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01-11-2006, 10:14 PM
I am 17 years old and weight about 230 lbs and I am 5'2 maybe 5'3. :o I guess when i tell people that i am on a diet...they're like why? But its only because people dont really notice that i am fat...so they are not really encouraging...(but i am a very committed, when i start something) The reason is because i have a small waist...but my breast size is huge and my butt isn't small either. For some people this might be good....a lot of people ask me "how much do you weigh?" and I answer 230 and they cannot believe me...until we get on scale to confirm. Personally, I dont mind my body's structure if it were in smaller porportions, but sadly to say i have really low self esteem...i think i haven't taken any pictures since i was like two! My High School yearbook has one picture on it...and it wasn't up to me to have it their...its really bad. So my goal here is to really have a better image of myself.

I am a major fashionista, i love clothing and i can really get dressed up...i love drama (not the kind where you break up with your boyfriend over it, but you know) and i like clothing, and love all things having to do with fashion. I make some of my own clothes...and i buy vintage...its just great. But it seems difficult when i am trying to buy and wear a cocktail dress from the 1950's, when the size is average 4. So i am really trying to lose wieght to fit into nice clothes and just to feel better. I personally, love the organic way...if it were up to me i would eat organic food...but its price is a killer. So basically right now, i am on a low calorie diet...but still eating healthy stuff for example...100% Lean Chicken and Fresh Spinach...and i dont cook anything with anything else but olive oil...and i dont overdo the carbs. I am not really exercising yet...because i am a newbie in my diet, even though i am extremely motivated... I think the pressure of knowing i have to excercise sometime during the day might discourage me. So i am taking it slow...just dieting for now. Eventually when the pounds start sheding and i will be more enthusiastic and want to speed up the process and get a membership at bally's. So basically that is it. That is my story. Hopefully, everything works. I guess all you guys will know because you'll see my weight-o-meter when i post something.[/B]

01-12-2006, 10:27 AM
Erika -- You seem to have your head on straight and have a good attitude about this. Do you have the support of your family (impt at your age I think).

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

01-12-2006, 10:30 AM
Yes, I agree with wyllenn. I'd love to invite you over to the 100 club. You are just 5 pounds shy but we would love to have to over there. It is very encouraging. Either way, I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

01-13-2006, 02:02 AM
It really is true, i am committed...but i am ready, and i know they will come, the days that i feel like giving up like "my goal is too far away, why even continue?" So i will be looking for you nice gals to keep me going. As for encouragment from my family, my dad has always wanted me to be thinner...thats just the way he is. But i just never did it. I guess i was too young...i didnt want to ruin my metabolism. Encouragement from my mother? this is wierd...my mom is a dietician...she knows the good and the bads...but she also never brought her job home. She too wants me to be healthier but never pushed me...I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A BIG GIRL...since i was young...i have never been thin. I guess...i have some encouragment...because i know they do want me to lose the extra pounds...but when we go out...the fact that i am on a diet never crosses their mind...I think if i didnt have the self control...in ordering the right foods...it would be extremely difficult to keep the diet going. Like tonight...we went shopping and they wanted to stop at our favorite chinese...it kind of made me mad because "HELLO!!" i am on a diet....i know its kind of selfish...but i have told them "if you're going to eat let me know...so i could stay home" and they still dont tell me. Anyway, i ended up ordering steamed vegies...made sure no butter and no salt. And they did...and i was okay and i overcame. I rather not eat something if i know i will be guilty later. Anyway, thanks for your comments...i like that i could actually vent...thanks