funerals well (i know it's not easy, but he just plain goes crazy with it), and he depends on me so much to get him through this. Am I going to be able to handle it?? I pray God will give us the strenth to get through this. Also, I know if I don't go, his mom and dad will just absolutely drive him even battier that day.

This afternoon, Chad and I go grocery shopping, spend alot more money than budgetted (he thought I set some money back that he asked me to, I thought he understood that was his whole paycheck minus house payment and light bill). Anyway, due to crossed wires, etc. nothing else is getting paid. Chad needed clothes desperatly, so I'm not going to get too upset (it's hard to find clothes his side at second hand stores). He's down to about 2 or 3 pair of pants that don't have "fat people syndrome" as he calls it (where the middle of the pants get rubbed through). Anyway, we start getting mad at each other, and we got nasty. we spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening mad at each other. We finally sat down and figured out where everything went. We may not be happy with what we did, but realize it's both our faults now.

Well, now that I'm done letting this off my chest, there is good news.

When I got weighed fri. I was at 224 1/2. I have been at 230 the last few times I weighed, so that was an unexpected and nice surprise!!!!

Going to go. I'm sure i've taken up my share of the board :^:


10-07-2001, 03:31 AM
I know, it me again. Just forgot another gripe about Sat.

My friend, whose kids I watched this week, called me from work today. Asked me if I would come to the hotel, pick up a maid (a person I don't know) and take her to get her something to eat, and take her home. Said this girl is preg. and hasn't eaten all day. Told her I couldn't because the store I was going to closed at 6, and it was 15 till 5, but I would stop at a fast food place and get the girl something and bring it too her. Next I know, they were asking me to just get her a Mello Yello and bring it too her. They both sounded a little peeved when I didn't want too do that, and wasn't going to do that. The maid got mad at my friend because I couldn't/wouldn't take her. I Found out she wanted to do grocery shopping, not just get something to eat, and not at the store I was going to. Like I said, I didn't have the time if I wanted to go to Aldis before it closed. Prob. is hotel on north side, store on south side, I'm in the middle.

I love my friend like she was my sister, but after this week, I almost feel if I never set eyes on her again, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Also, how do I explain to her when she asks why I don't let her watch Hannah, that I don't trust her to keep an eye on her. Hannah eat everything (because of her probs. is worse than the average two year old) and my friends apt. is an absolute mess. Makes me look like Martha Stewart, and I definatly am not!! Hannah has found stuff on her floor before, and choked. Bad enough that my friend had to take action to get it out of her throat. Anyway, how do I do this without hurting her feelings, and totally ruining our friendship???:?:


P.S. Really leaving this time!!!!:lol:

10-09-2001, 06:31 PM
Just wanted to say hello - sorry, it has to be a quick one - only have a minute then got to go. We did have snow here on Saturday! We had almost 4 inches on top of our 5th wheel awning! I kid you not! Its all gone now tho .. warming up and is a beautiful fall day here today. Did n't do too bad at the casino Saturday ... spent $60 and won $100 - so $40 ahead! Went last nite too ... (are we bad or what)?? I won $50 and Dick won $300! He spent 20 and I spent 40 so we are $290 ahead this time! Today, we are staying home and getting work done here at the cabin!

I heard from Peggy (Sweet Tooth) and she says to give you all her regards and she will be back the week after next ...

Got to go --- will stay longer next time.

Love, CJ

10-09-2001, 11:03 PM
Hi All, I haven't forgotten any of you. Have been working lots and then had a computer crash. I will write more on my day off this week. Love and miss you all...Sandi

10-10-2001, 01:04 AM
:wave: Hi!

Finally, today is almost over. Today was Chad's uncles funeral. I am emotionally and physically drained. :( I'm also relieved it's over with.

Other than that, nothing else to really talk about. Been dealing with family for two days, and now wanting to go to sleep so bad, but Hannah won't give up and go to sleep, herself. Chad has been in bed since about 7 (Took some nerve pills his dr. prescribed for him). Chad is not one to show emotion well, and he just doesn't except death. Doesn't ever want to think about it. Almost pretends it didn't happen. I'm not looking foward to when he finally allows himself to think about this. His unlce was like a second father to him. He probably spent as much time at that house growing up as he did at his own home.

I think I will end this, as I feel I'm only rambling.

I am so glad I have this place to share my feelings, and my good friends who will listen.

Kim :)

10-10-2001, 10:06 AM
Hi Everyone!!!
I was just curious what kind of diet everyone is on. I notice some of you are on WW. I tried counting calories, then the Atkins diet-which was hard for me because I am such a bread eater.

I am really trying to eat one plate, not go for seconds. Chew longer, drink 2 glasses at a meal. And I eat lots of salads. I finally found an italian dressing at 15 calories a tsp that I actually like. But like always-the family discovered it and now they are eating it and leaving the regular one for me!!! I really think I'm eating better. I don't stuff myself anymore. If I feel full, I stop. (boy, you think that wouldn't be hard).

Now, the hard part. I got to find time to exercise and now the clocks are going back soon. Which is always hard for me to get out of bed!!

Mavis, I am so glad I gave you inspiration to join!! Now I feel great that I posted!!!;) Also great that I have some new to the thread!

CJ-snowing??? Goodness, I like the snow just not the cold. Growing up in the flat farm lands in Indiana, I still remember how the wind would whip over the fields and chill one to the bone. Even though I am about 2 1/2 hours away from Indy. It's still warmer down here, plus I have lots of trees and valleys to stop the wind. We go visit my parents-my husband works outside and always says he likes it in the winter better to work-that was until he experience that wind in Indy. Wish you well on the wedding. I did a 50 year Golden anniversary for my parents-and that was a lot of work!!!

Kim - personally I think you friend takes advantage of you. If you really don't want to do it and don't have the time, you shouldn't feel oblige to answer her call all the time. I would just say "gosh I really love to but don't have the time, I am really busy" and then don't say what you did. My mother in law would do that to me-drove me crazy. I'd go to the store ask her if she wanted something-it was always a certain store-if it wasn't on my way I'd get it if not I'd tell her no and then wait to I got back to send me somewhere else. She's tried many times to make me get her groceries, I tell her only if she'd go with me. (if I went and did it she'd complain that I got the wrong things). --I have really wacky wacky in-laws, so have lots of wacky wacky in-law stories!

Hi to Jello, Sandi, Cherrycoke, Brite, CH and Blunder! I'm slowly trying to remember everyone so please bare with me in my awkward stage!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


10-10-2001, 01:09 PM
Does anyone remember when we had a thread about small successes a while back? Well, I've been thinking about that a lot. Like the time I ate a couple of M&M's and was kicking myself until I stopped and thought about it. I ate "seven" M&M's. Before, I would have eaten SEVENTY!!! That's a small success.

Today, I happened to spot a menu from a local restaurant lying in our cafeteria. It had an entire page devoted to desserts. I looked over the fudge brownie sundaes and the cheesecakes and the apple tarts with ice cream. And WAS NOT TEMPTED!!! Normally, my mouth would have been watering. And who knows? Maybe if I went and looked at it again, I would be tempted. But just that one time, I wasn't. A small success.

How about you guys? :)

Kolika, your plan sounds excellent. It's amazing what eating slower and lots of water, etc. can do. And I'm with you as for exercising in the morning. I made the mistake of getting an electric blanket and boy is it tough to climb out of my nice warm bed in the morning!

Kim, you come here and "ramble" any time you want. That's what we're here for. I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. But I agree with Kolika. Look your friend in the eye and say "I love you and I want to help you out but I will not be taken for granted."

CJ, if you read this before Sunday, please send some of those money winning vibes my way!

I'm worrying about the airport and waiting in line and possibly missing the plane more than the flight or anything else. I even had a dream that we weren't allowed to carry car keys onto the plane so we put them in the luggage and then the luggage made the flight and we missed it. We couldn't get to Vegas but couldn't go home without car and house keys either. So we stayed at the airport while our luggage had a lovely vacation in Las Vegas. Oh brother. :rolleyes:

Have to go. I'm babysitting the switchboard here and it keeps ringing. The nerve of people calling while I'm trying to post! Humph!

Have a good one!
Much love, Jo.

10-10-2001, 11:16 PM
Hi :wave:

Well, I am so proud of myself. My friend (the one I was complaining about this weekend), came over last night to see how we were. She asked if I minded if she stayed to watch Judging Amy (I have sat. tv, and she doesn't have anything so doesn't get that channel). I looked at her and told her I didn't want company. I actually said no to her, and felt okay about it. I usually feel guilty for saying no to anybody. I was angry that she would even ask if she could come over considering I just told her Chad was in bed, and we had the funeral and stuff yesterday, but didn't tell her that. I figured being honest with her and telling her I didn't want com. was good. I was planning on recording it anyway, so I'm going to loan her the tape after I finally sit down and watch it.

kolika and jello-thanks for the support and advice. As you can tell above, I actually listened!!!

Now, for more good news. This was fellowship night for our class at church, which usually means plenty of junk food. I had only one small brownie, and some doritos tonight. (one of those small paper plates, like saucer size). I didn't even go back for seconds!! And brownies are my all time favorite thing!!!! I know it probably helped that I actually ate before church tonight, instead of after, but that usually doesn't stop me from pigging out on anything chocolate. Hannah has been so clinging and grouchy today, and my way of handleing stess is eating, so I feel I've done well. Now, if I could only stop with the pop, and start on water, that would be something.

Going to go and watch West Wing, and rock Hannah. She is climbing all over me and the computer desk, so I guess she's wanting some attention:lol:

Till next time,


10-11-2001, 08:55 PM
Hey guys,
Wow this is great we picked up a couple of new members in our club. First Kolika than cherrycoke/Mavis. This is so wonderful to have you both here. You will love this wild and crazy group. We will all lose together. :cool:

Jello-Yes I have heard of the Cyclone diet too. I saw it in my local drug store here. I think it may be just like that Hollywood Diet that comes in a bottle too. I think it may be just too good to be true. I mean you may lose weight, but I'll just bet as soon as soon as you go back to eating normally-BAM back it comes again. LOL I wouldn't try it but to each his or her own I always say. Awwww I'll just bet your new do looks great on you. You must look so cute.

Judy-Hey I am so glad you posted again and it sounds like you are getting to be the old Judy once again, even though you have been through so much this past year. Thanks for the kind words about me. I too feel that this group would not be the same either without our Judy. I always enjoy your posts and miss you when you are gone for a while. Good idea on the Healthy Choice dinners. I too have a freezer full of them, those, Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine too. They are just great for me cause there is not the chance that I will have seconds and thirds and so on when I eat them. They are pretty good arn't they? Soon you will be right headed in the right direction again. YOU GO GIRL!

Kolika-Hey wow you used to live in Indy by me? Man I love Ben Davis High, they sure have an awesome band there. My 4 kids were all in band so if I know your town it is usually cause I have seen the band perform at competitions. LOL You have been to our fair town of Columbus eh? Wow that is great. Yes Ceraland is a great place to camp as is Brown County with all those hills they have. Is your real name Kokika? That is an interesting name I think. I like your plan for losing weight too. Hang in there, you are really trying hard weight wise. All you can do is you best and if you have a not so good day just get right back on track cause one day is not going to do you in. Just remember to take things one day at a time and you will do well. You asked what program everyone is on? I am on Weight Watchers and really like the program. It sounds like you and Mavis/Cherrycoke are old buddies. Did you know each other before? I am glad she joined and you inspired her to join up with us.

cherrycoke-So glad you have joined our merry group Mavis. I know you had posted with us in the Thanksgiving Challenge and really wanted you to come on over here with the rest of us and you did. You said you were a Brit-hey we love Brits especially around here. The Brits and the Americans have been joining forces kicking Osama Bin Ladens guys butts in Afganistan eh? Now nothing to get scared about here, like CJ says we don't bite at all. LOL I know you are happy you posted with us and I for am glad too to have you with us.

CJ-My gosh you have snow there already? I am NOT ready for snow yet. LOL Sorry you didn't have a loss at you WW meeting, but I know you are glad you didn't gain though. I wish you all the best for losing those 7 more pounds for you daughters upcoming wedding. I can't wait till we see each other, I miss ya. Dick is flying to Maine? Why don't you tag along too? It might be fun. I have always wanted to go to Maine.

Kim-I am so proud of you for being able to say no to you friend. I too feel that she takes advantage of your friendship and asks you to go above and beyond what she should expect you to do. Now that you have been able to say no to her once it should get easier the next time. If she gets hurt feelings over you saying no, than maybe you can sit her down and tell her how you feel. If she is a friend she will understand and she may not even realize that some of the things she is asking is an impostiton on you and she is not being fair to you. As far as Hannah going over to her house, I would just not let Hannah go over there if that is the way you feel. Just don't ask her anymore that's all. Your daughters health and welfare have to come first. There is nothing more important than her. Good luck!

Sandi-Hey there, glad you posted and you sure are a busy busy girl arn't you? Post again and let us know more about what you have been doing.

Gail-Hey girlfriend, Miss you lots and lots and hope that you are doing well. Hope you come back soon when the time is right for you. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{GAIL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Chrissy-Hi there Sister in law. I was happy you called on my dear brother Rick's 2 yr anniversary of his death. I can't believe that is has been 2 whole years can you? I miss him so much and know you do too. He was such a good husband and a great brother to me too. I loved talking to you on Oct 5th, thanks so much for the phone call. I am happy to hear that you are doing so well with you school. You sure are doing well and will have you degree as a programmer before you know it. I am sure proud of you and love you much.

Well I have been doing well in the weight loss department. I lost another 2.8 lbs this week so that .4 lb gain last week didn't hurt too bad. So now I have lost over 36 lbs and this time I am going all the way down where I want to be. So I will keep on doing my best to get there. So onward and downward. :rolleyes:

On Saturday Ken and I are going to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to see my daughter Tracy who is in the Air Force and stationed there. She is graduating from Leadership School on this Tuesday, she got a promation to Staff Sargent and also re-enlisted for another 4 years. There will be a dinner/awards ceromony with all the big wigs there. So we will be a couple of proud parents and she is sooo happy that we will be able to be there with her that night. It will be great to see her again and maybe to take a dip in the Gulf Of Mexico again. But don't worry I just go up to my ankles I love it there and hope that the weather is good while we are there. It has been raining constantly here and has been getting colder every day here. I will post when we come back and will miss you guys much.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :wave:

10-11-2001, 09:24 PM
One more thing, Jo you were talking about the Small Sucesses thread we used to have. So why don't you go and start one for us. That way we can all join in and it'll be fun too to go there and see things we can relate to and how well we are doing in overcoming problems and the small successes we achieve. So feel free and we will all join in.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :cool:

10-14-2001, 11:48 AM
Well here I am, and thank you to all for the welcome. I feel I know you all already as I have been loitering on the outside for so long.
About me, I am 54 married with one daughter (tried it once didn't like it) and have battled with my weight forever!!! This time I have been dieting since 30 April and have lost approx 42pounds. I weigh in at my doctors once a month. I was taking Xenical but at my last doctors visit we decided that as I am eating a very low fat diet I don't really need to take it anymore and as the doc has me popping so many pills for various things I was glad to agree. I weighed myself yeaterday morning and I had lost another pound so I can do it without the tabs.