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08-18-2006, 07:40 AM
Cawffee's on Chicadoodles! :coffee:

Let's see.-- yesterday chat recap. :chin: Scully is winging her way to Chicago.. Here's to a smooth flight!
Ruth checked in from the corn fields of Indiana! Barb finally got a good nights sleep! BB checked in ... sending prayers to DH :hug: and she's taking care of her shoulder..Grasshopper had a tough food day... and Pampgirl was busy workin! And BG had a chockfull day planned!

I'm enjoying my first cup of cawfee watching the hummingbirds at the feeder, and the big Tiger and Black Swallowtail butterflies flutter about the Budeila bush.. Lots of gardening on the docket today! Some center cut porkchops, bean salad and mashed cauliflower for dinner :hungry:

Shake yer tailfeathers chicks!!!:D

little grasshopper
08-18-2006, 08:11 AM
good morning ladies. didn't sleep as well last night. Too much itching! Today is my day off (although I'm doing two massages at old work place). Lots of wedding shopping today. Little things. Ties, cloth, stuff. A friend just bought a new house and she's ready to show it off so I'm going to swing by and see her at some point.

Last night I fought cravins more than I have since being on SB. I left work stressed, itchy and exhausted. I drove to Taco Bell (chicken soft taco), throug the parking lot and left...then drove towards home - through a gas station parking lot (ice cream) and left, then through a LONG shopping center parking lot towards grocery store (ice cream or brownies) and came home. Had a pudding pop and salad and went to bed. This a.m. I think I have been rewarded...the scales are down 1 pound! I'm excited about it just too tired to show it. Ha! Hoping I'm feeling like myself by Saturday - I have a full, hard day at work...can't be itchy.

I'll check in on everyone later..have a great day!

beach bum
08-18-2006, 10:04 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)


The South Beach:beach: is not a fat free program its good fats as well as good carbs.But there is diagree with the SB carbs are BAD if you don't burn them. They turn to bad fat that adds on the pounds.

You have to go SLOWLYwhen adding carb back,and I mean SLOWLYI think SB added carbs too fast back into the program. Phase 1 lasting two weeks and than into phase 2 where carbs were allowed.We all got SLOPPY having to many at once. Not like the beach told us to do. Am I right!! Go easy,and you might see a substantial weight loss.

But that my opinion.I'll get off my soap box.

Another beautiful day ahead,but we won't be able to enjoy it this morning as we have to go to the hospital for another Cat-Scan,after the blood test he had yesterday.Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.Its probably nothing,but why take the chance,its better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully I don't stress out again as I did so well on my low carb diet.

Hugs :) BB

08-18-2006, 10:33 AM
beach bum - I'm sending good wishes for you and your husband. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

little grasshopper - Sorry the itching kept you up. Have fun with the wedding shopping.

schatzi - sounds like a yummy dinner planned. We're having Quick & Easy Spicy Chicken Soup with salad (and grilled cheese sandwhich for Brian and DH who won't eat much soup). I love the Rotel and black beans in the soup.

I am so thrilled that I'm not scheduled to work at all this weekend. It doesn't happen often but I love it when it does! I need to get out and do some weeding in the garden but it's been 104-105 every day and that is just too hot. Maybe I can get out there first thing tomorrow when it is still in the 80's.

08-18-2006, 10:37 AM
How about Fatroll Free Friday? Does that make you feel better? Or Flabby-Fat Free Friday? Incidentally, SBD is not "low carb," it's "good carb." And for people like me who are doing our mixture of diets, I eat all kinds of fat-free things and try to eat only good carbs, so the header works for everyone.

ANYWHO, how's everyone else doing today? I think I need help. I can't stop eating. Of course, I'm staying the same weight, but I cannot stop eating. I plan my meals out every day, but as soon as I get home from work, I have a little of this while something's cooking, and a little of that after dinner, and a little of this over here.... sheesh. Someone chain me to the couch so I can't get up and get more food! :moo:

My last day of work this week, FINALLY. I have tomorrow and Sunday off. Tomorrow is the poker run on the lake (hopefully it doesn't rain) and Sunday I'll be helping Molly put together her invitations. My dress is in, too, so I probably need to pick that up sometime. I just need the motivation to not eat!

Well, better get to my movie and get ready for work. Hope you all have a fantastic day! :D

08-18-2006, 11:27 AM
Top of the Morn' to all!

Since DH was visiting friends last night, I realized how much I want to eat when I'm alone. "Grazing" is more the term :corn:. I was able to contain myself somewhat by drinking lots of club soda.

BTW, has anyone else heard that carbination as a whole is not good for you - slows down the absorption of calcuim, etc. I love club soda when it's so hot but am wary of the "soda" part.

I only work half a day today - it's Friday! So I get to go home and encourage DD#3 to get a job. She had an interview yesterday and didn't get the job. She's not taking it well :( .

I don't know if I'll be able to stop in this week-end. I'm meeting DD#1 in another town to see the new SL Idea House with decorating and architecture details galore - I'm excited :cloud9: Maybe I'll try a new recipe if I have time.

The gardening threads have been intriguing. I'm interested in herbs. Each year, I make it alittle further along in keeping them alive. I guess I'm a work in progress :df: .

Have a safe (and healthy) week-end, everyone!

08-18-2006, 11:42 AM
Good Golly ! there's controversy on the thread name :lol: oh gals, it was just me trying to be clever with the Fs... I like Fatroll free friday or Flabfree --good ones Weezie :lol3:

08-18-2006, 02:27 PM
Schatzi, you are adorable! Love hearing about your butterflies!

LG, wedding stuff is fun! :cp: Enjoy! Were you having physical cravings or emotional ones? Sometimes when all the stuff in my life is overwhelming, I just want to eat and not feel...but I'm not actually craving. Was that what happened? If it was a physical craving, do Phase 1 again, okay? :hug:

BB, don't stress, hon. :hug: I think starches/carbs act differently for everyone. But you need the fiber and vitamins they bring. SBD isn't low carb...and I think that's why so many people like it, why it's so healthy, and why so many doctors recommend it. It's more balanced. If you feel that too many starches makes you crave, then back off on them and do your best to get the same vitamins and fiber from other sources. Every body is different and you'll know best what works for yours. :yes: :hug: Take care today with the'll both be in my prayers. :angel:

Barb, I need that soup sounds divine!!! :drool: You are such the cook! :chef: I love being in the garden when it's early and cool.

Weezle, do you/have you ever used Fitday or counted your calories in some way? I finally succumbed to doing it a couple months ago after years of balking at it. It is definitely a PITA to me, but it helped me stop eating so much when I became aware of what I was eating (and when I knew that eating it would mean looking up the calories and entering them! :lol3: I'm lazy!!! ). Maybe that would help? Or finding other activities and figuring out what makes you staying out of the kitchen and doing something you enjoy while chewing some gum until dinner's ready? YKWIM? :hug: You'll do great...I know you can do this! :cheer:

Pampgal, glad you are liking the garden thread. I love learning from all the green thumbs here! :love:


Did a stability ball class this was good. Hard, but not too hard, you know? I.e. I can still walk...but I feel like I did something worthwhile. :lol:

Now it's off to the mall! I'm going to get some supplies for some scrapbook ages I'm working on and use the coupon I have for Hallmark from my accumulated gold crown points. We got a gorgeous new Hallmark at the mall and I'm excited to browse there without DH looking at his watch. ;) Will meet DH at our new Panera for dinner. I love that place! :drool: We might also catch a movie...any recommendations?

Have a great day, chickies! Here's to getting rid of our fat and putting on muscle!!! :workout: :strong:

08-18-2006, 02:45 PM
Laurie - Here's the recipe I posted it in Phase 1 soups so long ago that it's on the second page. I love soup when even when it's 104!

beach bum
08-18-2006, 04:30 PM
Thanks :thanks:Ladies for your prayers and concerns. We really appreciate it.

Sorry:sorry: Schatzi I didn't mean to make a remark about your Daily Title.I guess I'm just frustrated by the fact that we're not lossing.

Laura-I just see so many people on this board or others that are gaining instead of lossing, or going up & down with the same numbers. I don't think its the FAT its the CARBS[good & bad ]that are making the difference of gaining or lossing.But than again thats my opinion. Thanks for the hugs:hug:

Hugs :) BB