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01-21-2005, 09:33 AM
Well, I did it. I made it today w/out going on the scale!! WOOHOO! :lol3: After work I'm taking the girls to the mall and going to build-a-bear. They've been wanting to go and we stopped once before but the line was over an HOUR to just get INSIDE!! Nope. Not for me! So I'm hoping nobody'll be there today. Or at least they'll have a shorter line. The weekend is here so I'm crossing my fingers (to avoid being able to pick up food!) that I'm able to stay OP. We're supposed to get socked with a gob of snow so I'll stay homebound and that'll help resist temptation!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

01-21-2005, 09:44 AM

I braved the scale this morning to see the damage and was shocked and disappointed in myself. *sigh* Enough is enough.....ok, I need some help here ladies. Help me get back in the spirit of Atkins. I just don't think I can keep doing it. All the foods I love I can't have. I know, I know...I did it before and was psyched....what is the problem now? *sigh*

One good thing is.....I got a 4.50 off coupon at CVS last night (kind of a bucks back thing) and they have LOTS of Atkins breakfast bars and the shakes so I am going to go there this weekend and get some. I used to do them on induction and didn't seem to have too much trouble. I hate eggs in the morning and I can't go without breakfast so the bars or the shakes used to be ok.

Ideas, I need ideas...........and strength :^:

Brenda: I LOVE BEARS! I collect the Boyd Bears. I can't tell you how many I have. It isn't ridiculous or anything but I have an old cradle in our spare room that is full of them! I have always wanted to go myself to Build a Bear. I am always so jealous of the kids walking around in the mall with their little bear boxes. Sometimes I think "I could knock the little sucker down and grab the box and run" :lol: Have FUN!

01-21-2005, 10:23 AM
Brenda~ WTG with the scale!!!! Here is something I do....I refuse to get on the scale after Ive had anything to drink or eat. Simply because in my mind it will add a lb or 2!! So.......right before you get on the scale, have your cup of coffee, or water. Maybe you can stay off it tomorrow too!! :crossed:

Ive walked past those build a bear places and wondered why anyone would want to spend that kind of money on a teddy bear.....well doesnt my daughter tell me she wants to go! So I think I'll save it for a valentines or easter present.

Jane~I know how hard it is to get yourself psyched up to do atkins again. I managed to gain back 20 of the 40 I initially lost before I was ready again. I think having to go out and buy all new winter cloths did it for me. They all fit again now and I only had to go out and buy one pair of jeans to get me thru the first 10-15 lbs. So, Im here if you need me for support and ideas. What are your fav foods? Maybe all together we can come up with some lc solutions to them? Add some motivation to your first 3 days....weigh yourself on the first day of induction...then on the morning of the 4th day, get on the scale again (not before!!!) and see the drop!! This will keep you going...knowing that what your doing is working and its worth it!

I (think :crossed: ) Im feeling better today. I dont want to jinx it!!! *knock on wood* I woke up at 730...a whole hour and a half sleep in since Ive gotten this bug! Wooo Hooo :cb: Still a bit foggy headed, and the cough has settled in my lungs nicely, but all the other stuff that was going on, seems to have settled. Yesterday afternoon, I went outside to shovel the snow....just to get out of the house, and take in some of that sunshine. I felt so good, I got in the shower, did my hair up nice, put my face on and put on my jeans and a lacey sweater. I FELT like Ms America!!! (compared to the last week) :lol: Dh comes home, and the first thing he says to me is "Where are you going?" Not...gee your looking better, or you look really are you going?? I could of smacked him! So instead I made him take me out for coffee! :D By the time I came home, I was ready for my comfies and bed :lol:

Anyway.......the sun is shining again today, and its a bit cold, but I think I'll bundle up and head out for a walk this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone!!
Robin :wave:

01-21-2005, 11:15 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Jane-I know how you feel, I am havng trouble with my resolve on this WOE too, but it is crunch time it is just time to do it, let's do this together gal, I know we can!!! I am starting back today and just gonna take it one day at a time.

B- OMG I am sooooooo proud of you!! NO scale YEAH!!!

Robin- Glad to hear you are feeling better. Those darn DH's they are so blind!! ahahahahahaa :)

Well last night I just had it out with myself, I just sat down and said are you going to do this or not?? and I decided I am gonna do it!! I feel so good when I am doing well. I feel like such poop when I am doing bad my stomach is all messed up.

So today is the day!!!

01-21-2005, 11:21 AM
TG: Ok, well I won't count the bagel I had this morning then! :lol: But I will start again with you. I know I can do this....just think...if we follow the plan for just 2 weeks what we could lose! How easy is that? I mean come on!
We can do this, we can do this, we can do this

Robin: Hmmm....fave foods......Pizza, bagels of course...bread of all kinds and pasta. All the things that got me here in the first place :lol: But I will give you 4 days. DROP AND GIVE ME 4!

01-21-2005, 11:26 AM
Good morning and happy Friday! :cb:

Brenda - Good job! And I LOVE build a bear! Have fun with that!

Jane - Honey, I feel for you. Keep in mind that this is a process. You're having to re-learn your eating habits and that year of un-programming! Be patient with yourself - and by no means should you be miserable at it. None of us should have to martyr ourselves to get healthy. Like Robin said, give us some things that you miss eating. We'll find a way around or right through it for you :D AND why not get yourself a build a bear? Throw your tiara on and march your pretty self right in there!

Robin - I'm glad to hear you're finally starting to feel better! And go ahead and send DH my way - I'll kick him in the shins for you :s:

TG - Aren't we funny creatures? Avoiding what makes us feel good and chasing what makes us feel like crap. I had a little chat with myself last night too. Ok, not so much a chat as a lecture. I put on nothing but a thong and stood in front of the mirror and asked myself if that's REALLY what I want my *** to look like. :lol: It worked!

Yesterday was insane. I ran around at work, then DH picked me up. We went home, and I put him back to bed since he's all sick and stuff. Then off for grocery shopping, back to the house to unload and drug up DH. Then grabbed Paco and raced him to the vet to have his stitches removed. How do you moms do it?

Today I'm bailing out of work a little early and going for the car!!!!! I sure hope this works out. Cross your fingers for me!

01-21-2005, 11:32 AM
Jane - some quick options:

Pizza - Papa Murphy's make a divine lc pizza crust. Pick your toppings! There's also Godfathers if you don't want to cook it yourself. Michael Angelo's makes wonderful lc frozen pizzas. Have a salad to help fill yourself up ;)

Bagels - Well, there's the Atkins bagels, but they're not my favorite. I personally like Lender's lc bagels the best so far, but there's a few new ones that I'm eyeballing.

Bread - There's lots of lc options here, but so far my favorite is Wonder Light. Yummy!

Pasta - Dreamfields!!! This stuff is so good that I've fed it to the carb-laden people in my life and they couldn't tell the difference. VERY low carb. There's also lc Mission/Golden Grain pasta.

Of course, you wouldn't want to eat all that in one day, but my point is that there are PLENTY of options! Hope it helped. :)

01-21-2005, 11:39 AM
Thanks Star....I have looked into those different items but they are still so high in carbs even though they are low carb that I just can't do them. Maybe I will do the 20 grams for JUST 2 weeks this time then up it to whatever so that I can include those things and see what happens.

And I was laughing my butt off over the tiara and the build a bear comment!
Can't you just see me now....."Get out of my way you little snot, this is my time" :lol3:

01-21-2005, 11:46 AM
Jane - Absolutely! Why do you think I have so many tiaras? I'm actually considering wearing one to the car dealership today just so they remember who they're dealing with. :smug: As for the lc products, you don't have to have an all or nothing mindset about this. If you're dying for a bagel, better to have one with 14 carbs than 35, right? Cut yourself a little slack!

01-21-2005, 11:46 AM
Jane~ Pasta= squaghetti squash, Breads and bagels...I used to eat a ton of this stuff, but when I fall off and eat toast etc, it tastes like I dont eat much of it anymore, regardless as to my woe. Pizza!! Im in buffalo, where pizza and wings are a staple here, and its absolutely delicious!!!! So.......if you like mushrooms, broil yourself a big ole portabella mushroom, and then load it with all your favourite toppings!! TaDa...its wonderful!! Or if you dont like mushrooms....pound flat a chicken breast, and broil or fry it up until its "just done" then load that up with your fav toppings, and broil til its all bubbly. :T

Star~ he's on his way!!

01-21-2005, 11:51 AM
Star: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: I can't stop laughing over the picture of you walking into the car dealership!

Robin: Oh I wish I liked veggies....then I would succeed on any plan. I just don't like them. I tried spagetti squash and it just tastes like squash to me. The only ones I like are raw carrots, salad stuff, corn and sweet potatoes!
The salad stuff is the only thing allowed. *sigh*

01-21-2005, 12:15 PM
Well, that's decided it! I'm gonna have to wear the tiara. I've already called DH and told him he'll need to bring it with him when he picks me up.

01-21-2005, 12:46 PM
Brenda: Way to stay off of that scale! :cb:

Jane: I'm right there with you. This pre-TOM week has been **** for me. All I want to eat is crap. I'm not sure why. This never happens to me. Every time I put something in my mouth, I remember that I won't meet my goal of wearing a bikini and look good in it by this summer. That still hasn't stopped me! Ugh.

Robin: I'm glad you're starting to feel better. DH's can be so annoying sometimes.

TG: I think it's time for me to have a talk with myself, too! Time to get serious about this Atkins WOE for good!

Star: Oh! How good is that? A tiara to the car dealership! You're my heroine! :queen:

Well, it's time for me to get back to being serious about this WOE. I know it makes me feel great, eat healthy and lose weight. Why would I ever stray???

Things at work have been changing... The company is selling three of the magazines in our division -- I work on one of them. But, I also work on another magazine that the company isn't selling, so my job is safe with the company (currently). But, so many co-workers and friends either lost their jobs or are up-in-the-air over what's going to happen. Scary!

Then, there are issues with DH. :mad: Star, are you available for shin-kicking in Florida?

But, we do have our first softball game tonight. It should be entertaining. I really like to play, but I always get nervous before a game -- especially since this is a coed league. I've never played with boys before.

I know I've been saying this for awhile, but I am going to join the gym this weekend. I am going to quit being cheap on this one issue. $30/month is not going to kill me. If DH and I just don't go out to eat twice, there's $30, and it's redirected in a much more positive way. So, I am becoming a gym member, and I can't wait! :D

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Take care,

01-21-2005, 12:56 PM
Jina - Of course I'm available for Florida! Anything to help a friend and get a good shin kicking in! ;) I'm sorry to hear that DH is being a butt-head again. You work at a magazine? How cool is that!

01-21-2005, 02:06 PM
Alright, Star! How soon can you get here?? I'd love to see you in a tiara kicking DH's shins! :lol:

Yes, I work for an agricultural magazine -- not too exciting. We cover citrus and vegetables in Florida. I guess I still work for a peanut magazine, until it is sold. I shouldn't complain, I suppose... I majored in agricultural journalism, so this is what I'm supposed to do. I'd just prefer not to work, though. :D

01-21-2005, 02:09 PM
good evening, ladies. sorry i've been mia for a few days, just as i'm trying to get back in the swing of posting again. i got to sub again today. this time was in an esl (english as a second language) class. subbing lets me work some of the time, but doesn't tie me down all of the time. it still allows me plenty of time to volunteer in my dd's kindergarten class. it really is hard to believe that we will be leaving turkey in roughly 5 months. i hope all of you are having a great day and will be enjoying a great weekend also. good luck to all of you today in staying on plan.