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01-04-2005, 08:03 AM
Good morning Chickies~~ :coffee:

Well, the weigh/measure thing at the gym went about like I expected. I lost a total of 2 inches and my weight didn't change a bit. I'm guessing that I traded some fat for muscle mass. :shrug: What counts is that I'm 2 pant sizes smaller than I was back in October when I got serious with this stuff.

I worked out really hard, didn't have enough to eat during the day and by the evening, I was starving, and ate too much, too late. Now, I'm paying for it. I feel like crapola. Yuck! :p Today will be much better.

Well, gotta throw my lunch together. (small piece of steak, broccoli, LF cheese, and a slice of ww bread)

Hope all you chicks have a great day on the Beach!


01-04-2005, 08:16 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Mamacita, good job! Losing inches is wonderful, and replacing fat with muscle is awesome!

I just got up a bit ago and couldn't stop myself from checking my weight. I know I shouldn't weigh every day, but we just started Phase I on Saturday and I was so curious! I have lost 6.4 so far! Is it unusual to lose it that fast? I suppose it is just water weight.

It is going to be another "fun" day here weatherwise. School is not cancelled, but we are anticipating another ice storm around noon with 8-12 inches to follow through Wednesday morning. I just hope they release us from school early if it gets too bad out there. The thought of being stuck at school is not a pleasant one! LOL.

Well everyone else have a wonderful day!



01-04-2005, 08:30 AM
Morning ladies

It is really nice to be back - I missed you all so much.

I restarted Phase 1 yesterday and other than a massive headache in the afternoon - it went well. I don't think I am quite in the same mindset I was in last time I started - not as prepared this time - too much going on - but I'm doing it anyway - 7 of my 12 pounds lost have crept back on - but not for long.

I have my lunch and snacks all packed for today, even brought extra because today is a late working day. One day at a time right?

I have a holiday party to go to this weekend - I will just eat what I am allowed and stay on track. I'm not much of a drinker so that won't bother me - it's the desserts I will have to resist.

I have really noticed how good I started feeling while doing the Beath and then how bloated, gassy and overall crappy I have felt while off of it. Time to get serious again.

I missed the Resolutions thread so here goes:

1) Get healthy - finally.
2) Work in more Family time - Kid & hubby need me as much as I need them
3) Curb the spending/pay the cards off
4) As Dr Phil would say "Get Real" - time's a wastin - do what I really WANT to do - time to start living - life is short.

Ok finished with all the deep stuff :lol:

I have my coffee and am ready to start work (kinda) ;)

Have a good one all! :coffee:


01-04-2005, 08:52 AM
Mamacita, congratulations on the inches! :hat: You must feel great!!

Nally, most of us here are scale addicts. :lol: If I didn't get on mine everyday, I'd be even fatter than I am now. ;)
Congratulations on your loss so far! Yes, it's probably water loss, but TAKE IT!! The fat is next to go!!

Kim... you're well organized... good for you! That's most of the battle. :yes:

Will someone give me a kick, please? It's the 4th, and I'm still eating like it's my last supper of the 31st of December. :mad:
I DID start exercising again yesterday. But it's TOM... why do I always want to eat all the time?
Going to get coffee... :coffee:

01-04-2005, 09:19 AM
Ellis, get serious, you can do it. Throw out/give away all of that stuff that is tempting you. We all did it, and are back on track you can do it!

Bups, don't forget to eat those beans, they may help with the headache. I know that my headache lasted exactly 2.5 days and then it was gone! Thank God, because I was just about to say, "This isn't worth dealing with how bad I feel " Luckily I held on and stuck with the program!

mamacita, those inches really feel great once their gone! Don't fret about the lbs. They'll go soon!

little chick
01-04-2005, 09:30 AM
morning chicks just a quick check in I am taking a small break from purging... just finished the bathroom and my eye is hurting so I am sitting here with an ice pack taking a small break before I lug the totes downstairs to pack up the rest of the christams decorations. The new year always gives me the urge to purge once that is done then I know that I will be able to purge myself. I only have two more shifts left to work and then I will be able to get normal again. lol. Well I would love to chat more but it is hard to type with one hand while holding an ice pack on my eye. I will pop in agian later.

01-04-2005, 09:52 AM
Crap! Just did a long and sensitive post and lost it! :(

Anyhow, I was up early and watched Brigitte Jones's Diary this morning. A neat movie but definitely a chick flick. Harry would never have sat through it. It certainly was a different way to start the day - the Girls were amazed to see The Goddess sitting and watching TV in the morning but were quite interested in sharing my breakfast of cold steak from last night!

Mamacita, inches lost are better than pounds when it means sizes change. I thought of you the other day when I bought some yarn for a scarf - it's called "Fur Out" and should be an interesting knit. I may get some in black and knit an extra tail for Hersh!

Bups, your NY resolutions look great. I like the family time one - so important! Yes, life is certainly short and we need to make the most of it.

Little Chick, I hope that eye heals soon and what's with this "purge" thing? :nono: I bet you and your family will be glad when the two more shifts are over.

MsJulia, good advice re the beans for headaches. I'm glad your detox headache didn't last too long.

Ellis, my dear friend, Christmas is nearly over. The Wise Men are getting close to Bethlehem so be a Wise Woman and ditch the Christmas eating. This is the year we definitely must lose weight and quit Dicking around - or is it Janeing around? :shrug:

Nally, 8-12 inches of snow? Better than ice by far but still! I can't imagine anything worse than being stuck at school in a storm, especially with kids!

After goofing off with a movie, I'd better get my *** in gear for the day. Kevin is coming late this morning to do some roof repair and the PT chick comes at 2:30 to check out Harry. Somewhere in there I need to get H. to the Library in Elgin and return my movie to the Delta Library. It's a good thing I took Hersh for bloodwork yesterday afternoon because it just wouldn't fit in today.

Have a great 11th day of Christmas - it's eleven pipers piping today - noisy buggers!

01-04-2005, 10:45 AM
This is going to be quick - I have the 18 mos old with me and she's into everything, she keeps turning on the printer and wants to "help" me type!

Mama, Great W&M! With your determination the next one will be even better!

Nally, Wow, you arae sure getting some wintry weather! Take that weight loss, no matter what it is - A loss is a loss!

Kim, Good to have you back again!

Ellis, Come on girl, you can do it!

little chick, Have fun purging!

Ruth, You seem to be as busy as ever! I'm glad I'm not the only one who occasionally loses her posts!

Day 1 is won & done! It wasn't hard as I thought it would be. So far today is going well, and I'm even managing to drink a lot of water. I keep looking at the scale, but so far have resisted weighing in, I know it's too soon to see any results yet!

I got a new SEnseo coffee machine for Christmas and boy do I like it! It really makes a good cup of coffee. I had to play with it to get it to make as large a cup coffee as I like, but now that I managed that, it's great, and saves me from going to Starbucks every day. I'm going to go put some chicken and mushrooms in the crockpot for supper, and we'll have some broccoli with it. Leftover turkey chili is on the menu for lunch. See ya later!

anchor weight
01-04-2005, 10:52 AM
Morning Chicks!

Well I shut my alarm off for exercise this morning. :lol: But so far so good I managed to get up 1 day and exercise before work. :lol: That's better than last year. I stayed up late working on bills and budgets trying to get my debt snowball down there. Figuring out how much I need to put where. It just must have exhausted me. :lol: Tomorrow is another morning to try to get up early and exercise.

Good news is I'm wearing a size smaller pants! Yeah! I've gone from a size 22W to a size 16W. I guess my next move will be lateral to a 16 misses. I have a pair of 16M but I can't quite squeeze my butt into them comfortably. Tomorrow I weigh in. This brings up an excellent question. Have 3FC SBD ever considered a thread to give clothes to each other? Yes I know I could sell them on Ebay or give them to Goodwill but with as fast as we lose weight around here it would be fun to give them to each other. For instance, I have a houndstooth Ralph Lauren zip up dress sport coat that I wore for 1 season. It is a 22W and I hate to throw it in the pile for Goodwill. Not sure how you Mods feel about this and I hope I'm not rocking someone's boat. Let me know.

Otherwise everyone have an OP day!

01-04-2005, 11:08 AM
Mama - Great news on the lost inches! I'm sure the weight plateau is extra muscle.

Nally - Be careful with the weather! I am another one who weighs daily. I keep one spreadsheet with daily results and another one that tracks weekly and estimates when I will hit goal weight. I just don't let a slight increase discourage me - I use it to motivate me to be even more vigilant about staying OP.

Kim - We've missed you too. I agree. I feel so much better when I've been staying on OP.

Ellis - if I want to snack due to TOM, I make extra sure I have lots of snacks. There is no way I can overdo it on raw veggies. I just have to stay away from the high calorie/fat snacks.

MsJulia - Glad the headache is gone. It really does help to make sure you eat lots of legumes in phase 1 especially. Those extra carbs really make a difference.

little chick - I hope the eye starts feeling better soon. You are being so productive.

Ruth - I try to highlight and copy my post before I hit submit. Then it is so much easier to just paste it in if I lose it.

cottage - Your food sounds good. I have to remind myself sometimes to make sure I drink enough water.

anchor - Jenn had a website set up for a clothing exchange awhile back but I don't think it got too much activity. I know I have a lot of stuff that is too big, especially size 18/20. I tried not to buy any more than necessary so I only have a little size 16 and 14 that is too big and I skipped size 12 totally.

Me - I got in an hour at the gym yesterady and it felt so good! We've got a cub scout den meeting tonight so I won't be able to make it today but I'm hoping to walk at lunchtime. It might have to be inside though since the weather is still really wet.

01-04-2005, 11:59 AM
Just getting my rear in gear hear, everything is finally back to normal around here. Got my son off at the airport for basic training, I assume he got there, we haven't had the MP's here saying he's gone AWOL.

Now Christmas is staring me in the face, I hate taking decorations down. The house seems so empty.

I did OK on phase 1 while we were traveling until yesterday afternoon. Then I wasn't good. Oh, well, onward and downward today. Will drink tons more water. Plan to hit the treadmill at work today after I get off at 3:00.

You all have a great day! Carpe diem!!

a broad abroad
01-04-2005, 12:15 PM
Hello chicks,

Just checking in to say hello to the regulars and 'WELCOME' to all the new folks at the beach. Wow, its gettin busy in here!

Food was good today. I made Kryss's Bok Choy Soup last night and had it for lunch today. YUM, and so easy and quick.

01-04-2005, 12:39 PM
A quick drive by for me. My back is really sore today from the procedure yesterday and it hurts to sit in this chair. Looks like you all are off to a great start in the new year. Keep up the good work!
Anchor... Don't make me call Dave on you! teehee!
I hope you all have a great day!

little chick
01-04-2005, 12:43 PM
Ruth I am house purging not body purging. Nothing I hate worse than throwing up.
I always feel better with a tidy organized house and it makes me keep me on track too.

01-04-2005, 01:22 PM
Good Morning Everyone!

Well, my first day back on the wagon went well other than that darn charlie horse in my calf! I didn't get my exercise in like I wanted to since I didn't want to irritate my calf anymore. I also didn't get the exercise in this morning like I wanted. One of my cats had other ideas for me. It was so cold and she was so snuggly; how can I get up? :lol: We've been having major rain storms here this past week that are supposed to continue for a few more days. It's been in the 50's during the day and 30's at night which is darn cold for this California girl! I don't know how all of you cold chickies do it!

Mama-Congrats on your inches lost. I'd take even 1/8" if I could have it right now! :D

Nally-Can't imagine what an ice storm is like since I've never been in one. Closest I've been is to Minnesota where DH is from when it was negative something. Negative anything is way too cold for me! Try to stay warm!

Bups-I've also thought about how crappy I feel when I'm not on the beach. The holidays made me feel like a rolling butterball! I'm glad to be back...other than that strange feeling I get the first couple days! :dizzy:

Ellis-You've got to throw out all the junk! DH and I had a baking fest where we made a ton of bad and evil things :devil: . I ended up bringing everything that I had left to my sister's over the weekend. Her husband brought most of it to his work. The rest went into my sister's pregnant belly! Get rid of all those bad things so you're not tempted!!! Good job on the exercising!

Little Chick-Oh, your poor eye! I can just picture you with an ice pack on your eye using one finger to type! I hope it gets better! Oh, and good to hear you're not body purging. That worried me for a moment!

Ruth-I hate it when those darn posts get lost! BJD is a good movie. I haven't seen the second one yet but hope to soon! Do you mind telling those pipers to keep it down....I have a headache. :)

Cottage-Ya gotta love those 18 month olds! I love 'em as long as they're somebody elses. My sister has one boy who's almost 4 and is 4 1/2 months pregnant with another boy. I absolutely love being an aunt! DH and my 3 kitties are all the kids I need for now!

Anchor-Congrats on your size smaller in pants! That's always really exciting. I'm completely avoiding any clothing stores at the moment until I get some of this weight off. Nothing worse than going to a store and buying a size bigger than you've worn for the majority of your life! Good job on getting up early yesterday for some exercise...can't say the same for today :lol: but I'm sure you'll make it up!

Barb-You always seem to be so diligent with your exercise. I'd love to get back into that routine again.....and I will!

RNMOM-I know what you mean about Christmas staring you in the face. I hate taking down all the stuff that took me forever to put up. It does make the place look empty. I think DH and I will tackle that this weekend since we don't have much time during the week. Good luck with the treadmill today!

Bamie-Sorry to hear about your back hurting. Take it easy!

Have a great day today!

anchor weight
01-04-2005, 02:28 PM
Bami - I feel for ya sister! Nothing worse than body parts that aren't working like they are supposed to. Make sure you follow doc's directions and get plenty of REST! I know that is a foreign concept to you. :lol: Yup - new year new debt snowball. The good news is I only have 5 items left. The bad news is they are 5 biggies! :lol: Got to keep ole Dave off my back! :lol:

01-04-2005, 03:40 PM
Wow, this is a popular thread. It may take me a few days to recognize all the names!!

Mamacita and Nally,
FI and I just bought a scale, and I weigh myself before and after meals and before and after trips to the ladies room just for entertainment :) But being a WW member, I know I shouldn't weigh more than once a week... so I've got to move that thing down to the basement!!!

Kim - how long did it take you to lose the 12 pounds? Hey, at least you're getting abck on track now, right!!!

Amy, WOW - you're a rock star. I am quite impressed. It took me almost a year to lose that much!!!

Okay... another newbie question:

I can have beans and onions in phase one??? I've read the book and can't find anything about the onions. I thought they were a no, but then saw they were in some of the recipes.

Thanks ladies!

01-04-2005, 03:50 PM
Lisa - Please do not rely on the book - it needs revision. Check out the Phase I food list in the Frequently Asked Questions section. You will see that onions and beans are both allowed.

01-04-2005, 04:07 PM
Ruthxxx - thanks for the warning. I did think the book lacked information. I found the thread you're talking about... THANKS! You've been such a huge help!

01-04-2005, 04:29 PM
Quickie... just getting ready to go to a meeting...

Thank you so much for all the "kicks", girls. You're wonderful. :grouphug: I've shopped for a bunch of OP foods, and I'm ready for tomorrow! :hat:

Bamie and Little Chick... get better soon, girls. :grouphug:

love you all... :love: ... back later...

01-04-2005, 06:11 PM
Been busy today and now I have to work. Sounds like everyone is busy getting into the new year and getting into our routine without the holidays. Funny how November through the end of the year messes us up so.

I have the sugar and carb withdrawal headache to go along with my sinus infection. Thankful that I don't have Little Chick's eye to deal with though. Those are so painful and tender.

I am going to work on getting my sleep routine turned around a little bit. Right now I go to sleep around 2 or 3 and sleep until 10 or 11. The problem is that the night time hours I am awake are not spent very usefully so I lose that time. I would like to reach a goal of being in bed by 11 and read for a little bit then to sleep. I already told dh the tv is coming out of the bedroom so that won't be an option anymore and he agreed that would be good. We both want to get our eating more routine also as right now we eat dinner when we get home from the restaurant which is somewhere between 9 and 10, too late to be eating and then trying to sleep. So as you can see I have my hands full.

Off to find some recipes for this weeks menu and then to work. Everyone have a good rest of the day. ;)

01-04-2005, 06:43 PM
Just a fly by to say hi to everyone...hoping I can get in and post to everyone tomorrow!

Welcome to all the new ones, and big :grouphug: to all our's good to have you back! :D

I know we can all jump back OP together, right? I think some sugar snuck into one of the things I ate Friday or Saturday, because I have the MUNCHIES! I may need to Phase 1 it again. Oy! Still...there are some great Phase 1 entree recipes in the recipe forum, so it won't be that bad. ;)

Have a great evening everyone!