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09-27-2005, 05:11 PM
Hello, Hello, Hello...:wave:

WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site! :flow1:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please feel free to join us! :cofdate:

09-27-2005, 05:23 PM
Hiya ladies~

I'm back again...was on the computer for a few minutes to write, rather type, a couple of letters and thought I would check in for a few minutes. Of course I gotta hurry as Jeopardy is about to come on! :lol:

Jane & Marti~I hope it's okay that I started the new thread. I saw that it was at 51 so thought I better do before more posts.

Marti~(((((hugs))))) to you sweetie! And to top it off you have to wait for a plumber! I does seem like it hasn't been so long ago since you had them out. Hopefully the problem gets fixed this time and they don't have to come back.

Sue~I like that! It's a great idea! I am going to have to write that down for sure. Don't have time to right now. A January wedding in Tahoe sounds absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway...gotta run ladies! Can't miss Jeopardy! I have about 6 minutes!

Take care and I hope everyone is having a nice day. :wave:

09-27-2005, 06:23 PM
Hi ya gals

Marti - so sorry to hear about your brother....hope you get the time off you need to be with your family. Will James be able to get some bereavement leave? Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Susan - sounds like the new job is going great. You probably live right around the corner from me...we do need to do something about getting together soon.

Jana- fingers are crossed here for good new on your building plans. I need to post new pix of our little "project". We have a roof on, and the windows are in. Haven't begun on the interior yet. Everything is still a big mess.

Cristi- Congrats on your weight loss...I may not have much time to post, but I do try to read the boards once a day, and you really have been great about your walking program. I can tell you are very committed.

Angie -I can tell you are, too. Hope you like WW. I do it at home...right now I am giving Core another go...we'll see.

I am still getting to the gym 5x a week - feels good to be getting stronger and having fewer aches and pains. Scale said 180 today. I have a few vacation pounds to get off, so my ticker can tell the truth :o

Gotta go to the bus stop...will chime in later on the gathering thread....need to think about it a little.

da fat n da furious
09-27-2005, 08:56 PM
Hey all

Marti, on top of everything else you again have problems with the plumbing? Hopefully they fix it and don't have to worry about it again. I also really hope you get more time off,,,you need it. And your family needs you near. Hugs,,,to you all

Sue, ok I rolled over and went back to sleep,,,then was almost late getting to and there you are up and dusting?

Cristi,,,now that makes me so proud of you! You are doing something that you don't want to and probably have an excuse to not want to go for your walk but you have an even better excuse to do it! WTG

Katy,,,I went to Payless shoes last night,,,looking for that perfect pair of chunky type shoes that look good with a skirt and tights and jeans. Nothing at all..*sigh BUT I did see scarves! The same way I had made mine last year...geesh I should be a designer...I swear.

Well need to get to rehearsal...

09-27-2005, 11:19 PM
Hi ladies...

Help, help, I'm so do you guys get pics in an online album? I have all these great pics to share, and no way to show them to you! Is there something available through Yahoo, or???

09-28-2005, 09:39 AM
Happy Hump Day! :D

Cristi - thank you for starting the thread! Any JL is welcome to start one when we need it - not just Marti and me. You are such an inspiration with all your exercise! Before you know it, you're going to need smaller clothes.

Angie - one of the mods is doing a triathalon in Canada next year, and some of us are toying with the idea of going for that. It's in Ontario, so way, way far from you. Yes, I agree, you should be a designer! You have a natural flair for it.

Susan - I laughed when you said Becka brought her makeup but no clothes yet. It all about what's most important, mom. tee hee

Sue - I like to watch TV or listen to CDs while exercising, too. The Y has CNN on and have had constant coverage of the Gulf floods, and it's too depressing to watch. So I pull out my trusty discman and walk to the oldies, lol.

Marti - jeez oh pete, I sure hope your landlord has to pay the plumber, not you and James. That's the last think you need to be thinking about right now. HUGS to you, hon!!

Katy - aww, the pictures of the kids are too sweet!! I look forward to seeing your opinion on the meetup thread. I'm thinking Portland would be a wise choice to save the OR girls and Angie some $$.

Katiecat - I went to Yahoo and did the photo albums they offer for free. It's real easy, but just be sure to change "private" to "public" as an option for us to see the pics, ok?

Things went well with the builder, and the prices were just about what we expected. Can't really do much now until spring anyway.

Today I'm taking Caylin out to lunch and shopping for her birthday gifts. Her birthday is Oct. 10th, and the party is the 9th. She'll be 2. Not sure how I'm going to get the presents from her to hold back until then. Might just let her have them early. That's a grandma's prerogative, right?? lol

How are things going for you today?

09-28-2005, 11:22 AM
Good Morning -

Just finished my venti and omg.......I wanna talk now to someone!!!! Can I , canI , can I , can I.....ugh - totally hate the rush........

1-5 was backed up getting to work this morning so I did a round about way to work and sipped the whole venti - by the time I reached the bottom of the cup I was cursing the cars ahead of me "move your arse , I wanna get to work!!!"

So, I brought some veggi chips and carrots, bottle water and an apple to eat, no trips to the vending machine today. I haven't weighed since I moved - a piece of the scale fell off and it kind of tips now and weighs me heavier - so I am not getting on it. I look ok and my clothes seem the same - I am sure the ripping sound means nothing. lol

Hi Katy :) Love the pictures you posted. I will just meet you at the gym with margarita in hand. :)

It isn't lame Katie. I can't get my pictures on either. I can't even figure how to change it from private to public -lol

k- best go hunt down one of my workers and see what he is doing today. Last day of training!!! Crunch time - trying to get all these files done by Friday.

chow!!! (not literally - lol) :)

da fat n da furious
09-28-2005, 01:01 PM
Susan what is a venti? gawd woman I almost losta cheerio through the nose...margrinta in hand...

have say cheerios don't tast the same in skim milk.

Jane, the peanut butter and graham wafers you eat,,,how many points?

Well need to get to work

09-28-2005, 02:47 PM
Susan- you are going to look pretty funny at 6 am at the community center with a margarita in your hand, lol! "Oh, I'm just waiting for Katy, we're going to hit the bars after step class" :dizzy: Yes - I get there THAT early - yikes

Katiecat - I thought a yahoo photo page was pretty easy.... my pictures yesterday were attachments. I didn't think it was too hard to upload them. You would just have to use an avatar sizer to get them the right size. 3FC needs them pretty small.

Jane - I would probably just buy her a present for now AND one for her birthday - I'm not one for restraint, hee hee! That's probably why I still need to lose 30 pounds.

Happy day everyone

09-28-2005, 03:52 PM
Hello ladies and a Happy Wednesday to you!

Geez, what a morning! I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off-running around crazy!! :crazy: For some reason I have felt rushed, not sure why. Got a later start than usual because I didn't do a walk this morning. Tomorrow was supposed to be an unstructured day and today a 2 mile walk but since I had so much to do I traded them and will do the walk tomorrow. I still have to get in a walk on the treadmill though because I have to get 9,000 steps in today and I am only half way there. Anyway, lot of errand running this morning.

Angie~thank you! You are right...the excuse for doing it is much better than the excuse not to walk. I'm kinda stuck on this schedule and like today it felt weird not going to the park. But I know I am going to have to walk on the treadmill some days because of the weather. Hey, I didn't know pay-less sold scarves. Of course I haven't been in one in ages.

Jane~I know anyone can start a new thread but sometimes I feel a little odd doing it. But I noticed it was up there so...I bet you guys are excited and can't wait for next spring! Very exciting to build a house! My cousin in Houston...when her and her hubby bought their first house, they were there almost everyday watching the progress. They even went and counted every brick that was going to be put on the house!! I would want to watch the progress but count the bricks?! Too many...the whole house was brick and it was a two-story. They were really excited though. Have a good lunch and shopping trip with Caylin.

Katiecat~I always went through Yahoo!Photos and it was/is easy to start an album. DD uses photobucket and likes it. She says it's easy also and I was thinking about trying it next.

Katy~I have to say, I am very committed to my walking. After the 6 weeks then she goes on to power walking. I may not reach that level that she has in the book but I will continue to walk. I'm thinking it was my allergies that were zapping my energy because the last few days I am feeling it and I do like starting my day with a walk. The pictures are GREAT! So cute!!!

Susan~yes, what is a venti? Too funny girly! :lol: I am picturing you with ripped clothes and meeting Katy at the gym with a margarita in hand at 6 am!!!

Just handed over Josh's truck key to the tow truck driver. I drove it not too long ago and then went to drive it again and while it would start, it wouldn't go into gear. It felt like it was going to but nothing. Wouldn't go in reverse or drive and am just now getting around to taking it to the local mechanic. Figured he didn't really need it so what's the hurry! :lol: It needs to be driven though and not just sit in the drive-way. I told him about it and he said "What did you do to my truck!" :lol: Anyway, now I have got to get some laundry done and vacuum. I will be running around tomorrow too and just won't have time to do it then and I am not liking the messy look.

Take care ladies and have a good day! Chat with ya later! :wave:

09-28-2005, 05:12 PM
I am sorry to say to all you ladies who are working outside the home....I never know if it is Hump Day or any other day unless I look at the calendar or date on the puter. One of the perks of being retired! lol.. Of course it does make it awkward when I finally realize it is Sunday and have to rush to church in dis-array.
That said, I do know it is Hump Day today..thank you Jane. :)

Another good day for me. I walked over 2 miles this a.m. and did the 15 minute exercise. I added 3 minutes of kick backs so it is now an 18 minute routine. I have only done it 3 days and already have more energy. Now to do as well with the food!

Nothing going on otherwise today, just some odds and ends around the house. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for lunch. We have been buddies since sixth grade..yikes! That's a long time ago for us. Need to go to the fabric store and get some interfacing so I can finish DGS's robe. Then will also buy groceries while I am out and about.
My neighbor, who I walk with, has the nerve to leave town again for 5 days. Now I will have to twist hubbies arm to get a walking partner. Either that or use the treadmill.
It is cooler and feeling Fall-like today. Love it!

BBL for some individuals.

09-28-2005, 09:35 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Susan - I haven't weighed since I moved because the scale is on the back enclosed back porch and just like every floor in the house, it's unlevel! Katie says it's weighing too light but isn't consistant. I do know my jeans are tighter, though! :o

Angie - it's 5 1/2 points for 2 graham crackers and 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter. And well worth it! The protein and fat in the peanut butter will carry you to lunch. Btw, if you haven't tried the cinnamon ones, give them a try. (not the low fat)

Sue - I only know what day it is because the computer tells me so, lol. I love meeting old friends (and new ones!) for lunch, and I have a whole network of lunch buddies. Does a body good, right? The weather is supposed to be a high of 65 tomorrow here in S. IN. How about up by you? Btw, hope you stop in at the "Gathering" thread and give your opinion.

Cristi - we aren't making any for-sure plans until January, which is only 3 months away. After Neal is done with school, we'll know more then. I just can't think about it anymore, since I don't know where we will be after the house is torn down, if we build in this exact site. We might move right behind this one, if the same septic system can be used. That way, we could still use this well, and still have some trees. Then we could tear down the house after we move into the new one. But we'd be losing the cellar, which houses the water pump, etc. <sigh>

Katy - I told Caylin I'd be taking the toys to my house, and would give them to her at her party, and she didn't say anything. No whining, or complaining at all. We had a good lunch, and a fun time.

Tomorrow I'm watching my little great-niece (Briley) who is 10 months old. Her dad is my nephew and godchild, and I'm looking forward to having her. Mary and the kids will be in town most of the day, so I'm on my own, lol.

Have a good evening, and I'll try to pop in tomorrow sometime.

09-28-2005, 10:51 PM
Hello girls--

Very tired but can't sleep. Tried to take a nap but just couldn't. Hoping that once all the traffic (friends and other family) at my brothers house is done, that my little brother and sister can come over and visit for awhile. Get some peace & quiet since the two of them have been on the go since this weekend.

I want to thank you ALL for all the well wishes and warm thoughts. Means so much to me. You are all a great group of women!

Lets see if I can catch up a little on individuals here:

Cristi--Thank you so much for the card. I got it today! It meant a lot to me. The funeral was today so for me, the timing was perfect. I needed a smile. I have to say, you are doing a marvelous job on your walking!! So very proud of you! Once I get my emotions under control I plan on moving my butt!! Walking sounds like a great place to start.

Katy--James wasn't able to get any time off. Especially since he's in Utah right now. Sure wish he could have been here w/me to lean on. But he's called me everyday, maybe two or three times a day just to talk. So he's been very supportive for where he's at.

Angie--The plumber DID finally arrive. Around 4:45!! I couldn't believe it. He even told me that he almost called to cancel. I thinking "what the #$%#???" Why would he even think about cancelling? Apparently he doesn't do under house plumbing. For goodness sakes!! He had his son w/him so he had his son go under and fix it. (yes, his son is part of the business :) ) more leaks....for now.

Katie--Yahoo is where I go too. Sometimes photobucket. I'm looking forward to your photos. I'm sure you had a wonderful time!!

Jane--Oh yes...the landlord paid the plumbing! I would have a fit if I had to pay. Especially since the last time we had one over, he said that other pipes need replaced. Is my landlord waiting for all the to burst and then have them fixed?? Why not save money and get it all done and over with?? Some times I wonder about people who are penny pinchers.

Susan--So glad to hear that your daughter has moved in w/you! How nice it must be to have her home w/you!! How does she like it? How does Gaby like it?? You know, I haven't weighed myself for who knows how long! I've grown to hate that thing. So I never even give it a second look. Maybe I should and see what damage I've done!

Sue--Although I work, I'm like you, I never know what day it is!! Except Friday of coarse. My hours seem to throw me off. And when Friday comes along.....I know because everybody is celebrating!! :lol:

Hello to all the others I may have missed.

Ok...I think I'm going to call and friend and see if she needs company until my family comes over. I don't like being alone.

Take Care and hugs to all!

da fat n da furious
09-29-2005, 01:33 AM
Hello to everyone...
Marti glad to know you are going to spend time alone with your simblings. And really too bad about James not being able to be there with you.

Jane,,,5 and 1/2 points? gosh Ive be come very stingy with points now and not sure I want to spare that much! lol Ill stop by Safeway tomorrow and see about buying so wafers.
I lost 3.2 lbs,,,Wed night are my weigh in. Im pretty shocked that I lost anything since I ate and ate so much this past week...and ate bad stuff. I don't think carrot cake can be considered a veggy.
We finally got our magic bullet in, we orded one and got another free, so we gave one to Brandon. We have had it for a total of 1 hour,,,hes blended 3 things already.

I made another huge batch of soup...butternut squash soup that is.
Brandon got a full time job today,,,at Supestore. Its a grocery store but they sell everything else too,,,big competition for Walmart. Hes in the toy section,,,good starting pay plus benefits.

Shawna left today,,,I didn't cry when we said goodbye,,,I did cry when I came out of my WW meeting and saw she had called right before boarding her plane and I had missed her call.

Sue when I was unemployed I didn't know one day till the next..if everyone was home late in the mornings then it was the

well I need to get to bed...

night all

09-29-2005, 11:25 AM
Good Morning!

Just a drive by hello - tons to do and have to get to an all staff training thing - cross town -- through backed up traffic - grrrrrrr.

Trying to decode my assisants timesheet. What days was she sick and which day did she stomp off in a huff?? I think I have to go back to the other time period - dang! Should have caught that.

Venti is the biggest size of coffee you can get at Starbucks - Grande is the medium size........I don't know what the smallest size is because I never go I think Venti is 20 oz, something like that.

Gabster went to grandma's today. R & R are doing good - Beck got in trouble with the whole class for doing spit balls against the wall. Rach got in trouble for defending her with one of the counselors. *roll eyes*............Rach is waaaaaay to old for her age.

I told them at 10 pm last night to go to bed. They were talking with some guy they met at the library last Saturday. He kind of likes Rebecca, he is kind of 15 years old and kind of looks like Napoleon - I kind of want him for myself..........jk!

Waaaaay too young and he walks. I want someone with at least a bike *snicker* a girl has to have standards.

anyway - so no one is weighing?? lol Someone will have to bring a scale when we meet and we can weigh in front of everyone - Critsi can have a bullhorn and announce the weight to everyone. Fun, huh?? I will be in charge of entertainment - lol

yikes - best get !!

09-29-2005, 12:40 PM
Good morning ladies~

I am ready for a nap! Decided to get up earlier and get my walk done since I had other errands to get out of the way before getting ready to go get my hair cut later. Bad was sooooo cold out this morning. Not sure what the temperature was but on the news they said it was only supposed to be 48 by 8 a.m. brrrrr. Actually, that's really not that cold-if the sun it shining!! :sunny: 1/2 of the park is shaded so it was cold, in the sun it wasn't bad. That is...when it finally came up. I got in my 3 mile walk regardless of my nose and ears almost falling off. I was going to take my camera to take pictures of this park (have some somewhere, just not sure where) and forgot it! Maybe I will remember tomorrow when I go.

Marti~you are welcome and I am glad that it brightened your day if only for a little while. I wish James could have been there with you and for you. At least he is there for you by phone, I know it's not the same but I just know hearing his voice is a comfort to you.

Angie~I was going to ask what a silver bullet was but read on and I see it is a blender. Good for Brandon for getting a job!! :cp: Is this his first job? And WTG to you for your 3.2 pound loss!! :bravo: I think carrot cake can count as a vegetable-it does have carrots in it! Okay, I'm just kidding. I do have a recipe in the WW cookbooks that I have though if you are interested.

Sue~I always know what day it is but if you ask me the date...forget it! I never can keep the dates straight unless I have a calendar to look at. Even my watch says Saturday the 15th! :lol: I never change it. WTG on your walk and workout!

Jane~that would be great if you guys could live in the house you're in while the other is being built. But gotcha about the water pump in the cellar and all. I know you guys will figure something out. Try not to get too stressed about it all. I know that is easier said than done. Enjoy your time with little Briley.

Susan~gotcha about the venti now. I'm not a coffee drinker so have never been in a Starbucks. They do have them popping up all over here now, there's even one in the new Super Target. Hey...I still weigh in...not sure I want to Monday though. Just got TOM today...bummer. I always gain a little so I will try not to fret over it.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Same old stuff with me today. I didn't get around to vacuuming yesterday because I spent too much time on the :comp: Barely got my 9,000 steps in, ended up at 9393! Anyway, have to vacuum today as soon as I get off and just straighten a little. I am in the habit of making my bed as soon as I get out of it so that feels good. I am also dying to try KABOOM! Anyone try that stuff? Supposed to clean things by just spraying and wiping off...we'll see. Also have a hair appointment at 1 thank goodness. I curl my hair and two minutes later it is flat! Thought about growing it out again but don't think I want to. Right now I like being able to fix it instead of pulling it back with a rubberband. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :sunny:

09-29-2005, 01:10 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

I'm a little peeved this morning...maybe it's just all the emotions that I've gone through. But my sister & brother never showed up. So I ended up staying home waiting....all by my lonely self. Everyone else had someone to be with...but not me. Maybe I'm sounding like a child at the moment but you know, I just wanted someone to be w/me.

Angie--Congrats on losings 3.2lbs!! That is fantastic!! Hurray!! I had to go back on some threads to read...I didn't realize that you joined WW. And w/a friend!! Good for you! You'll do great!

Susan--They have a small Coffee shop that sells starbucks coffee at the hospital where I work. I hate the house bitter and just plain awful. But the Iced Cafe Mocha.....VERY GOOD!! :) And I get the Grande size.

Cristi--You are so incredibly close to 10,000 steps!! You are doing fabulous. I can't believe it!! I must put my pedometer on and start tracking my steps. Your walk this morning sounded lovely. I can picture it. It's only 9:00am here and it's cool w/the sun shining....LOVE fall mornings!!

Ok....I think I should probably clean up and take the dogs out. I'm suppose to meet up w/my family for breakfast before my sister goes back to Florida. Who knows if they'll call!! ( I'm still bitter about it) I'll snap out of it and put a smile on my face.....sheesh.... :lol:

Talk to you later

09-29-2005, 01:19 PM
Aaaahhhh Marti!I'm sorry your family didn't show up and you ahd to be alone. ((((HUGS)))) I can understand being a bit peeved. Hope you have a good breakfast with them this morning. The walk this morning was refreshing! Even though it was chilly...the cold hitting my face felt good. And it was really pretty. I think on the days Leslie Sansone has the unstructured day I have that certain amount of steps she wants you to do in my head and just aim for that and no more. I'm glad it's only one day a week though because it feels good to get in the 10,000-that is five miles (2,000 steps=1 mile)! And if you think about walking five miles and where that would take you it's a little crazy. I'm close to it already this morning. Anyway, I should get going. Need to go get things done before getting in the shower to go get my hair cut. Was going to wash my hair because it feels weird to take a shower and not do that but she will wash it when I get there. Anyway, take care missy and have a good day.

da fat n da furious
09-29-2005, 07:10 PM
Hi Marti,,,and here I was going to call but thought by the time I read your post your sibls would have been there and I didn't want to interupt. Dang I should of went with my instincts. That was about 9:30 your time. Next I will just call and if its a bad time no worries...k?
Yes I joined WW and love it! Seriously I like feeling like I have control,,,the controling virgo in me..ha And a cheap virgo so if I think something has too many points I just won't have it...
Just watched a bit of Oprah this afternoon,,,forgot the name of the guy but his book that he wrote called No Excuses looks so good. I may check out the library or cash in a Chapters card Shawna gave me for my birthday.
Cristi,,,I mentioned to Becky my friend from WW,,Ive worked with her at Penningtons and then I brought her over to BDL...about you. That you walk each for this month since both of us have late shifts we will be able to get in some walks.

Susan,,ahhh thats what a venti is...We have a Tim Horton's here,,I admit to being seriously addicted. I buy an extra large each and every morning, I do need to stop using cream though...*sigh one day I saw someone buy a small,,,it looked like a shot I commented didn't know Tims does shooters too...ha ha

Im still working long hours...except today! I only worked 5 hours. Came home took a Did I mention we now have cable? We had satalite for so long,,,but couldn't get it up in our rooms,,,so we got cable now and I find myself in my room alot wonder its sooo clean...

Anyways need to get ready,,,push Brandon to cook dinner. The only draw back of him getting a job is that I lose my cleaning lady (guy) I admit I tortured him a bit. I would leave HUUUUGGE long lists of things that needed to be done around the house....telling him that if hes going to stay home all day and not find a job he would have to clean...well that lasted a whole Domestic Goddess he is not.

09-29-2005, 08:12 PM
Goodness Gracious!!

I swear, my family has no clue sometimes. They wanted to meet at the airport restaurant for lunch before my sister had to go. They wanted to meet at noon. She gets on the plane at takes me about half an hour to 40mins to get to the airport...they called me at 11:40. I just went up to my sisters in Eugene and she wasn't going due to having two kids that she had to pack for and wasn't going to try and I didn't see my sister off.

Just as well I suppose...I was in a sour mood. I really need to snap out of that!

Cristi--Thanks for letting me know how many steps equals a mile!! I always wondered that. I've just alway heard "try to reach 10,000 step per day" Never did have an idea how many miles that was! I'm going to try and set myself up some kind of schedule for working out/walking. I need to make it a priority in my life. I really need structure right now. I feel SO out of control. And it makes me sad. Don't want to be sad.

Angie--Girl!! I say go w/your instincts too! Should've called. I was so sad and lonely last night. Almost pitiful. I called my sis this morning and talked to her about how I felt. It felt good to talk w/her. I would have gone to visit her in Eugene last night but she just started a dance class and last night was her first night. A hip hop dance class! How neat is that?

Well....tomorrow I get to pick James up from the airport and I"m so excited. I miss him terribly. More so since all this has happened while he was gone! Sure need a hug from him about now!!! Now, to try and speed the rest of the day up!!!!

Better get busy.

Love to all!

09-30-2005, 01:27 AM
Hello...Cool and very Fall-like here today. DH did walk with me tonight so I got in 2 miles. That was fun. Yesterday I went back out and did another walk after I was on here. SO that was 5 miles outside and a mile inside. woo hoo.. I need to use my pedometer too, that would surely add some miles just doing everyday stuff.
Lunch with my friend at Ruby Tuesdays. I stuck to soup and salad, no dessert and black coffee. How boring, but good for me. We gabbed for awhile then I had to go to the grocery store. was chilly when we walked tonight too. After my shower I got out my well worn flannel robe and boy does it feel good.
Sorry I didn't get back for individuals, computer was sooo slow, and not much better tonight. Guess I am going to have to break down and call a tech.

C ya all tomorrow....

09-30-2005, 10:21 AM
Welcome to the Last Day of September! :D

Marti - aww, well at least you got to be with your sister and her two kids before they had to leave. Glad you'll get to be with James today. Do you have anything special planned? Sometimes it's most fun to just snuggle in front of the tv.

Angie - 3.2 YAY :cp: I almost forgot, but about the 3rd or 4th week of WW, I added 3 points to my daily totals. It was just enough to keep me going. Even when I would graduate to a different level, I still added in those 3 points. So sorry you missed Shawna's call!

Cristi - I never heard of Kaboom. Is it a national product? I have tried Awesome from Dollar Tree (not Dollar Store) and that stuff really IS Awesome, lol. It will remove stains and grime like nothing else I've ever tried. I too like my bed made PDQ. As soon as Neal is out of it, lol. Did you get your hair cut? WTG on all the walking, Cristi!!

Sue - we like Ruby Tuesday's, too. Don't have one locally, of course, but have gone to the one in Indy and one in Effingham, IL. It's cold here this morning - 47 degrees when I got up.

Just so you'll all know, I adjusted my options so that I don't load siggies, avatars, etc. until I get my broadband going. It still takes a long time to load each page, but it's not nearly as bad as before.

The guy from the Board of Health is coming out today to approve or deny us using the current septic system if we build a home right behind this one. It's a good septic, and the ground is very sandy, so we expect him to approve it. If he doesn't, we'll for sure have to build on the exact same spot. Ohhh, all the red tape is going to strangle me before it's all said and done, lol.

Mackenzie the 6 y/o is coming here after school today to spend the night. Seems like I haven't seen her enough since she's been back to school, and I miss the little bugger.

Have a good day!!

09-30-2005, 12:28 PM
I'm up bright an early today!! Yep, 8:00 is bright and early for me!! I had gone to bed last night anxious and kept waking up...once at 3:30, once at 6:45, again at 8:00 I said to heck w/this looking at the clock....I'm getting up!

Reason for all this: I get to see James today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

And I really need a shower before I even think about stepping out of this house! :lol:

Jane--I'm not sure if you misunderstood which sister was leaving...but the one w/the two kids lives in Eugene,Sarah, and she didn't want to pack up her kids to go see Tami who was going back to Florida with such short notice. But yes, it was nice to spend some time w/her. Even though later on our lunch out, we were with our aunt and I didn't contribute to one thing in the conversation because it was all business. I had NO idea they were doing a business lunch. I wouldn't have gone. I was used as the babysitter. I was frustrated after that too!!

Such a whiner I must sound like!! much to do before I see James.

da fat n da furious
09-30-2005, 01:00 PM
Marti I should of called you last night and we both could of whined to each other...

Jane ,,add 3 points? Im still trying to make up for the added points I had from last week. You don't ever really know the amount of food you eat till you start writing it all down...yikes!

Sue,,,been chilly each evening and morning here too. Had some frost on the windshield...arghhh hate winter. I am amazed with all your you have the same route or change it up a bit?

Kaboom,,,I use it, don't like the smell,,,very chemically. Where gloves and keep well ventilated. We have hard water here and get major calcium buildup.
We are heading to Montana for the weekend,,,Monte Tanner and I. Brandon is staying home to take care of Skittles. Here I come Target!

Ive been seriously stressed at work lately,,the longer hours are ok,,,cause I work in another dept when I put in more hours. But I have been for over a year been working next to a woman that is extrmemely loud on the phone and poinds on the keyboard. I admit I just don't like this woman,,,things Ive heard her say to her children and when they call a few times a day is horible and well the list goes on. Shes had many complaints to her and the manager. With her laughing it off...last week I told her she was too loud and needed to stop pounding on the keyboard,,,she complained to the manager that I was picking on her. It got nasty after that.... Anyways she quit and is blaiming me for her doing so. People are taking sides. Im very fustrated.
Anyways I could of called Marti and we could of had a whine
well ladies have a great weekend...

09-30-2005, 01:42 PM
Hi ladies & Happy Friday~

I was feeling fine and now the stinking cramps have hit me-darn TOM! I did however get my 3+ mile walk in this morning. Yesterday the temp was about 47-48 and it felt so cold. Today it was the same and the wind was blowing but it felt warmer for some reason. Anyway, nice walking weather for sure. I had made a goal to walk 50 miles this month and as of this morning I am at 60! :cp: Of course I didn't actually keep track of all the days I walked more than the scheduled walk-will do that for Oct. on my own because Monday starts week 6 and the last of the scheduled walking from the book. So gotta come up with a goal and keep on truckin'! I was saying that since my allergies have cleared (knock on wood) my energy level is crazy. I told DD and DH I feel like I have taken something to make me wirey so am trying to find things to do to keep me busy. Last night I mowed the back yard again which I must say I am going to miss doing (seriously) when the weather gets cold and no more mowing.

Marti~I am sorry you didn't get to see your sis off. Wow! Has it been two weeks already?! Well, I am glad James is coming home today, I know how you have missed him. Hey, I too would have called but I don't have your number. Actually, I don't have anyone's number except Janes. Your sisters dance class sounds fun! Sorry you were used for a babysitter.

Angie~oh how I hate the office crap that goes around. It's terrible how people are. Have a safe, fun trip to Montana! I think that will be and your friend walking. Once you get used to it it actually isn't bad at all. I know in the beginning for me it was killing me to do two miles-so out of breath. But now 3 miles is easy. I am still out of breath a little but she says if you can have a gab fest you are walking too slow, if you can't talk while walking, you are walking too fast, if you can talk but have to pause you are at a good pace. So while I am not power walking I feel I am at a good pace.

Jane~I did get my hair cut yesterday. She cut about 2 inches off. I didn't expect that much but did want it shorter. Today it looks a little better and when I shower and fix it it will be fine. She curled it under yesterday which threw me off. Last time she flipped it and that's the way I like it. Hope all goes well today and the septic tank is approved! :crossed:

Sue~WTG on the walking!! It is nicer when you have someone to walk with, makes the time go by faster. Glad you had a nice lunch with your friend. And it is fall like weather here also and I am loving it! Well, it has been for most of the day/week. While it is cool now it is supposed to get up to 80. But that definitely beats the 90's we had for so long.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Nothing much on the agenda for today. Have a letter to type up to Josh when I am done here. If I have a long letter to send I type it because it takes less paper and easier on my hand/wrist. I have been sending two letters a week and sometimes a card in between. I try to time it to where he gets one on Monday and then one either on Friday or Saturday. Can't wait till next month, which is tomorrow! Another month come and gone ladies. Where does the time go. I swear it seems the months go by faster. Anyway, going to take a shower in about a hour and then when V gets home we are headed to LOWES and to Penneys to take a couple of things back. Bought a blind that has the curtain with it and don't like it at all. It doesn't close all the way and the point was to block out the sun with the blind and curtain but left open a little it lets the sun in. Then a couple of sheer curtains I had bought for my bedroom. I bought the right length but the hem is like four inches above the bottom of the window and it looks really dumb. I can't get a longer length because of the window seat and the arched window above the window so just put my lace curtains back up. And that's about all I have for now.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day and weekend!

10-01-2005, 10:20 AM
It's October!

Marti - glad you get to see James today. Any special weekend plans?

Angie - the 3 extra points were to keep me from going over the edge by eating many, many more points. They say you have to find what works for yourself, and I guess you could say that was it for me. So sorry about the creep at work! At least she's gone, though. Have fun in Montana!

Cristi - wow, you've done great with the Sept. walking, and the numbers will be even higher in Oct. since you'll be counting them all. Where will you walk when the weather is bad? Hope you had a good evening with Vince.

No, things didn't go well with the septic tank. Turns out, we have an illegal one, as do all the people around here with older homes. Which is ok, until you build because then they expect you to replace it. Ours is metal and the new ones are concrete. So there goes another $5000. - $6000. bucks. Add that to the $5000. dollars it costs to tear the house down and haul it away, and we've got at least $10,000.00 gone before we even start building. Today the builder is coming to advise us about the cellar - whether or not it will be a good idea to try to build over it. Why do I get the feeling more bad news is coming my way? :(

On a happier note, I've been enjoying Miss Mackenzie. She spent the night with us, and is a delight. She got an A+ on her spelling words yesterday, lol. Since when do 1st graders have spelling tests!!

Have a great weekend!

10-01-2005, 04:25 PM
Happy First of October Ladies!

Wow, I can't believe it is October! Jeez, where does the time go? Christmas will be here before you know it. Speaking of Christmas...while at Penneys this morning I picked up the Christmas catalog. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Didn't take the stuff back to Penney's yesterday because we had to go pick up Josh's truck and I just didn't feel like going so we went this morning. Anyway, didn't do my walk this morning because of TOM. The cramps were and are too horrible so I have just been relaxing, only thing that helps. And it's been raining since last night anyway. So am planning it for tomorrow morning. I usually just have the bad cramps the 2nd day of TOM so should be fine tomorrow. Today is a new month and a new goal for walking.

Jane~I will walk on the treadmill when the weather is bad, just didn't feel like it today. Or possibly go to the mall and also do the WATP tapes on some days. Sorry about the news on the house, or rather the septic tank. Things do tend to add up don't they. Hopefully you guys get some good news about building on the cellar. :crossed: You made me think of that movie The Money Pit...did you ever see it? With Tom Hanks? Loved that movie but couldn't imagine going through that. Glad you enjoyed lil' Miss Mackenzie and hooray for the A+ on her spelling test. The kids had spelling tests when they were in first grade, up until 6th grade. Shoot, they were wanting the kids to read before starting kindergarten. Of course they did learn while in kindergarten. Miss those days...and can't wait to have grandkids to go through it again!

Anyway, I guess I should go and find something to watch or possibly read. Vince bought lunch because I just don't feel up to cooking-this is our lunch & dinner. So I think I will get a blanket and curl up on the couch with the remote and a book! He has to go into work for a few hours.

Enjoy your day ladies :wave:

10-02-2005, 03:34 PM
Morning Ladies--

I've been spending lots of quality time w/James this weekend so that's why I"ve been MIA. I do check in, but never have much time to post! It's just great to have him home again. Weekend just FLEW by!!

Angie--How is WW going? Sounds like you're really liking it, so I just know you're going to have great success!! Like our Jane!! Rootin' for you the entire time!

Cristi--You're doing such a great job w/your walking!! James told me that he want to start running. I asked him if he minded me coming along. He didn't mind at all. Although....he may make it home way before I do! :lol:

Jane--So sorry to hear about your septic tank issues!! Hugs to you! Things like that have got to be stressful. I'm so happy that you had Mackenzie w/you to keep you company and to bring you a smile.

Hello to the rest of you girls!!

I need to make this short. I have to take a shower and then do some grocery shopping. My fridge has been empty for two weeks now!! NOT good! Time to buy lots of veggies.....just craving steams brocolli!

Chat w/you all later!

10-02-2005, 05:18 PM
Hi Ladies :wave:

Marti~totally understandable about being MIA. Who wouldn't want to spend every moment with their hubby after he's been gone for 2 weeks?! Hope you guys had a memorable weekend! Oh, I wish I could run. I am so out of shape I don't think it will ever happen. Even in Jr. High when I was a lot smaller I couldn't run. Just got too out of breath. I could walk every where, and did but never liked to run. Of course it didn't help with the flopping of the boobies! :lol:

Well, I am sad to say I didn't get my October off to a good start as far as walking goes. I thought I would do my walk today but just didn't feel up to it. The cramps are better today but only because they are off and on, and not constant like yesterday. But I am not feeling bad or guilty because i feel that I have done great so far. I have one week left of the WATP book and then I am on my own. I will be cutting back and only walking 5 days a week instead of the 6 but I am hoping to do 2 or 3 mile walks those 5 days. Anyway...nothing much going on today. Getting a couple of loads of laundry done and getting ready to write Josh and pay his bills. He only has two bills so that will take a whole 5 minutes!

Take care ladies and I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

10-02-2005, 08:21 PM
My name is Connie and I'm totally new to posting messages so please bear with me. I thought the "Jaded Ladies" sounded like the place I should be. I posted my bio just a few minutes ago. I have a lot of weight to lose (95 lbs) and would really appreciate the encouragement & support. It's a real struggle. It seems like a caring place to be. Hope to hear from you soon!

da fat n da furious
10-02-2005, 11:01 PM
Hey Connie, welcome to our group! This is a very caring place to come,,,

Marti,,,you must be happy to have James home finally 2 weeks, 2 days it doesn't matter. Enjoy!

Cristi, I had read somewhere that walking is actually good for cramps..the workout is suppose help with cramps.

Jane, fingers crossed about the cellar. I know that a few gas stations closed down due to same as your sewer system. The containers need to be replaced and some just can't afford to do that so they close down.
Well we ate at Applebees this weekend and so enjoyed it. After all this time of you saying how great their menu is, you just have to experience it yourself. I had the grilled fish..
I was good till I nibbled on reeces peanuts,,,driving back home.

I got alot of christmas shopping done,,,yes thats right christmas shopping.

Continuing saga of work. Friday was great,,,she didn't show up for work. So we are all thinking she isn't giving her 2 weeks notice. Had a great talk with the manager about how I had been given some flak from a couple of the women,,saying I was responsible for Donna quitting. Couple people overheard one of them one of the ladies accusing me. They got a different light on the whole story and was actually appalled by all that Donna had been doing,,hmmm funny when the truth comes out eh? So infact work is feeling like a whole new place,,,pleasant enviroment again.
Geesh Cristi when you commented about Payless selling scarves too,,,they sell purses, watches,,and jewellery now from what Ive seen.

I signed Tanner and I up to caroling at the zoo..every year they have a thing called zoolights. So will have to do some rehearsaling for that.

well I should get finishing mount washmore. Plus Im 3/4 of the way through this book by Kay Hooper,,,Whisper of Evil very good..supernatural with murder...and throw in some sex to spice it all

da fat n da furious
10-03-2005, 02:08 AM
hmmm Just was doing some emailing and accidently clicked browse and came up wiht some pictures.... of my very good 18yr son who was left alone for the weekend and promised to not have anyone in the house but his best friend Brandon.....and well unless Brandon had a sex change he had a few people over...and now he will have to be tortured. *evil grin
Nothing was destroyed in the house,,,BUT I said no one else but the two Brandons. Silly boy,,,taking pictures, and leaving evidence. So I have printed off the pictures,,,and moved the pictures to another file.
So what is a Jaded Lady to do? If you have been there and done that,,,tell me your story. If you are the kid...tell me that story

10-03-2005, 09:38 AM
Good morning!

Had a busy weekend and went completely off the food plan :( So here I am, getting ready to go to the gym and get myself back on track.

Jane - Sorry to hear abou the septic.. hope you get some good news soon. we're about 20k into our remodel now....feels like we're just hemoragging money, but really it's not much on remodleing scale of things I guess

Angie - WWJLD? Hmmmm I don't have an 18 yo and I haven't been one for awhile, but maybe just busting him and letting off with warning this time. He's old enough to be out on his own, so maybe he'll wise up and realize he shouldn't jeopardize the roof over his head.

Cristi - Sorry you're feeling so yucky - hope today is a better day

Welcome Connie!

This week isn't as busy as last, so I have to get out and start cleaning up my yard. It's going to be a rainy week, so this will be FUN ( not) Can't let myself get distracted by the computer and my knitting :P


da fat n da furious
10-03-2005, 11:49 AM
Its SNOWING! arghhh

have a great day ladies

10-03-2005, 12:07 PM
Snowing?!! OMG!!!

Just had to comment before I go get the oil changed in my car. Will be back later to chat.

10-03-2005, 01:18 PM
Hi to everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Angie~SNOW!!! Yikes! I know I said I was ready for winter but last week when we had those 2 cool days and the wind was blowing it was a bit chilly and had me thinking twice. I'm definitely ready for the cool fall weather which they say will hit us Wednesday, we'll see. But not so reasy for winter and snow, not yet. I knew Payless had purses, socks of course, and belts but I didn't know they sold scarves. But then I haven't been in one in ages, just walked by them in the mall. Anyway, glad that the office environment is better for ya. Not really sure what to say about Brandon, hasn't happened to me. But I would just have a talk with him about trust, since he didn't really do any damage to the house other than having some people over. Maybe ground him :shrug: don't know. Can you actually ground an 18 year old? Sorry, I am no help at all. Your thing at the zoo sounds nice. Our zoo here does that also and they decorate the whole zoo. I haven't been yet but I may have to go this year. Going to try and spend quality time with Josh when he is home in December, just mother and son time. Anyway, but they do that at Halloween also. Not the caroling but decorating the zoo with lights and have trick or treating. Sounds like fun. I would love to hear you and Tanner sing!

Katy~I'm feeling a little better today. I have a headache and still a little of the cramping. Actually, it's not cramping, it's just really tender. It feels like I have a bowling ball in my stomache and it is as hard. But once TOM is over, I am fine. I always get a headache right before it ends and the tenderness. Thank goodness it is just for 3 or 4 days. We are supposed to get rain this week also. So I will be doing the mowing for V. I'll mow the back later this evening after dinner and then the front tomorrow since it is supposed to rain Wed. We picked up a butterfly bush that we need to plant also. I think they are kind of ugly but they attract the butterflies and they are so pretty.

A big WELCOME Connie! Looking forward to getting to know you. You've come to a great place.

Marti~you reminded me what I have been needing to get done for the last two weeks-have my oil changed! I keep forgetting so thanks for reminding me! I'll make an ppointment as soon as I finish up here.

Well, I got my 3 mile walk in this morning even though I didn't feel up to it. Angie you are right in that walking/exercising helps the cramps. Friday when they were bad. When I started walking they stopped but as soon as I stopped walking they started again! So the rest of the day will be spent cleaning house and getting a load of laundry done. Later on I will mow the back yard. We got some rain over the weekend and man did it grow. A tip to everyone...if you don't want to mow every 4 or 5 days...DON'T fertilize! Sometimes I think we fertilize too much but if we don't the yard doesn't look healthy and green. Then you have to prepare it for winter...I swear I don't ever remember doing any of this stuff to any other yards we had. But then the other houses the yards were already established and here we had to start from scratch so we are trying to get it thick. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a GREAT Monday! :wave:

Almost forgot...I did WI and am up one pound. Not to worry though...I know I gain some during TOM (usually 3-5 lbs.) so I'm not going to change my ticker thingy till TOM is over. Since I WI on Monday I will wait until then to change it whether it be a gain or loss. Just wanted to add that. Chat with ya later!

da fat n da furious
10-03-2005, 10:09 PM
Hello all
Thanks for the reminder Marti, I need an oil change too.

Ive got 24, 000 km on my santa fe already. Its not even a full year old yet.

Cristi,,,I get the nigging feeling of a migraine coming when I get TOM,,,sometimes at the end though so Oh Joy of TOM. I was reading somewhere about perimenopausal. I would say I am,
Not sure if I can ground him but like you said the trust thing needs to addressed. Plus the fact that I didn't know everyone in the pictures and don't know if they are of age.
He starts his job tonight,,,he has to work 1 week 10pm to 6 am. Yuck! Hopefully he hates it and really really wants to go back to school...figners crossed

Well I made the mistake of buying them 100 cal oreo cookies,,,I love them and we don't sell them here in Canada...Tanner loves them too so now we are down to 3 bags. This isn't going to be

Well I need to go buy groceries...oh ya. Bright side checking out all the things I can eat. really like WW mousse.

well off I go,,,

10-03-2005, 10:19 PM
Thanks for the welcome ladies! This was a typical Monday - very busy at work. Then we had a spaghetti supper at my granddaughter's preschool. The portions were small so I didn't do too bad - until afterwards when we stopped at Wendy's & I got a frosty! The sweets get me everytime! I had to haul my big butt up & down 3 flights of stairs at the school so maybe I worked off some of the frosty calories...what do you think?! Almost time for bed but I wanted to say "hi" to all of you.

10-04-2005, 09:43 AM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - yep, I've seen the movie The Money Pit, but should watch it again, lol. Especially since Neal is reconsidering trying to save this place. I so agree about the walking! It's so good for making a person feel better all over. Even mentally.

Marti - so glad you've had some quality time with your sweetie. Will his schedule always be where he's gone a lot, or is this just for the first couple of years?

Connie - a big welcome to you, neighbor. I'm in Indiana. Not sure what program you're doing, since I haven't read your bio yet, but a Junior Frosty at Wendy's is 3.5 WW points. A small is 7.5. I have worked in the Junior before, and it was well worth the points, lol.

Angie - I've been Christmas shopping too. Must be the Virgo in us, lol. Been meaning to tell you - if you haven't checked out the restaurant points at Dottie's, you just gotta!! Go to, and then to the restaurants. I printed off every one from my area, or the cities I visit. Dottie's site is real good about keeping them updated, too. So glad all is better at the office, Ang. Btw - send some of that snow to me!!!

Katy - glad to hear you're back on track. You've come Too Far to turn back now, right? I can't believe how much younger you look with the weight loss!! Did you get the yard cleaned up? I've got some things to do to prepare ours for winter. It's always something, right?

Only one more day until the broadband installation. :cp: It's sad that I can't even get internet out here on my phone line, or even my TV satellite.

We got the scales moved and stablized. I am 1/4 pound less than I was before we moved, so I'm happy with that! I think all the stress of the house is eating on me, lol. Today is Dale's birthday, but he always has a Funfetti cake, which is not hard for me to pass up at all.

Gotta get some cleaning done today. I've been slacking on that. Hope you have a great day!

10-04-2005, 04:02 PM
Good Morning Everyone--

I got up an hour ago and I'm still so very tired! I guess that's what I get for spending a week waking up EARLY in the morning!!

Cristi--I've also heard that exercise helps eleviate the pain of cramps. But stubborn me refuses to get out there and exercise when I have them...I choose to whine and moan on the couch! :lol: Did you make that oil change appointment?

Angie--100 calorie Oreo's are good. Are you asking for some for Christmas??? We could always make a special delievery........... So how did you handle the situation w/Brandon? I have not experienced anything like that, of coarse since Jhanai is only 11. So you must let me know how you handled it so I can prepare myself when she is that age!!

Katy--Can you believe how we went from VERY hot days to rainy wet cold days?? I would at least like to ease into the cold weather! I'm trying to find things to distract me too. I got on the gazelle yesterday and watched legs feel it today, so I will do it again when she's on.

Jane--Unfortunately, this will be his crazy schedule. But in January he is offically Engineer Qualified and he'll go back to his conductor job. Same schedule but it's not just one way....he'll go north to and sometimes just in Eugene.... I'm just glad he's close by.

Connie--Hello and Welcome! Hope to hear more about you!

Ok gals...I really need to get myself together here. I was so tired last night that I didn't wash my face. Well this morning the makeup is running into my eyes and I can't see the computer screen w/out squinting! My eyes are burnin'!! :eek:

Off to wash up!

10-04-2005, 04:53 PM
Afternoon ladies~

DD and I went to Best Buy to check out their MP3 players & IPODS. She's wanting one for Christmas and wanted to see what they have. We were disappointed...they had only 3 and not what she was looking for. She also wanted to see if they were compatable with our computer. I told her she would probably find more on the internet but she just didn't want to go that route. Looks like she may have to after all. And so since Best Buy was over by the mall, sort of ;) I had to run into Penneys and pick up a couple of things. Saw a shirt in the paper Sunday that I liked but ended up getting something different because I didn't care for it. My boobies would have hung out of it and that's a :nono: for me. Then came home and took Josh's truck for a drive to get gas in it. Not sure what those guys did with it last week but there was hardly any gas left, of course there wasn't much to begin with. Didn't really need a lot since no one has been driving it. Plus I am trying to keep it running. It needs to be driven instead of just sitting in the driveway. Came home and mowed the front yard because it is supposed to rain and if it does it would be Thursday or Friday before we could mow and the yard would be a mess! So mowed and picked weeds and trimmed a couple of shrubs. We have one that is kind of funny because the right side of it just grows like crazy. The left side does too but a lot slower than the right so I try to keep them in proportion. Kind of anal about the front yard sometimes. Did get my walk in also, and now I am getting some laundry done. Busy day and it's not over yet.

Angie~those are funky hours for Brandon. Wonder why they gave him 10 pm to 6 am. Yeah, didn't think you could ground an 18 yr. old. unless of course you took his car away ( he does have a car right? For some reason I thought he did but not sure now). But that seems kind of drastic and with him working that would mean you or Monte would have to run him around. I've got a little over 9,000 miles on mine and have had it a year last month. Those 100 calorie oreos are good! So are the chocolate chip and the nutter butter ones. Great snack when you really want a cookie. Not sure about anyone else but if I have cookies around I am not going to eat just one and quit. Of course I wouldn't eat the whole package either, LOL but would defiinitely eat more than one, or two, or three...LOL The reason I buy the 100 calorie ones.

Marti~I did make an appointment. Sometimes it is hard to get up and exercise when you are in so much pain so I totally understand that. I know I have done my share of moaning and whining! :nono: you should never go to bed with your make-up on girly! Especially mascara. Although, my sister used to all the time. She worked nights and would come home at 6 am and go straight to bed and that girl would put on some mascara! Her lashes were really long and she would add a ton of it and they looked like spider legs!! :fr: I read it's not good at all but can't remember what it does except make your face break out.

Jane~I know your house isn't like the one on The Money Pit...I just happened to think of it when you mentioned the costs before even starting the new house. It is a funny movie though. I can understand Neal wanting to save the house too. It would be really hard to destroy it, I'm not sure I could do it. Hope you like the broadband when you get it tomorrow. :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Dale! :hb:

Connie~the spaghetti dinner sounds yummy! :T I was going to fix that for dinner last night but no one was home but me and DD so we had breakfast, just eggs and biscuits. So it's spaghetti & salad tonight.

Hi to every one else :wave:

I should probably get off this thing and go get the load of clothes out of the dryer and fold them. I fold them on my bed and leave them there until I am completely finished with everything and then put it all up at one time.

Take care ladies and have a good one! :wave:

da fat n da furious
10-05-2005, 01:29 AM
Good evening ladies,
Marti the reason I was told never to sleep with make up on is to let your skin breath and I believe with mascara you can damage the lashes,,,breaks off?
They have given Brandon this shift for just a week. They are organizing the toy section and then once next Monday rolls around he will be working days.
I have to do what you are doing and watch tv while Im on the gazelle. I will soon!
Tomorrow is WI...arghhh since Ive been binging on 100 cal cookies I figure so far Im up to about 400 cals...gawd I love them. Im going to go to Walmart and beg the manager to somehow bring them in,,,figure he would do it just to get me off my knees whimpering. and I will do it!
Butter nut and choc chip? Mercy! Down to one bag and I have it

Cristi,,,9000? Which is 15, 000 km I drive way too much!

I am feeling pretty good, cleaned the one bathroom's big closet. Got another closet done and started the pantry.

I have taken off my artificial nails for awhile,,,feeling naked.

What I have done with Brandon so far is,,,torturing like I said I would do. I have been asking strange questions every so often. I seriously want him to tell me,,,not be forced it out. Cause right now the trust issue is what has made me the most upset about,,,I know what parents don't know what hurt them, and all teens throw parties when their parents aren't home. I know that. I just thought he would of been more upfront by now about what hes done... there was no damage to the house,,,no one got hurt.
BTW Cristi,,,I had a field day in Halmark recently,,,I bought a painted horse for my step dad, and 2 braclets for my SIL and mom. I think of you everytime I am near or in a Halmark.
Well off to bed I go,,,

10-05-2005, 01:39 PM
Hi ladies~

Such an ugly morning. Went for my walk at the park and only went around twice, which is 1.5 miles. The wind is blowing something fierce and it is cloudy. Jeez!! So rather than fight the wind I went ahead to Wal-Mart to buy groceries. Today is an unstructured day but I still have to get in 10,000 steps. And since I mowed the back yard Monday, the front yard yesterday I have to turn to the treadmill. I am half-way there, just 5,000 more to go. The rest of the walks this week are 3 mile walks and providing the weather is good I will head to the big park. It is so much better going around a big park once than going around the 3/4 of a mile park 4 times. The big park has three cut-offs so we walk all of them and that gives me a little over 3 miles. If I do three miles on the treadmill I have to break it up into two walks because it bores the heck out of me. Anyway, as soon as I get off this thing I have to straighten the house and write Josh. I am getting excited about seeing him the end of the month. Not excited about flying though but with V with me I will be fine.

Angie~I just bought some of the 100 calorie snacks. They have a big bag of them and this has the oreo, choc. chip, cinnamon graham crackers and cheese nips. Not a fan of cheese nips but V will eat them. The ones I thought were nutter butter ones are actually planters. They just looked like the nutter butter cookies so I thought that's what they were. Hey, I thought I drove a lot too. A lot of times thought I will have V drive his truck. And of course now I am driving Josh's truck around so that saves miles on mine. I even made a trip to AR a while back and drove all over that place. But you are a busy lady for sure. Hey, you can come on over and clean my closets. I started on Josh's and never finished and mine really needs it. When I switch over the summer clothes to the winter I will get rid of a lot of stuff. I have quite a few denim dresses and those will be the first to go. Well, most of them. I am so over denim dresses. I want to wear my levis. I am going to need to make a trip to Hallmark soon. I stocked up on cards for Josh and don't have many left.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Going to go check out a couple of things online and send a couple of e-mails then get off and do some walking and cleaning. Hey, maybe I will get to Josh's closet today!

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Wednesday!

10-05-2005, 02:48 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Cristi & Angie-- I'll have my car a year in December....and I have over 12,500 miles on it already!! So sad!! :( But I drive it to work everyday and it's about 40miles to and from work. Sheesh....never thought about it. I suppose driving it down to San Fran kind of helped add to the mileage. We plan on flying next time.

How is everyone doing??? James is still in Klamath Falls (2hrs south of where I live) He says the board is turning slower now that they added more people. I'm always so confused with his schedule. Does that mean he'll be away from home more? At home more when he does get here? Crazy I tell ya!

I've got laundry to do! Not looking forward to that. And I have to get on my gazelle and workout. MUST do that.

Off I go.

da fat n da furious
10-06-2005, 12:29 AM
Hello ladies...
Marti I go my santa fe last week in Nov. and it has 24, 567 km which converted is around 15, 000 miles.
Cristi the lil cantainers sat there for weeks before I finally hated working around them and cleaned out the closets and ahhh everything now has its place. I need to refold everything in the linen closet.

I WI earlier,,,down another 3.4 lbs,,,totally 6.6. My motto is failing to plan is planning to fail. And drink the water....

Cristi,,,you are killing me,,,I have looked everywhere for them 100 cal things, Went to Costco today and nothing...did get a couple more christmas presents though...

well I need to get Mr. B off to work,,,his last night of nights and then Friday he goes to days,,,i guess they have been working like demons at night and finished the project early.


da fat n da furious
10-06-2005, 12:30 AM
how do I get the lil meter thing ?

10-06-2005, 12:37 PM
Morning ladies~

Angie~WTG on yet another GREAT loss!!! :cp: :cb: :dance: :bravo: You are doing an awesome job! Are you talking about the weight tracker thingy? What I do is go to User CP at the top left corner of the page and go to edit signature and at the top of the page there is a weight tracker thing and I click on that and it takes me to the page. Just follow the directions, it's pretty easy. You can choose either Weight or Weight Change. If I remember correctly weight change just shows your goal-what you want to lose and how much you have lost and weight shows your actual weight. I may have it backwards but at the end when you are done with it you will see which one it is and if you like it or not. You just highlight the code/link (can't think of what it is called) and copy it. Then go back to your signature and paste it. It's easy. I wonder why you guys don't have those 100 calorie snacks there, especially at Wal-Mart.

Marti~I bet it does get confusing with James schedule! It just sounds confusing to me! At least this time he is in the same state! Actually, I don't think you are doing too bad with the mileage on your car, even Angie. I think about 12,000 is average for someone just driving to work but if you count in all the other things and trips even 15,000 isn't bad. Since moving to town I know that has saved on my mileage.

Well, I better get going. Need to run to Target and pick up a couple of things and head to the post office. Take care ladies and have a great Thursday!

10-06-2005, 04:49 PM
Hellllllooooo...where is everyone? Awfully quiet around here. :(

Well, I went to Target and the post office...didn't take as long as I thought it would so now I am home and bored. The house is clean and I am doing a load of laundry so thought I would get online and drop by and see if anyone had posted. Anywho...need to send a couple of e-mails and then it should be time for Jeopardy! Yippee! :)

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a nice day! See ya :wave:

10-06-2005, 06:51 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - way to go, girl, losing so much more!! :cp: I was worried about you having the snack thingies in the house since you love them so much, but I can clearly see you have them under control.

Cristi - thanks for the BD wishes for Dale. We had a good time, and I didn't mind not having any cake and ice cream, since my dinner was late that night, anyway, and I was still ...well, not full, but full enough, lol.

Marti - at least James will be closer now. I'd think that's more of a comfort to you. Yep, the miles on a car sure rack up. When we lived in town, it wasn't much of a problem, but ever since we moved out here, it's unreal how many we've added!

Well, I did not get my internet satellite. :no: The guy showed up late, then said he couldn't put in on our roof because there are 2 layers of shingles on it. So he says he can go to town and for an additional $125. 00, he'll get a pole to put it on. That was on top of the $500.00 reg. installation fee. I told him where he could put his $125.00 pole. Then I called the company and cancelled the hole deal. So unless I find another company who's will to come way out here, I'm stuck with this antiquated dial-up service!

Other than that, life is good. :) Hope things are good for you, too.

10-06-2005, 07:08 PM
Whoa! Hop on over the Weight Loss and Chit Chat thread #146... see you there!!