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08-06-2005, 01:47 PM
In the Winn Dixie, they sometimes have buy ONE get TWO free packages of chicken breasts. I can send you the ad, sugar, and you can one-up the butcher's wife.

It's raining here.And raining. and raining. It's wonderful to be indoors.

Breakfast: Rose tea with Splenda and Silk milk. Left over salmon, spinach .. threw out the potatoes.

Lunch: Left over tortollini salad. That stuff is GOOD days later.

08-06-2005, 03:15 PM
Oh yeah, I ate lunch. A can of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs and a glass of milk. I'm going to ****, aren't I?


08-06-2005, 03:20 PM
I corrected my spelling in the title.

Canned food is not a deadly sin. I think you should have a little green salad with it though.

Raining here. DS is out riding his bike. I guess he's used to being wet by now.

08-06-2005, 06:06 PM
Raining here too, Peachy. Our Spanish friends are running around saying "Que frio!" and have already bought sweaters and long pajamas.

Salmon and spinach are sooooo good for you!

Kiwi - I think canned spaghetti is actually healthy. Don't cooked tomatoes have that stuff in them that protects you against all sorts of nasties? It's the meatballs I'd be worried about. :lol:

I can't even remember what I had for lunch. This and that, I think. I know I had heart shaped pancakes and two (very very very small) pieces of bacon for dinner. Migraine recovery program. No wonder my pants are tight.

08-06-2005, 08:22 PM
Que agua-o here.

Snack: ice cream cone I found in the freezer. Chocolate inside the cone. Yummo. Bad.

Dinner: Brown rice and veggies. Iced Good Earth tea. Hippie meal. DeLiCiOUS.

Will I stop there???? Probably not.

Sugar, how did you make Spanish friends? Are you serving them bratwurst?

08-07-2005, 12:43 AM
I skipped breakfast... does that count?
Then had Chinese Chicken salad at Chili's for lunch... and 3 bean salad (from a can) and spinach souflee (Souffers) and a big piece of left over lemonade cake for dinner... plus about a gallon of green tea....
MD said I was on steroids to keep tummy calm... but it makes me bloat and crave carbs more than usual. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
But I'm gonna live, so i suppose that's a good thing. :lol:

It rained here for about 3 minutes. Muy humido.
Hasta manana, chickas.

08-07-2005, 01:17 AM
mmm spinach souflee Yum. And Brown rice and veggies, Yum.

We went to friends' camp at Other Lake for dinner. I had crackers and cheese, one hamburger with bun and cheese, rice and beans, corn on the cob. And beer. Oh, yeah, and a whoopie pie. Pretty much decided that the rest of the world is unfamiliar with whoopie pies. It's sort of related to a moon pie. Maybe I'll scout out a pic. Anyone have these where you live? This ( is a good description, but the whoopie pies have too much filling (IMHO). Here's ( some more typical ones.

Goodnight, I'm bloated.


So then I had some potato chips with cheese dip, and considered heating up some leftover rice pilaf, but decided to go to bed instead. Good choice...

08-07-2005, 09:05 AM
Yesterday I had Deli Rye Triscuits for lunch...2 nekkid burgers with carboption ketchup , a tich of mayo and polish dill pickles for dinner... a fudgesicle and a gallon of cawfee with silkmilk and water water water...snore
. Whoopie Pies :doh: G O O D... I got a receipe around here from my ww days for a low cal whoopie pie... the filling is made with frozen cool whip.. Delish!

When we were in NC I already got my "courtesy cards" from the Stop and Robs... Lowes and Food Lion.. New store names for me..I'm use to Pathmark, Shoprite, and Stop n Shops...and I think I'll join "Curves", there's one close to me now..My weight loss has stalled...I still look like a weeble.

08-07-2005, 11:15 AM
I think I should just go back and add foods to a previous message; then nobody has to read it :lol:

I'm going to watch the canoe race today. Big white water race a few miles away from here. Part of the annual canoe festival, which used to be a lot of fun and is not so much anymore. DD is not happy that they don't have the canoe parade anymore -- she loved coming up with a silly theme and decorating a canoe and floating downstream with her friends (not in whitewater).

We got an appointment for DD to have senior portraits done in 2 weeks. :eek: For $99 you get 3 prints or something -- apparently we will be shelling out serious dough for this stuff.


08-07-2005, 02:52 PM
I could eat me some 'o them whoppee pies. Yummo. Chocolate and Cool Whip.

Breakfast: Skipped. No time.

Lunch: Left over tortollini salad on spinach. Threw out rest of tortollini. Tired of spelling it.

DS's senior pictures were done free UNLESS you wanted to pay a $20 sitting fee. This would get you some proofs which you could purchase. DS did not pay the fee. And he got the pictures taken just before his haircut. I told him he did that just so I wouldn't be tempted to buy any.

I am going to nap.

08-07-2005, 03:54 PM
DS's senior pictures were done free UNLESS you wanted to pay a $20 sitting fee. This would get you some proofs which you could purchase. DS did not pay the fee. Oh well, he's a boy. I don't think I'll be getting away with that.

Nice day today. Went and sat on a riverbank and watched canoes and kayaks paddle by in the race. The 2nd boat over the finish line, and the first kayak, was paddled by an 82 year old man. Meanwhile, I'm too pitiful to lug my kayak down to the lake and put it in the water...

Oh yeah, I've have some coffee today, a bagel with half cream cheese and half peanut butter, then a serving of leftover rice pilaf and some red bell pepper. That's breakfast and lunch I guess. I feel like a nap.


08-07-2005, 04:05 PM
Speaking of coffee. Anyone listen to NPR today?
Coffee was introduced second half of 17th century. It replaced alcohol for many people and great works of art were produced at the same time. Coffee houses were big deals in England and important decisions were made in them. They evolved into men's clubs as women were not allowed in the coffee houses. Then The West Indian Tea Company (may have that wrong) introduced tea and tea parlors sprung up and welcomed families. Thus, tea became the drink of England.

Best part in church today: This woman who is now doing the "children's church" is a bit snooty or something. She replaced a woman who didn't ask to be replaced. Anyhow, she calls the kids up to the front and asks who knows who Zacharais was. He climbed upa tree, she said. Little boy said "He fell out." She said "No, he didn't" and the kid said, "Yes, he did too." Just liked it.

08-07-2005, 07:12 PM
Hee Hee, I like your story.

I just went swimming. In the lake. It was beeyootiful.

I'm having frozen MahiMahi for dinner. I wonder what I should with it. Besides thaw it.


08-07-2005, 07:23 PM
DH loves homemade whoopie pies... His mom made sure I got the recipe for "her boy" (he was 48 at the time!!) Devils food cake mix made into "cookies" and then frosted with pre-made frosting....high sugar, for sure....

I am seriously into comfort food.... should probably just take more tylenol and a long nap.

Canoe races sound great... there is no place within miles to put a canoe in water.... Although I can hear thunder and lightening... so flash floods might make it possible.

Great story, about Zacharias, Cowpernia... Isn't there a second Zacaharias, besides? I think kids sometimes just stick to what they know... and manage to keep it simple!

I paid LOTS of money for kids HS grad portraits... and I still have them up... They make me happy every time i see 'em... One of my wiser "extravagant" purchases.


08-08-2005, 01:12 PM
Morning, cowsies.

I don't have a puppy. But I have puppy pictures! Here is a litter of Belgian sheepdog puppies at 2 weeks old. They are not so very far away that I might not go visit them sometime soon. And there are still 2 available. Hmmm. DH wants to buy a new boat for the lake. Do I smell a trade-off opportunity?


08-08-2005, 01:20 PM
Sheepdog puppies? Am I not seeing one chewing on the face of an innocent sheepie trying to hide under the sofa?

Dinner: DS and I made beef/blue cheese salad.

Then I ate 2 cups of ice cream (might as well finish it) and an orange soda and a bunch of potato chips. Didn't finish those. The bag is as big as a bed pillow.

Breakfast: icky oatmeal

Snack: Tuna and crackers

At least I am proving that I over eat at night. Anyone see Peanuts yesterday.l It was me Snoopy was being. He wanted a pre-breakfast snack, breakfast, snack. lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, TV snack, bedtime snack, and midnight snack. I might have missed one. Not in real life . but in the list.

08-08-2005, 01:35 PM
Sheepdog puppies? Am I not seeing one chewing on the face of an innocent sheepie trying to hide under the sofa? Naw, he's loving the sheepie. Or maybe not. Well, they've got to start somewhere...

I'm relieved to know that you didn't miss a snack. Neither have I.


08-08-2005, 02:15 PM
I have 2 Cairn Terriers.. Darby and Casey.. I don't have kids so these are my babies! They don't piddle.. totally house broken.. They know Sit, Wait(Stay) let's go, Come, High 5, lay down, sit, sit up, Bear Dance, roll over, heel, easy, Drop it, and speak. Yes I'm a proud mama! They don't shed, but we just gave them their summer cuts, so they are way less hairy now then in the pic.
Darby is the one on the right.she is big for a Cairn. Timid,loves to lick fabric?noises make her skittish, she loves to swim. Casey is small for a cairn, but a ballsy broad.. I wanted to name her Belle, so I could play with the name, like Dumbbell, liberty bell for July 4th, bonnie bell when I felt Scottish... but when we got her she was more like a Bertha! She's not afraid of anything, we call her Missy Lick-a-lot, since she mobs me all the time.. I don't think I'd get any other kind of dog..

I had a WW english muffin with ICBINB and sugar free jelly for breakfast..and we are having London Broil on the Barbie tonight.

I would have loved to be in the canoe race.. I have a dragon head "noodle" that I modified and duct taped to the front of it when we do the all girl overnight canoe on the Delaware River..

Cowsie - cute story!...

I want a whoopie pie.

08-08-2005, 02:50 PM
I'm eating my way through the leftover bunco food. Yesterday's food list is too long to type.

Schatzi, bunco is a dice game that you play with 11 other friends. We get together once a month. It's mostly about eating and drinking and talking and laughing a lot. We were short one player so we were playing w/ a "dummy". About halfway through the evening one of DS's friends stopped by looking for DS and he took over for the dummy. We promised not to tell any of his macho 22 yr old male buddies that he was hanging out with middle aged women playing dice.

The baby shower was for my Aunt Dolly's grandchild. Aunt Dolly is adorable. She wears leopard print eye glasses. She always has a cigarette in her hand. She wore plaid stretch pants and a tank top w/ white mocassins. A very tight perm. Gravelly voice. She calls everybody "Hon". She's what you would call a character. The baby was adorable. Of course. He didn't wear leopard print eyeglasses.

I spent lots of money for kids senior portraits and neither of them finished senior year. Still well worth the money. I guess we could call them GED portraits, huh?

DH did not have fun deep sea fishing yesterday. He was sick the entire time. He knows that he gets seasick, yet every year or so he tries it again. He's a slow learner, I guess.

Sugar, we've quit eating chinese food even though we love it because of the msg. Not worth the misery afterwards.

Kiwi, I think I see your name on one of those puppies.

PS Hi Schatzi! We must have posted at the same time. Your doggies are adorable.

08-08-2005, 03:26 PM
How do I make my picture small enough to attach? Cowper wants to see the guard kitty.

08-09-2005, 02:48 AM
The puppies are all darling. I won't insult them or my kitty (who we CALL Puppy, by posting her photo.).
I think I'm going to go have some tapioca and then go to sleep. With a sleeping pill. If I were going to stay up all night, I should at least get something useful done.....

Too bad I don't have the hamster gene where I could just pedal and pedal and pedal on the stationery bike. Now THAT would be useful.

08-09-2005, 03:02 AM
Kiwi, I think I see your name on one of those puppies.Funny, that's what I thought!

Aunt Dolly sounds like a real trip.

Wabbit, you can send me your photo and I'll resize it and send it back to you if you want. It has to be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels and under 40K I think, if you have a graphics program that will resize it and compress it.

Your dogs look very cute, Schatzi. For some reason I couldn't get the photo to enlarge.

I'm pooped. Too much partying.


08-09-2005, 09:24 AM
Yeech, it's a foggy day here... fits my head... moving like a herd of turtles this morning... We are basically camping at this house.. Everything is boxed or moved already...including the cawfee maker (WHAT WAS I THINKING!) ..I've been reduced to drinking instant Taster's Choice, with powdered milk. And its DECAFFINATED :faint: ! GASP!

Wabby: Aunt Dolly sounds like a goil aftah my own heart... She must be a riot! I have this visual of the old Sonny and Cher show, where Cher dressed up as the old hot lady, with her tiger glasses and lycra pants..
11 FRIENDS! My you are POOP-U-Lar! I love to play games, board games ,card games ..If I was closer I woulda filled in fer ya.

Painty- You need your rest dear, what the hoodle doo are you doing up soo late..or are you normally a night owl? ;)

Kiwi - I use a thumbnail program..I have no idea how to resize or compress or any of that computer wizardry. :^: I hope you do get one of those puppies..2 cute.

Sug must be concentrating on learning Spanish...

08-09-2005, 01:50 PM
Breakfast: Toast with Laura Scudders peanut butter. yuck.

Lunch: Leftover beef/blue cheese salad.

This is NOT helping yet. Maybe it'll kick in. I'm just depressed. I want to see all the kitties .. even Painty's. Why would that be offensive, Painty? Kitties is good.

08-09-2005, 02:09 PM
Breakfast: Canteloupe chunks
Lunch: TBA

Schatzi, Aunt Dolly was the prototype for Cher. She really is a Dolly. DECAF??? Instant? Arrrrghhhh! No wonder you're feeling foggy. Are you excited or sad about this move? How long have you been in Joisy? We are such rooted ppl. We've only lived in one other house in our 27 years of marriage, and that was only about 2 miles from this house.

Cowper, Kiwi is working on the picture of the very skinny guard kitty. I think I may have found it a home. One of the guys here at work is thinking of taking him. I've offered to have him wormed and vacinated if he takes kitty. Even guard kitties deserve a real home.

DS's file is being submitted to underwriting for final loan approval today for his new house. Keep your fingers crossed.

08-09-2005, 03:40 PM
Wabby Dahlink~This will be my 9th move! And not due to work or anything other than I was out on my own since 17..However, this is the biggest move.. Older, with More Crap and bigger place that got filled with crap..and my first out of NJ...Jersey Born Bred till Dead, or so I thought! My DH (Ken) has wanted to move for the last 20 years..He hates Joisey.. and I finally have acquiesed (KIWI spell check!) I don't have any family to speak of left in NJ, and had "broken up" with my BFF..She was my bestest for over 20 years.. and with that I lost her sister and daughter as other "close" friends... but there comes a point when you just can't take any more drama and BS.. so, while i do still have some friends here, it's not the same...And, I left a high pressure job in DA Bronx in January..and Ken just finished up a 1099 job (He's a Cisco Certified Engineer..routers ,switches, IP telephony etc) the timing was right, the housing market was right, and most importantly I feel its the right time for me to start the next chapter in our lives... So that's the story! :smug:
Todays menu
B: 2 WW english muffins with Butter and SF Jelly
D: Cube Steak and cauliflower
Water and Diet Lipton Ice tea
NS fudgsicle for dessert

08-09-2005, 07:48 PM
Lunch: 1 chicken/apple sausage
pasta salad
1 slice left over (from bunco) lemonade cake

DH is really wanting to lose some weight, so maybe if I cook better for him, I'll do better. Now that DS is moving out, we won't have any excuses for having a thing in the house that we shouldn't be eating.

08-10-2005, 02:02 AM
How come when I have computer problems, everyone posts? My puter overheated and blew a gasket. We made it lie down in a darkened room with a cold compress for a few hours and it's feeling much better now. Heaven knows I am sympathetic; I can barely move in this heat. It's been 90 degrees and the sun feels like a blast furnace the past 2 days. Fortunately it's cooling down in the evening.

Drove to the big city today to drop off sailing buddy Y who's going back to work in Florida for 2 days and will then be back for more merriment on the weekend. Then I went shopping. What else is there to do in the big city? Bought an assortment of wedding gifts for the nephew and his b-t-b. Wasn't all that excited with the stuff they had registered for at Target :shrug: but got them a lamp and end table from their list and threw in a set of champagne flutes for good measure (fortunately they were well packed :lol3: ). Got out of there for under $100, which was fine by me. Then I blew the bank account at Sam's Club. Yeehaw. Funny thing, I can't abide Mal-Wart, but Sam's Club? Lemme at 'em. So it was a big-ol' All American discount shopping consumerism day and I'm tahred.

By the way, Schatzi, are you familiar with the whole tar-heel thing?

Cowpeach, who is Laura Scudder and why did she make you eat her peanut butter for breakfast? I actually caved in and bought The South Beach Diet today. :faint: I made myself feel less fat and middle-aged by buying Freakonomics at the same time.

I use a thumbnail program..I have no idea how to resize or compress or any of that computer wizardry. Actually, that explains why I couldn't enlarge your peecture -- that was the size you posted! (duh..)

Instant Taster's Choice Decaf. :barf: That sounds looooooovely. :no: I used to know a guy who was happy with instant coffe made with hot tap water. Not someone I could relate to.

Breakfast: Coffee, then more coffee
Lunch: Arby's Barf N Cheddar, with potato cakes, and water, lots of water
Dinner: Giant pork chop from Sams Club, marinated, sauteed in olive oil and garlic and baked in a bit of sherry; spaghetti (butter, romano); and zucchini, onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil. It was a hella good dinner, but it's not going to make the diet food list.
DH made me eat half a bag of microwave popcorn. Yeah, made me.

Must remove contacts before they fog over entirely.

DD is out camping with her friends tonight. 3 girls, 5 boys. I don't know, she claims there will be a girls' tent and "the boys will be somewhere else". The guys who are going are total straight arrows anyway; I stopped worrying when I found out who was going to be there. But this is a first. I just hope they don't annoy the other people in the campground...


08-10-2005, 05:34 AM
Que frio!

No habla muy bien espanol!

Una cafe con leche por favor!

Muchas gracias!

Hasta luego!

(More later. I have the whole house to myself today. And cramps. Yay. AND my ticker is lying terribly)

08-10-2005, 12:21 PM
No speakum dat. What'd you do with your family, send them off to Spanish camp? Sell them to the gypsies?

When I got up this morning (very late), I found DD sleeping in her bed. That seemed odd, so I woke her up and asked her what she was doing home. She said they stayed up all night and when 6:30 am came around they decided to go home. At least they didn't get kicked out or anything... Kids.

It's hot again, I'm not impressed. Gotta go take a shower and sluice the sweat off. (Hope you weren't eating lunch when you read that)


08-10-2005, 12:34 PM
Yo comprendo. Es bien. Todo el mundo aqui hablan francias pero yo no lo hablo. Espanol es muy mejor.

DS wants a car. His mama can't buy him a car. He has a little (very little) money. Last night, he biked down to the local inbred gas station and applied for a job. This will be interesting. I hope I can bring myself to back off and let him work it out.

08-10-2005, 12:56 PM
Peachers, tip from my DS to your DS - Do not put gas in a diesel truck. DS had his first job at a gas station for one day.

Sugar, me yama es Joy. That's all I remember from spanish class in 8th grade. And I know that's not how you spell yama. I also remember cervesa and banas from Mexico trip. Very important.

I'm tired of watering plants. It hasn't rained for weeks and weeks.

I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. I'm too fat for my clothes. The invite said casual attire - what would you say that means at a wedding? These are my next door neighbors who have lived together for 10 years. What kind of wedding present do you give to a 50 yr old couple w/ everything? These are their interests: scuba diving, sail boarding, surfing, gourmet cooking, boating, classic Porsches, and exotic travel. Can't really get them a crockpot.

Breakfast: coffee and 2 graham crackers

I updated my tracker. Sob.

08-10-2005, 01:04 PM
If DS gets a job at a gas station, I will DEFINITELY tell him that. I wil also rejoice.

Casual wedding in Florida: Barefoot on the beach. Hawaiian shirts and gausy dresses blowing in the breeze. Let your hair air dry that morning. Have a tan.

I am tired of being depressed. If DS gets a car and a job, I will be worried but perhaps less depressed. I love him 1000000 percent but am self-defined as his mom. I want to be MEEEE. At least sometimes.

08-10-2005, 01:48 PM
Peach, I'm in Oregon. Casual wedding in Oregon - garden setting in the Columbia River Gorge area. Beautiful scenery, but what to wear???? I could fit into a mu-mu.

08-10-2005, 01:56 PM
Then I blew the bank account at Sam's Club. Yeehaw. Funny thing, I can't abide Mal-Wart, but Sam's Club? Lemme at 'em. So it was a big-ol' All American discount shopping consumerism day and I'm tahred.

By the way, Schatzi, are you familiar with the whole tar-heel thing?
Kiwi, Same here.. I stay away from WallyWorld, but looove Sams..We call it the $200 hundred Club..Cuz, I never leave without spending at least that much..We get all our meats there, we then split the portions up and use my handydandy FoodSaver..Love that thing!...
Btw, I've been on South Beach since May 28th.. I've slip slided a bit but am having no problem sticking to the plan. (DON'T Hate me Gals, but I have to move my ticker down 2 more pounds.. )
No hable es Tar-Heel

Peacharina: "Yo comprendo. Es bien. Todo el mundo aqui hablan francias pero yo no lo hablo. Espanol es muy mejor." ( This is what I translate: I understand, it's all good.. Today is monday and I have a French Poodle here who doesn't bark. Spanish is my major).. I AM impressed! I can't even speak English..Dangle my participles and split my infinitives and whatnot...

I am sure you are soo much more , a mom first and foremost, and you will always say you are a mom first. Oh woe, why are you depressed darlin?

Wabby..Can't go wrong with a Gift certificate to a scuba or surf shop.. Or maybe a certificate for dinner for 2 at a nice restaurant...I would wear a cottonny "Fit and Flare" tea length casual dress with a pair of mules/clogs.. I have one in my closet that is about 10 years old.. I love that hippy look.

No new news from Gary Gnu.. My life is still in limbo .. I can't wait to just GO already.. Get our new nest all spiffed up, explore and get back to work..

Ola Sug!

Cajun Sesame Mix

Ham Steaks
No sugar Added Applesauce.

I'm still Jonesin' for a whoopie pie... Must Make Pie First Thing In North Caroliner.

08-10-2005, 02:02 PM
I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. I'm too fat for my clothes. The invite said casual attire - what would you say that means at a wedding? These are my next door neighbors who have lived together for 10 years. What kind of wedding present do you give to a 50 yr old couple w/ everything? These are their interests: scuba diving, sail boarding, surfing, gourmet cooking, boating, classic Porsches, and exotic travel. The wedding I'm going to on Saturday is pretty much the opposite of yours. My dress fits, but makes me look fat. I think the wedding is average/formal. The couple are kids. Kids. I mean they registered at Target, what can I say? Not that that wasn't a practical thing to do, but the list was pretty amusing. They registered for computer equipment, for heaven's sake. Your couple would be very hard to buy for. I'd be tempted to buy them a side of beef or something. :lol:

Cowp, Franciass is not a nice way to say Francais. Et l'Espagnol n'est pas meilleur.

Au revoir. Je dois sécher mes cheveux, manger le déjeuner, et conduire à la prochaine ville en trente minutes.


08-10-2005, 02:09 PM
Hi Schatzi. Were we separated at birth? I also never leave without spending at least that much..We get all our meats there, we then split the portions up and use my handydandy FoodSaver..Love that thing!..., except we live 75 miles from it, so we have to use the local grocery store for most perishables.

08-10-2005, 02:47 PM
You know ... I made this post and half of it, the middle half, disappeared. It's kind of like that woman who cut my medium length hair short on top because SHE DECIDED it wouldn't lay flat that way. I hate her hater her hate her. I had just finished growing it to one length.

Anway: I am depressed because if have no man, no money, no decent job, no life, etc.

Shots so beautifully proved that cows can instinctively translate that I am taking on snooty Kiwi.

Au revoir. Je dois sécher mes cheveux, manger le déjeuner, et conduire à la prochaine ville en trente minutes.

Ahem ... "Good bye. I have two little Chevys that live in my manger. In 20 or 30 minutes, they will perform a vaudeville routine."

Breakfast: Leftovers from dinner

Lunch: Riesens and sweet tea

08-10-2005, 02:48 PM
BTW: Oregon casual. Lumberjack shirts and big old boots. You could make a dress from black/red flannel to go with your boots.

08-10-2005, 03:39 PM
In what way is Sam's Club different than Costco? Who all has a Costco?

Breakfast: 2 graham crackers & coffee
Lunch: Pasta salad & I'm still hungry.....

08-10-2005, 03:45 PM
Wab, Sam's is a Walmart product. You buy too much of whatever you buy. Their clothes look great and fall apart in the wash. They don't have the same thing all the time. They had great tuna wrapped up in 7 can bunches but no longer. In the winter they had Land O Lakes hot cocoa. Yummo. They have detergent in bottles that are too heavy to move. You put the on the counter and get the liquid from a spicket on the side. I don't know that I've eve attempted to spell spicket. I have not thought of buying meat there but now feel that I need whatever Shots is using to rewrap hers. Where'd you get it, Shots?

Sam's is a membership store. Ours had a WalMart gas station in front but converted it to a Sam's one. Now, you have to put your stupid membership card in the machine before it will dispense gas.

I remember Costco in California. Sam's is hugely groceries. Costco was gadgets and knickknacks and jewelry, I think.

08-10-2005, 03:52 PM
Cowser! :rofl: :rofl: I read your translation and nearly lost all "clenching ability" - Near PEED myself! Hmm, we've got to get you out of that rut! Sigh, tackle one thing at a time..but if your livin in East GaPip, I dunno how many options are available to you for a job or a man..

Wabby: Yeah we have Costcos and BJs too.. but they just don't compare to Sams.. Although they are basically the same.. Bulk buys and a smattering of this and that..

Ki-oui, 75 MILES! GADZOOKS WOMAN ! I can't imagine living so far away from all the trappings of Suburbia. Frozen Tootsies Maine..hmmm.. I've been to Bah-Habah, Sullivan, Bangor, Arcadia park... did the stalking thing and visited Steven Kings house and the Blueberry Festival..Maine Tis BeeYoutiful, but alas too bitter cold too fast for me... Did we already talk about this? My mind is slipping..And it's pronounced "Tar-shay"...

08-10-2005, 04:02 PM
You have been INTO STEPEN KING'S HOUSE??? I was once with Bagz when her mom left Stephen a love note on his gate. That was the romantic highlight of my life (since all others are garbage in retrospect) but we didn't get in. what is gapip?

08-10-2005, 04:29 PM
It's called a Food Saver and I got it at Sam's Club.. Basically it vacuums out the air and then you heat seal the bag up. I've had meat in the freezer for near a year and it taste fresh. I use it for fresh picked strawberries etc.. most anything. I really thought it was going to be another useless gadget to add to my growing useless kitchen collection..but it turns out I use it alot. I like to also throw marinade into the bag, seal it up and then when it freezes and thaws it's already marinated for me.

Great description of Sams! I have a 500 gallon ALL detergent with spigot.. And the 84 oz bottles of Heinz Ketchup. oooh Land O lakes Mint Chocolate FAV..I bought the 50 pouch variety set...ha ha!
East Gabip.. It's like BumF*ck Nowhere, Far away , A catch all phrase for a very rural area...
Sigh, No, Not IN his house.. I too was at the gargoyle festooned gates.. I did see Tabitha.. Tabby was not looking her best, had stringy greasy hair, wearing a very old Stained sweatshirt atop Brown plaid polyester pants. I waved "Hi Tabitha!" she squatted down to pick up the newspaper and look like she was swatting at me when she returned the hello(?). We wandered about Bangor looking for his house, when I had DH pull into a convenience store.. i asked the clerk.."Do you know where Steven King lives.." and he pulled out a xeroxed baby mappette, and highlighted the route to his door. I bet his house is filled with antiquey victorian stuff..
How nice you got to meet some of the cows.. perhaps one day....

08-10-2005, 05:40 PM
I am noticing that Shots corrects my spelling. How useful!

What aisle is the Food Saver on and how do you "heat seal" the things?

I have told Bagz to post. I am loosing face if she does not.

08-10-2005, 05:44 PM
Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi, there are cars on ebay for One Cent. What's the catch?

08-10-2005, 05:58 PM
In the Kitcheny Gadgetry aisle.. Where you find the spice racks, glasses,blenders,toaster ovens...You heat seal with the thing is a link to the food saver...

I was picking up Kiwi's slack..(She's probably off proofing other posts and developed a nervous tic over our misspellings.. :dizzy: )

08-10-2005, 06:07 PM
Shots, do you have the Professional, Signature, Premiere, Ultimate, Advanced or one of the others?

08-10-2005, 07:03 PM
The Essential V375.. I think it cost around $80 at Sams..which to me was alot to "invest" in yet another kitchen gadget..but we actually use it.

Hmm, I'm having a hair problem.. My hair is limp,flat,thin and I'm sporting a Marcia-doo,(from the Brady Bunch) ..and dyed too many times that the ends are looking dead black instead of brown and quite fried..Right now it's down to my boobage area..
I need a new style and some color correction I think...Maybe a shag? A loose body wave? It definitely needs to be cut.. and SOON..cuz I have a habit of taking Kitchen Shears (yet another useful kitchen gadget) and cutting my own..

08-10-2005, 08:11 PM
Kiwi, exactly what are dangling participles and a split infinitives? Kindly use in a sentence ( in English mi Aimee).
Enquiring minds wanna know

08-11-2005, 12:21 AM
We have Costco, Sams AND K-Mart, Target and Wal Mart within a 5 mile radius. Texans seem to spend money and complain about other people's religion (or the lack of it.) I would rather paint. Or take a nap. Or stay up late and see who's on line!!

DH hired cleaners to come tomorrow. Whoo hooo... I am going to see one little client couple and go to lunch with some ladies... then come home and do laundry so DD and DS and DS's GF have clean linens by the weekend.

Did I say take a nap?
And maybe knit.

Happy food sealing y'all... I'm happy with ziplock bags... but then.. hardly anything ever gets left over, either.

08-11-2005, 12:50 PM
I have a food saver, but I usually use ziplock freezer bags. I buy the huge-o economy size at Costco. DH loves the food saver and uses it for freezing mass quanities of fish, which we seldom defrost and eat. He also likes to seal up his fishing gear so it will be waterproof until he uses it.

Schatzi, I have a hair problem every day. Mine's been cut, it's been colored (just some highlights) and yet it still gives me problems. I think it's biggest problem is that it's on the head of a middle aged suburbanite.

Cowper, DS has sold cars on ebay, but never bought one that way. Maybe the catch is that the one cent cars don't move. One the other hand, what have you got to lose? A penny. Although I'd definitely check out shipping charges.

Painty, congrats on the cleaning person. Everyone should have a cleaning person. Even the cleaning person.

08-11-2005, 01:57 PM
Ahem ... "Good bye. I have two little Chevys that live in my manger. In 20 or 30 minutes, they will perform a vaudeville routine."Exactly. And by the way, snooty Kiwi translates in both directions by using Google Translations. Snooty Kiwi does not remember enough French to hail a cab. :s:

In what way is Sam's Club different than Costco? Who all has a Costco? Same idea, different parent company. If there was a Costco here, maybe I would be going there instead.

Snooty Kiwi spells it "spigot". And you ought to know all about the Foodsaver, Peach, I'm always blabbing about mine. You'd love it, it takes up lots of counterspace and you have to buy their special bags. :lol: Did you look at the website? ( Mine is several years old, so it's probably the same as the Essential model. Do not buy a knockoff, believe me. I had a few Sears brand canisters that were supposed to go with it, and they started leaking after a year or so.

Schatzi, re: Foodsaver, how do solve the problem of not being able to suck up liquidy things?

Wow, 500 gallons of All. Sounds like a tanker truck...

I actually don't know where Steven King lives. I think you have to be on vacation to find out... Bangor is what I facetiously call the "big city". Just so you know how Bum*k away I actually am. I have never seen Tabitha; I don't really know what she looks though, so I suppose I might have. However I have seen Steven a couple of times. Once at a girls' basketball game at UMaine. He has a skybox, and we'd been invited by some salespeople to GE's skybox which was 2 over from King's. Another time I saw him at the movie theater; he was dressed about like you describe Tabitha. Slouchy shorts, dingy t-shirt. Kinda like me. Hey what the heck, when people already think you're weird, what difference does it make?

He also likes to seal up his fishing gear so it will be waterproof until he uses it. :lol: That's hilarious! Typical guy! I occasionally use mine for something weird. I vacuum packed my Christmas linens one year -- kept them clean and it squooshed them nice and flat for storage!

there are cars on ebay for One Cent. What's the catch?No doubt the "shipping". Hey maybe that's how I should get rid of my old Saab. It's still hiding in the weeds on the edge of the yard. I could put in on ebay for a few bucks with a u-ship-it-u-got-it note.

Did you want to quickly know how to effectively split an infinitive? Asking me about dangling participles, your day was wasted. My head is starting to hurt.


08-11-2005, 02:41 PM
We have a Wal-Mart that is even crappier than the real Wal-Marts. No one goes there. No Costco, no Sam's Club, no K-Mart. Only a Metro that is actually a wholesaler. You're supposed to have your own business - restaurant, small store etc. - to get their card. Dh has a card from work. It's not cheaper - they just like you to think it is. They have fancy stuff that you can't get anywhere else.

Went to the animal shelter again today and spied a new pooch who was immediately whisked away for a walk before we could take a good look. We'll got back again tomorrow and waffle around some more.

Which would YOU take:
1. 5 yr old dog who is sweet and well-behaved but terrified (more than the usual dog terror) of going to the vet.
2. 3 yr old dog that is cuter than do #1 but pretty bouncy and wild AND possibly cannot be left alone at home for any length of time.

I'm veering strongly in the direction of #1 , others like #2 purely for his looks.

They had such adorable kitties there too! But my allergies simply won't allow a cat. There was one big bruiser there I loved - a huge tomcat called Mike. On every cage there's a note with a description of the cat, medical problems etc and if they were strays or brought to the shelter by the owner. In Mike's description it said "No other animals. No children. Attacks people." Whoah. That's one mean feline.

08-11-2005, 03:39 PM
Take the dog who will love you. Same advice on men.

The 1 cent cars have a hidden "reserve" meaning price they will accept. What crappo.

Kiwi, am I supposed to apologize for the snooty comment or have I coined a phrase which you enjoy using.

Do Ziplock bags work as well as a Foodsaver? Be honest.

Split infinitive ... putting stuff between the "to" and the "verb." Like: To contently moo or To contently barf or To contently wrap fishing poles in plastic.

08-11-2005, 05:46 PM
I liked yours better Cowie ;)

08-11-2005, 05:47 PM
I liked yours better Cowie Dahlink :)

08-11-2005, 05:52 PM
I went to the Babelfish translator and translated Kiwi's French. Results:

And the Spaniard is not better. Goodbye. I must dry my hair, eat the lunch, and lead to the next city in thirty minutes.

08-12-2005, 08:35 AM
I need advice. My boss's birthday was a few weeks ago and I missed it. We have a new employee, really young, and her birthday is tomorrow. When we have birthdays, my boss has always taken everyone to lunch. That means she take two people to lunch. She always chooses and very nice restaurant. I am not so inclined to want to buy her lunch. This new girl needs to be recognized her birthday but it's confusing to think boss will buy the lunch when boss's birthday was overlooked. I was the only employee she had at the time of the birthday.

So I can take both of them to lunch.

Or what?

08-12-2005, 09:36 AM
i don't want poor peachbat to looooose her face so i am posting!! i have to take ds to the dentist and then check out the market----i was in toronto at a "by hand" gift show with dd21 and have been backlogged ever since----i am trying to keep up with the posting but all i see are ads for Foodsuckers---------I AM TOO LAZY TO USE ANYTHING BUT ZIPLOCKS AND THE OTHER DAY I THREW EVERYTHING OUT IN THE DEEP FREEZE AS IT WAS ALL AT LEAST THREE YEARS OLD------------------NOW I HAVE A NICE CLEAN FREEZER WITH NOTHING BUT STRAWBERRIES,RASPBERRIES AND BLUEBERRIES FROM THIS YEARS HARVEST!!! talk soooon love yewwwwwwwwwwws

08-12-2005, 11:29 AM
Well, hmmm, I managed to post 2x yesterday, and it's not even in order.. It was when the site was going down ..Anyhoo,

Kiwi, I haven't had a problem with the marinade being sucked out ..some drips I stop sucking when the liquid starts to move up..

WABBO: That is hysterical! My husband use to vacuum seal his hunting clothes to keep that loverly woodsy, deer pee smell.

painty: are you up knitting or are you sleeping?
Sug: I concur with Cowsie, or pick #1.
CowPer: I 'd take em both to lunch.. or you can take just Boss one day.. and get a little gift for coworker.
FOODSUCKERS RULE! I always got frosty freezer burn or ice crystals when I used ziplocks..

Well I'm sitting here waiting for the professional humpers to come and take away all our crappola..I may be "off the air" until Monday.. Have ta clean, and then drive to our new home in North Caroliner..!!!!
P key is sticking..note to self: must clean keyboard.

08-12-2005, 11:34 AM
this is the woman who said I was getting a raise July 1 .. no raise yet. Think I want to pay for her lunch?

08-12-2005, 12:23 PM
Do not take the boss to lunch!!!!! This is like not tipping the owner of the hair salon! Well, that's what I think anyway. She should take her employees out for their birthdays if that is what she likes to do, but you are absolutely under no obligation to take her out, especially when the birthday is past. I mean, if she was somewhat of a friend, you might have wanted to take her out to lunch for her birthday, but obviously that's not the case -- maybe a birthday card would have been appropriate, but I sure wouldn't worry about that after the fact. Consider it your due as an employee to be taken out for your birthday.

Here is what I was typing when the site went down last night:
Which would YOU take:
1. 5 yr old dog who is sweet and well-behaved but terrified (more than the usual dog terror) of going to the vet.
2. 3 yr old dog that is cuter than do #1 but pretty bouncy and wild AND possibly cannot be left alone at home for any length of time.

In Mike's description it said "No other animals. No children. Attacks people." Whoah. That's one mean feline.Whoa, Mike's a real catch, eh? :lol: Re: dog choice -- a lot depends on how much you can/want to do. Although you will have to deal with the vet fear with dog1, overall he sounds much more enjoyable than dog2, who is going to need all kinds of training to be tolerable.

Kiwi, am I supposed to apologize for the snooty comment or have I coined a phrase which you enjoy using.Yes. :rofl:
Split infinitive ... putting stuff between the "to" and the "verb." Like: To contently moo or To contently barf or To contently wrap fishing poles in plastic.You are totally making me sputter with laughter today, Peachcow. What the heck is "contently"? Is it important to contently use made up words when splitting an infinitive?

It's nice to have a ready made post to paste in there when you having nothing to say...


08-12-2005, 01:07 PM
I vote for dog #1 too, Sugar. It is exactly like a man - even if dog #2 is cuter, and seems all full of energy, that appeal will wear off quickly if they don't behave themselves. aaaand if you get a bad one, they can make your life unbearable.

Peach, don't take the boss to lunch. Not your obligation. She is your boss, not your pal. You can like her (sounds like you don't, though) but she's still your boss. I always buy the guys that work for us a birthday gift and card, but I certainly don't expect anything in return. I'd buy the new girl a card and call it good.

Now that I've been feeding the white stray kitty here at the shop, another kitty has shown up. It's really pretty gray and white, but I don't want another kitty. It looks skinny too. What is with ppl not taking care of their animals??? I think ppl that live in apartments down the street move out and leave their animals to fend for themselves. What to do?

I bought an outfit for the wedding this weekend. It's a floaty kind of skirt and a sleeveless summer sweater. kinda corally colored. found it at Ann Taylor. I love Ann Taylor clothes. Wish I was skinny, I'd buy lots of clothes. I looked old in the dressing room mirrors. hate those mirrors.

See you at your new place Schatzi. Hope your move is uneventful.

The truth about food suckers - I like ziplocks because I'm lazy. Food suckers make your food last longer, but you have to get them out, set up a little assembly line, be somewhat organized. My food never stays in the freezer long enough to get freezer burn. And the food sucker bags are expensive. unless maybe you have a Sam's Club.

Hi Bagzie - we miss you. Hi Painty, are you feeling ok? Hi Kiwi, too. and anyone else who might be lurking around.

08-12-2005, 02:19 PM
I agree with Kiwi about bosses and lunch....
Or, if the office is getting big enough... ask for a discussion about what to do about lunches... I worked one place where we did monthly lunches... and it was the festivity that was the celebration rather than somebody else picking up/getting stuck with the tab. Or you could be holier than everyone and suggest a contribution of a cow (or something) to Darfur... (My ex's wife did that for Christmas one year, boy did my kids think that stank!!!!)... Noble, though.

I haven't had breakfast. I haven't knit. I slept really really late. :smug:
I will put fresh sheets on DD's bed and see what's in the fridge... ziplocked or not.

My husband chatted up the Spanish speaking cleaning ladies. Turns out they work allllll the time... and have somebody else clean THEIR houses. Smart chicas, no?

08-12-2005, 03:53 PM
Wabby, did you ever post that kitty photo? Do you want me to? Your outfit for the wedding sounds nice. I'm wearing the 2piece dress I bought for my nephew's wedding in May -- all the people will be different (this is DH's nephew), so I don't even have to feel like a one-trick pony.

I keep my foodsaver out, and I have a drawer of the rolls of bagstuff. I also wash them and re-use them, but this isn't any worse for me than ziplocs, cuz I wash and re-use a lot of them too. Because I'm cheapcheapcheap. I even made a rack for drying them by cutting up an old wooden clothes rack. Yes, I am cheapcheapcheap.

Or you could be holier than everyone and suggest a contribution of a cow (or something) to Darfur... (My ex's wife did that for Christmas one year, boy did my kids think that stank!!!!)... Noble, though. :chin: So, long-timers, should I tell her? ;)


08-12-2005, 04:23 PM
Did I step in a cow pattie?

Tell me. Tell me.

08-12-2005, 04:44 PM
Well, we got to the shelter today right when it opened and found that BOTH dogs had been spoken for yesterday afternoon so that was that. Oh pooh. I think we would have taken #1 but I'm happy that he found a home somewhere else. Another doggie will come along in no time, I'm sure.

Hey, I would never choose a man according to his looks. It's the size of his bank account that really counts, right? Ha ha. Only kidding.

It's just pouring right now and I feel like crap. I've been sleeping SO poorly lately. Had to stay up until 3 a.m. last night reading Harry Potter.

I am thinking of going to meet some expat type foreigner people in Germany at the end of October in a city I've never been to before. Do you think I should take an axe with me?

08-12-2005, 06:57 PM

08-12-2005, 08:24 PM
LOL Bagz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have got me laughing like the hyena I am! Snort

08-12-2005, 09:47 PM
:lol3: Really. ~snort~

08-12-2005, 10:39 PM
Hey... I'm all for being socially generous, appropriate and trying to prevent cruelty to animals, children, etc. etc. (though I do exclude most politicians)... but it's substituting when some small (immature? young?) person has hopes for a suprise and a treat....
Those care packages with yarns and balloons and soapy good smelling stuff when I was first dealing with my DX were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than a photo of a cow going somewhere else. Yeah. I'm shallow. Fat. But shallow.

Sug... so sorry the little fuzz buckets were already spoken for.... I'm sure there will be more with loving hearts.
And no, I don't think you'll need an axe to meet ex-pats... I wonder if all the ex-pats feel jumpy like that. How sad that people over here (inside OR outside the beltway) have ruined all of our reputations.... Not the Newfies or Canucks, mind you... the 'Mur'kans.

Anybody want to discuss Kite Runner? I'm haunted by it a little... can't figure out why.

OK. gonna join hubby and knit a bit before DD needs picking up at airport.

08-13-2005, 12:30 AM
but it's substituting when some small (immature? young?) person has hopes for a suprise and a treat.... Of course, I totally agree; just had to tweak you a bit ;) . KIWI BOUGHT US A COW FOR CHRISTMASThat was back in 2001 (post 9/11), when giving was the new getting or something. Buying presents seemed so irrelevant at the time. Fortunately I got over that...

Let me just say this:

The breeze coming through my window smells like blueberries! :cloud9:


08-13-2005, 10:34 PM
Fuzz buckets ... that's what DS & I call our cats. How curious.,

Kiwi, I cooked sirloin in the oven by your directions. Delicious and perfect. But I do have a bit of a mess. So grateful for self-cleaning ovens. I used the broiler pan and the grease splattered a bit plus when I moved the pan to the upper shelf, it smoked a little. Not too much though. Just the grease getting hot.

We are looking for a car for DS. Nothing yet. A teacher friends emailed all her teacher buddies and came up with these prospects:

* A van that has to be jump started
* A teacher friend whose DH owns the local dealership. They have used cars. I spoke to him and he said he'd have a salesman call me but none did. I mentioned how little DS has to spend.

Then I called my mechanic who talked me out of buying froma dealer and said not to buy anything without letting him look at it first. Still, I don't know where to find this car.

Blueberries are wonderful. I saw them in the store and they were molding. I left them there.

I got my hair cut today. Went in, picked a style out of a magazine and she duplicated it. Right now, it's all sprayed flat so I don't know the real outcome.

08-14-2005, 01:45 PM
Went to wedding. Came home. Tired. Bored. Must go to another party today. This is getting a little old. You know you're depressed when you don't want to have fun.

Feeble complaint of the day: DH talked me out of going to see puppies while we were in the area yesterday. Then after we left the wedding reception, he insisted on looking at an old boat that was for sale.

Sympathetic murmurings will be accepted with good grace. Or you can slap me.


08-14-2005, 05:23 PM

08-14-2005, 07:24 PM
I disagree. The DH is a man and men have different needs. They need .. for example .. kinghood.

Go get the puppy, Kiwi. Leave now.

08-14-2005, 07:37 PM
Sympathetic murmurings will be accepted with good grace. Or you can slap me.


Slap HIM is more like it! Cut him off until he buys you a puppy!! :D

*waddles off murmering sympathetically* (me, not you)

Cherry Cow
08-15-2005, 04:04 AM
Kiwi, that's just terrible!

Hi cowies! I noticed that we started posting our meals and then stopped. Fun.

School starts in a week. I'm still fat. No iPod for me in August! Oh, and I'm doing a presentation in October in front of a bunch of strangers and I'm FAT! But, I'm alive, and that is plus.

08-15-2005, 01:18 PM
HeeHee Mad Cow Disease. Why didn't I think of that? I've certainly had it often enough.

Thank you for your contributions to Feeling Sorry For Me Day. It was a great success. I have not given up on the puppy. DD and I will make an appointment to go see it soon. No guarantee I can get it even if I decide to, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? The problem here is that DH claims he has a problem with having another big dog, and would rather that I got a different breed, but when I ask him what's wrong with a big dog, one of the first things he says is that it's another 15 year commitment. So it's obvious to me, if not to him, that he doesn't want another dog at all (in fact, he is so phobic about taking on even minor responsibilities that when his friend visiting from Ore. offered to lend him his motorboat for the rest of the summer, he flat turned it down until DD and I shamed him into taking it! He'd rather shell out hundreds of dollars for a used boat than be responsible for something). And although I don't dislike small dogs--I think many of them are lovely and fun--they will not fit the bill for me. I need a commitment to getting out and exercising -- a lot! And I like a great big furry dog for many reasons--the intimidation factor not being the least of it. I think he and I are going to have to do some serious compromising, or we're in big trouble. I'm expecting that my part of it will be swamping out the house so we have more room, so I guess I'd better get started on that!

Have a lovely day, madcows, hope you are enjoying the last remnants of summer. We still have 2 weeks here until school starts, but time is ticking down. What am I going to do when I no longer have the school starting thing to end my summer with? Endless summer? :lol:


P.S. Picked a couple more cups of blueberries yesterday, and they're still coming! mmmmm

08-15-2005, 01:59 PM
this is what I think about that, Kiwi - You should discuss w/ DH how much you want your big dog. How important it is for you, and how many compromises you make every day for the DH. Then go buy your puppy. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Even though we didn't know a single soul at the wedding except the bride and groom (our neighbors) we had a blast. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting. They had wonderful food and a great big band to entertain. We met some fun ppl and I only got my toes stepped on by DH once. We've decided we want to take swing dance classes. Do you think we really will? We'd had a couple glasses of champagne when we were talking about it. We stayed at a hotel so we didn't have to worry about driving. They had a limo shuttle us between there and the wedding.

Peaches, do you have Auto Trader magazine in your area? That is the place to buy a used car. Does DS want reliable transportation or something to impress the ladies? Reliable transportation would be a Honda Civic that has not been customized by a kid. Have your mechanic check it out. Also a nice little Toyota pickup would be good. DS just bought a Toyota pickup for $3500. Perfect basic transportation. Go to, then enter your zip code, enter Honda, (or whatever make) enter your price range, and put in auto within 100 miles. It should come up with some vehicles, with pictures. Private party is best to buy from, but some dealers are ok too. Good luck.

I personally am against cows traveling to foreign lands. If anyone should travel to foreign lands, I should. Send any extra airline tickets to me.

08-16-2005, 08:42 AM
okay!! peachpit---we did all the Lemonade Books {good books on cars,their reliability and the year and make etc} and toyota came up great every time----that's all i know---except we have had our 98 toyota since 2001 and it still works great---lots of humps,bumps and dings on it from the darling dd's {and me i am sure} BUT!!! it never has broken down even once!!!our GM van breaks down all the time--WABBY!! your wedding event sounds dee light ful-------kind of romantic evening for you and your hubsie!!! ---CHERRY COW DARLING---that is not like us at all to start doing something reasonable and healthy and then just STOPPING!!! what in heavens got into this well ordered, letter of the law herd!!AND ON A FINAL NOTE----- let's all chip in for kiwi and get her a big bear of a doggie---after all ---------SHE BOUGHT US A COW!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

08-16-2005, 02:45 PM
Kiwonker, I see by your egg that you are online. I would like you to stop by and post. Let's talk doggies. I definitely think you need one, and deserve one. It's time.

DH wants to go camping this weekend and I want to stay in town and help DS move into his house. This is a big deal to DS. DH says he's got to get out of town and relax. I need a clone.

Yes, I agree on Toyotas, Bagzie. I had a Celica back in the day and a Toyota station wagon when the kidlets were little and both were very reliable. I loved them both. Bagzie---- sometimes I think it's silly that DH and I still feel romantically inclined, but hey, we do. Yesterday after work we went for a drive in the country in our purdy old '64 Chevy Impala, stopped at a little cafe for a burger, and stopped by some friends house for a chat. Then our neighbors came over for a drink and we talked until the mosquitoes chased us in. I wish summers went on forever.

For Cherry --- Breakfast : Cereal and coffee

08-16-2005, 02:47 PM
You're a hoot, Bagz! Yes, you should all buy me a puppy; I'll pay for it! Hey, if it's given to me, what can I do, right? :dunno:

Good advice on the used cars, Wabbit. Buying cars is such a mystery for me; I've always been glad to have anyone take charge of it (fortunately I have never been more than a stone's throw from someone who liked that sort of thing).

Oh my, I just got an email full of 3-week-old pics of the puppies I want to go see. There are 12 photos, so far I have only looked at one. Eleven gasps of OOOooo and Aaaawwwwwww to go.


08-16-2005, 02:49 PM
Oh hi Wab! Yes, I was posting (and looking at puppy pictures).

08-16-2005, 03:24 PM
We wanna see the puppy pictures too.

08-16-2005, 03:30 PM
yes, we do.

08-16-2005, 05:06 PM
Si, si, lots of puppy pictures por favor. We're making yet another trip to the animal shelter on Thursday.

I may just post a picture of my new vacuum because it's the absolute bomb and I have nothing else to get excited about.

Today we took our Spanish/German visitors to Hamelin, home of the Pied Piper. It was fun. We went to a glass blowing show. Cooooool. And we climbed up the inside of a church tower. Not cool. Really scary. Dh barfed when we got home. No idea what's up with him. He never barfs.

I can say all my colours in Spanish now but I'm too shy to do it here so you'll have to take my word for it.

08-16-2005, 05:10 PM
el perroito es negro. mi ojos son brun. un oranje es oranje. maybe.

08-16-2005, 05:11 PM
Your wish is my command. I love the one with the different-colored legs -- they call her Diva. The others they call by their colored ric-rac collars, but of course Diva is easy to tell from the others. I daresay she will be the most spoiled pup of the litter. She can't be shown though, in the show ring, because of her odd coloring. Not that I want a showdog anyway. (So she'd be perfect for MEMEME.)


08-16-2005, 05:31 PM
ohhh they are so sweet. and those grey legssss are so Kiwi. Yay... Go get her..!!!

08-16-2005, 06:57 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!even i who is now afraid of puppies and all the work associated thinks------------how ADORABELE---especially the grey legs----sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!--speaking of dogs---dd19's dad is going away for a week and WE are taking care of his 2 year old greyhound that he adopted in the spring!! her name is Franny and she is sweet and shy ---hopefully baby boy and miss nb will not scare her to death---and ASHES---that is our mean 12 year old kitty---she may be a problem!!!ANYway---i will send pics when she arrives------------SERIOUSLY KIWI---GET THE DOG --------GET THE DOG------GET.THE.DOG. JUST DO IT.!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

08-16-2005, 11:50 PM
Puppies! Oh, I hope you get your happy pup.
DS23 and his GF are here... having a happy time dashing in and out of thunderstorms. DD27's flight was delayed 3 hours but she got home all in one piece. It was restorative to have both of them nearby... even though at one point I JUST NEEDED A NAP.
Off to a bit of knitting and then early to bed.

08-17-2005, 10:14 AM
I'm going to grout a log cabin today. Doesn't that sound soooo lumberjack? I'll be needing a nap soon.


08-17-2005, 10:52 AM
I didn't know log cabins needed grouting. Is that daub and wattle?

08-17-2005, 02:14 PM
Oooooo, Kiwi! Diva is perfect for you. Gethergethergether. How can you possibly resist those eyes????

Painty, how wonderful to have your childruns at home again.

I think I have wattle on my thighs. or somethin'

08-17-2005, 02:22 PM
The puppo is adorable but Wabbo's comment is ironico as I have often thought/said/complained that those doggos eyes are not visible. Black on black and all.

There is a potential good thing in the air here. I just interviewed for a job accidentally. I wantitwantitwantit.

My boss is a ______. Please supply words that mean control-freak. This morning, I'm not working in that office but I called and asked the new girl to email me something off my computer. She said the boss told her not to turn my computer on as it may have a virus. No explanation. No prognosis. No plan to get rid of the virus. She simply thwarts every single thing that is not her own idea.

08-17-2005, 03:54 PM
Your boss is a control freak. Is that good enough? I think that just about describes it.

08-17-2005, 07:31 PM
Your boss is a controlling beeyotch.

I agree with you Wabbit, Diva is perfect. I doubt I can get her, but I wouldn't mind at all.

Re: grouting -- nope, Painty, this ( is daub and wattle. Our friends' have built a home from a log cabin kit, and these logs are very regularly shaped, squared off on top and bottom so that they can be stacked. But in order to really last and have good insulating value, you grout between each and every log. We had 4 of us doing it and we spent pretty much all day and we got done exactly half of one wall. Really tedious stuff. More fun with a group, definitely. I don't envy them having to do the rest of it.


08-17-2005, 08:02 PM
Daub and wattle looks a little drafty for the far northland.

08-18-2005, 04:57 PM
Where is everybody? Out playing in the sunshine? Good idea. Bye


08-18-2005, 05:38 PM
I'm here at work, Kiwi. I didn't post because I didn't want to answer myself.....and I've really got nuthin' to say.

08-18-2005, 06:17 PM
Me either. I am booooooooooooooring as heck today. DH took off to go shopping for a used plow and to go boat shopping with a friend. The boats they're looking at are for the friend, so I don't expect he'll come with one, but it will be amusing if he buys a plow and has to bring it home on the front of the truck--in the middle of summer. People will think he's lost his mind. Then he's going sailing for the weekend, so DD and I are home alone.

Oh carp. We just caught a mouse. Durn thing has been scurrying around in the ceiling over the living room for 2 or 3 days, so DH finally set a trap on a shelf right under the ceiling. Figures the :mouse: would wait until he went away for 4 days before getting itself smacked flat. Now I'll have to deal with it. DH usually removes dead mice from the traps and disposes of them -- I think I will just be disposing of the whole trap. Dumb things. I can't believe they want to live inside our house in the summertime. Makes no sense; if I were a mouse I would be very happy to move outdoors in this weather. Later when it gets cold, I can understand their wanting in.

Well, have a love rest-of-the-day, Wab. Ta


08-18-2005, 07:49 PM
tick-tock tick-tock. 45 minutes to go. I need a vacation. I want a week at the beach vacation like Kiwi's.

I'd be tossing the trap, too, Kiwi. Mice are my big phobia.

08-19-2005, 07:34 AM
:dance: Ooooh NuThin' could Beeee Finer than to Beeee in CAROLinER in the Mo-OR-OR-NING!!NuThin could Beeee SweeTer than to BEE a Senoriter in the MO-Or_or-NING! (OK, I made that second line up..don't know the words... :dizzy: ) :dance:

KIWI: You must have Lady GreyLegs! She is absolutely adorable!!Lordy, I don't envy the grout party.. I did the same with my sister who bought one of those by the numbers log cabins.. NOT FUN!
Cowsie, Anal Retentive comes to mind... so did you get the job, did DH get the toyota ??
Painty, enjoy your time with the childruns! Knit some booties for Kiwi's Diva Doggette.
Bagz: Peectures we want peectures!
Sugar, fingers crossed you find a new pooch..How long are those Spainyards there for? Hmmpf by the time they leave you will be fluent! Si?
Wabby: So are you swinging yet?
How I missed my Chubby Chums!
Me:Phase 3 of the move is completed! Furniture arrives today.. I got brandy new LG Turbo charged, 350 with over head cam Washer and Dryer.. with all the bells and whistles delivered yesterday..(How sad to be soooo happy over household appliances ). We left our old place quite spiffy.. and now I have to do my magic on our new nest to get it comfy cozy...Casey and Darby love their big fenced in yard - and I am enjoying my morning solitude waiting for the HUGICAL butterflies to visit me at my window...
The Altar to the Weight Gods is still packed away..but my size 16 jean shorts are getting to by quite swimmy around my waist.. I've been , let's say on the poop-away-the- pounds diet.. I'm sure I dropped some poundage...but alas, I still look like a weeble.. :sumo:

These Southern'ers are quite the friendly type, makes me want to slap em .. :rollpin:

Note to self: Must make nice and get me some of dat dare southern charm

08-19-2005, 08:06 AM
I must take a moment to express dismay at a person from NEW JERSEY making disparaging remarks about Southern Hospitality. They're suspicious of you because you ain't from there but they won't yell, "Drop dead Lady," like one may hear in other parts of the country.

08-19-2005, 08:13 AM
No disrespect intended there Cowper..Just not use to all this waving hi and shaking hands and what not. Drop Dead Lady, Ahh, yes, I've frequently heard that term of endearment -especially working in the Bronx. :)

08-19-2005, 01:11 PM
I heard it on the phone when I was an operator and called the wrong number. Actually, it was "Go get yerself killed lady."

We're looking at cars. We have outside a 1999 Safari van that's leaking water onto the carpet. If we knew where, we could gauge the price to fix but can't find it with the garden hose. Woe is us. I need a man.

08-19-2005, 01:14 PM
BTW, no offense taken. I ain't from HERE (Dogpatch) and know that I'll never accepted. DS's kids might it he stayed here but we ain't from here and that's that. I like the slow, gentle flow of the day though.

08-19-2005, 01:56 PM
:dance: Ooooh NuThin' could Beeee Finer than to Beeee in CAROLinER in the Mo-OR-OR-NING!.....
I don't know the real words either, what I remember from way back when I lived in Caroliner was "Nothing could be sweeter than to shop at Harris-Teeter in the mooooooorning..." :lol:

Congrats on the roomy shorts and the new appliances!
I must take a moment to express dismay at a person from NEW JERSEY making disparaging remarks about Southern Hospitality.Heh heh When we moved from Yankee-land to NC, one of our first encounters was with the next-door neighbors, the Hollers, who came right over to say hi and actually said on their way out "If you need anything, jest holler!" Seriously. With not the slightest trace of irony. And then they never once invited us to come swim in their pool, even though I hung out at the fence and stared at it on many a hot day. Oh come on, I was 10. :lol:

In fact it wasn't until another family of Northerners moved in that house, that I ever got to set foot in that pool. Ahem.

In my experience, Southerners are hospitable, New Englanders are generous. I haven't lived in NYC/NJ so I won't venture a sweeping stereotype there....

I've been informed by the DH that we were not grouting the other day, we were caulking. :rolleyes: Oo pardon me. :o

Later, ladies


08-19-2005, 02:51 PM
Wabby: So are you swinging yet?

I do not understand. Clarify. Before something kinky comes to mind. I watch Oprah, ya know.

My most memorable phone quote was from a solicitor who said "have a nice day, c*nt" when I told him I wasn't interested in a Nextel phone. He must have been from Jersey. (I figured if anything would bring Lush around that would.)

Schatzi, tell us about the appliances. Did you get a front loader? I want to know from a real person how Whirlpool Duet washers work.

We're going to the lake this weekend. I have to buy at least 2 pair of shorts before I go. I will not be miserable all weekend in my too small shorts. This is not giving up, this is being realistic. I can burn them later.

08-19-2005, 06:45 PM
Wabby: You leetle minx you! NO nothing so tawdry as that kind of swing.. I thought you and DH were going to take swing dance lessons..
Our new LG appliances are indeed front loaders..however, the dryer already went Kablooey.. think it's a bad sensor... and it was the LAST of a discontinued model.. but Best Buys was able to find another store with they will come to swap it on Tuesday..Meanwhile, I am hanging the laundry over the deck fencing to dry..which in this weather is quicker than the dryer.
Our furniture arrived and it's pretty hysterical.. like that Geico commercial about the couple that are living for a year in a super tiny house.. Well our furniture was to scale in our 2,200 sq ft townhome... it's not in 1400 sq ft. Everything is super big and "cozy close".. ah well , it's only for a year or so..
Cowie... wet the car, let it drip, take paper towels .stick in window, see where big water blops are..
Kiwi: Hmmm NYC/NJ folks are neither hospitable or generous. We're suspicious of both types..
I'm sure the slower flow will appeal to me.. but it will take some doin after being a hamster in a wheel. (I spent 10 mins listenin to the Appy lady explain how you Nahthinahs like lunchmeat cut so thin ya can see thru it, while us Southinahs like it sliiiiced thick so ya'll can taste the meat. :D )

08-19-2005, 07:04 PM
I took the van back.

Does anyone know .. hypothetically .. if failing a drivers tests causes insurance rates to go higher?

08-19-2005, 09:21 PM
I don't think it would have any effect on insurance rates--at least I've never heard of that happening. And I've known plenty of people who've failed their test once or twice.

What's an Appy lady? Someone from Appalachia? :dunno:

Shoot, I had a nice dinner -- very easy too: roast chicken from the store, baby spinach and mushroom salad, nice garlic-infused bread. Then I went and had another piece of bread. Now I feel bloated. Slap me.

Very amusing about your super-filled abode, Schatzi! I've never had quite that problem; usually have gone from smaller to bigger. My problem is that my junk reproduces at an alarming rate. I went through a pile of newspapers/magazines/books/dust today looking for something and it was appalling. I only managed to get rid of a tiny % of it. :cry:


08-20-2005, 07:43 AM
Kiwi: Junk breeds better than rabbits.. although I decluttered when I was packing, we still have way too much Chachka and crap that would be useful if used. What was I thinking buying rollerblades at the age of 42? I toss stuff and Ken says "WTF, That's still good..."DOOMED :yikes: from the start. I will definitely have a yard sale this autumn. Afterall, I need to make room for the new junk we no doubt will acquire. Appy is Appetizer.. As in the Appy dept.
Cowie, had no idea that the Safari was a new used vehicle- good that you returned it! And, no, never heard of insurance rates being effected by failing the test.
Well I managed to clear a space on the table for the laptop and coffee.. Today we continue with the unpacking. I think we shall go with a Minimalist style -storing most of the junque in the attic... afterall, this is just a temporary place (for a year or 2) until we find the FINAL house or have one built.
Will try to check in later... have a moovaleous day you cows :moo:

08-20-2005, 08:32 AM
Shots, you weigh 175 and wear a 16? I'm filling out a 14 at my weight. I am so confused by the size labels.

Kiwi, have you arranged for us to get the puppy?

08-20-2005, 09:29 AM
PeachPie, GAWD yes! I'm only 5 foot, and carry most all my weight in my arse and hips. Just stick a bumpersticker that says WIDE LOAD like those trucks on my butt and you get the pic! I have GIGOONDA breasts, batwings for arms, a comparatively small waist and then hips that can double as shelving units.--a distorted hourglass shape I guess... So far I see the weight loss in my stomach and boobs.. a little bit in the hips. But as soon as I settle in I'll get back to exercising and hopefully one day get back into 10's again. While I'm short I have a large frame and felt best at 128/135.. so only those last few pesky 40 pounds to go!
PS. And this was a real wake up call, in "petites" I was a size 20.. How sad is that. I really should have clothing tailored but too cheap.. I have to cuff the arms up, but need that size to get over my hips alone or my huge boobs. But I do manage to look stylish whilst being the corporate yuppie . But most say (maybe just to be nice) that I "don't look that big" or "I carry my weight well".
I paint a most flattering portrait of myself, don't I? Upon reading it, I'm picturing a troll like being.Yes, a weeble I am.

08-20-2005, 02:02 PM
Well, weebles are cute, eh?

I'm glad you took the van back, Peach. Nothing like borrowing trouble with a vehicle.

I think DD has abandoned her notion of majoring in Poli Sci or Int'l Relations. Yesterday she was investigating schools that taught sound recording technology. :shrug: It's starting to freak me out; she does have to decide at least where to apply in the next few months...

Must go clean up some more piles. I still haven't found the thing I was looking for. I'm thinking the computer desk is next. Probably I can't do that while I'm actually online? :no:


08-20-2005, 04:45 PM
I'm taking a box-break, and okay, a beer break too. Nothin like a cold beer on a hot day when you're workin up a sweat!
KiWienie: Don't Fret too much about DD. Of course I'm the new cow here, having lurked a month or two prior to joining you fabulous women~ and "barren" at that.. But seems to me your DD is not only brilliant but level headed. I'm sure she will select a college that offers a robust curriculum and dabble a bit here and there where her interests lie. It may be sound technology or who knows..but her hearts passions together with a level head will lead her to what she wants to focus on for now.. After all, our generation is the poster child for having 2-3-4 divergent career paths in a life time... and so it should for the next generation.

Why, I'm Cuter than the Capital Q as I like to say! Must find a picture to send to ye bovines ..till then I'm sure I have left a loverly visual for you all to conjur.

08-20-2005, 06:56 PM
Yes I cleaned up my desk and Yes I found the stuff I was looking for! Yay me. Funny, though, the desk doesn't really look any better. I suppose that would be explained by the fact that I quit cleaning when I found it. heh heh. No matter, baby steps, as the flyspeck would say.

08-21-2005, 08:27 AM
Shots, that makes sense. I still have pretty skinny arms and legs and upper torso and everything that doesn't fit into pants (above the legs). That's where it is. What you're calling a Weeble, I used to call a Bozo Doll since I'd never see Weebl and Bob yet. You can push 'em over but they pop right back up.

Yeah, Kiwi, I wasn't comfy with the van but it was a great deal financially (she was selling it for the trade-in value which she had refused at the dealer when she bought her new vehicle) and I believe the woman is very honest. I already knew her.

Still need a car. A cousin is telling me to look for an old Volvo.

08-22-2005, 01:35 PM
Honda. Toyota. Volvos cost a fortune to maintain. No domestic vehicles unless they are Ford Ranger pickups. No used mini vans. Honda Accord. Honda Civic. Toyota pickup. Nissan pickup. Toyota Corolla. No Saabs. No old Mercedes. Volkswagens are ok but tend to have electrical problems. No used 4 wheel drive vehicles. Too expensive to maintain. I think accidents and tickets make rates higher. Never heard of ins. co's monitoring driver's tests.

08-22-2005, 02:23 PM
I'm round all over, which is why I wear a size 12 when I weigh 162 and am only 5'2". Equally distributed, from my chubby face to my chubby thighs. chubby. chubby. chubby. If I weighed what I should, I'd wear a size 8. sigh.

We had a fabbo time at the lake this weekend. Very relaxing. I did not wear my bikini.

Kiwi, there is a method to your madness. I knew you'd find what you were looking for, just as I always do. My filing system is the pile it on my desk system, but it still works. As soon as DS moves out (next weekend) I'm going to start flyladying again. I've got piles of stuff to get rid of.

Schatzi, I said that DH and I talked about taking swing dance classes. Remember, we were at a wedding with champagne flowing freely at the time. We also talk a lot about getting more exercise and eating right, but we know how that's turned out.

I wonder if Sugar's sent the Spaniards packing yet.

08-22-2005, 04:22 PM
Here's a question for you.

Say a person has been unhappy at her job and has been writing down things about why and then, with no reason given, is told it's her last day. What can she do with all that stuff she wrote down?

Yep. It's me and I'm going into hibernation. Answer this though.

08-23-2005, 12:41 AM
ARRRRRRRgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! Life is unfair! I sent you an email, Peaches, so won't rant any further here. I'm just mad. :mad:

Have spent the past 2 days shopping with DD. It was a long, tiring, hot trip, but it was a lot of fun too. The first thing we did (after driving 4 hours) was visit PUPPIES!!! Oh my god they are the cutest things in all the world. Every single blessed one of them, and there are 7. The 2 boys are spoken for and probably at least one of the girls, but they said they would be delighted to sell me a puppy. Apparently my good old Molly's (RIP almost 3 years, for the newer among us) breeder told them I would be an excellent owner -- I guess it pays to keep in touch with people!

So DD and I pretty much overstayed our welcome and hung out with the puppies for an hour and a half; it was just too hard to leave. No way could I pick one out of the bunch -- they were all too adorable. But it will be a few weeks before they are temperament tested and then they will also have a better idea of what individual puppies are like. Maybe if we can get our act together (DH is still disgusted with the whole idea :rolleyes: ) soon, the breeders will just choose one for us. The one with the grey leg is a very cool one -- first to do everything.

Anyway, we also did some clothes shopping for DD in Freeport, then we drove up the coast to spend the night on the sailboat with DH, then today we drove to the big city and did the rest of the school shopping. Got some great bargains (and some not that great, but good enough). We stopped into the Goodwill and found lots of nothing interesting as usual, until DD spotted a long leather coat and tried it on as a lark. Well, it fit perfectly, was in good shape except for a few missing buttons, and best of all, it was $4.99! She loved it, said it will drive all her friends crazy when she wears it, and made her feel like she was in The Matrix. :shrug: So of course we had to get it. I got some great deals on giant bras... And also got a Dutch oven I've been wanting. Very fun day. Spent nearly nothing on school supplies for a change, and stuck to the budget on DD's clothes, so DH should be, well, at least not horrified. :lol: Kid's a good shopper -- I told her I'd spend up to $150 on her clothes and she squeezed out almost every buck -- but she got that coat, a pair of pants, a wool skirt, 2 shirts, 3 t-shirts and some underwear for that. Not awful bad, especially seeing's how we were shopping at Banana Republic and The Gap, for heaven's sake. While we were in Freeport, we also stopped into the Burberry store and had a good laugh....

Well, that's my Consumer Wrapup for the week. Hope you are all fine and dandy. Wabbit, you know so much about cars. I should have asked you before I sunk $$$$ into my SUV. I will say there is a world of difference if a person buys a new car -- which I did with my Saab, back in 1986. I was worried about it being expensive to maintain, but I never regretted buying it new. We got 13 years out of it and didn't feel bad just parking it when it finally crumped out. Wouldn't buy a used Saab, though, I don't think.


08-23-2005, 01:11 AM
Awwwwwww, Cowie.... So sorry.
If you have reason to sue, give your notes to your attorney.
If you don't, comb through your notes and figure out what you've learned from this particular tangle of events. It's the only way to move on.

DS and GF were quiet quiet quiet... didn't say much to us anyway. Kind of disappointing. But they apparently had a great time. Six Flags, Aquarium, Art museum, finished a jig saw puzzle and ate when and what they wanted.

It is still HOT here. I want to start walking or even bicycling in the breeze but it is 100 degrees from 8 am to 8 pm. Grrrrrrrrrr.

I have chemo #3 on Thursday.
I think I'll go to bed.
The illustration below is how I am feeling.

08-23-2005, 06:25 AM
Oh PeachPie, I'm sorry to hear about this! Like Painty said, if you have grounds take it to a lawyer..if not, hmm, it doesn't sound like you much liked this job.But a job is a job... can you collect unemployment? What reason did they give you?

Painty, glad 2 c u once again! Hope you are feeling right as rain.. GADZOOKS! 100 degrees! Texas is ****'s furnace I say :devil: ! Houston was a 2nd home for me years ago. I was chosen to close down Prudentials claim operation in Houston, and would fly out of Newark on Sunday and back on Thur-Fri for 4 months. Most emotionally and physically difficult assignment I ever had.

Wabby: so glad you had a wunnerful time at the lake sans bikini. I bought me one of those tankinis - more like a tank top and skirt.. covers a multitude of sins.

Kiwi: Nothing like shopping to do some Mother daughter bonding! Such BAHGINS!! Fingers crossed that lady greylegs will find a home ... DH will come around..afterall, lets face it , it's gonna be you who cares for her -not him. We take our 2 Cairns kayaking with us, so I'm sure your new doggie can get use to the sail boat. We have little dogette life jackets for them.. they have handles on the top so that you can pick em up outta the water if needed.
I love cosignment and good will shops, however I've used them mostly for dressing up for holloween.Shoulda saved all my 70's wear... I wonder if earth shoes and polyester will ever be big again.

08-23-2005, 08:39 AM
No, I am not quite dead. Just been living out my wildest bed and breakfast fantasies. Three meals a day and little Spanish kids all over the place asking for a glass of "agua sin gas, por favor". Guests left our place on Sunday night but must still return a sleeping bag and my car and pick up a kid's shoe (just one. hee!) they left here so we'll be seeing them one more time. My Spanish is fabulous now.

Is Gmail broken? I haven't been able to get in for days.

Peachy!!! Now we really know what your boss is!!! Not fair. Don't worry, we'll help you get this all sorted out and your dream job will come knocking any day now. :grouphug:

08-23-2005, 01:27 PM
Cowsies, I started a new thread.