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05-26-2006, 11:11 AM
Hi there all!!! Well, I came in here before and chatted about the BB tae bo tapes I had been waiting for. I got them at the beginning of the week. Man OH Man!! I started the workout program on Wed. Yup, its only been two full days and one half a day of the workouts, and I am SORE!!!!! Sheesh!! I have been working out to tae bo for many years now. But this new program is working my body to the core!!!! I am hurting!! I tried to walk my front stairs this morning, NO WAY!!!! Ouchy!! LOL!!! But I did managed to get through 3 of the five tapes I recieved so far!! Next week, I will begin the fourth tape, while slipping in the 2nd and thrid tapes on my resting days. I am figuring that since tape one has burned my body, that tape four is bound to put me in a wheel chair!!! Hahahaha, just kidding!! The actual cardio tapes arent bad at all, I get through them with ease, but that lower body tonning workout, OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yup yup, my bones, muscles, all of it, sore sore sore!!! I am gonna try get through the cardio today, but not sure how it will go. I hoping that I will be able to workout with ease after "**** week" is over!!! Hahahaha Cross your fingers!! I am so outta shape man!! I cant believe how bad I am, lol. But thats all changing now!! I am back on the exercise wagon again!!! Let's see how long I stick with it this time!!!

05-26-2006, 01:47 PM
The BB Tae bo tapes leaves me in a sweat every time. It is hard but gives me a good work out. I plan to use it 3 x week but after one day I give up and put it off to the next week. LOL
If I could stick to it for 3 x a week I'm sure I would get in shape quickly.
Good luck maybe I will try to get to 2 x a week soon. Stick to it because it is worth it and keep going.

05-26-2006, 05:45 PM
Good for you!!

The tapes must really work to help build muscle if you are that sore a few days after (of course, you may have overdone it a bit - I do that all the time - still under the delusion that I am in my 20's and can recover in a snap:lol: ).

I just purchased Billy's 'Boot Camp' workout... (unfortunately, I put my back out REALLY bad the night before my first scheduled work-out:( , but it seems to be recovering fairly fast, so maybe in a few days I can give it a go).

Good luck and keep up the hard work - the first week or so is always the hardest, I find. It sounds like a great work-out (can't wait to get started)!!