South Beach Diet - question about fats/carbs/protein balance

06-20-2006, 11:08 PM
After running my foods through fitday, I found that I ate 55 grams of fat today, 63 carbs, and 104 grams of protein for 1175 calories. I know my calories are low, and I plan on having a snack before bed, but what do you guys think about my fat intake? Too much? My fat came from my peanut butter (2 tsp), a turkey burger (8 grams), lean steak at dinner (9 grams), and then a few more grams here and there (eggs, turkey bacon). Should I work on decreasing my fat intake?

06-21-2006, 01:36 AM

I wouldn't really want to tell you you should or shouldn't try to lower the count. You weren't clear if this was a "normal" day for you or an occasional thing. I know that I and a number of people, try to keep the count around or under 30%. Many doctors and nutritionists make this recommendation.

If you decide you do want to lower it, any processed foods like turkey burgers and bacon are notorious for added fat. You don't really have to decrease the calories, but maybe you could grind your own turkey breast or increase your fish intake. Tuna and salmon are especially good. :D

Good luck with what ever you decide! :carrot:

06-21-2006, 06:15 AM
It seems a bit high to me - each fat gram has 9 calories so you took in nearly 500 calories. We need about 30 grams to process nutrients in our foods. I aim for that but don't fret if I'm up to about 40. When I use Fitday my pro/fat/carb ratio is usually 3/3/3. That works for me but I have diabetes and crappy cholesterol to contend with as well.

You didn't state your caloric intake except to say it was low. If you go too low, you will stop losing.

Just my opinion.

06-21-2006, 12:39 PM
Yeppum, what chicks say here is aim fer 30/30/30 and the "guideline" for the lowest caloric intack at 1200 cals

06-21-2006, 01:12 PM
Amelie (beautiful name!), it's great that you're thinking about these things! :D Yes, the fat is high, but I'd be far more concerned about how low your calories are. Under 1200 cals, your body starts holding on to your fat in expectation of coming starvation. You need to eat more than that to drop weight, paradoxically. Perhaps you can add in some fat free dairy (like yogurt or cottage cheese or milk), beans (which are great for you on SBD anyway...), hummus, etc to up your calorie intake.

Though it's great to keep your fat to 30%, I think (and this is just *my* opinion :yes: ) that it's much more important where your fat is coming from. If your fat was all from healthy sources, I'd worry less. Since most of it is saturated fat (though much better than trans fats!!!), it's a bit worrisome. Perhaps on the days that you have bacon, you can have a chicken breast instead of a turkey burger? I haven't checked this personally, but I've read several times that turkey burgers can actually have far more fat than lean ground beef. Our grocery store carries ground beef that's only 5% fat. I think there are some kinds of ground beef (is it chuck? sirloin? I'm awful with meat names!!!) that could be even leaner. Or you might try (though not in Phase 1) a gardenburger or one of the burgers from Morningstar (I love the tomato basil burger :love:...though that's not fat-free...).

You're starting a great discussion...thanks, Amelie! :)

06-21-2006, 02:44 PM
Well, I did state my calories, I was at 1175 when I posted, but knew I would eat a snack before bed. I had some fiber one, so I ended up with 1375. I think I will take your advice beachgal, and try to avoid the turkey burgers. Who knew they could be so fatty. Also, the turkey bacon at breakfast isn't necessary, just yummy. I think the real culprit for fat in my diet if the PB, but I love it, and it's good fat right?