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01-02-2005, 06:21 PM
I'm going to jump on here to get things started. I'm not sure where Raven is, but I am sure once she logs on, she will get this started properly. :)

In short, as far as I know, we are all getting back to basics on what we need to live a healthy lifestyle. Not just lose weight, but also to regain ourselves and what it means for each of us to be happy.

For me, Back to Basics means the following:

1. Lose weight. I just want to be at a healthy weight for myself by the end of the year.

2. Spend more time doing fun things with my family.

3. Work on being a more positive person all around.

In January, I would like to lose an aggressive goal of 15 pounds. A realistic goal will be 10 pounds. Currently, I am at 232. I gained back after surgery, and haven't really done anything about it. 15 gone would put me one pound lower than my lowest at 217.

I am also on a "walking" group with a friend. My goal is to walk 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. That would be around 60 miles walked by the end of the month.

Alright, when Raven gets here, she can explain things better than I did!

Welcome newbies, welcome oldies.


Apple Blossom
01-02-2005, 10:41 PM
Hello! I thought I might jump in with you guys for a while. I don't have a daily forum right now,and I think I might fit in here. I have to admit though, I'm being lured in by the quilting. Its something I've always wanted to do. I have 2 unfinished tops and a million ideas. I'd love to see photos of your finished work. Maybe we can even exchange some theme blocks!
But back to the real reason we are here....
For me, back to basics is:
1: Lose weight
2: Simplify, starting with major down load of clutter
3: Be more kind, less selfish

I'm hoping for a great year!

Mini goal: 5 pounds by Jan 17th, I'm going to Hawaii!

01-03-2005, 06:51 AM
Good morning all. Thank you, Chachee for getting us started, and welcome to Apple Blossom.

I want to focus on the things that get me where I want to be - working out regularly, with weights. Drinking more water and less soda. Increasing my protein and veggies, and keeping to serving sizes of carbs. Spending time with my critters, family, friends, church. Living with faith, and without fear.

Here's to 2005. May it bring all of us to where we want and deserve to be.

01-03-2005, 06:55 AM
Hi there Chachee, jolly! Thanks for starting up the new thread. I was wondering if Raven would start one or not. Glad you did. Raven will be sure to jump in soon. Rave! Where are you?

Apple Blossom. Welcome. I know you from another site a while back. How are you doing? Well, no quilting going on here but I like your second goal of downsizing the clutter. Oh, my, do I know what you're talking 'bout there! :yikes:

I've been hanging out on the bulge thread but like the group here as well. Action got slow and I needed a kickstart. Back to basics is fine with me. The basics are always where you have to work from, aren't they.

I have lots of goals but for now, I'll just say that I want to get the body I want this year, in other words, a body I can honestly say I like.

Other goals I have to think of and will get back.

Hope every finds us here, Derry, happy, anyone I missed. Happy 2005! Please join us.


01-03-2005, 07:32 AM
its a new year, and yes i want to do somethings differently. but its not a new me i am looking for, i like me. but i will be a better me. my outside will mirror my inside. my energy and exhuberance will show in every part of me. my head is always spinning with ideas. my eyes shine with excitement, my smile could light up a room, its contagious! and my laughter and quirky ways could lift you from a mile away! this is the year that everything from the neck down will emulate the rest of me.ts a process, something i learned in 2004. somedays i will have more engery and some days less. but i will use each day to its advantage! i know me and there will be days that all i want to do is stay in bed. okies and so..... there is nothing stopping me from sliding my hands beneath my bum and doing some small leg lifts or stretching, or deep breathing exercises, journaling. nurturing myself on the down days, making a plan for the following day. on the days i could tackle the world, i will! i will do that extra set of crunches, or break my walks up with an added burst. i dont know what yet, just that i will take full advantage and going the extra mile.

Happy New Year Ladies....... and Happy Birthday Hippy!! ( i know your still reading could you not be ~winks n grinz~)


01-03-2005, 10:31 AM
Hi There!

Can I join in? I know Jolly and Happy, and I hung out with y'all very, very briefly several months ago. Went through a rough spot in my now up to my highest weight ever....and it's time to get a brand new start, move forward, take good care of me and work hard toward achieving my goals. I'm still defining my non-weight goals. But as for my weight goals, my Back to Basics approach is this:

1. Move every day - even if it's just for 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Any movement is better than nothing and I'll gradually increase the amount and intensity.
2. Start viewing sweets and fattening foods as OCCASIONAL treats and not as snacks to have many times a day!
3. Drink water!
4. Eat veggies and fruit
5. Be more aware of what I put in my body and in other choices I make, and make healthier choices.

I also want to find more balance in my life -- meaning spending more time with my family and friends, and finding something joyful in every day.

Sassy -- I really liked the way you put it. And I totally agree. I, too, feel the inner me has energy and exuberance and excitement and is full of joie de vive, and it's time for me to make the outer "me" mirror the inner me.

Happy new year, ladies!

01-03-2005, 02:01 PM
Hi all. Welcome back Sassy and Michelle. I need a small pat on the back today. I am at work, on a payroll Monday, after a total of 1 1/2 hours sleep. Half an hour before I got called in to go the ER with a client, and an hour afterwards. Overtired is one (of the many) thing that makes me eat. I am not making the healthiest choices, but I am working to find a balance between my body's need for fuel to stay awake, and health. I got some baked chips. I did get a doughnut, but got that instead of a big bag of chocolate. And I had packed some soup to make, but am just too tired to cook it. So, I was going to McDonald's for a super extra value meal - instead I got a Caesar salad. I know these were still not the healthiest choices, but they were better. I know what I really need is sleep, not sugar. Unfortunately, sleep is not an option for another 8 hours. So, I really need a shout out from you all, and an "E" for effort.


01-03-2005, 03:12 PM
Good morning, everyone! Wanted to say hello to Michelle and Apple. Michelle, I remember you from posting awhile ago. Apple, we always welcome new friends to our circle.

Jolly: I'm sending you very big "basic" hugs and pats on the back. The hardest things to change are the small, "mindless" things. Sure, it's easy to take an easy route, made one bad choice of food in the morning and then say "Oh, forget it, I'll just restart tomorrow". No, instead you realized that yes, you had the donut, but instead of the Big Mac attack, you made a healthy choice, and one that your body needed. That is so very important and one of the small changes we can all make to make it easier to attain our goals. Very good job for you. I know you will do so well the rest of the day, week, month and year. :)

Sassy: Welcome back. You know, I have so missed you and your witty ways. How is married life treating you? I'm sure by the end of the year your outside will match your radiant inside.

Red: Welcome to the new thread. I'm sure this year will be the year for you.

Hi to Raven, Happy, Hippy, Derry and everyone else.

I did well this morning on the treadmill, even with battling this flu bug. Did 2.89 miles. I'm keeping track of my exercise miles this year. Big goal is to do 90 a month. May take a few months to work up to that.

Happy Monday!


01-03-2005, 03:24 PM
Hey Jolly --

Good for you for making better food choices! :cp: Sending you a big pat on the back and a great big E for effort! :bravo:

01-03-2005, 03:46 PM
Jolly, another great big E for effort from me as well and a big hand. :cp: Lack of sleep, wanting to sleep and not being able to is probably the biggest obstacle to eating right. I feel for you. You made a tremendous effort and succeeded. The one little donut, in light of what it could be, makes it an excellent choice. We're not always given much of a choice, are we?, and we have to make the best of the ones we have.

More power to you! :strong:

01-03-2005, 08:32 PM
Thank you so much for the support, ladies. it means so much, and each success helps make the next obstacle easier to overcome. I did make it to the gym tonight. Just did cardio, but as my goal is to do weights 3-4 times a week, I am still ok. Chachee, a huge congrats to you too, for hitting the treadmill even despite not feeling 100% yet. As long as you listen to what your body can handle, that is great. REd, Micchelle, Apple, I hope to hear great things as you work towards your 2005 goals.

01-03-2005, 10:26 PM
Jolly, glad to be of help. How did you ever make it to the gym after that as well?! You are amazing!

And how about our other regulars? Raven, happy, derry, where are you?!?!?!

01-04-2005, 10:18 AM
Woooo Hoooo! Got some great news last night. Shortly before Christmas, I entered a contest that a local gym was having. It's a contest where they're going to have two teams compete to see which team will lose the most weight. I entered both my husband and I -- had to write in 100 words or less why we want to lose weight and why we will be committed to doing so. And we both won! We'll be on different teams, so we'll be competing against each other. Since we were both selected, we each get a two month membership to the gym, 24 60-90 minute group personal training sessions, weekly fitness assessments, and 2 consultations with a dietician.

I was considering signing up for a gym (again), but was wary about spending the money unless I knew that I was going to use it. Well, being selected for this contest means that I get to see if going to a gym regularly works for me and I don't have to pay for it.

I'm so happy that my husband and I both won. It will be so good for us, as we both need to lose weight. It's only two months, so I'm not expecting miracles...but even if I can lose 15 pounds, that would be awesome! Our first meeting is Monday, and I'm very excited!

Jolly -- Congrats to you for making it to the gym! :bravo: Espcially after being sleep deprived and exhausted!! Your dedication really inspires me! :cp: :cp:

Red -- You are so right. We're not always given great options, but our challenge is to make the best choices possible.

Well, I'm really swamped at work. In fact I'll probably have to work I'd better get started.

Here's to a great Tuesday!

01-04-2005, 10:22 AM
Good morning all. I hope we hear from Raven, Happy, Hippee, Lucky, Derry soon too. How did I make it to the gym, Red? I think I sleepwalked :rofl: Seriously though, doing the elliptical trainer is pretty mindless - just left right left right. Even if I don't push myself, I still burn more calories than lying in bed. I just didn't want to try and lift weights when I was that tired - I was afraid i would lose form and hurt something. How have you been? How's the job? You keep mentioning going to Tokyo, covering races, etc? Do you focus just on racing, or sports, or what??

Michelle, how are you today? Chachee, did you make it to the treadmill? Appleblossom, Sassy - how are you all too??

Have a great day all. I am off to work.

01-04-2005, 11:03 AM
hello ladies, wow such exciting news wtg Michelle!! you and hubby will make for some very inspirational reading. i cant wait and am exctied for you both. i am counting down the minutes to head off to the fitness center kitty corner from me. weighing the pros and cons and going to see what kind of deal i can negotiate. for instance i have guests from the states that fly over for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. i want my guests to be able to join me if they so choose. dont mind paying extra but i am not buying a full membership either for them. biggest perk is that they are sooooooo close, warm up walk there and cool down walk back. major con is the hours, they open after 4 pm. the concensus is........ i can adjust. ~crosses the parts she still can and smiles bravely~

anyhoo after reading how good everyone was doing i thought i would pop by and post pick-me up smile. i dont know who wrote it or i would give them credit.. its hillarious........shhhhhhhhhhh i tweeked the last two paragraphs of this poem ~winks n grinz~

The Diet After Christmas!!

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house
Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.
The cookies I'd nibbled, the eggnog I'd taste
At the holiday parties had gone to my waist.

When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber).
I'd remember the marvelous meals I'd prepared;
The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared,

The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese
And the way I'd never said, "No thank you, please."
As I dressed myself in my husband's old shirt
And prepared once again to do battle with dirt---

I said to myself, as I only can
"You can't spend a winter disguised as a man!"
So--away with the last of the sour cream dip,
Get rid of the fruit cake, every cracker and chip

Every last bit of food that I like must be banished
"Till all the additional ounces have vanished.
I won't have a cookie--not even a lick.
I'll want only to chew on a long celery stick.

I wont have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot with a gleam in my eye.
I'm hopeful, its awesome, I'm ready to soar.....
But isnt that what January is for?

Able to giggle, no longer so quiet.
Happy New Year to all and to all a great diet!


01-04-2005, 11:21 AM
Good morning and happy new year, chickies! *stretch yawn* I'm slowly getting back into the surreality of my everyday life. ;)

I apologize for dropping off the face of the planet, but I guess I needed a few days of non-existence.

Chachee, thank you for getting it started. I had a feeling you might. ;)

I will first say this ... I am probably the world's worst at responding to other posts. I do try, but most of the time I run in, post my mental dump, then booble off to other things. That doesn't mean I don't read it all, though. I will admit to being quite selfish in posting to the thread, I do this to help myself. If in the process of helping myself, it helps someone else, that is a wonderful thing. And that is why I read all your posts, too. Selfishness, because all the posts offer up something that can make me think, or trigger an "ah-ha" moment, or make me laugh, etc.

Alright. I guess the only thing I could add to Chachee's wonderful start is that I want to really emphasize that for each of us, this is a personal journey. Each one of us has different issues, each of us has different priorities in their lives, what works for one may very well not work for another, and I want to respect that individuality. The "basics" for me may very well seem like nothing at all to some folks, where to others it might seem ridiculous. My goals may seem overwhelming to some, ridiculous to others, or conflict with what works for someone else.

I want to keep in mind that I am in the process of finding out what works for ME. Only me. I can offer that up for consideration, but I cannot say it will or will not work for anyone else. If I say I want to lose 5 pounds a month, it's because I know that works for ME. Not for anyone else. For someone else, setting a number goal like that might be setting themselves up for failure. But as we are all on a discovery journey, I would really like each of us in this thread to respect that sometimes, people need to try many, many different things before they stumble on the ONE thing that clicks for them.

So before we offer words of caution, or suggest that someone is doing something "wrong," it would do us all well to remember that what we do is not the only solution. Only the solution (hopefully) for ourselves. But by posting what works for us, as I said above, perhaps we can give someone else an idea, something to try, another avenue that will hopefully lead to more success.

Ok .. off my soapbox.

Back to basics. What exactly is a "basic" anyway? There are so many basics, it seems like, to losing weight.

For me ...

1) Movement. Exercise. Daily.
2) Water. Hydration.
3) Calories. Burn more than you eat, or you don't lose weight.

Then there are the "management" complications. Time management. Fiscal management. Relationship management. Food management. Then the other things that make managing all those things more complicated. It spreads out like a spider web. I feel sometimes like the fly stuck in the middle.

Getting back to basics for me requires a lot of the "stop thinking about it" thinking. Stop analyzing, stop making it more complicated than it really is. Just do. The more I think about things, the more complicated they get, the less focus I have, the more reasons I can find to procrastinate, rationalize, not do.

So ... Today I need to prepare for the basics. I need the right food around me, first. I need to make sure I have workout clothes washed and ready to go. I need to make sure I get enough sleep. I need to stop allowing every other thing in my life to be a priority (read: excuse) over working out and eating right. To get to that point, I need to run to the bank and the store. I need to make sure chores are done so that I can maximize my time - all the while still making sure I save time for the things that bring me joy in life. So .. one of my basics would be to make lists. Do this, don't think about it, don't agonize about it, just do it.

4) Lists of things to do. Then do them.

Keep going. :D

01-04-2005, 12:56 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

First, big congrats to Michelle and her hubby for winning a wonderful prize. How amazing is that? I'm sure, if nothing else, you will gain important knowledge from the trainers and dieticians that will help you life-long, not just during the competition. Very happy for you!!

Raven, my girl, I loved what you wrote. I totally agree. Everyone needs to approach what they do from their own point of view and what works for them. What works for me certainly may not work for anyone else. I guess when I hit stumbling blocks, then I might ask for suggestions and helpful hints. I'm tired of competing with everyone else and making unreasonable goals and then failing. For me, this time, it's one day at a time and checking my progress weekly is good enough for me. If I feel better, act better and am more positive of a person, then it's all good. Once I start acting jealous over someone else's successes, then it's time to re-examine why I am doing this!

I had a great day yesterday. Did the treadmill, ate healthy food, and got a good night's sleep. Woke up this morning, did an hour on the treadmill and had a healthy breakfast. It's so much easier to eat healthy when you have healthy food around the house. Now, does that mean the Hershey's bar wasn't calling my name? Nope, but I walked right on by it and snubbed my nose at it!! :)

Tonight is salmon, brown rice and broccoli for dinner. Hubby and son will have pork chops, as they don't really like fish. I love it!!

Okay, well I need to get to work. Have a great day!

Oh, and I am removing my ticker from my signature. Too much emphasis on losing weight, and not enough on all the good little changes I make!


01-04-2005, 07:55 PM
Hey all. I love what everyone wrote. Especially the Diet After Christmas, Sassy. I must have burned off at least 25 calories laughing at that :lol: Raven, I am glad to hear from you. Michelle, congrats on winning the membership. I hope it works out well for both you and your husband. Things usually work out for a reason.

I know one of the things I need to work on is not letting every little thing get to me (make me eat), but I am happy to say one of the things that gets to me is going away. Hurray. There are some things I am just passive/aggressive about - I would rather the problem just disappear than have to spend the energy dealing with it. Immature but true.

And, I need to confess that I made bad choices today. I was not able to do as
Chachee did and thumb my nose at bad stuff. For one of my staff meetings, we met at a restaurant for lunch. I had an omelet (ok) with hashbrowns and toast :nono:, then topped it off with a sundae because one of my staff did too :fr: Part of my brain is saying "hey, you already blew the day, eat whatever you want for supper, go get chinese, order pizza, what the heck." The other part of my brain says "just go make a salad and shut up." The good angel will win.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

01-04-2005, 09:01 PM
Happy New Year to everyone

Just popping in really quick to say hi to everyone.

Got the computer going at home and will try and catch up once I get home.


Apple Blossom
01-04-2005, 09:41 PM
There will be days when I can't get near the computer, the husband or son may be monopolizing it. Or I have a wiggly baby thus impossible to type. I'll try just to post my progress and if there's time and or motivation, some more personal communication.
I went for a jog today and it felt great. I have been eating OK, but I splurged on 2 bowls of cereal as a snack. It was deffinately stress eating. At least it was high fiber.
I found out that a good friend will be at the same hotel in Hawaii. And she is really fashionable and skinny. :p I shouldn't be so image obssessed, but I'm going to look like a beached whale (with cellulite) next to her. Ugghh. And it hadn't crossed my mind before, but I want new clothes too. Sorry chick, no new clothes until weight is lost. :nono:
I'm adding 15 minutes of step video everyday, walk or run everyday, and no dessert. It's only for 2 weeks. I can do it!!!
Hope everyone else is having a good day!

01-04-2005, 10:15 PM
Hello, all. Good to see the thread coming to life again, thanks to so many posters and the reappearance of one of our "pillars," Raven!

I've been doing well, despite the downs, the constant downs, all those things, that like jolly says, seem to cue me to eat. Want to shake that once and for all this year. Start taking my cue from people who have it together, at least with their weight, and no, that doesn't mean I will take up smoking or some other neurotic habit. Then again, how about every time something bugs me and I would have normally reached for food as solace, I hit the book and study something or get up, do some exercise. Ok, I may look kind of weird but so what?! :lol:

michellez -- what great news on your winning the essay contest? Fabulous. This will mean you have motivation to get off to a great start this year. Two months can do a lot! You may likely get down very very close to breaking through the 200-lb mark and that will surely be a great boost, an psychological barrier break. Good luck to you and your husband! I'm looking forward to following your successes along the way!

jolly -- yes, really, sleepwalking to the gym. Sounds like you must have been after your long day. Do I keep mentioning going to Tokyo and races? Well, I live in Tokyo, have been here for 22 years now. I do cover horseracing, the big races and interviews with people racing-related. But this is more just a thing I do on my own and a way to make money. I don't have to do it as part of my job at the paper, which is only parttime now anyhow and my shifts there are on the foreign news desk, just editing, headline writing, layout, mainly that. Writing is usually about racing, but we can write whatever we like if they'll print it. I also write for an American magazine sometimes and other publications, such as some English-language Japanese things.

sassy -- loved your after christmas post. Great fun. It made me laugh too! Thanks and welcome back to the thread! How were the holidays in Austria? Were you there?

raven -- good to see you back! I was starting to worry. No need to apologize about not responding. I'm certainly not the best in that area either! And it's not a "mental dump" please! I love reading your posts and I'm sure I'm not alone there.

I don't think people worry about knowing what works for them may not work for others. We're all adults and there's no need to walk on eggshells, or at least I hope there's not. Suggesting someone is doing something "wrong" is merely an opinion and can offer crucial advice to others, who, yes, may not be doing things in a productive way. But I don't think we have that going on here. I mean, after all, if we had it down pat, we'd probably have no reason to be here, right? Unless, of course, we just want to get on the soapbox to stroke our egos. Like you said, our posts should always be seen as food for thought, fodder for the manger, whatever, not amendments to the ten commandments! :rofl:

I hear you with the fly in the spiderweb feeling. And overanalyzing, overthinking, hmm, yes, understand that too! Sounds like we both need that bat jolly talks about to hit ourselves over the head with to just stop those thoughts from running away with us, eh?!

Chachee -- sounds like you're revved for the new year. Good for you! Another hour on the treadmill after your great day yesterday? Kudos! And snubbing your nose at a Hershey's bar. Awesome! Keep it up!

Yes, those tickers get to me too, not other people's, mine. I've done the same, taken it off my signature. I tried just not showing it but I'd forget all the time. Now I have the code saved in another file and I can paste it in when I feel like it. Did you know you can do that, Chachee. Just use the middle code they give you when you first make it and save that and if you just paste it in a post, like this:

******************* (


Maybe you want to try that.

jolly -- glad to hear you're getting a handle on the triggers that set you off eating. And yes, that good angel will win more and more this year! Go for it!

lucky -- hi there! welcome back and hope to hear lots from you soon!


Happy New Year to all!

01-04-2005, 10:18 PM
Apple Blossom -- hi! Just missed your post when I was pasting in my last one. Sounds like you're determined and making progress. What's this about Hawaii? Don't sweat on posting here for us. It should be about you anyhow! That's why we're all here, to lose OUR weight and get in shape, etc. Good luck. You've got some great and doable goals there. Love that dog of yours! What was her name again?

01-05-2005, 12:10 AM
I wrote this one in the old tread so i just copied it to here

*********Hello Everyone, I am Angie, I live in the coldest province in Canada Called Manitoba. I am a sahm of two very active little girls ages soon to be 6 on the 19 and soon to be 2 on the 23 both in this month. I have been with my hubby for almost 10 years married almost 5 years. We live in a small town just out side of winnipeg. I have tried atkins last year lost 15 pounds keeped that off thank god and now i want to lose the rest which is 80 pounds. We bought a treadmill last year and i maybe have used it 5 times the rest of the time it hold my hubbies laundry because he is to lazy to put it in the laundry room, and since i'm not his maid i refuse to clean up after him. Well i got on the treadmill today for 15 min and i thought i was going to die. I did five min of a warm up then i went to buring fat the next step up and man i am sore.

My goal is to be 110 by the end of june i am 190 now. The reason for such drastic weightlose is so i can apply to our police department and you need to be in exellent shape.

I need the motivation that my hubby can not give seeing he is a rail and never weight more than 145 in his life. The man can eat and eat and eat.

He just doesn't understand what it is like to be over weight and feel so ugly inside i look at my self in the mirror and see me as when i was thin back when i was 21 i was 110 pounds and boy did i have energy. I want that person back and i need your help in getting there.

I just celebrated my 30th birthday back in sept and we went to a social to have some fun and my ex boy friend was there and the look he gave me was somthing else the look like what the f*** did you do to your self kind of look.
All i could do that night was drink and drink some more so i didn't have to feel stupid or explain why and how i gained so much weight.

I belonged to the atkins forum and had no support there and was off line for awhile and now back and i am ready to get down to buiness and shed my extra person i am carring.

I really need the support and from reading this forum i no i can get some help and motivation.

Oh by the way i am a very stubborn person and very hard to push when my mind is set but i am not perfect.

Can someone be willing to keep me in line and help me lose this weight please

Thanks Angie i can be reached on msn if anyone wants to chat one on one

01-05-2005, 05:57 AM
Thanks Red, for sending me the link to the new thread. Something went wrong with my subscription to 3FC or whatever as I stoped getting instant notification of all my posts. I went searching for you guys and couln'dt find you all! : (
But, then Red PM'd me and "saved" me!
Haven't got time to read up on everyone's posts, but I am here and found you all! Will check back in later when I have a few moments.

01-05-2005, 06:01 AM
Glad you found us, Derry! And welcome aboard Angie! :cp:

Wow, Derry, I was just noticing your weight tracker. You're almost at goal! You must have been losing right along while I was mostly AWOL. Great for you! Here's my new ticker: (

I just started up again and am weighing myself on Sundays so let's see if I see a budge this week. My, the week does go by quickly when you're . . . goofing off! :lol:

01-05-2005, 09:59 AM
Welcome, Angie! I hope we can be there on your self discovery journey!

Derry, Welcome back. :)

Ok .. My goal for this week is to start getting the water intake back up. That's the only real goal I'm setting. If I add in good eating and getting the shopping done and working out that's nice, but if it doesn't happen it won't be an issue. Drink water. That's difficult for me, and something I MUST do. *goes to fill up water bottle* :D

One bottle down, three to go.

Last night I stopped at the stables on the way home and *rode* my horse. Not just hopped on bareback and worked at some walk with a slow trot thing... I saddled him up and for about 40 minutes we worked hard at not barging with his shoulder, and keeping the trot going through turns. This is hard work for both of us! My abs and legs are twinging this morning, so I know I did pretty well. My Arashi was not completely sweated up, but he was tired and warm, so I know he got a bit of a workout, too. Good for both of us. Ok .. I'll confess, that's my other goal. Ride three times a week.

Here's something I've come to, as well. In the past, for whatever reason (maybe because I actually really love doing it?) riding has not counted for me as exercise. It's not weight lifting or aerobics or whatever, so it didn't figure in. Well, that meant that now I had to find time for riding (not exercise) AND "formal" exercise in there somewhere! BAH!!! Bogus!! Not anymore! Riding counts! *stomps foot* So there.

My inner thighs, my obliques, my abs, my arms... all get a workout. And the more I ride, the harder I ride, the better shape I get into and my pony, too. Wow. Ok, that felt good to get off my chest. :D I had so much fun last night I thought I was going to explode. ;) And my Arashi was so good!! We're getting that shoulder, slowly but surely.

Back to basics means, for me, getting right back to the absolute starting point. So here I am. :)

01-05-2005, 12:48 PM
Hi everyone --

Welcome Angie!

I'm not really great about responding to what people wrote....but I do read and enjoy all your terrific posts! And all the motivation and enthusiasm on this thread is really energizing me! Thanks.

I gotta fess up, I already broke my resolutions to move every day....I didn't exercise yesterday. And it's not like my goal to move means to exercise for some unrealistic (for me) amount of time. Just 20 minutes. Oh well, I'm going to stop beating myself up, as that does no good. I'll just make sure I move today.

At least my eating and water drinking are doing better. I'm definitely making progress there. Still drinking more diet soda than I probably should, but at least I'm getting 4-5 glasses of water a day in and working on increasing that to at least 8 glasses.

Can I ask those of you who work outside the do handle lunch? Do you bring your lunch, and if so, what do you bring? Or do you end up going out at lunch -- do you go to fast food and make the healthiest choices possible (what I've been ending up doing)? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

We got some snow overnight, and will get more tonight. Maybe I could help DH shovel snow for my exercise today -- I don't help as much as I'd like to because of my asthma.

Here's to a great day for all of us!

01-05-2005, 02:29 PM
Hi all. Glad to hear old voices, and meet new ones. Real quick post for me - I am snowed under by paperwork I need to catch up on. And lets not mention snow . . .

Raven, of course riding is exercise. Didn't I tell you about the tshirt I want printed? "Forget body by Bud - I have A** by Arabian!"

Red, your job(s) sound interesting. Even getting to freelance horsey assignments would be cool. That is probalby why I am pushing so hard to do therapeutic riding for one of my clients - so I can combine horses and work.

Well, the good angel did win out last night. It was a struggle though. And it is so hard to do the right thing when it is cold and snowy - I just want to go home and cuddle up with warm soup or something. And Michelle, I think shoveling should definitely count as exercise - I know I did mine.

Well, off to paperwork. have a great day all.

01-05-2005, 02:43 PM
Jolly ! *lol* I love that! I know when V was riding really hard, she was in fantastic shape. I guess what I have to remember is that when I can't (or don't) ride, I need to make sure I do something else, that's all.

Michelle - I work outside the home, and what works best for me is making sure I eat plenty of smaller meals. My breakfast/morning snack sometimes are a little out of whack, but like I said, it works for me. I drink coffee in the morning, because I simply can't eat first thing, it makes me sick. Then at around 9 I eat some instant oatmeal or cottage cheese or something like that. At around noonish I eat fruit and a lean cuisine or leftovers. Around 3ish I usually have another piece of fruit or yogurt, whatever I have around. If I go out for lunch, I eat fast food, and as far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as "healthy" fast food. ;) If it isn't a bacon double cheeseburger, it's just not worth it. :D

Two waters down, two to go!! *runs off to fill bottle*

01-05-2005, 03:15 PM
Hello ladies!

Another day down in the books for exercise. Did 3.16 miles this morning, which was more than I expected. I felt good, as last night was the first night in two weeks I didn't need to take cold meds to sleep through the night. Had a hard time staying asleep, but did get about 5 hours of sleep. I was having that "oh, you have worked out twice this week, take a day off" arguement with myself, but, like Jolly, my good angel won and I hauled my "butt by Hershey" downstairs and did my hour on the treadmill.

My eating yesterday was good. That brings me to Michelle's question about working and eating lunches. I'm blessed with the fact I live two minutes (by car, five minutes by walking) from my work. What I usually do is make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch the next day. When I lived further away, I brought a book and a frozen meal or a home made salad. I always always always keep tons of snacks in my desk. I'm the kind of person who would rather eat small portions all day long rather than three bigger meals. I have a yogurt at 10, veggies at 11, home to eat at 1, then an afternoon snack around 3--usually cereal minus milk or sf jello with lite Cool Whip.

Hello to Derry and Lucky! Glad you found us again.

Welcome to Angie. We'll keep you in line!

Jolly: I'm glad your good angel won. See, baby steps is the way to go! I'm right there with you.

Apple: I doubt you will look like a beached whale, but I know how self-image goes. I'm saving money to buy a whole new wardrobe also. The problem is that I don't have a lot of clothes, so about every 20 pounds I need to buy new things. I usually get them on clearance, because I hopefully won't be in them long. :)

Red: Thanks for the info on the tickers. Had no idea. I like yours.

Raven: Duh, woman! Of course it's exercise!!!! Why do you think all those jockeys and all the equestrias are all in such excellent shape. When you get that a** by Arashi, I want pictures. Might help me buy a horsie. Actually, do you think Peanut would mind if I rode her??? Now THAT would be a sight!

Alrighty, break is over. Back to work for me.

Happy Wednesday


01-05-2005, 04:20 PM
You guys are so funny. I love it :rofl: Michelle, as for meals, I need regular feedings to avoid being crabby as h*%%. I usually have cereal or oatmeal before going to the gym, fruit or a granola bar or pretzels mid morning, a sandwich, soup, or salad with veggies, fruit and a sugar free yogurt for lunch, fruit or pretzels mid afternoon, and then supper. Of course, this is on a good day. We won't go into a "bad" day. That is what works for me, though. Hurray for good angels. Way to go chachee on the workout.

01-05-2005, 08:48 PM
Gosh, I am hanging my head in shame.... I already have gone two days without excercise. They have been exceptionally busy days for me, but that is no excuse. Tomorrow, for sure though. A meeting I was supposed to attend tomorrow morning has already been cancelled due to snow/ice.... so I have a "clean slate". I can also fulfill my own back to basics wish of making the "famous" Weight Watcher's Garden Vegetable Soup, this is a true mainstay of my diet at 0 WW points and helps to fill me up on a cold winter's day.
By the way, a very good tip from me.... when you make veggies to go with a meal and have some leftoever in the pot (not off plates please!) scrape them into a gallon sized zip lock bag and keep the bag in your freezer. Keep adding to the bag and when it's full - it's time to make soup or stew! You have ready made mixed veggies all chopped and ready to go!
A huge time saver.
I haven't lost any more of my "holiday weight" that I know of, but I "felt" skinnier today. I've been pretty good on my eating and drinking water, which is my goal as well.
Now.... my own "back to basics" plan for the month of January......
1. Journal like crazy, being really intelligent and planning meals ahead
2. drink all my water every day, without fail
3. exercise at least 5X a week (have to really work on this one)
4. Make sure I'm getting 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day (another thing to work on)
5. Make sure I get at least 2 servings of dairy a day (another thing that falls by the wayside with me as well)
6. Do not allow other family members food choices to get in the way of my success
7. Order sensibly when dining out

This is the true magic formula for me.
I'm so sick of regaining back weigh I work so hard to lose. I have to get this right this time....
Wishing you all success in the new year!

01-06-2005, 10:15 AM
Good morning all. Just a quick post from the Jolly Snowman. I think I should get to count a double calorie burn, for getting my butt to the gym this morning. I even did lower body weights. We are buried up here. I had to "find" my car, before I could even get to the gym. I almost stayed home, but decided since I was already up, I should just go in. Now if I can just avoid the hot chocolates that are calling my name . . .

Derry, those sound like very sensible goals. Good luck. And here's to all the rest of you wonderful women. Have a super day!

01-06-2005, 12:58 PM
Good morning, some of you snow bunnies! Welcome to my world! :)

Oh, I forgot to say that shoveling snow is one of the biggest workouts you can get, so for those of us who are doing it on a regular basis, count it!! I haven't ever worked up as big of a sweat as I do when we get a bunch of snow and I have to shovel it. Hmmm..actually now I have a snow blower, so um, guess I need to stay up with the walkway and the yard, huh?

Things are good here. Had a nice big bowl of minestrone soup last night. You know, I forgot how much fiber is in that soup. Not too bad on calories or fat, but the fiber is so high that it figured out to only 4 points for me. (for those of us doing WW) I decided to have two slices of toast with it, as the bread cravings were getting to me this week.

I was going to have myself a nice big SF fudgesicle, but then got so involved in my computer game that I forgot. FORGOT TO EAT??? What is happening to me??? :) (Now I sound like Raven.)

I did have a nice long walk with my treadmill this morning, 3.15 miles. Felt like torture at times, though. That dang mental arguement was right there with me again. Makes me think of a comic a friend sent to me. It says this:

They keep telling us to get in touch with our bodies. Mine is not all that communicative, but I heard it the other morning when I said, "Body, how would you like to get up at 6:00 am and go to the vigorous toning class". It said back to me, clear as a bell, "Listen up, fatty, do it and die!".

That makes me laugh so hard every time I read it. It's up in my office because its such a reminder to me that we shouldn't always listen to our bodies, we should be doing what we know is right!

Linda: Don't get so down on yourself about the exercise. I think we beat ourselves up too much at times. You are close to the end, just keep doing waht has worked so well for you already!

Good luck to all of you snowed in. We actually had 40 degree weather up here this week!

Happy Thursday!


01-06-2005, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone --

I'm still doing pretty good with my eating, and last night, I did a Richard Simmons video and got a good workout. It was only a 20 minute tape, but it was still a good workout, so I'm pleased that I did it. I'm just starting back up with exercise, and I think this was a good start. This morning, we awoke to about 7" of snow. So DH used the snowblower to clear the driveway, and I brushed off the cars and shoveled around them. Because of my asthma, my ability to help is limited....hopefully that will improve once I lose weight. The roads where we live were pretty bad, so DH drove me to work. Good thing because I lost my keys....I had them this morning because I moved the cars so DH could snowblow around them. They're probably in the house somewhere. Aaargh!! :censored:

The gym membership DH and I won starts on Monday, that's when our first contest meeting is, so we haven't been able to go to the gym yet. Also because I signed up for the National Body Challenge, I'll be able to get a free 2 month membership to Ballys (from Jan. 15 through March 2, I think). Ballys is a quite a bit out of the way for me, but if they have classes I want to take on weekends or after work, then I will use it. Otherwise, I'll just go to the gym near my house.

My puppies (okay, they're 3 and 4 years old, but they'll always be my "puppies").....anyway, they have mixed feelings about the snow. They don't like the coldness of it, but usually have fun playing in it. Except this morning I don't think my little girl puppy (Pixie) did her "business" this morning. She just didn't like being out in snow that was almost over her head. I don't think she was able to find a place to go. Hopefully she'll be able to hold it until we get home, which roads and traffic permitting will probably be around 5:30 p.m.

Linda -- Really great goals! And thanks for the veggies tip.

Jolly -- The snow this morning was lots of fun, huh? NOT!

Chachee -- Your post was so funny! First, about forgetting to eat your fudgsicle (I certainly haven't gotten to that stage yet), and then the comic about listening to our bodies -- too funny! Thanks for the reminder about how low in points and great minestrone soup is....especially on these cold snowy days. I'll bet adding the toast made you feel full and satisfied. Good for you!

Well, I'm swamped at work today, so I'd better get back to it.

have a wonderful day everyone!

01-06-2005, 05:34 PM
:rofl: :rofl: hershey butt........ do it and :rofl: :rofl:

sassy who is checking in and laughing to hard to type anything more serious!

01-06-2005, 05:58 PM
Good morning people. I'm trying to turn this day around or rather the remnants of yesterday. I still have not been able to ride this year! because of the frozen ground. I am so bummed and getting increasingly teed! I need to let off steam but looks like I have too much work to do before I go into the office so I'm hoping I can keep a lid on things today there.

michelle -- good for you for doing your tape. 20 minutes is 20 minutes and definitely a good start. :) Hope you find your keys. I've trained at Ballys last time I was in the States. It was really a nice place. Good luck on your contest. I think you should do great. That really sounds like a motivator.

chachee -- forgetting to eat? isn't it a great feeling, not to be thinking of eating all the time. I need more things like that in my life. good for you for eating healthy too, minestrone is the best. Loved your comic, yes, we can't always listen, or we've got to get some other voices going. This is where multiple personality disorder would come in handy! :lol:

jolly -- :cp: a hand for your gym workout! you're doing so good with your walking too. I'm impressed!

derry -- yeah, like chachee says, don't get down on yourself, just get back on the horse. great goals, wow, exercise at least 5X a week! that sounds tough. Don't think I will put such a hard goal forward though I should. I've got to get cracking though and you are inspiring. Good luck!

Well, that was short but I'm kind of at a loss as to what to say, seeing that I have not been making any great progress in my efforts, or rather, I have not been making any great efforts. Oh, bummer, bummer. Just get on with it!

01-07-2005, 07:36 AM
Chicks, I can't say that I have much to post because yesterday morning my boss called me into his office and promptly fired me.

No reason given other than the owner of the company called him and told him to do it. So .. two years of work and what I *thought* was a trustworthy boss/employee relationship down the drain.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I was just beginning to recover from the last series of layoffs when the bottom fell out down here because of the economy. My guess is that the owner wants to pay someone significantly less in that position.

I can't even quite get my head around this yet.

01-07-2005, 08:05 AM
Raven, my gosh! what happened?!?! I just read your post and couldn't believe it. What goes?! That's just crazy. And you didn't see it coming at all? :?: ****, that really, really sucks. I'm so sorry. Wow, are you OK? I can't believe they didn't give you any notice, any warning and no more reason than those non-reasons. :mad:

Wow, I don't know what to say. I wish I could do something. I mean, even if they do want to pay someone less, wouldn't they have said something in advance. I mean, two years, right? Ah, I don't know. You've just got to say "to **** with them!!" Don't let this knock you flat. OK? I'm pulling for you. Hang in there! :(

01-07-2005, 09:52 AM
Oh my gosh, Raven! That DOES suck!! And with no warning and no real reason! ****! I can totally understand how you'd feel like you'd been hit by a truck.

Red is right. To **** with them! It's totally THEIR loss! Don't let this knock you down. I know it's easier said than done - I've been in your shoes. When it happened to me, it took me awhile but I finally realized that it was a waste of time for me to try to make sense out of something so completely senseless and irrational.

I may be new to this group, but I'm pulling for you too. Hang in there.

01-07-2005, 03:33 PM
Mornin' everyone,

First, Raven, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family. I know I could say "Hey, it happened for a reason and things will be better", but I know at this point it just sucks and is so traumatic. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Friday is my weekly wrap up, so here goes.

Walking: Walked a total of 15.33 miles this week. Hope to build on that next week, even if only 0.01 miles.

Weigh in: Lost 9.0 pounds, down to 229.5. Now, remember, that this is my first week back on the wagon and I have a lot to lose, so I have a bigger number the first week. Nothing to compare to, just a big number. I'm glad I'm out of the 230's now, and hope to be out of the 220's by the time I go on vacation mid-February.

Goals and plan is still the same for me: work out 5 times a week, eat on WW program and stay within points.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Hope those of us that have been buried in snow are able to dig our ways out of it! I'm going bowling on Sunday with some friends and my family. Should be fun! I am working on going out as a family or group of friends once a week. That is another goal this year--include those people I really like and love more into our social life.

Happy Friday and I'll be checking back on Monday!


01-07-2005, 05:05 PM
Good morning, everyone. Not much action around here, is there? Raven, where are you? If you stay away we're all going to be awfully worried. Do you feel any better? Did you go out and get sloshed last night? I probably would have though.Whatever gets you through this. I would be ripping mad for one thing as in ready to rip someone's throat out! Jump on here, will ya?

Chachee -- Hurrah for you and your weight loss. 9 pounds?!?! What have you been doing? :cp: That is amazing. Well, you've been up to a lot of walking I see. Is that all on a treadmill or can you walk outside at all or is everything snowed in and iced over? Yes, you should into the 19s soon! I bet that will feel great! and then you'll be making that breakthrough into the 100s! This will be a great summer, I just know! Good luck to you Chachee! You've got great and doable goals. Keep it up and I hope you have/had a good weekend! :cheer:

michellez -- Thanks for your support for Raven. Being new is no different. We need all the help we can get from everyone!

How are you doing with your weight loss plans? Are you still new there too? I see your weight tracker is still at the start, as is mine. I thought I'd been good this past week and would see a loss but I don't know. Got on the scale yesterday (I do Sunday weigh-ins over on the Battle of Bulge thread, well plan to . . ) and I'm afraid I may even see a gain. That would tick me off for sure but I started working out and it could have something to do with it. Also, I haven't been watching total calorie intake so maybe I just think I've been good. At least I've been eating much healthier and recently even that was a problem, which is rare, so I definitely fixed my act up a little. Good luck to you and write more if you can.

01-08-2005, 02:30 AM
Wow Raven, I am in shock. :yikes: but sadly isn't that so typical of the working world today? And if you suspicions are true - that they want to pay someone much less for the same job - that's exactly why I got out of management 4 years ago. Been there. Too often. I am truly sorry. Take some time to recover. Don't go beating yourself up over it as the others have said. I wish I had an answer to the paralyzing fear of "how will I provide for my family" - maybe take the weekend to do some calming down and soul searching. Go for a ride on the horse and do some calculated thinking. Let us know if there's anything we can do. :grouphug:

I have finished what was a very hectic week. First week on the new job. I will be one very very VERY busy person. We put a bid in on a house and it's contingent on a home inspection which will occur next Tuesday. I doubt they will find anything wrong as the house is immaculate. If all goes well we will be homeowners again the end of the month.

I don't like this apartment - don't feel very safe as the lock is quite flimsy. Heaven knows where half my stuff is as it sure didn't come in the boxes marked "apartment" from the movers. I have a can opener but am using odds and ends for silverware that I found in the box marked "junk drawer". We've decided we can live this way if it's only for 1 more month.

On the positive side it will be in the mid 60's tomorrow and even if it's cloudy, it's a heck of a lot easier to deal with than 12 inches of snow and ice that greeted the midwest this week.

I've been lurking here just because it's been a terribly busy week and I haven't been able to stay up very late. I am with you in spirit tho and I swear next week will be a better eating and exercising week.

Take care all.

01-08-2005, 10:39 AM
Hey all. Happy, good luck with the home inspection. I can imagine it is hard living out of boxes, and not having the right ones at that. Though, you do need to change your info, as it still says you are in Illinois! chachee, congrats on the loss, and having a good week. Good luck with your goals for this week. Raven, I agree with everyone else - 1) To **** with them, 2) Let me know if there is anything I can do, and 3) No lurking!!! Lurking is bad. We are all here for you.

I did not make it to the gym yesterday, but as it was the only time all week, I still met my goal of 5 times. I will be out there today, but may not make riding. I have friends coming over later, and need to clean.

Have a great day, everyone.

01-08-2005, 02:51 PM
Oh my gosh, Raven. I hope you are ok. Do let us know. That totally sucks. I was fired once a long time ago, and it STILL hurts - 17 years later and I have dreams about it, still. I never thought I deserved it.
Sassie, welcome back - it's been ages? What's going on? Hope all is well. Nice to hear from you.
To all, my thread tools that send an e-mail each time someone makes a post here have been not working, just went to the 3FC help thing and was told to "re-set my cookies" and I did.... so hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with y'all?
Chach, I could be counting some points soon as I sit here looking out at tons of snow piling up! We already had lots of snow on Thursday... oh joy.
I worked out the last three days, by the way, so am feeling back on track. I've running a bit tight on flex points though for the end of this week, will have to be extra good!

01-08-2005, 09:17 PM
Hi all, or is it just happy, jolly and derry?!! Raven, what are you up to? happy, just wanted to say I saw the photo of your house on another thread. It's beautiful! Reminds me of the houses in the area I grew up in (though we didn't have one like that.) I hope you feel better in it soon. There are so many types of locks out there. Just get something you feel safer with.

derry and jolly both -- you're doing great with the exercise. and jolly you're right on with eating as well. Derry, I'm sure you'll handle the diet as well.

I'm in the pits here. Had an unbelievable weight gain of 3 lbs over a week I thought I did great in! I am so dejected but determined to keep on and I'm taking the cue from you Linda and am going to journal! No sense just thinking I've done well if I haven't. And I want to remember those saves and little victories I did have along the way. I mean, I got to the gym and actually went through the motions, which is a lot better than I've been doing in months. So what if I'm not flying. At least I went out and looked around the airfield!

01-08-2005, 09:36 PM
Hello Ladies!

I'm looking for a support group to pop into for my journey and your thread caught my eye! My main purpose for weight loss is that I'm so unhealthy it scares me! My New Years Resolution was to change myself! Be a Better Wife (which means less time on the computer *sigh* ) Lose some weight and start taking care of myself so that I can be around for my (hopefully) children!

01-08-2005, 09:40 PM
Welcome Jacque! :wave: Glad to have a new friend. Things have been very quiet around here. Best of luck and more power to you on your weight loss endeavor. Tell me how you plan on going about getting healthier. Eating plan? Exercise? What have been your biggest blocks to getting there up to now? I see you're in Colorado. Is there snow there now? Well, tell me more and I hope to hear lots from you! Take care! :sunny:

01-08-2005, 11:23 PM
I am eating better (as of January 1 I gave up soda and have been watching my calories, although not really stopping myself.) And trying to exercise, but that's a tough one to get into ;)

01-09-2005, 05:57 AM
Hi Jacque. I just got back home and saw your message. That sounds like a good start. Giving up soda is a big thing. Were you drinking nondiet soda as well? If you were that can really rack up the calories. And even if you were drinking diet, they can be full of caffeine. Were you a big soda drinker? That's one habit I am glad to say I never got into. I hated soda from the time I was a kid and never drank the stuff. Thank God, I hear it's a very tough habit to break. Good for you! :cp:

Counting calories is also where I'm starting (again!). It's so easy to "forget" about things you've eaten or make a very low "guesstimate" of calories. Without setting any limits on myself except no sugar, except once a week (max. 500 calories) I'm going to first record everything I eat and figure calories and then see where I can cut back. Just taking a look at the package label to read the calories is a big deterrent I find.

What kind of exercise are you thinking of doing? Home videos, a gym?

By the way, you have a German shepherd? I absolutely love shepherds! I have four cats and a horse but always had dogs too, just can't now where I live but I hang with out with six dogs at the riding club I'm at a lot. Anyhow, saw that in your profile. I've been figuring out how to get around this site recently, though I've been here a while. You could get great exercise walking your dog, right?

01-09-2005, 12:54 PM
I drank a LOT of non diet soda every day (at LEAST 6 cans, usually more) so giving it up has been tough!

As for my German Shepherd, all my life I've wanted a white German Shepherd, but when we bought our house I went to the pound and found a beautiful pup, she's actually a mix of German Shepherd and Smooth Collie, but a good cute dog :D A Horse?! Now that's something I've always wanted! After high school I worked at a horse camp for 3 years, LOVED it! Maybe someday we'll buy one...

01-09-2005, 04:28 PM
Good morning. Is it just Jacque and me around here? Where is everyone?

Jacque, well, looks like we'll have to just pick up the slack. Six cans, that's a lot. You will probably see a difference just from that. Good for you! Yes, it would be hard, I can imagine. But, a lot of that is habit. I used to drink tea all the time, always had to have some drink on my desk. Now, I don't at all, except water, I always have water on hand. Mineral water or sparkling mineral water. Maybe that's the difference. Are you drinking water? I can't stand water from the tap, though I use it for coffee and cooking. Mineral water is so much nicer.

Thank you for giving an animal from the pound a home! Animals need more people like you, Jacque.

So, what's your plan today? We're off kilter timewise so just change my todays to tomorrows usually and they'll make more sense. It's already Monday morning here. Today, like yesterday I will write down everything that goes in my mouth AND put a calorie count on it. And NO sugar today.

01-09-2005, 05:00 PM
Heh Jacque! I just read that you're the winner of this week's book giveaway! Congratulations!! :sunny: That should help you along! :spin:

01-09-2005, 05:07 PM
I actually just entered a "normal" day (before) into fit day and didn't even get everything snackwise, just meals...and 4000 calories! OMG! That's crazy!!

As for water, I never used to! But that's all I drink now :D Well that and tea with breakfast and dinner (no calorie tea though!)

All of our animals are from the pound! We have 2 cats and a dog right now...I'd eventually love another cat and another dog, but we'll see... my husbands not to thrilled about that!

I have the next 4 days off work, so hopefully exercise, and relaxation!! I just ran and bought a fitness ball, some 2 lbs weights and a pedometer...see if that helps kick my butt in gear ;)

01-09-2005, 05:08 PM
Oh and Thanks :D Winning that definately gave me some encouragement :D I got a cookbook of healthy recipes :D (I already have Dr Phils books, all of them! and so I figured another cook book would be nice!)

01-09-2005, 05:13 PM
Jacque, isn't it an eye-opener when you add up all the calories. This is why I'm forcing myself to do it. It is so easy to just go up, up and away! :lol: Don't get discouraged to find out how much you're eating. One good thing you should think of by adding all these calories is that you can see a definite reason for you having gained weight. It takes the emotion out of it and should give you a feeling of empowerment. You know that if you cut back on those calories you will see a drop in weight and that is thrilling. :dance: Good luck to you!

01-09-2005, 05:16 PM
Oh, I just reread your post and realize you said the 4 grand was a "before" day. So, are you eating less calories now? You must be, without the soda for one.

The other thing I find I do all the time is I'll be "good" when I'm actually writing the food down in a diary and adding up the calories but, of course, when I'm not, I'll just close my eyes and . . . open my mouth! It's important to be consistent because a day of indulgence can cancel out all the good work and then you just feel oh so discouraged!

01-09-2005, 05:58 PM
I actually write down what I'm going to eat before I eat it... I've been averaging 1500 Calories for the past 4 days! This is day 5 and still doing good :D Yesterday I even went to a buffett for dinner with my husband, and ate mostly good things, I did have some ice cream for dessert and a SMALL (talking maybe 2 inchs) slice of pizza!

01-09-2005, 06:07 PM
Wow, Jacque. 1500 calories. That's impressive. That's the number I aim for. You are going to see results if you keep that up, which I see from your equally impressive dinner performance, that you are likely to!! :spin: Do you have a weigh-in day? I post over on the Battle of the Bulge thread too and we weigh in on Sundays. I am staying away from the scale otherwise. It's too fickle and too discouraging. I was majorily discouraged yesterday when it showed a 3-lb gain. It's like, where the heck did that come from?!?!? because I was "good" last week. But I'm not going to worry. It must be water gain, probably from me working out again after a long layoff. Looking forward to next Sunday's weigh-in because I am going to count those calories this week for sure. Keep going, Jacque. You've started this year out in an excellent way!

01-09-2005, 07:05 PM
I was weighing on Tuesdays (or planning too!) But I maybe I'll join the Battle of the Bulge! (There's no such thing as too much support!)

As for water gain after working out for a day after a day off, I'm confused how that works!!

01-09-2005, 07:12 PM
I agree with the "no such thing as too much support!!" That's why I'm on two threads and sometimes more. Yes, please join us. We're a very supportive bunch.

The gain after a workout comes from the body repairing the tissues. I haven't been working out much for a few months now and before I was doing very heavy weight training. So, even though I reduced the weights because I've lost a lot of muscle, I still like to go heavy and push myself. Naturally, that means I'm sore the next day and, I'm not sure how it works but, in order to build muscle you are in effect tearing down the muscle and it repairs itself and adds muscle cells, or something like that. Anyhow, when you're sore you body tends to retain water, so you'll likely see a gain until the soreness goes away.

01-09-2005, 08:10 PM
Red, hope you do well with the journaling. I find it's awfully helpful as it truly keys me into exactly what is the problem. If you are counting calories, do you start with a total for each day and do a "count down"?
Hi Jacque, sounds like you are doing well with your plan. Good luck and welcome.
Giving up soda sounds like a good plan to me. I only drink diet soda (but know it's bad for me) or have water, coffee or tea. My biggest problem, more like an addiction, is chocolate. It's on my mind all the time, it seems. In fact, I am planning my next "fix" now.... very bad girl!
I shoveled snow today for exercise. We have about a foot now. It's pretty, at least.
Just read a bit further and seems like you guys have been chatting a great deal! You go girls!
I've been swamped lately, it seems. Just not keeping up with the tons of e-mail I have. I'm on online digests and these people seem to be so chatty lately! I collect antique sewing machines and the digests are related to that, and my quilting.
At any rate, my instant notification of messages being posted here are working again, I hope!

01-09-2005, 08:16 PM
Hi Derry, I'm sitting at my computer doing work so I hear the bell (wind sound) whenever I get an email and immediately go over and reply. Nothing like a welcome distraction! So that's why I've been chatting a lot. Have to leave soon though.

No, I don't start with a number though I should. That's much too optimistic and feels too regimented and restrictive for me. I need that feeling of choice and freedom. That, in turn, will usually see me doing really well.

Hmm. I usually am not attracted to chocolate but lately I have been. Strange. Must be some need for something, maybe caffeine. I've cut way back.

Antique sewing machines? Cool. I learned on an old Singer, with the wheel and old. It was neat looking. Don't know if my dad still has it. Probably does. I really liked that. I hope he didn't get rid of it. What's your oldest machine? Do you have ones from other countries too?

01-09-2005, 08:22 PM
Woo Hoo! I just had a 30 minute workout and I feel good :D That was workout number 1 in hopefully a long line ;)

I've never been one for Chocolate! My vice has always been potato chips and the like... and I am staying FAR away from those right now ;) Which brings me to my dinner plans...hmm... off to look for some fun ideas :D (I'm home alone and normally I would run to Taco Bell, but I'm going to cook!)

01-09-2005, 08:25 PM
Still on line?
My oldest machine is a Wheeler and Wilson made in 1958, just 7 years after the invention of the sewing machine. It's very interesting and doesn't look much like the ones of today at all. I have two other machines from the 1870s and then the rest are "newer" like in the 1920s, etc. I love them all, it's kind of a creative passion I have. I've become somewhat of a historian, I guess.
At least my sewing and quilting keep my hands away from food sometimes?
Well, it's off for my evening activities, it's morning in Japan, right?
I'll be in bed while you are working, my friend. Pretty amazing how the world is, yet we can chat on line in such an amazing way.
Have a great DAY, while I sleep!

01-09-2005, 08:31 PM
Hi Derry, yeah, it's morning and I have to leave soon but still need to finish up this translation work I'm doing and shower.

I think you mistyped. You must mean your oldest machine is from 1858, right? Wow, you have my mom's old Singer beat by far. Cool! You must have a lot of space to keep all these machines. Shall I look for some old Japanese ones for you? They're probably from Europe though.

Yes, isn't the Net amazing. How did we ever live without it? OK, gotta run. Good to hear from you so real-time like. Bye for now and good luck staying free of choclate's clutches. Just a bit, mind you!

01-09-2005, 08:35 PM
Jacque, just saw your post too! Great for you. Workouts always feel good AFTER the fact, don't they? Just keep that feeling in mind and aim for it all the time! (I say to myself as well.) Yes, stay away from chips! I'm like you and can do it because I'm alone, but I just keep the stuff far, far away from me. If I buy something, it's at work where everyone (mostly all guys) will scarf down anything put out on the desks in a matter of seconds. :lol: Good for you for cooking. At this rate, the weight will be plummeting. Power to you, Jacque! :strong:

01-09-2005, 10:22 PM
Hello chickies and welcome to Jacque and Angie.

6 cans of soda a day? Boy can I relate to that. I was a major Coca Cola junkie and sometimes I'd see so many empty cans on the counter that I couldn't believe it was just me drinking all of that. I started a diet plan last year and kicked the sodas - was down to maybe 2 a week. But with all that's happened I have slacked off. I have about a 1/2 can 3 or 4 times a week. My new menace is sweet tea now that I'm down south. But I have started my office job and we don't go out to dinner much now that things are settling down so I've switched back to mostly water. It's funny how when you are paying attention, the sugar feeds itself. Many times I remember having a soda, finishing it and being "thirsty" 5 minutes later for another Coke - like I hadn't had one in weeks. I never thought I'd ever be able to give up the soda but I did. I never thought I'd be able to give up the smokes but I did. So it goes to show I suppose that you can do anything you set your mind to. But it takes constant vigillance - so easy to slip back into the old ways.

Red, I'm glad you took the gain in stride and didn't let it get to you (too much). Lots of things can cause a temporary gain and if you were extra good as you say, chalk the weigh in to a freak thing. I wish we didn't measure our success so much by the scales. You just keep doing what you did right last week girl.

Good going on the workout Jacque! Can my husband come visit your kitties? We had one for 22 years and I was horribly allergic to her. I didn't realize quite how much until she passed away and the house got cleaned of cat hair. A few months later and I discovered I didn't have to take another allergy pill again. He would really like another kitty but I said no, my need to breathe was more important. So he needs to adopt some neighborhood cats. ;) I really like cats myself - just can't live with them. I think I mentioned that we seem to be in the midst of horse country out here. Horses everywhere.

It was a long week at work and I really appreciated seeing the weekend roll around even if it is done already. We spent a good part of the weekend going to every furniture store in the greater area getting ideas. We did buy some patio furniture but are going to wait on some of the other pieces until we can get back into the new house to take room measurements. Thanks for the nice comments on the house Red. We're pretty excited about it for several reasons. Hopefully all will go well with the inspection on Tuesday and we can move on with getting settled in.

I did get things to bring my lunch and it's all packed and ready to go. I also picked up an exercise resistance band at the store. No excuses now.

Linda your sewing machine collection sounds so cool. I remember as a small kid, my grandmother had an old singer that had a foot "trundle" not sure what you called it but it wasn't electric and had this wide wrought iron foot panel that you'd push up and down to "sew". As kids we didn't know any better and one would sit on the pedal and the other kid would push pack and forth real fast for a cool ride. That was at least until grandma caught us :rollpin: She hollered but there was no keeping us away. I'm sure we broke more than a few needles in the machine. But I fondly remember that thing and I must have been about 4 years old when I last saw it.

Well I have to go catch up on a few more things and dig through my papers and find some work related notes that I have to take to the office. The weekends sure do fly - even if I don't have to spend as much time cleaning as I did with the house. Take care and hellos to Michelle, Chachee, Jolly, Lucky, Apple, Sassy and Raven.

Raven, I do hope you'll be back posting soon. Sending you some good karma woman... Here's to a good week for all of us.

01-09-2005, 10:53 PM
I'm doing good at cooking healthier foods, which I thought would be VERY hard since I have never liked veggies or fruit! But I'm making myself like it and I'm fairly surprised! I also got Sugar Substitute and that's helping to sweeten things a bit

01-10-2005, 07:14 AM
Hi people. Just a quick post as I don't have much time. Boring day at work. I overate, had sugar too, but I am determined to get it all put down in the food journal so I don't just go forgetting about these times. There are way, way too many of them! It's making me angry.

Ok, I quit caffeine and I'm feeling very tired and lethargic and have no get up and go, no interest in doing much of anything. I know these are partially the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, or, as in my case, sudden drastic reduction in caffeine intake. I almost gave in today but didn't but instead pigged out. I want to do both though, stay off the caffeine AND not overeat. I just have to keep at it, again!

Happy -- good to hear from you. You did great kicking that soda habit too and that's right, you've been off cigarettes for a long time now. That is even better. You don't realize how dirty and foul-smelling they are until you're not hooked on them. I cringe to think I was sticking them in my face all the time.

So, if we can do anything we set our minds to, do you think I can stop overeating? I don't know what it is with me. I just want to eat all the time more or less. I know it's comfort food, some sort of anxiety driven fixation. Sigh. Sigh. I will conquer this!

So, you see, happy, I didn't do so good with the weight gain. I WAS good last week and now I've been pigging out because of that gain. It's like some pouty child who's going to "show" everyone she doesn't care anyhow! So there! Grow up!

Too bad about your cat allergy. That would be a killer for me I so love animals. Maybe you'll change and you won't be allergic anymore. That does happen.

Yes, the house is beautiful. I was thinking you were already in it. Not? Are you going to totally refurnish it? Wow, if you are, it looks pretty big.

Good luck with your eating right and exercising. You're not alone in trying to get back in the swing of things. I have been so knocked flat by the past few months of ****. Everytime I think I'm OK and getting back on my feet I realize I'm not. But I AM better. I did get to the gym a lot last week and rode and I was eating pretty clean. Too bad my body went into shock over it and gained weight!

Happy, I loved your description of your memory of sitting on the sewing machine. I can just picture you sitting on that trundle and having a great ride! :lol:

Jacque -- how are you doing? It sounds like you're doing a lot better than me. I need someone to cook for me, to have things ready whenever I get home. You're making some great changes in your lifestyle. I really wish you luck and hope to hear lots of success stories from you.

What did you find to cook tonight? Something good I bet. I suggest you experiment with all sorts of spices. They are the best thing to add flavor and fun to things. I find that most recipe books don't use enough of them. I once had a book just for cooking with spices and it was so good. There are some real strange combinations (unless you're from a certain area) that become addictive. I love Indian and use about 10 different spices when I make curry. A Filipino guy at work was just mentioning he used clove and something else and basil and I thought that was a very strange combination but he said it was kind of a Thai thing, which I don't know about because the Thai food tends to be too hot for me. But he said they use all sorts of contrasts, sweet and sour and so. So maybe the basil, clove combo is understandable. Of course, he may have just been pretending to know! He's like that.

Ok, gonna go. Write again soon. :wave:

01-10-2005, 08:29 AM
Good morning, or evening, as the case may be....
First, speaking of cats, I have what I think are two stray cats living under my back deck. I am really worrying about them, poor things. I'm going to put an add in the lost and found, I think, about them. I can't capture them to try to identify them, the run off when I come out of the house, sadly. I'm a real animal lover and it's really sad and depression, as we have about a foot of snow and they are cold. I've been sneaking food outside the last few days, which my husband is not happy with me for. I note they have been eating it, though.
The proper word for the apparatus on a sewing machine is treadle, but I know what you mean. I own four of that type of machine. Red, I appreciate your offer to find old Japanese ones, but the shipping would just about "kill" me, so I guess it wouldn't be a good idea. Those old machines are heavy, no doubt! By the way, Japanese machines were always (until at least about the 1940s) copies of European machines, they would make them and even copy the logos on them, to the point of even the part numbers. Interesting. Germans also made "clones" of Singer and other US and UK manufactured machines and did not put any identification on them at all, for fear of interfering with patents. Yes, I did make a type-o, thanks for picking up on that! My machine is 1858! I have one from the 1970s, that is covered with mother of pearl as well, amazingly beautiful. These were not only useful, but decorative in the home. The machines of today, being ugly plastic, are kind of sad to me, though they are wonderful technology. No one buys them for their beautfy any longer.
Well, I seem to be hovering at my weight this week, I don't thing I'll have a loss when I weigh in at my ww meeting tomorrow. I've not been horrible this week, but have not been super good, either. I have worked out, though, and was hoping that would help me out.
Today, the day before my meeting, I shall drink extra water and plan a very "good" dinner. Would love to have some ideas for herbs or spices to add flavor. I'm very sick of the same old thing for meals. It's very hard when it's four of us. Seems like everyone is doing lots of complaining about meals lately, our of boredom?
Happy, the house sounds terrific. Can you provide a link to the photo?
Raven, where are you? I am so worried about you and your job. How are you doing?

01-10-2005, 08:33 AM
Good morning everyone --

Just a quick post before I leave for work. My company has instituted a new policy where they are paying close attention to our internet usage, so I've got to mind my P's and Q's.

In terms of eating and exercise, I don't get any awards for the weekend either. I did better with exercise than eating though. But today's the day hubby and I start challenge at the now we get a 2 month membership, free group personal training sessions, etc. I'm going to be a "gym rat" for the next two months at least. And I'm going to get back to journaling as that does help.

Jacque -- Welcome! You and Red had quite the chat. Sounds like you're doing great! Good for you for kicking the soda -- I drink about 3 cans a day (mostly diet, but once in awhile....). I'm working on cutting that out.

Happy -- Great to hear from you. I'm glad you're settling in so quickly.

Red, Jolly, Linda, Raven and everyone -- Here's to a good week for all of us.

01-10-2005, 09:08 AM
Michelle, and Jacque, cutting out soda is probably the best thing you can do for yourselves! I think the average can of soda is something like 140 calories? Think about having three of them in a day - gosh, that's a MEAL! Give me the food anytime!
My physician once said that he thinks soda is what is responsiblie for the obese children in our world, also "super-sized" foods. He said to me, once, that he loves fast food too, but just gets the small fries vs. the huge ones, the basic plain burger vs. the huge one, etc. He is right, I think.
We can all still indulge in SOME things, but going wild is what is wrong.
Red, I was wondering what it was that you ate at work, especially the sugar thing. Maybe we can brainstorm for you about planning snacks.
One time I was at a WW meeting and someone asked about how to deal with out of control snacking.... she was told that she needed to leave enough points to plan for snacking throughout the day. Maybe you need to think like that and have some prepared snacks with you at work, stuff that is filling and keeps your blood sugar "up"?

01-10-2005, 01:28 PM
Red, I'm doing good, but I'm only starting day 6...give me a few weeks, I'm terrified that the exitedness will wear off! (So you'll probably start to see me even more around here...)

My goal today is to get 30 minutes of exercise in :D (I'm setting daily goals for myself, hoping that will help me!)

01-10-2005, 03:29 PM
Hi Ladies,

Wow, lots of activity on this thread. Whew, took me a bit of time getting caught up.

First, I did okay this weekend. I usually blow it, but I didnít do too badly. I had a couple slice of pizza and spaghetti, but all in all, stayed almost within points.

I got 3.19 miles in on Sunday and 1.5 in on Saturday.

I finished the ďtopĒ to my momís birthday quilt this weekend and am starting in on the one for my friendís birthday in October. If you are reading, Lucky, itís green, and I totally thought of you when I was picking out the colors!

Not much going on otherwise. Went bowling yesterday. I suck, but had a great time. We went to Chuck E Cheese this weekend, and that was fun also. Just typical ďfamilyĒ weekend and it was great.

Welcome to Jacque. Looks like you and Red had some good conversations this weekend. I usually unplug on the weekends, just because Iím on the computer so much during the week. I think you will find these women quite fun, supportive and entertaining!

Hi to everyone!!

Happy Monday!


Apple Blossom
01-10-2005, 03:31 PM
Wow, I can't keep up with you gals....
I have STILL been eating eating eating. I've been able to keep up with the exercise, forunately. No gain, but no loss. So much for 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I should just take it easy and pound by slow pound, it will melt hurry.... :p
I bought a pregnancy test today. I'm waiting until tomorrow to take it. I doubt I am but there are a few suspicious things going on with my body and since I haven't been menstruating, (I'm breast feeding my 7 month old)
I'd just like to be sure. I'll keep you posted. I have to run to pick up my daughter....I'll try to post tonight, mean while, have a healthy day!!

01-10-2005, 03:53 PM
Splurging a bit is the only thing to keep us successful ;) We'd go crazy if we didn't splurge!!

As for unplugging on the weekends, I REALLY need to do that!

01-10-2005, 07:23 PM
Hey all. I don't check in for a day and a half, and the thread goes wild! Welcome to Jacque.

My eating has been off. I was eating healthy choices, but out of control on portions until today. Today made bad choices all around. I got up at 2am to go in and do 3rd shift drop in visits. I need to see what the little staffies are doing when I am not around. So, I was tired, and I ate.

I do want a little pat on the back, though. I did go to the gym after work and do 30 minutes of cardio, and 3 sets of lower body weights.

I am stressing a bit too, as I am having a real hard time finding a very part time job. I only want 8-12 hours a week, and everyone wants 16-20 or more. I just can't do it and still have a life. Sigh. I have to have faith that I will find the right job. God knows my needs.

I am also a bit worried, as one of my post-op instructions after my eye surgery is no working out for a week. All I can do is walk, and not even that if it raises my heart rate. Great. There goes the momentum. I will ask for some butt kicks to make sure I get back with the program.

Well, that's all for now. Hi to everyone. I will try to keep up better, but I really need to stay off here at work too.

01-10-2005, 08:02 PM
Hi JollyGirl!

((HUGZ)) I'm sorry to hear about so much stress!! Stress is horrible for you (although I'm sure I don't have to tell you taht!) So I hope things get better soon!! As for a kick in the butt after your week is up, I'll gladly help ;) So long as you kick me right back!

01-11-2005, 07:07 AM
I'm sure things will get better, Jacque. They always do. Thanks. My surgery is Feb 8th, so I can't work out again until the 16th. Everyeone be prepared to yell at me then.

Have a good day all.


01-11-2005, 07:38 AM
Good morning everyone!
Well, yesterday was a success. I believe it was the first day since about a month ago that I was, absolutely, completely in control! I stayed in my WW points range, no flex points used, had veggies, water, worked out and got on the treadmill. I'm awfully proud of myself! Maybe I can keep up this trend now?
Jacquie, I admire your enthusiasm. I can tell you are "new" to a weight loss effort and I hope some of your attitude can rub of on the rest of us, who have been doing this for awhile.
I just cleaned out my ww binder this morning, it actually ripped and I am going to have to buy a new one. I looked over, and tossed, tons of my ww journals and felt a bit peeved with myself, looking at all the time I've been journalling, yet I am still not at goal. Heck, I had journals going back to the year 2000 in that binder. I was almost "there" a few times, dropped out of ww (don't even recall WHY now) and put it all back on each time. So, what is different about THIS time?
The difference is that I am almost 50 years old now and see this as my LAST weight loss plan. I must succeed and be healthy for the rest of my life, and a life I want to be long, pain and disease free.
I'm in this for the long haul this time, I just know it. But, my enthusiam comes and goes. I get easily swayed by things like parties and holidays. I need focus.

Apple Blossom
01-11-2005, 02:32 PM
I'm with you, Linda! I want this to be the last time I have to diet. I'm sure a few pounds will come and go over the years, but once I get to my goal I want to stay close to it for good!! :p
I took the preg test and it was neg. My metabolism seems all screwed up, but with the way I've been eating not to mention the food I've been eating, it's no suprise.
Today I'm paying close attention to my calories by using fit day. A couple of good days and I should be back on track. And I'm going back to no dessert, no beer for the rest of the week.

01-11-2005, 03:21 PM
Hi Ladies,

I was so tired this morning that I avoided the treadmill. Not really because I was dragging around so much, but because after only 4 hour of sleep, I was fearful that I wouldn't really be paying attention and I might trip and fall on it. Had a horrible time trying to fall asleep last night, and just stress getting to me.

So, I did not work out today. The second time since January 1. It's okay, I'm alright with it. Just gotta get it done tomorrow morning.

Eating was okay yesterday. Took in a little too much salt, but I didn't go crazy like I usually do when stress gets to me. I usually hunt down and inhale all chocolate. Yet, last night when I looked at the Hershey bar in the pantry, it wasn't calling my name. I knew it would take a lot less working out to get rid of the salty FF Pringles than it would the chocolate.

Not much else is going on here. Just a cold -15 degree day.

Gearing up to watch the Biggest Loser finale tonight. I hope Matt wins. What a difference in him in 18 weeks.

Happy (stressful) Tuesday.


01-11-2005, 03:28 PM
Okay, duh, Chach...I guess I missed a week of BLoser. (And got Ryan's name wrong.) So, I hope that Ryan wins. I'm glad Maurice is gone.

Brain cell check...yep, I only have one left......


01-11-2005, 04:26 PM
Hey Ladies!

I hope that I can keep some of this enthusiasm :D Today was my first official weigh :D And in my first week I lost 4 pounds!! But... I did make some HUGE changes!

Cut out Soda Completely
Add Veggies and Fruits
Keep a Food Journal
Exercise 30 minutes a Day, 5 Days a Week

So far I think cutting out soda and keeping a journal have made a HUGE Difference!

I know within a few weeks my enthusiasm will die down, but I hope not too much!!

01-11-2005, 04:29 PM
So, I did not work out today. The second time since January 1. It's okay, I'm alright with it. Just gotta get it done tomorrow morning.

The second time since January 1?! I'd say you're doing pretty darn good then :D

Apple Blossom
01-11-2005, 07:23 PM
Way to go Jacque! :cp: 4 pounds is awesome!!
I am hungry. Trying to get through today at around 1000 cals, just to jump start. (Normally I shoot for 1500) It's Hard!!! And the hardest part of the day is coming up. Wish me luck...

01-11-2005, 07:27 PM
Sorry people. I'm running late here. No time to read through all the posts now. Want to catch up with you later today though. I am out here and rooting for you all though. :cheer:

01-11-2005, 07:46 PM
Apple, I wish you the best of luck!

I'm at about 600 right now... and still have my hardest parts of my day coming up!

01-12-2005, 07:01 AM
Good morning all. Just time for a quick check in, before heading to the gym. I did not make it to the gym yesterday, because I had another bout of acid reflux the night before. This morning I feel great though. I slept without acid for the first time in about 4 nights. What a difference. So, to the gym I go.

Congrats on the loss Jacque. what a way to start your journey :)

01-12-2005, 12:51 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

First, Jacque, EXCELLENT JOB ON YOUR LOSS! What a wonderful way to start the new year, huh? Keep up the momentum!

Jolly: Man, you are really struggling with Acid Reflux lately, huh? My hubby suffers from that and is on medication for it. I have no idea how it feels, but I see how he is in so much discomfort at times, I can only imagine!!!

I did well this morning. Back on the treadmill after my day off. Man, I felt so guilty all day long without having the exercise done first thing!

I got 3.2 miles in this morning. It's funny, but I'm really starting to see the difference in my thighs. Not so big and they don't make so much noise by rubbing together when I walk! :)

I have a question....what do you all snack on at night when you get "sweet" cravings? I have been having really bad cravings at night for sugary stuff. Just wondered what you all did for it.

Happy Wednesday!


Apple Blossom
01-12-2005, 06:08 PM
I usually have a bowl of cereal. Not Capt Crunch or anything, I try to only buy whole grain healthy stuff.
I finished up yesterday with 1200 cals. Not bad. Today is going to be low too, and then I'll go back to 1500. Now I have to exercise a little more. DH will be back tomorrow. It's easier to diet when he's away, but harder to exercise. It would be a good thing to get both going at the same time. I might actually lose some weight. Have a good day everyone!! :D

01-12-2005, 10:26 PM
Hey all. Quick post before bed. Having a hard time getting on at work these days. I did make it to the gym this morning, but it was a struggle - the couch seemed so much better. Rode tonight too - even though we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. I have been drinking my water, but not cutting back on soda (ok, so I float). And my eating is horrid. I need a lock on my fridge and duct tape on my mouth.

So, in answer to your question, Chachee. What do I eat when the sweet cravings hit??? Good day or bad? I use Craisens, sugar free fudgicles, or sugar free puddings on good days. REality? M&Ms and ice cream. Lots of M&Ms and ice cream.


01-13-2005, 08:31 AM
Good morning everyone!

Hi everyone, just trying to catch up a bit here with a quick post. Heh, has anyone heard from Raven? Where is she? How worrying. I sure hope she's OK, after being fired. Jeez, if you hear let me know, OK?

Derry -- great going on your perfect day the other day, totally in control, eh? Congratulations. Yes, you should be proud of yourself! Derry, why are you saying this is "your last weight loss plan??! :lol: Just because you're almost 50? Do you mean that you want to reach your ideal weight once and for all? I'm like you with the enthusiasm, in fact, I don't usually have any. I just do it anyhow. I would like to have some enthusiasm though. Guess I'd need a tantalizing reason for that though.

Apple -- How are you doing? Sorry about the preg test, that is, if you were looking to get pregnant. I wonder what is going on with your metabolism. Sounds like mine, though I think mine is mostly from sloth, the weight gain that is. How did your day go? Did you stay on track?

Chachee -- hope you have some better nights. And if you haven't worked out only twice this year, I'm with Jacque, you are doing great! Maybe that's why you had a hard time falling asleep. Your heart might be getting quite a workout. Doing great with the food it seems. If chocolate isn't calling your name you must be doing OK!!

Oh, and I see later that you're back on the treadmill and seeing changes in your thighs! Wow, that's great. I was just noticing the changes in mine tonight and it was nothing I felt good about! :lol: These past four or five months have been **** and I lost so much muscle and put on so much fat. Oh well, that's why I'm here, right? I'm going to try to report to you when I'm seeing changes in my thighs as well. Keep us posted on yours! :)

What, by the way, is the Big Losers? Is it a weight loss program? Sounds like fun. I'd like to see something like that.

Jacque -- that is so great with your 4-lb loss! You certainly did make huge changes. And look what they've done. Excellent going. A big hand! :cp: :cp:

Jolly -- how are you doing? Did you get to the gym? Too bad about that acid reflux. Do you know what causes that and will it get better? I certainly hope so. It sounds very unpleasant! Good you got to ride. In a thunderstorm though? Isn't that really dangerous?! Wow, glad you made it home OK. You know, if you can, you really should try to keep the stuff out of your fridge. Is that maybe not possible though? You're not alone, are you? Well, good luck. You've lost a lot of weight already, right? You can do this. Just keep taking those baby steps. Do you try to drink diet soda at least. That would reduce the calories by a ton.

OK, all, I must get some sleep, just as most of you should be getting up. Bye for now and take care. :wave:

01-13-2005, 10:55 AM
Hey all. I made it to the gym again this morning. I did 30 minutes of cardio, and 2 sets of upper body weights. I know I should do more, but I really don't like upper body - though that is the area I need it the most :( Sad and pathetic, I know. As for the diet, Red, i have been drinking diet soda since birth. Fresca and Tab - that's what mommy drank. I probably had a diet pepsi in my bottle as a baby. I never voluntarily drink regular. Yuck! As for the food, I make a menu before I do my grocery shopping. The stuff I buy for the menu is healthy - or healthy in proper portions. The problem right now is two fold. I am eating as much as I can, and not measuring portions. And, I am stopping to buy extras. And I am doing it even as I tell myself I don't need it. I know part of it is stress. I am worried that I can't find a part time job, worried about money, so I am spending it. And of course spending it on my favorite stress reducer - food. i know this sounds crazy, but it is the whole scarcity thing. Just like saying you are on a diet tends to make you want to eat more because you think you are never going to have it again, when I worry about money, I spend it poorly. Sigh. That's why I say sometimes that I need to slow the choices down. I need to slow down that panicked "ohymygoshwhatamIgonnadospendspendspend" response, so I can listen to the voice of reason. I know she's in there somewhere, because I dipped her in chocolate and ate her.

Have a good day all.

01-13-2005, 01:00 PM
Good morning, all.

Okay, I'm picking myself up off the floor, Jolly. That was so danged funny about dipping the inner voice in chocolate and eating her. :) Way too funny, because I could SO imagine that picture. Visualize that b**** getting dunked and swallowing her up......way too funny.

I was slow on the treadmill this morning. I did about 40 minutes and got 2.05 miles in. Not 100% effort, but for some reason, I just didn't feel like it. Maybe because I did 80 crunches, 100 leg lifts and 30 push ups last night before bed? Muscles are a little sore today.

Red: I can't wait to hear about your decreasing thighs. (Decreasing fat, increasing muscle) It's the little things in life that we can really measure our accomplishments, huh? I know sometimes it's a bit monotonous, but I guess perserverance pays off.

Jolly: Riding in a thunderstorm? Doesn't that spook your horsie? Just curious about that. Glad to hear you got the exercise done also. It's the things we hate to do that help us out. Craisins,huh? I can't stand regular raisins, so I might have a hard time with those. I feel this way about raisins--nothing more than shriveled up humiliated grapes that no one wanted to eat! :)

Apple: Cereal is a good idea. I keep it here at work for snacks, so I might want to measure some out for at home. I just can't do milk, so sometimes it's a bit dry.

Alright, back to work for me.

Oh, and I have spoken with Raven. She's okay, just hanging out for awhile.

Happy Thursday.


01-13-2005, 01:47 PM
Hey, Chachee. Some exercise is better than sitting on the couch. The way I look at it, you are at least developing the habit of exercising. You can always increase the intensity.

The horse was not thrilled about the thunder storm, but he actually only spooked twice. once when the rain and thunder picked up, and the other when the fragile little darling got some drips (the roof leaks) on his precious a$$.

As for the craisins, I burned some calories laughing at your raisen description. craisens are not humiliated leftovers though. They are cranberries that got out of the pool, and sunned themselves for awhile. Think of them as Hollywood cranberries.

Have a goodday.

Apple Blossom
01-13-2005, 02:46 PM
Yesterday went well too! 2 days in a row of low cal. I can't say that I feel any different, except that I'm kind of proud of myself!
No, I'm not trying to get preg, I have 3 beautiful kids and though I'd love more I'd also go insane and they probably would too. I already feel like they are not getting enough individual attention. My 5 year old is begging for a story right now....I think the cramping and lack of weight loss is because I might be returning to the good old monthly cycle. Ugh :p
I've been pretty active even if it's not specifically exercise. I walk my kids to school everyday and thats about a mile, maybe a little more per day. Or I do yard work or house work, that counts, right? I really need to lift weights, but I despise it. I was hoping there would be some good New Years offers from the local gyms but I haven't found anything.
Baby's about to eat Lego...Bye!

01-13-2005, 06:19 PM
Good morning! Glad to see people are posting. And Chachee, so glad to hear you have talked to Raven and that she is OK (relatively speaking I suppose.)

I am sitting here (I just got on the bike for a mere 10 mins) and feeling absolutely disgusted with myself for having let myself go over these past four months. I can only hope I have learned something from this slide into lethargy and glutton, anxiety-driven bingeing to be sure, but nonetheless, I see myself as having been the major loser in this battle between workload and schedule changes and it just makes me so angry, with everything, including myself. Rant, rant. It's so maddening I want to go out and drink and that's the kind of thing that got me here in the first place! Oh well, I should be glad I've staved the escalating weight at this point!

jolly -- Good for you for getting to the gym. This is the kind of victory we need for ourselves, nearly every day. I am the same with not liking to do upper body so much, well, chest and back I like doing but not arms and shoulders.

It's good you're drinking diet soda, at least as far as the calories are concerned.

I don't know what to tell you about the eating. You are doing exactly the same as I was doing for the past four months, eating out of anxiety and stress. I am worried about work and money all the time as well. And I am deep in debt as I spend too. How to stop this? I don't know. I don't know if it's possible until things settle for you, until you find a job or something. I hate to say that. I really hope that just realizing what you are doing will help you to eat better and keep exercising. Perhaps you should be happy to maintain during this time. If I had only maintained I would not be so disgusted with myself now. I refused to weigh myself and that is why the weight gain is such a shock. Really, it was a shock. I thought that because I had lost muscle, even if I had gained fat I would weigh less. I honestly never imagined that I would have gained this much weight. Oh well, live and learn is perhaps all I can say. Good luck, jolly, and yes, I love your inner voice dipped in chocolate as well! :lol: And sunning cranberries! You have such a great sense of humor!

Oh, and I understand about the riding, now. You have an indoor arena. Lucky! I was going to ask what craisins were but you explained it. Wish I had something like that here. You can't even get fresh cranberries, only frozen and they are SO expensive.

Chachee -- up there in the frozen north. Good for you for getting on the treadmill. 40 minutes is a long time! And great going on the exercise the night before! Oh yes, the thighs. I was looking at them last night as I was doing leg presses and thinking of how they had looked four months ago when people were saying they looked good (of course these are bodybuilders saying this so it meant they were muscular but they had definition, now they are just blobs). Perserverance is the only thing, isn't it?

I agree with jolly, the habit of working out is the most important. It is SO easy to get out of the habit and that means a drastic reduction in the number of calories expended. I forgot that all the time involved getting to and from the gym and NOT eating was part of my workouts, so when I stopped going to the gym I was losing a lot more than just the in-gym workout. Don't be fooled. You'll end up like me, disgusted and in shock!

Apple Blossom -- Good for you with two days of low cal! You should be proud. Keep it up. You're getting close to goal so things will probably be harder. Just don't slide! Of course, all sorts of exercise counts, and I think it's so much nicer when the exercise comes in the form of sports you enjoy just for themselves or chores. I get so sick of working out for working out sake. I am so glad I have riding, even if it is the reason I have to work so much and have such an irregular lifestyle.

Derry -- Where are you? Are you doing OK? Hope to hear from you soon.

Anyone else I've forgotten. Sorry and let's hear how you're doing. It's good to get in here when you're down too. So don't stay away! :wave:

01-14-2005, 06:04 AM
Good morning all. It is a cold one, and early here. I have to be to work early, and to my group home that is furthest away. So, I decided to get up early so I could work out first. didn't want to reset the alarm, but I also didn't want to try and work out after work, when my gym bag had been in the car all day. The high is supposed to be 5 above today, with wind chill factors we won't even think of. Though, I still have to go to the barn tonight. Work ran late last night, so I didn't make it. Darn it! Unless the weatherman was seriously deluded with his prediciton, I won't be able to ride anyway. But I have to go at least groom him, and walk him.

Anyway. not much new to report. My eating has been AWESOME so far today. Of course, I just got up 5 minutes ago, and haven't made it to the kitchen yet.

Have a great day all.

01-14-2005, 06:18 AM
Hi guys! My instant notification of posts here on my thread subscription isn't working and I had a hard time "finding" you guys again....I'm going to have to try, again, to fix this. It happened the beginning of the month and now it's going on again.
I'm ok, don't have time to read all your posts and share, though. But, just wanted to let you all know I'll be back later on as time permits.
Miss you guys!

01-14-2005, 03:10 PM
Hi Ladies and Happy Friday. Nice long weekend ahead of us, so that is always good.

I wrapped up the week on the treadmill followed by a weigh in this morning. I was down another pound, so that leaves me 9 to go to get back to my lowest. I hated that I gained that much back, but it was my own fault! I hope to have those 9 gone by the time I go on vacation, which is 5 weeks away. I should be able to do it.

Ended up walking 16.23 miles this week, bringing my two week total to 32.56. Very good!

Not much going on this weekend, other than taking my son to the movies to see Racing Stripes. Going with a friend and her daughters. I plan on sewing and hanging out the rest of the time.

Red: Goodness, my friend, I sure hate that you feel that way about how you let yourself "go". You know, I guess it's not easy, this weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey we are all on. If we didn't have those lows and depressing times, it wouldn't give us anything to work towards, I guess. It sure sucks when you are going through it. I think what is important is the realization you have about the situation. You know how to eat/live/feel better, it's just a matter of putting those things into place. Sometimes, if you are like me, it takes a good hard smack across the face to give me the wake up call I need. That's why I'm smacking reality right back in the face!

Apple: I think just moving around more is a good start to exercise. I hate the "concentrated" time frame of exercise, but it helps me in the morning. I know if I get up, before anyone else, and get it over and done with, then I have the entire rest of the day just to do what I want.

Derry: Howdy. Glad you found us again. How goes the battle to get the extra pounds off you gained back?

Jolly: Hollywood cranberries? Nope, nope, two ways about it....shriveled up, wrinkles, non-botoxed grapes and cranberries. I just can do it. I tried last night. Ick. Maybe if they went on Extreme Makeover or The Swan and lived up to their potential I could, but no way....not now. :lol: Isn't it amazing how well we can eat when we just wake up? Here's to a good weekend.

Oh, and I had McDonalds for dinner last night. Not much first choice, but my son wanted it and I didn't feel like cooking. (I needed to sew....priorities, ladies!) Anyway, I was sitting at the drivethru thinking what to eat, not wanting another salad, as I had one for lunch. I reverted back to my old way of eating fast food in a "healthy" manner. I ordered myself a Cheeseburger Happy Meal and ate only half the fries. I gave myslef 10 WW points for the meal and felt okay with it. That is a good tip for any of you--when you want the fast food but don't want all the calories--just a taste, then order the kids meal. How are they going to know it's for you? Good portion control there.

Happy Friday. See you all back here on Tuesday. I'm MIA for three days.


01-14-2005, 03:43 PM
Hi all. Good save at McDonald's, Chachee. Hope you enjoy your days off. I did work out early this morning. I may not make it to the barn tonight though. Too cold to bother, really. I am sure bubba wouldn't want to get all nekid.

My food choices are slowing down. Less snacking. Able to stop myself from picking up extras. I even threw out part of my dinner last night. I just need to find another, non-chocolate dipped inner voice to listen to.

Ah well. Back to work for me. Will check in more later. I am on call this weekend, so if I am awol, I am going crazy.

01-14-2005, 06:41 PM
jolly, I'm just up here. Saw your light was on. Good for you for working out and glad to hear your food choices are better. You sure have a lot on your hands, having to take care of the horse as well. The cold puts such a damper on things, doesn't it? It just makes me, for one, not want to move much at all. No wonder animals go into hibernation. Well, hope you make it through the hectic on-call day you spoke of. Here's some "fighting" energy coming your way!! :flow1:

01-14-2005, 11:14 PM
Helloooooo Red. Actually, where I have Chance boarded, they do everything but exercise him. I just don't like to ignore him for too long. He thinks I don't love him anymore and gets cranky. Plus, being with him relaxes me.

I had an interesting couple of conversations today about willingness to change, and how being inflexible effects you. Something to think about, as I search for why I stress eat, and how to stop letting things effect me so much. Flexibility is more than just a yoga goal, I guess.

Hope things are going well for you, and everyone. I'm going to go online and check for any potential frogs.

01-15-2005, 08:19 AM
Hey! I'm here again! My thread notification worked today.... wonder why it's an on and off thing lately? Whatever....
Chach, sounds like you are doing well. The MacDonald's thing I learned awhile ago, it's helpful. Also, I find ordering my burger without cheese (though I love it) detracts from the fat, and you do get the sensation of eating "out" and fast food. I have ketchup and pickles only on it. I sometimes get a side salad with the burger and steal a few of my kid's or husband's fries just to get a taste. This way, I have them. I can't seem to stop at half way if I get them, I can't stop.... darn. I have found a brand of frozen "fries" made by a company called something like Alexis? They are onion and rosemary oven roasted fries and they are quite good and have no trans fats, I love them and 1/4th of the package is only 2 WW points. I hope you can find them where you are try them!
I've been working out, and on the treadmill a few times this week. I've been pretty much "on program", overall, but could have done better I suppose. I'm a bit frustrated as I was hoping the scale would "budge" a bit, but alas it has not. It might be one of those overnight things soon???? Sometimes, when you are at your best, does it seem like the weight just hangs in? I can't understand that, oh well. But, then, all of a sudden the scales makes a suprise move and you feel vindicated.
Did you all see the new food pyramid that was announced this week by the US government? I was proud when I heard it, as this is kind of how I've been eating since about Ocotober after WW announced the new CORE plan. I do need to work on getting more whole grains into my life and finding ways to cook them that a family with teens will enjoy, though. Along with the new pyramid, they announced a recommended 90 min. per day of exercise. I am certainly not at 90 minutes a day for exercise and wonder what planet these people are on? What kind of lives these people thinK we have in the "real world" to have 90 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise? I skip about two or three days a week and when I do work out on the other days, it's 40 minutes - and I think this is about all I can spare. I've been pretty proud of that, but hearing this 90 minute thing made me feel a bit deflated. If you all are doing better, I would love to hear HOW and I wonder if I am a bad time manager or something like that?
Are any of you really devoting 90 minutes a day? Kudos if you are!
I tried adding MORE veggies into my diet yesterday, and even had carrot sticks with breakfast, which was "interesting". I had apple, carrots, legumes, corn,tomatoes, vegetable soup, lettuce and brocolli yesterday. I felt really comfortable with all my veggies and fiber! I also had whole wheat (lite) bread with peanut butter, which I love and don't allow myself all that often as peanut butter is a bit high in points with WW.
I was out all morning, running errands, grocery shopping and all that stuff and when I arrived home, late, I was STARVING. I had an NSV! I took the bowl of washed grape tomatoes out of the refrigerator, and with a diet soda, ate some of those to keep my hunger at bay while I put away all the groceries and things I had bought (it was payday and I needed TONS of stuff, spend over $300.00) and then I took the time to make a real lunch that was healthy instead of grabbing at the foods I had bought and not tracking what I was eating. That was a huge victory. I had bought Dorritos, even, as my 16 year old son isn't trying to lose weight and loves them. I was SO tempted by all the great food in front of my eyes and in the grocery store. Yet, I was a "good girl".
So, if I am so good, why isn't the scale moving though?????
Something to think about on this very cold Saturday in NH, but not as cold as Chach has it in Alaska I am sure! By the way, Red, what is Tokyo's weather like this time of year?

01-15-2005, 08:44 AM
derry -- hi there! Just a quickie because I want to get to sleep. You asked about the weather here. It's horrible today. Cold, rainy and the wind is really strong. I couldn't hold the umbrella and even a strong one was going to flip or break. Luckily the rain wasn't too heavy. It may turn to snow. Actually, the weather has been dry the past couple weeks though we had snow on the 31st. Winters are extremely dry in Tokyo. I managed to get out for a walk at lunch break and I even went to the gym after work for a chest/back weight training session. Those were major efforts for me today.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the 90 mins. Yes, I will devote 90 minutes to exercise when I'm in the gym and jog as well as weight train but I don't think that's anywhere near normal! and I really don't think that's what they're talking about. I think they are saying a cumulative 90 minutes a day of exercise. I don't know for sure but that would make more sense. You've got to realize that some people just don't move at all during the day, just sit in front of the TV, get in their cars, do a little grocery shopping, go to work, sit at their desks all day long. I really think this is about total movement during the day, so I think you're well above the 90-minute mark! :sunny:

Well, gotta get some shut-eye. jolly, willingness to change? inflexibility? these sound like things I have to look at too. I was just thinking tonight how I tend to do the same things, eat the same things, wear the same clothes, go to the same places. I get into a routine very, very easily. And, and obviously, the patterns of late have put weight on so I guess I just have to change the patterns.

Stress eating, let me hear if you have any interesting insights onto what you can do besides eat, something that gives you the same satisfaction. Often, though, I think, I'm not really getting any satisfaction a lot of the times I eat. and if I plan things, I tend to be able to hold out till the scheduled eating times. But I never plan and end up constantly eating from the stress, boredom, whatever. What do you think makes you reach for food when you're stressed and when DON'T you feel like reaching for food?

OK, good night all. Will check in after a few hours. . . :wave:

01-15-2005, 09:58 AM
Hi, here's a link that might be helpful to read over the new guidlelines:
I just re-read it and they are saying, at least in this acticle 3-90 minutes a day. I pretty much do that, at least. I don't gather that it's movement in general, but I could be wrong.
Gosh, if you look at the photo of that man with his "gut" hanging over his pants, it is enought to get me off line right now and to go towards my workout.
Sleep well, Red, as I begin my day here.

01-15-2005, 05:15 PM
Hey all. Just a real quick post. A fly by post, if you will. The on call has been a bit crazy this weekend, and I have to leave to deal with a situation. I did make it to the gym, and did cardio and lower body weights. I did make it to the barn, but didn't ride, as I don't get good phone reception in the arena, and I can't ride outside if I get called.

Your last post really made me think, Red. I am going to have to ponder it some more before answering. What makes me reach for food when I am stressed, and when don't I feel like eating? Those are definitely some important points to ponder.

Have a good day all.

01-16-2005, 08:03 AM
Jolly, I liked what Red had to say as well. I don't have any thoughts, so far, on what I can do that feels as good as eating during a stressful time. I seem out of control and just grab for stuff. I seem to want the food to make it all better, and it doesn't - then in the end if I gain, I really don't feel better. Our society is a very stressed "people" with all the terrorism threats, and situations like this horrible Tsunami that, without warning, just hit. We all have things like this, not just our day to day lifes and people (which are bad enough) on our minds all the time, life is fragile. I do think an instinctual thing humans do (very primal I think) is to "fatten up" themselves for the bad times.
When I feel that my eating is stressed (I usually don't even recognize/accept this until AFTERWARDS) I want to try to drink water and brush my teeth. I keep getting this urge to get a "taste" in my mouth. I go from sweet to salty to crunchy, etc. I like a change in taste and texture, one on top of another.
I remember, years ago, when my husband suddenly lost his job of 15 years. He was home, unemployed, for four months. I was so unbelievably stressed, that was when I put on all the weight back. I remember sneaking food, our of his sight, all the time. He made a remark about how much and how often I eat, and I started hiding my eating.
I had made lifetime with ww and certainly was not at my goal weight, but it took that stressful time period to really throw me over the enge. I had gone back to ww and was at my 10% goal and then 9/11 hit. Talk about stress, I would say goodbye to my DH (who thankfully was working again but in Boston in a high rise building) and my kids, and almost cling to them wondering if they would make it home to me safely. I feel like I've been riding a roller coaster for the last five or six years, which includes moving. All these things cause the emotions to be awfully raw.
Yet, now, finally, I am trying to regain control. I can't always recognize what triggers my binges, but I totally understand what has happened to me in the past.
Linda, with a heavy heart thinking of the stress our poor Raven is going through right now, has anyone heard from her recently?

01-16-2005, 09:05 AM
Hi people, I've just finished for the evening and wanted to catch up here. Realized I hadn't said hi to some of you or replied to all your posts last night. Sorry about that. :^:

Today I did so well. I walked to the gym and got a bit lost on the way so the walk must have been well over an hour and I stopped at the library, which means it was a longer route. Then I jogged 3K at the gym and did some arms and shoulder weights. I got the bus home but I did NOT eat along the way and I actually made a salad for dinner. That was major!! I feel like I am coming out of hibernation from those horrible months since September. They were ****. Thanks for being there then people.

Derry, Guess what, along my walk I passed a little shop, I think it made kids clothes and there was an old sewing machine in the window. I actually went back to give it a better look thinking of you. It was a Janome, which is a big maker here, or was, for some reason I'm familiar with the name (which means "snake-eye" by the way). It had a treadle. I didn't see a date on it but it looked pretty old. Nothing of course like the ones you have I guess.

Reading your post of yesterday more thoroughly, I see that the scale has been giving you trouble lately again. I'm wondering though, do you think you may have to up your exercise a bit. You're very close to goal and it must be hard to come up with a calorie deficit. Is the WW program calibrated to give you less points as you get lighter? If not, it would naturally mean the weight loss would really slow down. And that would be so disappointing because you have stayed on program. I think I would get so upset, so frustrated that I would just lump the whole thing. Please don't do that Derry, the scale will probably move. How do you feel? do you feel like you're lighter, fitter, tighter? Your diet sounds really good and great going with the grocery shopping, holding off and making something good instead of just grabbing for something. That is soooo important I think. I just realized that's what I do all the time, grab for stuff, shove it in my mouth without really thinking. where's the enjoyment walking home chewing on stuff? Really?! For the past two days whenever I was walking I have sworn to myself I will not eat. I wait till I get home, even if I buy something along the way.

By the way, have you all seen the Maintainers Forum? They're doing a chapter by chapter breakdown of the book "Thin for Life." I don't have the book but Meg is doing a great job and the responses from people are interesting. Check it out. We're all maintainers, even if we're still wanting to lose more weight. We don't want to put back on weight we've lost, right? so we have to maintain. Here's the link to that thread:

Oh, Derry, on that eating guidelines article page, I think that guy with the gut is actually a woman and it's her ample bosom that has ventured southward . . . if we're looking at the same picture. Makes it all the more inspiring.

Chachee -- sorry I missed you last night. Congrats on the pound loss!! :cp: Good for you!! Sounds like you're doing good with the walking. And that was a smart move at Mac's. I'm sure you'll have those 9 lbs off in 5 weeks if you keep up with the good work! thanks for the kind words Chachee. I'm feeling a lot better with how I let myself "go." I guess I'm through the acceptance stage now whereas before I wasn't. Before I was just out of denial, head in the ground behavior, then came the shock, now the acceptance along with the movement (literally!) to get the weight off. I even say to people (all guys even!) at work and the gym that I've gained nearly 10 lbs and lost muscle. Whether they notice or not I don't know. They don't say but saying that out loud feels good. I'm not just whining that I've gained, I'm saying that I've gained and now I have to go to the gym to wear it off, or sorry, I can't go out boozing with them because I have to get this fat off that I've put on. So, I think that's a great sign. I lost 2.2 lbs this week by the way! Hurrah. My mini goal is to get under 70 kg by Valentine's Day. I'm now at 73.2. A kg is 2.2 lbs. So, yeah, Chachee, I think that was my smack across the face and I needed it I suppose to turn things around.

jolly -- you sure sound like you're busy. It's a shame you can't get reception in the barn so you can ride with you phone. Did you give the eating triggers any more thought? I'm trying to think too, came up with some feelings of I think it's nervousness and a reaction to anxiety, wanting to unwind and not seeking out other ways to do it, but just kind of doing it because that's what I've always done. In fact, I dare say, it's kind of a neurotic behavior or obsessive-compulsive. One of my cats used to do it when she was younger. She was very nervous and would always eat if she was upset about something. I am trying to teach myself to at least "wait." I say, don't eat walking home, wait till you're home, don't eat until a certain time. Like teaching a dog to wait before it eats its food (something I've never really understood the need for.) But maybe I can learn from it now. I think it's helping. It's like when you're a kid in school looking at the clock over and over again wishing it would hurry up and get to the end of class and when you're at work as an adult and just glance at the clock for a time check, not to count down the minutes till quitting time (well, I guess some people will be doing that too though). It's being able to wait, take deep breaths or get centered or whatever you want to call it, and wait for a moment of consciouness per se before reaching for food. I don't know. I think I may be on to something. It's still in the experimental stages for me.

Ok, must get to sleep.

Derry, yes I worry about Raven, but was it Chachee said she had spoken with her and she was OK, just wanting to hang out. Poor kid. I just spoke with my brother today and he was told last week that his pay was being cut 50 percent. Just like that. No warning. In between hearing him out and encouraging him I did also mention that someone I knew (here!) had been fired with no notice, no warning. It's really unbelievable that employers do that. I don't see a reason for it at all. If it's a cutback or a restructuring move then people should be given warning. I thought most contracts had a clause saying companies would give a month's notice. Is that only here?

01-17-2005, 07:03 AM
Heh, where is everyone? Had to go to the second page to find the thread.
I'm back home now after work, Monday night. Did OK today, not great, allowed myself some sweets but all in all I was actually quite good. Just feeling kind of down. Going both to AND from work I got on the subway two stops later and off one stop earlier! That means a good hour of extra walking EACH way. :cp: Hurrah for me!

Hope to hear from some of you. Hope all's well. :wave:

01-17-2005, 07:44 AM
Lots of think about with your post, Red, perhaps you are right about increasing my exercise.... I just hate exercise. It's so hard to be motivated. Are any of you in that place? I will check out that maintenance thread at some point.
Boy, today, I am feeling so bummed out about my weight loss. I go through ups and downs with it and if feels like today is one of those days. I feel like, at times, that I just try SO hard and then nothing happens.
Help guys!!!!

01-17-2005, 07:58 AM
I was just about to ask for help myself, Linda, but can't very well do that now that I've seen yours. I did well today and walked a lot but am now sitting here eating sugar, probably because I didn't eat good food and my body is looking for some. Oh well.

I really, really know what you're going through Linda. I am the same, up one down two, start over again. Are you really feeling down about your weight? I mean, you have lost 14 lbs, right? and you're so close to your goal. As long as you're not gaining, maybe you should just relax a bit and not look for results so much. I mean, the fact that you're not gaining is a big thing. It's not like your efforts are not showing results. One result is that you have not gained. Ok, ok, I know of course that you want to lose more, but I think you'll probably have to tweak things a bit more maybe, no? Maybe a couple days of really upping the exercise but not upping the calories at all, just as kind of a sprint therapy. It must be so frustrating and extremely irritating for you at this point. I'm still heavy enough that I can see some results but I know I'm not seeing what I want because I'm just reverting back to my comfort eating level over and over again. I MUST get used to less food, period!! or tons more exercise and I really can't be devoting so much time to it unless I change my work, which would be nice. . .

Come on, Linda, in any case, keep your chin up. You're doing great. You'll get past this. Of course, it is hard work. You've no doubt changed lifetime long habits, so, like I said, maintaining the weight you're at now is taking a great effort, or it feels like one. Eventually, your comfort zone will change and this won't feel so hard I think. In any case, right now I think you just need a pat on the back, someone to give you a hug and say how proud they are of you and all you've done. Sometimes yourself just isn't enough. So here's one from me! Coming your way! There, did you catch it! :love:

01-17-2005, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the support. I needed it. You need support at well - what is with the sugar you are eating? So, here you are on this web site while eating sugar at the same time..... go throw what remains away my dear! We can help each other!
We all have our ups and downs, today just happens to be the down day. Some days I feel strong and as if I am doing everything well and can conquer the world. Today.... well, not so.
But, I am not giving up this war, just lost a battle or two. Yesterday, I had a cinnamon roll at a coffee shop. I shouldn't have had it and knew better, but couldn't stop myself. Now, I am feeling remorseful. I keep wondering WHY I can't help myself when I am tempted? I need, obviously, to find ways to have beterr choices and make those choices available to me and to plan ahead.
Well, it's off line for breakfast (a very well behaved breakfast) and then my work out. I shall strive to do better. I shall increase the speed, even just for a little bit, on my treadmill and think of you, Red.
Where are the rest of us? Weekends are just hard.
I hope, Raven, if you are reading this but not up to posting that we can help you. I used to be a Director of Human Resources before I "retired" and became a mom. Maybe we can help you brainstorm about finding another, and better, job.
We can't help if you stay away from us.
I was fired once too, a long time ago, there are nights when I still (now almost 20 yeards ago) have nightmares about it. I was very prideful about my job and what I had accomplished and to have someone take it away from me was so overwhelming. It took me a long time to get my self esteem back. Don't let that happen to you.

01-17-2005, 10:51 AM
Hi all. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I ended up being able to chat with my friend in Iraq, and I forgot to stop in here afterwards.

I am still thinking about your previous post, Red. I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head right now. My spirit is trying to speak, just not quiet understandable yet. I have been overlooking my journaling. My main excuse is being just too tired/ busy. So, I decided I needed to practise it like any other habit I was trying to develop. So, I made a vow that if nothing else, i will write down what I am grateful for each day. Then, I already have pen in hand when my spirit is ready to talk. I feel like i am just on the verge of another "aha" moment. This is good actually. I haven't really had one since September, which, incidentally, is when I started letting things slide. I have 10 pounds to lose to get back to my lowest weight of 2004.

I was really busy yesterday, but kept my commitment to go to the gym, even though I just did a quick 30 minutes of Cardio. I did get to ride though, because a friend came with so she could take care of the horse if I got called. I had another bout of acid reflux last night. I really didn't want to go out in the cold to go to the gym today, but again, I kept the commitment. I even did 2 sets of upper body weights. And, I had a NSV. I was really thinking I NEEDED chips for work. That automatic grab for food reflex. I was able to tell myself that No I was not hungry. Well then I "realized" I needed some stuff for my salad for supper tonight. Which would have put me at the store. Which would have led me by the chip aisle. Again, I was able to realize the justification I was doing to put myself in the path of the crap food, and stopped myself. I haven't been doing that in awhile.

I hope everyone is ok. Dealing with stress is tough. Learning new habits and behaviors is tougher. One day at a time though, right? We can do it!!

01-17-2005, 04:22 PM
Good morning. It's another cold one and I'm having my usual coffee and getting warmed up. Trying to get in a ride this morning. I have been able to get off caffeine except for the morning shot. I but back cold turkey and the first week was **** but it's much, much better now. I am actually getting to the gym at a caffeine low, sometimes mid evening, so I think it's a major accomplishment. Just trying to find something to pat myself on the back about here. . .

Linda, well, yes, I was eating sugar and on the Website. That was better than hiding out I think. I came here specifically to say, Help! so that I would stop.

The problem with the candy is that it is my favorite, licorice and my sister sent me a whole box of all different types. It wouldn't be a problem if I rationed it bit by bit and I have done but last night I had a bit too much. I don't want to throw it out as it's too special. But I stopped and I put the box up on a shelf so I'm much less likely to reach for it. I should have come home and made something more substantial to eat. I think it's better I don't eat and then I wind up reaching for something like that candy. Normally I would never bring the stuff into the house but it was there because it was a package. The fact that I told you and made myself feel stupid, knowing you would tell me to STOP! too made me stop. Thank you!

I certainly wouldn't feel remorseful about your cinnamon roll. I mean, if you're going to do it, do it and realize the price of it. Sometimes you feel it's worth it, other times not. Try to think of the price before you eat it and make that choice. Of course, this is advice to myself, Dere, not me sounding like a know-it-all. It's all about reminders, consciousness, awareness and resolve, isn't it? We're getting better, slowly but surely.

Did you have a good breakfast and did you get on the treadmill and even maybe step up the pace? You see all the things you are doing. Results, well, these ARE the results. You are doing them. Other results WILL come, provided you DON'T cancel them out with too much behavior in the other direction. BUT, even if you do, it is better than gaining or being less healthy. There are people who smoke a ton of cigarettes a day and don't eat and they are thin. Big deal! Is that what you want? I don't think so. You are far, far ahead of their game, for one. Remember that when you're feeling so frustrated and discouraged about not losing weight. Battles are won on more places that the battleground.

Good of you to reach out to Rave. I think she may be thinking weight loss and us are the last things she can deal with now. I certainly understand. Rave,if you're there, please try to just take care of yourself. Concentrate on your horse work that you were so enthused about and something will come of it perhaps. Have faith. We miss you.

Jolly -- I think we are leading parallel lives in a way. You and I seem to have been on a downward slide or at least one away from what we wanted to do, since September. And from this year I could feel something start to come to life again and I have been able to start exercising and eating better again. You sound to be doing the same. Look at you! What kind of willpower is that! You are doing great! Getting to the gym, riding, NOT eating the chips. That is so, so fantastic. I hope you are really, really proud of yourself, jolly. And I love the idea of the journal. This will maybe make you realize it is not all doom and gloom out there, even though it may often feel that well. Doesn't it feel like everything is working against us sometimes, maybe most of the time? It does feel that well but I think if we can force the feelings we get to turn around we can stop the vicious cycle that those things set us up for, all the negative ugly feelings that just lead to more.

Our ways of dealing with stress seem more often than not to be just ways of perpetrating the stress. We do things that cause us more stress. I am going to try to do things that I know will not lead to more stress. If I sit down and play the piano I will not beat myself up about it later. If I sit in the sauna at the gym for 10 minutes I will not be annoyed with myself, or if I sit and watch TV for half an hour WITHOUT eating. And maybe if I do a bit of the work that is hanging over my head I certainly will not feel bad about it, right? It's like what we normally do is say, "bad girl!" and then keeping saying it over and over by doing things we know are "bad." Why not try to say, "bad girl!" then do something that means, "good girl!"

Ok, gotta run. Take care all, happy, Chachee, where are you?

01-17-2005, 10:18 PM
Hey all. Red, first, don't feel bad. There have been several times I was typing to you all with one hand, while the other was buried in a bag of M&Ms (my medication of choice). And yes, coming on here does help me stop. Second, take back some of the attagirls. It turns out my bad choice wasn't stopped, merely postponed. I was feeling sick, tired, and stressed out about the part time job thing. Got low fat pringles, soup, a roll, and a HUGE chocolate bar (Hey, it was on sale. Who can pass up a sale?) I realize I was just looking for an excuse to eat.

On a positive note, I am somewhat reluctantly going to pursue the one part itme job that is 16 hours a week. A friend said I should at least try it, and do it for as song as I can. Hopefully they will hire me, and I won't burn out.

Talk to you tomorrow. Hi Derry. Hello to everyone else who may be lurking. Hope things are well.

01-18-2005, 05:35 AM
Hi, all, checking in, finally finding some time in between things to do so.

I'm giving myself pretty good marks so far today. A lot of exercise and not too bad with the eating. And I have been writing it all down so if I don't lose I can look back and see WHY! . . .oh yeah, two nights out on the town with mega amounts of beer. . . uh-huh, uh-huh, medium-size binge here . . . chocolate at work. . didn't break a sweat in three days. . .you get the picture.

Ok, Jolly, so you were only postponing. Still, that's part of my new "wait, girl!" idea. Postponing is a plus thing in itself. ATTA GIRL!! :lol: Can't help it. . .For me, this waiting things means more dining on the run, literally as I'm walking. It's so easy to forget what you've been shoving in your mouth when you're doing that. So, in your case, just think that you could have been eating all that time that you were putting it off. So you surely still came out ahead, right? You did get lowfat pringles, nothing wrong with soup and a roll, HUGE chocolate bar. . . hm, oh well, just add up the calories at least. How many calories are there in a huge bar? . . or shouldn't I be asking things like this. . . ;)

On the work front, I'm very glad to hear you've decided on a job. If you don't like it you can always quit. Or, is it that you DO want to do it but the conditions aren't what you wanted? In any case, I hope it works out for you.

Everyone else, hope to hear from you all soon!! :sunny:

01-18-2005, 12:43 PM

Hi chicks.

I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the planet.

The sudden loss of my job seems to have hit me much harder than I thought it would.

I also managed to injure my upper back fairly badly somehow. Today is the first day in 5 days I'm not in major pain.

I've been doing a great deal of soul searching for the last several days of enforced immobility.

I have a lot of goals. For the most part they are inextricably entwined. I need to get a plan of action set up, and slowly I think I'm getting one together. I'm scared. But I wonder if there's been a time in my life when I *wasn't* scared. Weight loss is one goal, but there are others, and I must get my head out of the sand and push forward.

I don't know that I'll be typing a lot - so much to say, not enough desire to find the words to say it.

For now, I know what I need to do for the most part. I just need to do it.

01-18-2005, 01:50 PM
Hi Ladies,

Wow, lots of posts to catch up on.

First, let me say I was a gluttonous pig this weekend. I ate so much chocolate that I probably undid all the good work I've been doing. Don't know what it was, but I could not get enough of it, and the fact my hubby brought home a big bag of it didn't help either.

Finally got back on track this morning. I feel like doo-dah when I eat badly, but while I am doing it, I just don't stop. Maybe someday it will all make sense and sink in! Maybe not!

I did 3.24 miles this morning and got myself off to a healthy start today. I'll never make my 9 pounds before I leave if I don't stop doing that to myself. I did have good weekends so far, just blew it this last one.

Glad to see you all posting so much. I love reading them all. Sometimes I just hang out and read and read.

Linda: Maybe Red was right. Maybe you are so close that all this stress you feel when the scale doesn't move is causing your body to react badly. Maybe take a breath, do what you know works, and let your body work it out. You have done so wonderfully so far, keep it up.

Red: Great job on the loss! I knew you could do it. Just a "mind over matter" thing. Getting back in the swing of things is always good.

Jolly: M&M',s huh? A friend of mine calls those "smart pills". For me, my nemesis is chocolate and peanut butter. Have a hard time saying no to that. I need to, though. Good luck with the part-time job!

Raven: *waves back* Hi my friend. Sorry to hear about your back. Plug along when you can and we'll read the words you write. Nice to have so many friends who care about you.

Alrighty, time for work for me. I brought two tangerines, an asian pear, regular pear, sf jello w/lite cool whip and popcorn for snacks. I'm full already just thinking about it.

Happy Tuesday.


01-18-2005, 04:59 PM
Raven! Good to hear from you and that you're out there and still sounding determined to make things work for you! When things hit they sure hit hard, don't they? Injuring your back on top of being fired! You poor thing! I'm glad to hear that the pain is better now. I certainly understand your not wanting to write. You're wounded and need time out from the world probably. Just know that we're here for you if you want to sound things out. Sometimes that can be a tremendous help in helping to hear yourself.

Take care and email me if you want. I'm pulling for you.

01-19-2005, 10:14 AM
Hey all. I am in serious trouble on my end. I have not been working out. I have been eating pure junk - to the point I am sick. I am feeling overwhelmed with everything. To top it all off, I didn't go ride last night. I guess it was meant to be, as I was home when my friend called to tell me her mother passed. then later, another friend called to tell me she was rushing home to be there when her childhood horse was put down.

Sigh. I just feel totally weighted down with all of this. My own worries. My friends. I am making poor decisions. Eating poorly, not working out all of this is just leaving me less able to help myself or my friends.

Send Bat. Send kicks in the butt. I need it!

01-19-2005, 12:58 PM
Good morning.

Jolly: Bat is on his way. I express mailed him to you. Don't let him stay long, as I need him here, egging me on. I'm so sorry all these things have come down all at once for you. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that things settle for you.

I was bad last night. Had four pieces of chocolate. I did walk about a mile outside in the -15 degree weather. I had to go around to the neighborhood houses to make sure people are attending our annual meeting tonight. My cheeks are so red today, that I know I was out longer than I should have been.

I did not work out this morning. I know, two bad things in a row. I had a rough weekend and this week isn't starting out any better. Half tempted to not weigh in on Friday, but I must pay for poor decisions and own up to my actions.

Oh, so goes the life of me.

On a positive note, we are healthy and happy, so life is good. It could be much worse!

Happy Wednesday.


01-19-2005, 04:45 PM
Jolly, I'm just up. Saw your message. Wanted to get something out to you quick! Come on, Jolly. Have a good cry. Go to bed. But DON'T stuff food in your face!!! It only makes it worse. You know that. Instead of trying to comfort yourself, don't comfort yourself. Feel the pain. Really sob and cry and wail if you have to. You're hurting. You've got to hurt. All your own problems and then your friends sadnesses on top. I'm so sorry all this is happening to you now. Please, please, try to just sit with it and get through it without adding to the pain by eating. I think because I live alone I'm much quicker to cry and I think it helps me a lot. I'll let in to the frustration, the pain, the sadness, whatever feeling is overwhelming me and just have a little cry. It never lasts long and I feel better afterward. Sometimes I even feel guilty about crying when I know there are so many people out there who REALLY have something to cry about. I know this is a pity me, pity me kind of thing but it works and I definitely leave it feeling better, which would NOT be the case if I were to eat and when I say eat you know it doesn't mean a salad.
Sometimes I think a lot of our eating is because we're trying not to comfort ourselves but we're trying to push our feelings away because of feelings of guilt at feeling those feelings. Like I said, guilty that there are people in much worse situations or being told we shouldn't be angry, or shouldn't be *****y and so we try to cover it up with things we enjoy. I'm starting to say, to **** with that, don't tell me how to feel, don't tell me how to act. I will do what I want!! and you know, it feels great and I'm not bingeing. I have much more control over my eating than before.

Chachee, don't mean to be ignoring you. I'm just strapped for time here. Will be back. Take care! Look at your weight tracker! Wow! You are really doing well! :sunny:

01-20-2005, 01:40 AM
Hi girls,

Sorry I haven't been posting. We only have hubby's computer up and running and it keeps losing my sign on for some reason and messing up posts. We should be all moved and settled in after the 10th of February or so and I hope to be back regularly again.

Till then, hang in there - some good discussions going on. Don't let the stress get to you. One day, one step at a time. We can do this together... take care all.

01-20-2005, 06:41 AM
Hi happy, thanks for stopping in. Good to hear from you and glad to hear you've been reading along. Hope to have you back soon! :yes:

Well, I've been sitting around because I've had work to do. Didn't get it all done but most and am calling it a night. Just went out to the convenience store, looked over all the aisles of junk, chocolate bars, ice cream, puddings, cakes and realized I didn't really want the stuff. Considered beer but didn't even really want that. SO I left with a bottle of barley tea, which has zero calories! Hurrah for me and a NSV!! :cb:

Now, the whole day wasn't that great but not eating so soon before bed has got to be good. Happy, how is your weight loss coming along? Any progress lately. What have you been up too. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Derry, Jolly, Chachee, Jacque, how are you all? Hope to wake up and find posts from you tomorrow (Friday) morning. Here's wishing you all a Happy Thursday! I'm wrapping mine up. :wave:

01-20-2005, 10:37 AM
Hey all. Real quick post, as work is really busy. Thanks REd and Chachee for the posts. Happy, glad to hear things are good. So I take it the house inspection went well and you got your house? How is the new job going?

Red, congrats on the NSVs. Chachee, I hope things pick up soon. Maybe we should clone Bat - make a mini beatin'???

Well, I have to positive things to report. I did get the part time job at the phone center I applied for. I am excited, in that I need a part time job, and this one sounds pretty good. I am just worried about doing 16 hours per week. But, I will give it a shot. Also, I did make it to the gym this morning. Only did 30 minutes of cardio, as I also shoveled for 20 minutes this morning. Made me a bit late.

OK. Off to work hard. Have a good day all, and I will TRY to peek in later.

01-20-2005, 12:08 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

Jolly: I'm so happy for you getting your part-time job. Hopefully this will the start of the turnaround for you. I'm so glad it came through for you. Great job on the getting to the gym.

Red: Great NSV. I'm glad you were able to overcome the cravings and handle the store situation.

Happy: Great to hear from you. I'll keep my fingers crossed the rest of the transition is smooth sailing for you.

Not much to report from here. Just plugging along, making the best of things. Guess I had a little bump in the road, but it's better now. I need to get to bed earlier, because I'm very tired in the morning. Just one of those things.

Happy Thursday.


01-20-2005, 04:35 PM
Hey guys! Sorry I've not been here much this past week.... what a busy time and I am SO relieved that I have a few days to settle down now. I've been running around like a madwoman and I must admit to being stress, cranky and a bit in need of comfort food. It's been horrid weather and it makes me feel like I need to smother myself in comfort food.
I had my weigh in on Tuesday morning and lost .4, I was kind of amazed that I even had a loss of any kind as I thought I was being pretty bad... so I am glad for that! I have been eating like a pig these last two days and this MUST stop. It's all comfort food.
I really react to things on the news and have got to keep the tv/radion to a minimum. All the things going on in the world are stressful and when I get stressed, I eat. I've been really off track, so now it's time to begin anew (how many more "anews" do I get, before I get this right?).

01-20-2005, 04:55 PM
Good morning. Just up. Quick post here.

Jolly -- Glad to hear some good things happening for you. Especially that job. What don't you like about the 16 hours? Do you want more hours, less?

As for exercise, 20 minutes of shoveling is major exercise. I'd say you did 50 of cardio easy!

Hope you have a good day. You've been having a rough time. Things will pick up for you, I'm sure!

Chach -- Hello. :sunny: Yup, just plugging along. That's the usual way of things and it's just as important. I like your attitude, making the best of things. How much sleep do you usually get. I need a good 8 but can and do sleep 7 a lot, not adding in the times I wake up. Are you an early riser? Friday morning here. Already nearing 6. Darn. I wanted to get to the gym. Very hard in the morning recently. Gotta take too much stuff with me when I go before work and I have to carry everything. No cars!

Derry -- remember what they say, showing up is the most important thing. You can't get anywhere if you don't show up and that's what you're doing started over and over again. Don't be annoyed at that. Give yourself a pat on the back for having the persistence to keep coming back even though you do slip up. And look at you, you still had a loss! Congrats! You worked so hard for that so don't pooh-pooh it. At your weight every little bit means a lot. The news is horrible. They only show the bad things and there are good things out there. I watch a bit just to see if the world is still out there and I turn the TV off!!

01-21-2005, 06:57 AM
Hello there. Everyone, where are you!? :?: I had to go to page 2 and bump this up. I just got in, Friday night after work. I had a great day as far as exercising went. Eating was ok, could have been better but still wasn't bad. Exercise rocked! Walked to the gym in the morning before work, jogged 5K there and did chest and back weight training. Then after work I got on the train 1 stop later and off 2 stops earlier despite the fact that I was tired, had a heavy pack and it was cold and windy out. But I did it and now I'm home washing the gym stuff and hoping to get there again tomorrow, though not before work because it doesn't open early enough on Saturdays, but after work. Hurrah for me! :cheer:

How are you all doing? Sure is lonely here these days. Have we lost direction with out Raven? maybe, huh. Come on, you guys, let's get back to the basics like we said we would. Well, I guess we are, we're all just busy in one way or the other. 'cept for me. No, really, I'm busy too but am just pysched to finally be coming out of my four months of ****. It feels good to be kickin' A again! :cb:

01-21-2005, 10:18 AM
Hey all. Sorry you have been so lonely, Red. Work has been so busy, I haven't had a chance to check in. Then, last night I was at my friend's mom's funeral. So sad. I wish I could carry some of her sorrow for her. Good job with the exercise, though. Hurray for you!

Derry, you get as many "anews" as you need. Each day is anew day. Each meal is anew chance to make a healthy choice. It's not about a win or lose competition sort of thing. It is about healthy choices. It's not all or nothing either. So, each time you have a choice to make, it is anew. The more healthy choices you make, the better.

As far as the job, 16 hours just seems like a lot to me, with my primary job, the horse, the dogs, Church, etc. But, I am kind of excited now that I have thought about it. I can't wait to start. And to be able to buy the training martingale for my horse. And to get electrolysis for my eyebrows. And to be able to get a new vacuum cleaner. And to be able to pay off bills. And save money.

I will try to get back on later or tonight. I have a whole bunch of family coming over for a meal tomorrow, so no promises. Have a great day.

01-21-2005, 01:01 PM
Good morning, Ladies!

Whew, another week in the books for me. I weighed this morning, and was up 0.5, but that was okay considering chocolate was my friend this week! :) I plan on getting rid of that 0.5 and then some next week.

I walked a total of 11.09 miles this week, bringing my total miles for January up to 42.65 so far. I hope to hit 50 by the end of the month. I know I can do it!

Red: Excellent job on the workout. That made me tired just reading it! I try to post daily, but I take the weekends off. Work is just too busy for me to be on here a lot, and once I'm home I don't get on the computer. I deal with two computers each day. Ugh....

Derry: I agree with Jolly, you get as many anews as you need. You can do this, you are so close to the goal you can see it!

Jolly: When does the new job start? I love that you already have a plan for the new money when it starts arriving. Good for you!

Alright, ladies, my husband meets the promotion board today and he will be promoted to Senior Master Sergeant by Feburary 1. This is a big deal, especially since he is only 35. I didn't mention it, but he also received a national award last week that is a very big deal. I'm very proud of him.

I made 40 snowman ornaments last night. I have knitted about 4 hot pads and have about 4 more to go. I plan on quilting, knitting and working with my clay some more this weekend. Hubby will be at work all weekend. Pajama and craft weekend. Gotta love that.

See you all on Monday!

Happy Friday!


01-22-2005, 10:55 AM
Well, looks like we might end up getting snowed in here..... possibly up to three feet of snow expected tonight, with massive power failures, etc. Our pipes are also frozen right now. I have SO much to do, can't take the time to be "here" chatting, but just wanted you to know I am still here.
Will be back later, Linda

01-23-2005, 07:51 AM
Hi people. Just want to catch up. Don't have much time though.

Jolly -- how is the new job? Have you started it? I didn't realize you had another job as well. Oh yes, now I remember. So this is in addition that that? Wow, I certainly hope you can do handle it all and that it will help you getting those things you need and want. Remember, you can always quit if it gets to be too much. But maybe in the meantime you can get some extra money together. Good luck.

Chachee -- great attitude despite your slight gain. The walking is great. Again, is this all on the treadmill? or outside? Is it impossible to walk outside where you live. I really can't picture Alaska.

That is wonderful about your husband's promotion! Congratulations to him! What, what was the national award about. Is he in the army? You should be proud!

So, you're a crafter. You must be quite the artist. How did you make the snowman ornaments? Are they also knitted or crocheted or something totally different. I used to do crafts when I was a teen. It was a lot of fun really and kept me busy and that is always good for preventing me from eating, right?! What is pajama craft by the way? Please fill me in.

derry -- how are you? did you get the snow that were expecting? I hope you're OK. I hear Pittsburgh was expecting a lot of snow (and they have the Steelers/Patriots game!) I mailed my dad to see if he was OK. No answer yet. Checked the Pittsuburgh paper. Great way to get local news. What did we ever do without the Net? It is utterly amazing, I can't say it enough.

Everyone else, happy, sassy, rave, jacque, where are you? Come on and chat. We need to get some momentum going here again. :cb:


Well, I'd like to write more but I must do some work now and then into bed with me. I was able to ride today and had a great ride, alone today, no teacher. It went really really well, I thought. Cold and gray out and some light snow but I'm feeling good and determined to keep on. I didn't eat so well today (been having too much sugar lately) but I don't think it was too bad. Unfortunately, the scale showed about a pound gain from last week. That was a little disappointing but I hadn't really thought I would have lost, not with the weight training I've been doing. Could be muscle weight. In any case, I feel good, feel better and I think my clothes are fitting better and the "overhang" on my pants isn't so bad. It was really getting out of hand there, so much so that I was embarrassed to ride in front of my teacher. I think it's much better. Okay, good night all! Have a good Sunday! :wave: (

01-23-2005, 10:07 PM
Hey all. Real quick post before bed. Crazy weekend here. Between the weather, having my family over, and all that entails, I did not make it to the gym this weekend, or to ride my horse. I feel like a slug - but a very very tired slug. Chachee, congrats on hubby's promotion. How wonderful for him and you. Red, I have a full time job supervising group homes for people with developmental disabilities. As of WEdnesday, I will also have a part time job answering phones at a call center. I hope I can keep it up. The hours just feel like a lot, but as you said, I can always quit if it gets too much. I really NEED a part time job for this year, as I am having the LASIK surgery. I WANT to keep a part time job for the next 3 years until my car is paid off. I want ot be able to buy my own house, and the extra job will allow me to get some bills paid off, some money saved, and my credit cleaned up to make it happen. Keep your fingers crossed.

I really need to get my rear in gear. Enough of the overeating. Enough of the not exercising. I will need to really take care of myself to pull this off. Chachee, hopefully I can send Bat back soon.

Hope to hear from everyone else soon.

01-24-2005, 07:52 AM
Replying to some older posts here, as well as new ones. I've been really behind!
Chach, like you were last weekend, I was a gluttonous pig.... ate tons of chocolate and couldn't really control myself at all. I think I undid all the good work I've been doing as well. For me, I think it was a "comfort" emotional thing. We had a big blizzard here, but for some one like Chach in Alaska, that is "nothing"!
Raven, how are things? I have been thinking of you so often. I feel for you, and your back as well!
Red, how are things for you? Happy?
I just caught up on reading a bunch of stuff here, wrote a nice response and some computer "glitch" (not operator error???? :lol: ) caused me to lose it all. How annoying.
I have been thinking about lent. I'm not catholic and many catholics I know give up something for lent. My pastor (I'm protestant) once talked about the concept of sacrifice and that giving up something for lent shows how we recognize this and that we all might want to consider giving up something to show our respects, so to speak. At any rate, I started giving up something for lent two years ago and it was really hard. I gave up salt, as that is/was very important to me.
This year, I might choose chocolate!

01-24-2005, 08:40 AM
Derry, could be an idea. . .giving up something for Lent. . .hmmm... brings back memories of childhood. I was raised Catholic. . . .I don't adhere to any one religion anymore but I could do something for Lent, thinking of all the people who have so much less. . . when does Lent start exactly? Has it already? From Wednesday perhaps? Trying to jog memory.

I certainly know how that "eating tons of chocolate" goes. Though I'm not usually just on a chocolate kick, I can be, or more, just a sweets binge. But, heh, don't sweat it. I just got back from a reception. I wasn't going to go. Have gained weight. Everything's tight. Sick of the same clothes. No money to buy new ones. With barely enough time to go though I decided to stop putting things on hold, just get out there and talk to people! And I did and it was fun, may have gotten a few lines to work too. Yeah, I ate and drank and that drinking caused me to get an ice cream sandwich on the way home, but oh, what the heck. If I would just let go on special occasions it would be OK.

Hmm, this Lent thing. Salt? No, that would be too hard. Sugar again, perhaps. Alcohol, hmmm, affects work too much. .. I'll think about it. Let me know what you decide.

Jolly -- How are you? I sure hope you can do the extra work but always remember that you don't HAVE to. Always think of it as being the money for this or that. That helps me when I'm trying to do yet another bit of work or parttime job. I say, this will pay for the riding lesson this week, or this will pay for the gym dues this month. It really helps.

01-24-2005, 08:47 AM
I think Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, and it might be Feb. 16th.... so you have time to think. I like the idea of giving up something, in addtion to the religious reasons, thinking of people who have much less. I wonder if we should challenge each other to use Lent as a time period to give up something we love and donate what we would have spent on it to Tsunami Relief? That might be fun! Chocolate is definately "it" for me this year... then on Easter I'll be going wild with all the chocolate that is around here in my kid's Easter baskets, etc. Hmmm..... I'll probably have a chocolate hangover!
I am not much of a drinker and do enjoy an occasional social glass of wine, so giving that up would be way too easy for me. Giving up salt was one of the hardest things I ever did, in fact. I was certainly proud of myself for that. I wondered if I would lose weight when I gave up salt, as sodium makes a person retain fluid, but I didn't lose. I do use "lite" salt in the house, so maybe I just don't have enough (even if I think I do) to retain fluid as I thought?
Chocoate is definately my "drug of choice" it seems. so if Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for me/us, then why not make a sacrifice of my own in recognition of that, as well as in recognition of the sacrifices so many have HAD to make due to this horrible Tsunami. I like it, I'm "in"!

01-24-2005, 08:57 AM
derry -- looks like ash wednesday is feb. 9 this year and easter is early, march 27. I found it on this link below.

Looks like you've reasoned it out. Sounds good. I'm not a religious type (but that doesn't mean I have anything against religion, in fact I tend to think I'm a very spiritual person and look at the common ground of all religions, just don't like doing things in the name of one certain one). But, as I mentioned, I was raised Catholic and I can certainly find reasons for sacrifice. I could join you in this in the spirit of it. Let me think about it a bit and get back. I'm too tired now. Must get some sleep. :yawn:

01-24-2005, 01:00 PM
Good morning, ladies.

Red: I guess I forgot to answer on the walking. I do it on the treadmill during the winter (October-March) and then do it outside the other months. I have a really good route with hills I walk outside. I'll just have to clock it with my car this year to see the exact mileage. With doing over three miles a day now, I'll have to expand on it. The ornaments I made for this year are out of the femo clay and wire. I do white clay for the body, black wire for the arms, orange clay shaped like a carrot for the nose, black clay for the eyes and then throw in all kinds of color for their hats. Last year's ornaments were made of clay also, but were green trees with colored balls all over them. The year before all the ornaments were out of beads. I could probably sell them for about $2.00 each if I ever got the booth I wanted to for the craft show, but I truly just love doing things for other people. I also got two quilt "tops" done this weekend. Still waiting on my hubby to finish up the quilting frame.

Derry: My weekend was better this weekend, how was yours? Damn chocolate. I feel it will always be my achille's heel. Oh well, move on and move forward I always say. :) Lent, huh? Let me know what you decide on that. I might have to jump on the bandwagon. Hey, I tried the almond crunch WW cereal this weekend. They sell it at Costco now. It's marvelous! A must-try!

Jolly: How is the job going? Surgery is coming up soon, right? Gosh, you must be getting excited about that!

Alrighty, ladies, here is to a good week! I know we can do it!

Happy Monday!


01-24-2005, 03:34 PM
Hi all. Quick check in from my crazy Monday morning. Eye surgery is 15 days away. I am very excited - and a bit nervous. New part time job starts Wednesday - again, very excited AND a bit nervous.

I really need to have another AHA moment. I was feeling like things were floating around, waiting for me to fish them out and acknowledge them. Right now, however, I feel like I am clutching onto old habits and fears like a toddler with her "blankie." I don't know why. My mind is rushing around so much, that I can't or won't slow down and process what is going on. Not good. I get so worried about the "what ifs" that I don't acknowledge what is.

Anybody have a spare light bulb? The one over my head appears burned out.

Have a good day all.

01-24-2005, 04:50 PM
For Jolly and anyone else who is struggling. Here is what I sent to a friend this morning.

From one slug to another, I'm saying to myself WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? You know, when I eat badly, I make excuses. Oh, I ate an unhealthy lunch, so I'll eat unhealthy for dinner. Oh, I had a stressful day and I'm upset, so I'm going to have
chocolate. You know, I'm tired of making excuses for myself.

I guess what I need to acknowledge is that there are going to be tough days, probably more than the good or easy ones. How I choose to deal with those struggles are exactly that...a CHOICE. I've been choosing to be about 50% with this weight loss plan. Why? It's not that I don't want to succeed, it's just that the glutton inside me knows how good food tastes and wants to much to continually eat that way. Why doesn't the inner diva in me fight that glutton and win? We all know diva can kick glutton's ***.

I was thinking that we were in the same place. Kinda at the "Ugh" stage after a bad week. Heck, we can overcome this, we've gone through worse before. It's just a matter of working harder and doing what we know works.

I love being the slug. It's comfortable, relaxing and familiar. I'm going to work on being the diva. Putting myself out there and making myself adhere to the right way to live. Choose to make the right choices, so in a month from now, when I see all my family and friends, they can say "Holy crap, you look awesome.". I's my destiny to be healthy and gorgeous and a great role model for everyone I come into contact with. It's just gotta be that way.

I walked over to the fridge here at work and CHOSE my carrots over my yogurt. I CHOSE to fill up my water cup instead of taking a diet soda from the fridge. At lunch, I will CHOOSE the low-fat dressing over the ceasar dressing I had set aside for my salad. Small choices all add up to big changes.

I'm also choosing my new diva name. I'd doing it the same way I was told by a friend that you come up with your drag queen name. You take the name of your childhood pet for your first name, and the street you lived on growing up as your last name. My diva name is:

Muffin Evergreen--gotta love that!!

Any other divas out there with me???

Whew, that was my pep talk for the day. I'm pooped!


Muffin Evergreen

01-24-2005, 06:14 PM
Good morning. Feeling a bit under the weather, like I have a cold coming on. Could explain why I felt so vulnerable yesterday. But I'll slug it out today again. Trying to move toward my goals.

Chachee -- Your walking sounds great. It is so easy not to exercise in the winter when it's cold and snowy out, especially in the States, where it's all car-oriented. Good for you for getting on that treadmill! The ornaments sound so cute. I miss doing crafts. It is somehow so comforting to do. And it's great for watching TV by, keeps the hands busy so you can't eat! Good luck to you too on your week. I want to see a loss this Sunday, when I weigh myself. I only had one loss this month and I'm still higher than my starting weight on Jan. 2. Oh well, I have been working out and do feel tighter and stronger so I'm not upset. My clothes most definitely fit better so that's what matters.

OH, and Chachee, I just got to your latest post. I guess I should be calling you Muffin Evergreen! Wow, some name. :rofl: You know, I heard that same way of making up names but I heard it wasn't for a drag queen name but your porn film name. Now, Muffin Evergreen, now that is a porn star name if I have heard one! You're right, gotta love it!! I like what you're saying about the diva coming to the forefront and fighting the glutton. And the choices, empowering ourselves. Yes, those small choices DO add up to big changes. And yes, I'm tired of the excuses. Yes, it's hard and my life is hard and all that but so what, everyone's is in some way or another, usually in the things they want the most. I've got to just make the choices that lead to what I say I want, or stop all together. Do I want to stop altogether? No. Stop the fence sitting, right?

jollygirl -- Ah, I forgot about your surgery. Yes, that would be making you all a flitter inside. You say you don't know why you're clutching to things but you just answered your own question right there. Of course, it's all the change that's going on in your life, the job, the surgery. Change is one of the most anxiety-generating things around, even when we know it's "good" change. It sounds like you need to do some "settling" exercises, something to help you gain calm. Hmm. Maybe yoga, quiet calm yoga, not power yoga or anything too energizing. Have you tried that? Some of the exercises for concentration are great for learning to seek a calm inside you and use that to respond to all that is happening on the outside causing you to "rush around" and not be able to "slow down." Have you looked into yoga at all?

01-24-2005, 08:35 PM
Hey all. Chachee, I don't know if I like my diva name - Greg Louisa! Not very diva-ish. I hear what you are saying in your post. I finally sat down and did some journaling today. Opened the flood gates a bit. I need to do some more, but it was a start. REd, I have tried yoga, and will do more at the new gym. Tried Tai Chi too. both of them are really hard for me, as I can't quiet my mind to really focus on the movement. My mind starts floating away to problems, things to fix, what I should be doing, what I am having for dinner - you get the idea. Not exactly what the yogi ordered.

Ah well. Off to dinner. Here's to a good day tomorrow.

01-25-2005, 01:03 PM
Good morning, ladies.

Whew, workout was tough mentally this morning. Did 2.90 miles. A little less than usual, but had a tough time staying on the treadmill. Glad I got it done, though.

Red: Heck, you can pretty much call me anything and I'll answer to it! :lol: I didn't know you were up from your start on Jan. 2. Man, is it really the end of the month? Feels like January really just went somewhere and I missed it. I agree with you on the fence-sitting. That is what I told myself yesterday. Make a decision and stick with it!

Jolly: How is your day going so far? I know you said you hoped today would be better. I was thinking of you last night, figuring you were working your second job and finding no time for just "jolly" time. I hope this all works out for you and you can find the balance between relaxing time and work time. You are so motivated, and I admire that.

Alrighty, ladies, week isn't even half over yet, so we are still right on track for a good week!

Happy Tuesday!


01-25-2005, 04:36 PM
Good morning. Just after 5 a.m. here. I want to get to the gym before going in to work this morning. Sounds like a rainy day out there, but it doesn't feel as cold as it's been lately. Thank God.

You know, I was just sitting here thinking that yesterday I was did quite well with the eating. Exercise was good but often it is and I just cancel it out with eating. But yesterday I was sorely tempted but resisted. Didn't even eat a lot of good food just to eat either. Instead I went to bed on nearly an empty stomach, which is something I think I should be doing all the time. It gives me something to look forward to in the morning, with my usual bowl of hot oatmeal/7-Grain cereal made with soymilk and raisins and wheat germ on top. Yum! So, what I was getting to, is that I'm up now and it's like, big deal, so I did well yesterday. I won't see any results of it unless I continue and continue, days on end of doing the same. This is the kind of thinking that then does me in and I sabotage my efforts before I CAN see those results. Either I half consciously decide to "reward" myself and the rewards go way over the top or I get annoyed at the slowness of progress and throw in the towel, and eat out of frustration. SO, I'm thinking I have to find ways of rewarding myself, whether it's those visual rewards we were talking about some months ago, or something that I do that gives me a pat on the back, something, I don't know, but I have to think of it. Somehow I have to connect my goal and the picture of how I will be when I get there with these little daily victories. Otherwise, I can't add them up long enough to get to my goal.

jolly -- how are you? How was the new job? You did start it already, right? Been journaling more, have you? Journaling can really help. I have kept journals for years, often separate ones for different projects in my life, food journal and a riding journal are two but my main one is just me, thoughts, events, feelings. That one I have been neglecting lately but the neglect is on purpose so it's more that I've been avoiding it. Sometimes I just get so sick of myself, my thoughts and emotions that I don't want to hear them anymore and shut them away. Don't know if that's good or not. Writing them down just seems to perpetrate them at times. At other times it really helps as a release. You said you were opening the floodgates so for you right now it sounds like a very good thing to be doing. I understand how hard it is to focus for you. Telling you to quiet your mind when that is your problem doesn't help much in telling you how, does it? I used to do yoga as a kid so I have always felt a personal connection to it, kind of like it was a private thing. The current boom is nice in that a lot of things are being written and there are great books and videos out there but I also think it would be very hard for someone to get into now as a calming practice. I certainly would never want to do it in a gym. There is a yoga class at my gym but to me yoga is a private thing. Perhaps you could try that too, jolly. There is no need to go through a whole routine. Don't think of it as exercise. Think of it as your time to relax. May I suggest learning just one pose, one relaxing pose and doing that whenever you get a chance. A simple one you can do practically anytime without putting on any special clothing. It doesn't matter if you can't calm or focus at first. That's why you practice it, to get better. I can give you suggestions for a good simple pose if you like, though you probably know them already. As Chach said, you are very motivated sounding to me now, what with your two jobs and all, so give yourself some much needed recognition and lie low until you have the energy you need to move on in a bigger way regarding your weight loss. It may not seem like you're doing so great in that area but I think you are inside, which really counts and will manifest itself outside later. Good luck to you jolly!

Muffin!! -- Congrats on getting your walking in. Why was it tough today? 2.9 miles. Great going. Interesting number. Any reason you made it that number instead of going for a round 3? Just curious. Yes, January is nearly over but I am glad for it. It's so cold here (I say with hesitation to someone in Alaska!) and I hate the cold. Then again, getting warmer means we are getting closer to the days of spring when I want to come out of this cocoon of heaviness so I better get cracking! Good luck to you too! No more fence-sitting, right?!

01-26-2005, 07:00 AM
Hey all. REal quick fly by post. I have to be to work early today, as we I have training to get to, and I am the designated driver. I didn't get online last night as I was doing my taxes. Today is the big day - start the part time job day. At least I was able to sleep last night, which I haven't been able to do in a while. And I WILL get to the gym this morning. I will I will I will.

OK. Sorry that this is all I have time for. I will try to stop in after the training, otherwise it won't be until tomorrow. Sorry. Have a wonderful day all.

01-26-2005, 07:06 AM
JOLLY, Good luck on your first day!! I hope all goes well for you! :goodluck:

01-26-2005, 09:41 AM
Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've been so busy both at work and in my free time (what's that again?).

Weekend before last, I had a wonderful trip to New Jersey to visit my 92 year old grandmother. She even remembered me! I spent most of my time with her in the nursing home (a very, very nice nursing home). I also spent time with my cousins and aunt who live there. All in all, a very nice weekend. Except coming home. The airline lost my luggage and they still haven't found it. The suitcase contained clothes I typically wear to work, my workout clothes, curling iron, shoes, etc. When I got home, I spent the next few days shopping to replace everything. My DH also had his company holiday party the weekend after I got home, and I had bought an outfit while in New Jersey because I didn't have anything to wear. And of course, like all the other clothes, the brand new outfit was lost too. Aaargh. So I also had to shop for a new outfit for the party. Luckily, I found a nice dressy pantsuit that was on sale.

I've also been going to the gym a lot, thanks to being in that "biggest loser" contest at my local gym. Despite the fact that I'm exercising a lot and eating on program, the numbers on the scale aren't showing my progress. We took measurements at the beginning of the contest, so I hope that when we take progress measurements this weekend, I'll see some results. In the contest, we have group personal training sessions 3 days a week -- that last approx. 90 minutes each. We're also encouraged to use the gym on our "off" days. We also have to journal everything we eat each day and turn our journals in each week.

Last week, I went to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. And on Saturday, I shoveled show for an hour -- which is a victory in itself because, thanks to my asthma, in the 3 years we've lived here, I haven't been able to be much help to my DH when it comes to shoveling.

This week, I've gone to the gym on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm going again tonight for my personal training session. I'm planning on going either tomorrow night or Friday or both, and I have another personal training session on Saturday.

In the personal training sessions, we do some cardio and then it's mostly strength training and core exercises. Lots of Pilates moves, lots of using the exercise ball, and using dumbbells.

I know that I should be "feeling" the endorphins from all this exercise. Mostly I just feel exhausted and a bit sore. But I'm really, really glad that I'm doing this. What's also cool is that the local paper did a story about the contest and came to one of our training sessions. And a photo of me using weights with the help of the trainer got on the front page (granted it's a small town paper, but I still think it's cool).

I hope you all are doing well. Again, I apologize for not posting for awhile.

Jolly -- Good luck on your first day!

I'll try and catch up with everyone's posts very soon.

01-26-2005, 01:00 PM
Good morning, ladies.

Another successful day on the treadmill. I woke up a bit late, so I only had 50 minutes, as oppossed to my usual 60, so I got in 2.70 miles. (Red, that is the reason sometimes the numbers are odd--I have a very tight schedule in the morning, and if I wake a little late or if my son wakes early, I don't get my full hour in on the treadmill.)

It's taco night at my house, so it's all about healthy choices tonight. I have lettuce, olives, tomatos, black beans, cheese mix, jalepenos, avocados, onions, salsa and 93% lean beef. I bought the low-carb tortillas for myself, as they are low calories, low fat, but high in fiber! 0 points for those of us on WW. I have chips and regular tortillas for the boys, so they can have those. I just gotta watch how much beef I put on mine, but it should be okay.

We are having a big birthday celebration at work tomorrow, so I might either weigh in the morning or wait until Saturday. We'll see how it goes. I just know I will be having a slice of pizza and a small slice of cake. I want it, I've planned on it, and I shall have it.

Jolly: Good luck on the first day of work! I'm so excited to hear how it goes.

Michelle: Your schedule sounds busy. I hate it when they lose my luggage also. It usually turns up, right after you really need something that is in there! Great job on your gym membership and your success. Don't measure it by the scale, measure it by how you feel.

Red: That is right, no more fence-sitting. I loved what you wrote about "rewards" for a good day on program. I do the same thing. Why not reward myself with something other than food? It's something for me to work on!

Happy Wednesday!


01-26-2005, 05:35 PM
michelle, good to hear from you. I'd forgotten all about you and that gym challenge. Yes, that is fantastic to hear you've been going there and celebrity you! in the newspaper and all! I'm with chachee in saying don't rely on the scale here. Take pictures of yourself (revealing ones) and see the difference. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat for the space it takes up. People who work out are HEAVY! Made of gold!

Chachee, I understand about the numbers now. :lol: Good for you. Your determination is an inspiration.

Good luck all. I've got to run. Will try to check in later. Derry, how are you? Jolly, how'd work go?

Apple Blossom
01-27-2005, 02:05 AM
Hello everyone! I am back from Hawaii. We had a nice time. The weather was a bit rainy but never too bad to keep us cooped up. Hot tubs are just fine in a light drizzle. The last 3 days were perfect, so we left with that AAHHHhhhh..... feeling. I may have even lost a pound but I need to see that number again to confirm it. I was not as self conscious as I thought I would be too. That was a pleasant suprise. I think the atmosphere just relaxes the usually uptight brain....
Back to business here. My DH will be away for a while in Feb, so I should be able to diet a bit more seriously. I like that there is no longer a dead line for my goals. I wanted to look good for Hawaii but from now on it's no big deal, no hurry. So 5 pounds in Feb should be obtainable and rewarding.
Anyone read Martha Stewart? There's a spread on chocolate this month. A 6 layer chocolate cake that looks SOOO tempting. I know if I tried to make it it would turn out as a big blob of cake and frosting that might taste good. So I 'll just drool over the pictures.
Well, I'm looking forward to checking in with everyone a little more often. See you tomorrow!!

01-27-2005, 02:33 AM
Apple Blossom, welcome back. Your trip to Hawaii sounds just great, ah, so relaxing. . . . I'm picturing myself there now. . .:cloud9: Heh, don't go talking about chocolate layer cakes and such around here!! What are you trying to do to us!?! We have a whole bunch of chocoholics around here. I know a better reason for not making that cake than being worried about it not turning out!! Turning out, is that any reason not to just dig in with both hands and eat the whole thing?! :lol:

I hear you on the "no deadline" pressure. Sometimes deadlines work for you, sometimes against. Good luck on knocking off 5 lbs by March! OK, it's off to the gym for me. :wave:

01-27-2005, 07:07 AM
Hey all. I apologize for not catching up with everyone. Seems like I only have time for fly by typings these days. Michelle, Apple - glad to hear from you. I started my part time job last night. The people were nice. I enjoyed it. The time went fast. So it should work out really good. What a relief. NOw, to get my butt in gear with eating right agian and working out. I did not make it yesterday. i just seem to keep coming up with excuses. Like I was on the computer too long . . . . :rofl: I'd better go. Have a great day, and will try to check in later.

01-27-2005, 07:19 AM
Heh jolly, I'm glad to hear the new job sounds enjoyable. What a relief for you. I sure hope you can find the time and energy to do all the things you want.

I've been doing pretty well with things. Eating is so-so but exercise is better. I am sooo sore now. But I'm on a roll. Think I'll try to get some long, long walks in. That seems to be one of the best ways for me to burn fat. Fast, long walks.

Well, I'm pretty tired. It's Thursday night here. Am turning in soon. Hope to see some more life on the thread!

Good night!

01-27-2005, 08:10 AM
Hi guys, couldn't post yesterday as the only time I was on line, this site was being upgraded. Couldn't read what you all had to say, either, so I've got some catching up to do!
I hope you join me in the Lenten spirit, it's not all about religion for me, it's finding a "reason", I guess, to take control of something that has been controlling me.... and chocolate has truly been controlling me, as alcohol does with an alcoholic! No way will it beat me, no way!!!!
Chach, great that you will be thinking about this too. Maybe we can all do this together as kind of a challenge and pick our one "downfall" item and give it up for this time period. It's a reflection time, for me. It will be awfully hard to do, but I might find that it's easier after a few days. Heck, years ago I gave up smoking and it was a mind over matter thing for me, this too can be? I love this!!!!
I tried the cinnamon ww cereal recently and I did like it, I found it almost too sweet, believe it or not. Someone at a meeting suggested putting a "serving" into a zip lock bag and taking it along as a granola trail mix kind of snack to "tide one over" throughout the day. You can count the points for it, but take bits of it and eat it by hand when you are hungry. I've not tried that, but it sounds interesting.
Yesterday, (so what else is new around here?) it was snowing and I was on a comfort food binge thing again, yet I listened and learned at this week's ww meeting. I made one point a serving soup, and I made 2 point each bran muffins, which were really good and filling! I love the filling thing. I had my high fiber soup and bran muffin for lunch and didn't leave the table still hungry for a change. I really liked that!
Chach, I just LOVE that diva vs. slug thing. May I copy and paste it (giving you credit, of course) to another thread I am on. It's just great!!!!
You know what my diva name is..... drum roll please..... Frisky High! No kidding. I had a cat and a dog, Snooky and Frisky, so I like Frisky better and lived on High Street, so here I am the new diva, Frisky (sounds like a porn movie name or something???).
I had this mental picture reading your post of the left side of my brain, Linda and the right side of my brain Frisky having quite a "discussion". Being a Diva porn queen person, Frisky is VERY overbearing and Linda has given in to Frisky at this point and has decided that in order to be the true diva inner person she must conform to what Frisky is saying, or suffer really bizarre consequences (only Frisky knows what these might be - ha-ha!!!).
Jolly, good luck with the surgery. Hope it all works out for you.
I, also, started my journaling again and felt pretty good ending the day yesterday eating well and healthy, drinking all my water and also doing a workout and getting on that treadmill.
Hi to Michelle, Apple, etc.
Anyone hear from Raven? I'm worrying!
Frisky High

01-27-2005, 02:50 PM
Good morning, ladies.

Welcome back Apple! Hawaii sounds wonderful. So does that chocolate dessert...mmm....chocolate....MUST RESIST! I enjoy making a lot of those things and giving them to my hubby to take to his work so I'm not tempted. Can't say that I read Martha Stewart--never really got into her and her "perfect" life.

Derry: What a wonderful name! Frisky High!! I love it. Please do share it with your other thread. Glad to see you back. I liked your conversation with Linda versus Frisky. Muffin just wants to come out, so I am constantly fighting the battle with her. I've been thinking of the lent thing. See, this is hard, because I leave for vacation on February 18 and won't return until March 7th. Is that when lent is? Let me know. I don't want to commit to it and then know on vacation I'm going to be back home, eating my favorite foods that I haven't had in two years, because I haven't been home. Hmmm..

Red: I love long walks. I can't wait for summer to arrive up here so I can get back into them. I mapped out the route for me to walk this summer and it's about 2.5 miles with lots of hills. Oh, it sure burn those buns in no time!

I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of weight training, and 30 minutes of Taebo this morning. I'm pooped! I did it because I knew I would be having pizza and cake for lunch. Small portions, but trying to combat it before it strikes. :)

Happy Thursday!


01-27-2005, 03:19 PM
Chach, thanks! I'm going to cut and paste your post and put it in my WW General thread called "Let's Support Each Other...". Please do stop in for a visit anyone here, you are welcome!
At any rate, I just got off my treadmill. I didn't have time this morning to do my exercise for the day and my NEW (as of yesterday) re-newed committment, which truly alligns itself with what Chach had to say yesterday is that I should make the effort, even if it's not in the morning.
I have this "thing" that I prefer my workout/treadmill time in the mornings and if I am busy in the mornings, then I skip it. Well, that excuse won't work from now on! I did it, a true NSV!
Lent is from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday, so if you look at a calendar, it should tell you. I believe Ash Wed. to be 2/9 and I'm not 100% sure when Easter is this year (hate how it changes each year!).
Ah-ha, so the truth comes out, one could NOT make a committment to give up a certain food for Lent if one were to be on vacation???? Hmmm..... I guess I probably might not be able to fulfill a goal like that, but I don't know. Maybe you could do this on all time that is NOT vacation time and give yourself a true vacation from it and pick up when back? Might work.
Chach, you leave on my birthday, where are you going?

01-27-2005, 03:44 PM
To Chach and all, I cut and pasted the post I made to the other thread, it includes a quote from Chach (you are so cool Chach!!!) and my own thoughts, just had to share it here too! What fun!!!!!

Inner Diva!!!!!


Hi everyone, my buddy Chach from another 3FC thread made this post.... I cut and am pastedit here. It's just so true and fun. I'll tell you more after you read this.
Quote from Chachee:

For Jolly and anyone else who is struggling. Here is what I sent to a friend this morning.

From one slug to another, I'm saying to myself WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? You know, when I eat badly, I make excuses. Oh, I ate an unhealthy lunch, so I'll eat unhealthy for dinner. Oh, I had a stressful day and I'm upset, so I'm going to have
chocolate. You know, I'm tired of making excuses for myself.

I guess what I need to acknowledge is that there are going to be tough days, probably more than the good or easy ones. How I choose to deal with those struggles are exactly that...a CHOICE. I've been choosing to be about 50% with this weight loss plan. Why? It's not that I don't want to succeed, it's just that the glutton inside me knows how good food tastes and wants to much to continually eat that way. Why doesn't the inner diva in me fight that glutton and win? We all know diva can kick glutton's ***.

I was thinking that we were in the same place. Kinda at the "Ugh" stage after a bad week. Heck, we can overcome this, we've gone through worse before. It's just a matter of working harder and doing what we know works.

I love being the slug. It's comfortable, relaxing and familiar. I'm going to work on being the diva. Putting myself out there and making myself adhere to the right way to live. Choose to make the right choices, so in a month from now, when I see all my family and friends, they can say "Holy crap, you look awesome.". I's my destiny to be healthy and gorgeous and a great role model for everyone I come into contact with. It's just gotta be that way.

I walked over to the fridge here at work and CHOSE my carrots over my yogurt. I CHOSE to fill up my water cup instead of taking a diet soda from the fridge. At lunch, I will CHOOSE the low-fat dressing over the ceasar dressing I had set aside for my salad. Small choices all add up to big changes.

I'm also choosing my new diva name. I'd doing it the same way I was told by a friend that you come up with your drag queen name. You take the name of your childhood pet for your first name, and the street you lived on growing up as your last name. My diva name is:

Muffin Evergreen--gotta love that!!

Any other divas out there with me???

Whew, that was my pep talk for the day. I'm pooped!


Muffin Evergreen
If it is to be, it's up to me.

So, this is me, Linda, again..... Here's to Chach

Thanks for that great post..... now MY Diva name is Frisky High, can you belive that? I have been picturing Linda and Frisky in my brain, kind of this left side of the brain and right side of the brain thing... both sides are battling each other all the time. Linda, so often, has been dominant, but Frisky has suddenly come into her own!!!!
Well... I chatted about my Diva this morning at my quilt group and we had a ball laughing and talking about our Diva names. Now, I am committing to making a Diva Quilt!!!!! Frisky, by the way, is size 5 and she looks like Farrah Fawcet Majors used to look on the old Charlie's Angels TV show. She is very athletic, unlike Linda, and she is so smart in terms of making the right choices. She likes to wear boots and often dresses in VERY smart clothing and takes the time to do her make up and likes very much to show off her excellent body that she strives very hard to keep in great shape. She might be 50, but she looks 30!
She is also a big diva bully and Linda will have NO SAY in what to select for food choices much of the time. Divas are such bullies! At any rate, Frisky refused to allow Linda to have cream in her take out coffe this morning, Frisky MADE Linda select skim milk instead. Frisky also said, that being a size 5 she hasn't got much "room" for snacks and Linda was not allowed to have the WW 2 points chocolate caramel bar that was in her purse. Linda felt much better having the snack bar in her purse, but once she thought about it, after a 2 point bran muffin and 1/2 grapefruit for breakfast, she really wasn't all that hungry, after all. Frisky prefers to "nibble" as she is truly not that hungry, so if she desires a small snack, perhaps she'll have carrots, or maybe an apple. She knows fruit is good for her and she knows that it makes her skin look better and might keep her looking more lovely and beautiful for longer in her life, she likes that as she is quite vain.
But, Frisky is also a huge exercise buff, so she made Linda get on the treadmill when she finished lunch today, Linda ordinarily gets "lazy" and won't be on the treadmill or exercise unless she can do it first thing in the morning. On quilting days, Linda uses that as an excuse to not work out as she's got to get up and get rolling a bit earlier. Divas NEED their exercise as they know their "to die for" bodies are in need of constant up-keep!
So, Frisky is quite the taskmaster, kind of even a dominatrix (sp?), gosh her name even sounds like a porn film star.... so I guess it goes along with the territory!
We are on a weight loss journey, let's "enjoy the ride" and have some fun, guys!!!!!
Bye for now,
Frisky the darling Diva, aka Linda
Linda in NH
Derry Daughter

01-28-2005, 01:32 AM
Hi girls. You've had some great conversations that I've only caught a bit of on the drive by, will take a lot of catching up.

We will be moving into our new house this weekend - even tho the only furniture we have is a bed on the floor and 2 bar stools. It's been horrible in this apartment. The people upstairs are REALLY noisy and I haven't had a good night's sleep in a month. At this point I am near the cranky, walking dead. So we are getting out of here early and we can make do until the rest of our stuff comes the 7th of February. It's only about a week and a 1/2. I am sooooooo glad to be at the point of wrapping up this whole ordeal.

My diva name is Lassie Komensky. Sounds more like a bouncer or an accordion player/yodeller than a diva. :?:

Looks like we are going to have to do some wiring to get the house in technical shape for cable TV and Internet service so I probably will be out for a bit - should be back before Valentine's Day tho.

Good luck with your challenges, my apologies for not addressing you all - but will soon - I promise!

Apple Blossom
01-28-2005, 03:16 AM
Hi, just wanted to check in. Good news, 1 pound down!! Bad news, did some stress eating and had 3 beers. :nono: So maybe today was not perfect but we're on the right track.
My diva name is so lame it's not worth mentioning. And she doesn't speak to me. Its this other guy :devil: who I have trouble with. Where do you think the chocolate cake comment came from? Sorry about that by the way, but someone else had mentioned chocolate.....

01-28-2005, 03:49 AM
Oh, apple, of course I was just kidding about the cake comment! :lol: Yes, I don't have a great diva name either. Like I wrote, I heard it was the way to make a porn star name and you can use any combination of middle name, first pet name, or street name you grew up on in any combination. We had a dog before I could really remember it so I could use her name or the first cat I remember and the same with the streets, a first one I can't really remember and the one I was at for all my life in the States. -- Sandy Brownsville, Jeanne Purrkins, Sandy Hilf, any combination of those names. I can't decide. What do you think? Derry, I really love the way you are using the diva to keep Linda in line!! OK, gotta run. Stealthing here.

01-28-2005, 09:25 AM
Apple, I'll just bet you can come up with a diva name and use it in some fun way to help. I think something really clicked with me that I need to "enjoy the ride". We are on a life long journey and this has got to be a lifetime committment for me to lose this weight and stay healthy and be happy with myself. So, Frisky, needs to be riding along with me, at least for now, as she needs to be the ruler as Linda is weak and loses control.
I think I like Sandy Purrkins for you, Red! That sounds like someone who REALLY has control of thier life and has "attitude". Divas have attitude for sure!
Frisky has really been "with" me and has even gone as far as to tell me to sit up straight and keep my posture "looking good" this morning. She is also craving something "spicy", as wild divas do, for dinner tonight, but she wants those killer abs and thighs, so she won't even think about the Mexican take out place (Taco Bell) with all those calories and points. Frisky will find a good low fat, but filling recipe and make dinner exciting! Ole! She might even dress for dinner in something RED and think spicy thoughts.
Seeing as Frisky is quite the wild diva, she might save enough points to have a glass of wine, but make absolutely SURE she has done her work out and planned that wine into her day. She will know how much to have and to stop when she's had the one glass. She might even add seltzer, and lime and lemon juice and make her own San Gria to go with the spice of the night!
Happy, hope we hear from you sooner than Valentines day and best of luck moving in!

01-28-2005, 03:13 PM
Hey all. Just a quick check in - I know, that is all I seem to have time for these days. One day I will get organized and on track. Sigh.

Well, I made it to the gym this morning, barely. The only reason I did, was because Mayhem stood in front of the bedroom door as I was trying to go in there and take a quick nap instead. I realize I am projecting, but it really did seem like she was saying "nope, nope - mustn't go in there. Must go out!" Whatever, it worked.

Slowly, trying to drag myself in the right direction. Step by step. Kind of walking like a drunken sailor though. Here's to us!

01-28-2005, 05:26 PM
Jolly, sounds like someone needs to take control and have a serious "breather". You've been so busy, it's hard to stay on track when things get like that. I think your "inner diva" should be serene, in control and always calm, also always in shape and totally in control of food choices. She would be a calculating diva who would figure out how to get all the tasks in that need doing, yet be amazingly organized.
You can do this!

01-29-2005, 11:55 AM
OK. So I have to find that inner diva you discovered, Derry. I am not quite sure where she is. I like her already though. Hmmmm. Inner diva. Come out, come out wherever you are . . . What, that sounds too much like the trailer for that new Robert DeNiro movie. I don't want to find THAT inner diva or inner whatever!

Well, I survived the part time job last night. Had fun too. Now I am finishing cleaning, walking the dogs, getting ready, running errands, going to my grandparents, and getting ot the gym. All today.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

01-29-2005, 04:34 PM
Hi everyone --

Just a quick check in for me too. I've been doing good with eating and with exercise -- I've gotten to the gym every day this week (either for the personal training sessions or at least to do cardio). Today, was a training session. We did circuit training -- 2 minutes non-stop on the weight machines, then switch to the next one. We worked chest, back, biceps, triceps, legs, calves and abs.

We also took measurements today (we weigh in on Monday night). I didn't have good results on the scale last week, but I was pleased with my measurement results. I am losing inches! Yay! All this hard work and healthy eating is paying off.

It may sound weird....since my trainer is such a "drill sergeant" and really, really, really works/abuses us....but I am going to miss this once it is over in mid-March. It's very fun and motivating to workout with a trainer -- doing cardio and strength training -- and to be a part of a team.

Well, I'd better sign off. Sorry for such a quick post, but I've got lots to get done today, and my muscles aren't letting me move very fast.

Here's to a great weekend for all of us!

01-30-2005, 09:28 PM
Hey all. Another quick check in. The thread sure got buried.

Busy weekend for me too. I made it to Bally's to start my membership there. I get some free perssonal training sessions, which I will use after my lasik surgery. Should be interesting.

Not much else to report. did make it to the gym, and even did weights, so that is good. I need to get there every day until my surgery, then will need some butt kicks on the 15th to start up again. I have to take one week off, per the doctor. So . . .

Hope eveyrone else is good, and checks in soon.

01-31-2005, 08:12 AM
Jolly and Michelle, hi guys! Not sure where everyone else is, but sometimes on the weekends this thread dies down a bit.
Great job working out for both of you!
I took a day off from working out yesterday, I generally do that two days a week. I've done lots of reading and they say you should work out 5 days a week, whoever "they" are....
I have a body sculpting tape that is great and work on inner and outer thighs, abs, gluteus maximus and work with weights, etc. for arms, shoulders and all that. I do this for 1/2 hour and then go on the treadmill for usually 20 minutes. On days when I don't do the tape, I go on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Nothing as energetic as what our Chach does, but I am still happy with that.
I actually FEEL thinner today and think my weigh in might be a good one tomorrow. Considering my weight has gone up and I am higher than I was right before Christmas, I am due for a good weigh in! I seemed to lose more control over the last few weeks than I did over Christmas. I was eating lots of comfort foods during severe cold weather, and blizzard conditions. I realized what I was doing wrong, though, but couldn't seem to stop.
No blizzards this week are in the forecast, and temps will actually go above freezing (so happy even if it's temporary) for a couple of days here in New Hampshire, so maybe I'll be a really good girl?
One other thing, using my inner diva has really helped me this weekend. I asked myself when temptation struck what Frisky would be doing. She is remarkable! She helped me through a few situations that were very tempting. Though, she could NOT resist the ONE chocolate chip cookie yesterday, Linda won out. But, the score over the weekend is more like: Frisky 6 Linda 1 not too bad!
Take care everyone!

01-31-2005, 08:16 AM
Hi people. Sorry I haven't been posting here. Just never enough time. Derry, hello. Glad to hear you're feeling thinner. Let's hope the scale and/or clothes comply. Also glad to hear you're having such fun with the split personality diva thing. I would do it but feel kind of silly. Then again, I may try it or maybe think of a friend or jiminy cricket kind of thing. Now, if that isn't silly. . ??! . . . I have a ton of work here yet and must get to sleep. Sorry, I can't write more. But I will try to get caught up later. Good night! Monday's over already here.

01-31-2005, 08:25 AM
Goodnight, Red. The only people who know about my inner diva are on this web site, it's not like I am walking around talking to myself or something like that in front of others, boy would they think I was nuts!
Yet, in my head, I kind of said to myself.... "What would Frisky, the diva, do in this situation?" After all, this diva is supposedly the THIN person inside me, she is smart and makes all the right choices, of course. She places her needs ahead of my cravings for the most part! She knows that to be in good shape, not just thin, her body needs attention!
Take care,

01-31-2005, 08:32 AM
Hi Derry, Ok, I understand. I didn't think you were nuts or anything. Although I was wondering if you had changed a little teeny bit. . .maybe were under a lot of stress recently or something. :rofl: JUST KIDDING!!

No, really, you're right, this can be a very private thing so no one need know. I really do like the idea I guess. It's so simple and it's probably a lot less schizo-like to be separating the seemingly contradictory aspects of our own natures than allowing them to just churn around and make us feel guilty about our actions. Actually, I'm a little afraid I might like this TOO much and just not know when to stop. Oh, by the way, thanks for your suggestion for my name. Ok, I'll go with it. Sandy Purrkins. Could be a lawyer or something, no, entrepeneur, definitely successful, definitely in control, slim, lean, the sandy part and purrkins, happy kind of. Sandy Purrkins? Oh, yes I know her, she always looks so pulled together and confident. I'm feeling she may be a bit too pulled together. I think I'll make her athletic as well. Yeah, why not, like building a character for a book. The name is just the start and shouldn't say it all. I can decide. OK, must go! :wave:

01-31-2005, 08:41 AM
Great, Sandy! By the way, Sandy usually has prepared herself special snacks for when she is busy (and could lose control) and tucks them into that great little entreprenurial (sp????) breifcase she carries. These snacks are to keep her going when her blood sugar gets low and she is busy at work. She refuses sugar binges and she knows that leads to "hangovers" and a loss of control.
People think she's just so amazing being pulled together nice and neatly. She glances at her watch to see see if her exercise/athletic things are coming up occasionally as well. She is cunning and people really admire her, they gravitate to her as she is always in control, organized and prepared for anything - and with a smile and confidence!
You are right, Red, she is like a character in a book. Frisky is developing herself as well. She even has begun to put her "toys" away as Linda is very big on not putting away what she takes out such as books, shoes, etc. These things lay around the house and clutter up everything. In fact, Frisky knows this is exercise to put things away! Wow, she is such a "together" person!
Go Sandy!!!!!

01-31-2005, 08:52 AM
Thanks Derry, I mean Linda, I mean Frisky!! I will work on my character building for Sandy. Go Frisk!

01-31-2005, 11:37 AM
Hey all, especially Frisky and Sandy. I really need to find my inner Diva too - though not with the name suggested - Greg Louisa just doesn't cut it for me. Unless my inner diva is really a drag queen! WEll, I made it to the gym today. My last day at the old gym. Start at the new one tomorrow. Also, stopped wearing my contacts in prep for next weeks surgery. YIKES.

My goals are to stay on track until next week when I will have to stop workouts and riding. Make as much progress as possible. To find that inner Diva. and to find ways to quiet my mind.

Have a great day all.

01-31-2005, 12:22 PM
Hi everyone --

I'm having a hard time remembering street names I lived on as a little girl. We moved around a lot. The first street name I remember is Middleton, making my inner diva "Jolene Middleton". She's strong and lean, sassy, confident and energetic.

Last Monday at weigh in, I was up 0.8, and was pretty bummed because I've been working hard at workout out a lot and eating right. On Saturday, we took measurements, and I've lost some inches, which is good. I can't remember exactly how many and where, but I remember there were a couple measurements where I'd lost a significant amount. Tonight for weigh in, I'm really hoping I do well, but I don't know what to expect as I just started that time of month. My eating has been really good, and I went to the gym to work out every day except for yesterday. I'm still very sore from Saturday....we did cross training, which was using different weight machines for two minutes straight and then moving right to the next one -- working the chest, back, legs (quads and hamstrings), calves, biceps, triceps and abs. Yow!

Linda and Red, sounds like you're both doing really well.

Jolly -- Wishing you much success with your surgery. I've been thinking about getting it too at some point. Would you mind please emailing me what it costs? Thanks. That's cool that you've started at Bally's. I haven't gotten there yet to take advantage of my 2 month free membership that I got through the National Body Challenge. I've been going to the gym that's doing the contest I'm in. It's a nice gym. Wish they had a pool, but they have a nice whirlpool, steam room and sauna -- not that I've used any of them since my bathing suit was in my suitcase that got lost. I don't want to buy another bathing suit until I lose some more weight.

Here's to the start of a great week for all of us!

01-31-2005, 01:00 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

Alright, tomorrow is the first day of February, so I will get on here and start the new thread as soon as I get to work. I might have time tonight to start it, but I am not promising anything.

We all need to start thinking of something for February to work on. I'm pretty sure I know what mine will be, which ties into what Frisky Linda had asked us about Lent. I'll share that tomorrow.

This weekend was a wash for me. Too many sweets, TOM started, etc. The list of EXCUSES goes on, but I made those choices, so it was my fault.

I got my 3.25 miles in on the treadmill this morning.

Linda: I made a "rag time" polar fleece quilt this weekend. It looks really cool! My hubby also got my quilting frame done, so I am working on the quilt for my mom's birthday. Lots of work, but very relaxing.

Red: I like Sandy Purrrrrrrrkins. :) Just something to have fun with!

Jolly: Hey, I've been hit by a type-by, oh wait, several of them. You are so busy!! Glad to see you made it to Ballys and got that taken care of.

Michelle: Okay, I know everyone says this, but it's good to remind....muscle weighs more than fat. I am losing inches, although the scales don't show it so much. My clothes are fitting better and I feel better. I would miss my personal trainer also!

Hi to Apple, Happy, Lucky and Raven.

Here comes February, who is ready ???


02-01-2005, 03:59 AM
Heh people, can't post now. Chachee, michelle, glad you could join in. It had just been derry and jolly (and me occassionally) for a while there and I was starting to worry. Well, I'm on the fly, just in, worked, now out again to meet an Olympic athlete! Yeah! 2 golds, a silver, and a team bronze, that Japanese swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima. Does anyone remember him? Anyhow, I just wanted to bump up the thread. It had gone to my second page. Ciao belli! :wave:

02-01-2005, 08:14 AM
Jolly, no Greg Louisa is certainly NOT a good diva name. What about the street you live on now and a pet you or a friend has now?
If I were to pick NOW vs. my childhood, my Diva name would be Salem Chandler, kind of cute! You could borrow that if you want to. Salem is my black "Halloween" cat, she is a diva cat, believe me. It's "her way or no way"!
I hope this surgery goes well. Lots on your mind right now.
Michelle, I like Jolene Middleton! I picture someone with the energy and confidence to make anything happen!
Red, please post the link to the new thread here as whenever you guys start a new thread, I tend to get "lost" for awhile.
Frisky was really wanting control yesterday, Linda went through the "hungry horrors" in the afternoon, but didn't do too much damage, all the while remembering today is weigh in day. I may not come in with a loss, as I am missing my normal WW meeting in the morning and will go later on in the day. I have an appointment with a Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist this morning. I've waited for three months for this appointment and can't wait to go. I hope for meds that can relieve some of my pain and stop my fingers from going all misshapen and all that. As a seamstress/quilter, this is totally bad to have something like this. Hope for good news on that front for me!
Energetic divas DO NOT allow disabilities to get in the way of their accomplishments, so no matter what I hear, I am not giving up! ;)
Wow, meeting an Olympic Athlete! Cool, Red/Sandy! I have met one in my day and it was a privilege. He carried his medal with him and I got to see it! He said he brought it everywhere with him, it was so touching how proud he was.
Well, we can win the Olympic marathon of weigh loss if we try hard, right? Maybe we need to come up with "rewards" like medals for ourselves for certain goals getting accomplished!
Take care and wish me luck at the doctor!
Frisky the lean and mean diva

02-01-2005, 12:28 PM
Hi Ladies,

I'm going to set up the new thread now.


02-01-2005, 04:46 PM
I can't get it started--I'm having problems with it.

Someone else please start the new thread and then we'll close this one off.

Please name it Back to Basics February--Bring it On!!!

Thanks, ladies!


02-01-2005, 06:46 PM
I tried to get the new thread going. Couldn't either, Chachee. Hmm. Will try again later. there's a notice up saying people are having troubles and they're working on it. Let's just stay here until they get it fixed. :wave:

02-01-2005, 10:24 PM
Yeah. If we all keep trying, eventually one of us will be able to Bring it On!

Well, I did not make it to the gym this morning. Worked last night, and then woke up with some acid problems again. I am off to bed soon, and have the bag all packed for tomorrow.

Have a good night, all.

02-02-2005, 01:42 AM
Still trying. Still can't start one up. Oh well, no big thing. . . .

02-02-2005, 07:13 AM
I'll try again too.

02-02-2005, 12:50 PM
Good morning, ladies.

I guess we'll just hang out here, and pretend it's the new thread.

My February Goals are:

1. Get 64 miles walked in this month.
2. Enjoy my vacation

Yep, that is it. If I keep the exercise in the forefront,then I will be successful!

I did 3.25 miles again today. I missed yesterday. The slug won, but Muffin kicked it's booty this morning! I am thinking of just maintaining the speed for now, and then when I get back upping it to maybe 3.7. I'm at about 45 minutes at 3.5 mph, warm up at 2.5 and 3.0. The same for the cooldown. I don't want to step it up too much before I go, because I don't want to set myself up for failure. I gotta remember to take my pedometer with me for walking.

Not much else is going on here. Just plugging along and also doing my quilting. Very relaxing and comforting, without the food! Plus, I'm reading a really great true crime book right now. Oh decisions on how to spend my time! :)

Anyway, let's keep trying to get the new thread started and see how it turns out. One of us will be successful one of these days!

Happy Wednesday


02-02-2005, 01:56 PM
Hey all. I am really needing a work out kick in the butt. Did not make it again today. I feel like I am fighting off a bug. I am stressed about the surgery, and starting the new gym. I feel ackward with my glasses. I am not sleeping. All of which have combined to make me think staying home is ok. Not ok. Sheba should be screaming right now!!

So, all you wonderful divas, send me some kicks! I need to get out of my slump.

02-02-2005, 04:22 PM

Hi chicks.

I'm back. :D

It's been a very 'feel sorry for myself' couple of weeks. But today I found out I'll be able to go to the orientation classes for the natural hoofcare certification program. Then I'll need three more classes before I can start building my own business. I'm hoping I can fast track those three, but it depends on the instructor's schedule. Friday morning V and I leave for Arkansas, and I won't be back till late Monday.

Lets not talk about my food and exercise for the last month, kk? :rolleyes: But going forward I'm going to need to get my butt in gear, because face it, the profession of hoof care for horses is not something one can do if one is not in decent shape. Might as well start now, eh?

I hope everyone is doing great, I look forward to catching up with you all!

Apple Blossom
02-02-2005, 05:34 PM
Hey Raven! Welcome back! I hope everything is well with you. Keep posting even when you're feeling low, we'll do are best to encourage you and make you laugh. We worry when regulars disappear.. :dizzy:
I'm trying to get into the rythym of good choices too. I had a Lean Cuisine for dinner last night but my dessert had over 400 calories. :nono: I couldn't just watch my kids eat gooey marshmallow chocolate stuff without participating. Fortunately I have been exercising, 3 days in a row now.
DH is away, he'll be back tomorrow, then he's gone again next week. So today and tomorrow will be like practice for next week. If I stick to no dessert/no beer next week could be really inspiring :crossed:
Hope everyone has a great day! Time to bathe the baby! :bb:

02-02-2005, 06:16 PM
Hey all. Raven, glad you are back with us.

I am going to try doing my yoga tape on the mornings after I work - at least during the week. Weekends should be fine. Later this spring I will try running those mornings. That way I am still getting some exercise, but also getting more sleep. Much needed sleep. We will see how it goes. Hopefully I am not just deluding myself, and making another excuse. So, tomorrow morning I will do yoga, and Friday go to the gym.

Sind kicks my way!!

02-02-2005, 06:23 PM
I too am getting into the update mode. In Jul2001-Oct2001 I was a member of weight watchers and lost 12 pounds. I was doing very well in keeping my weight in line. But this year I have gained it all back.
I am trying to count my points at home on my own.
Is there an updated book or some sort of dictionary of points vs food type.
there are many I just can't find the points for..... like carob chips vs chocolate chips.
hope someone can help

02-02-2005, 06:41 PM
Heh people. Sorry I'm so quiet. Just been too busy. No time to think, let alone do, exercise and the food is bad too as I have no time to prepare anything. It's insane. Sounds like some others around here. Jolly, hang in there. Raven, good to see you're still kickin'. Good luck with the horse business.

02-03-2005, 08:08 AM
Bumping this up. Well, it as a very bad day eating wise though in the end I did make a salad. Trying to get some good food in. I also had an apple and I'm sure that helped to stave some of the cravings for junk. Going to bed here now. Just wanted to put this thread on the top page again. Hope everyone's doing OK.

02-03-2005, 10:30 AM
Hey all. I am not doing well with either working out or eating. Period. No excuses. No reasons. Just bad, bad choices. There is no justification for this.

But, I do have a glimmer of hope to report. I am a work muncher. I always eat while I work. But, I have been doing very well with not eating at my part time job. And yes, other operators are eating while answering phones. The first two nights, i had a bag of snackens. I did eat Monday, but that was dinner, not snacks or extras. Last night, nothing. I don't even want to eat. This is a real good thing. Other times, eating is all I did. So, if I can just make that same thing happen everywhere else . . .

have a great day all.

02-03-2005, 01:05 PM
Good morning, all.

Got 2.0 miles in this morning. I was kinda sleepy, so I did 45 minutes, and called it good.

Raven: Nice to see you. That's wonderful news about your classes and certification. Have fun in Arkansas!

Apple: Good job on the dinner, but I'm with you about gooey marshmallow stuff--gotta have it once in awhile.

Jolly: It sounds like you know what to do when snacking at work. I honestly think you are having a big of a struggle because I think you have a lot of anxiety with your surgery. We think things won't bother us, but they do. I am always nervous about surgical procedures, even if they are going to improve my health. I think once the surgery is over, your focus with come back. Give yourself a break and control the things you can.

Red: What happened? Bad choices, huh? Well, get back on it. It's only Feb 3rd, so you have a good amount of time to reach goals and make this month a good one.

llpounds: I do WW, but you might find more help over in the WW boards. They usually are up on all the newest things.

Happy Thursday!!


02-03-2005, 05:12 PM
Wonder what happened with the new thread? I wasn't able to get on line yesterday, just due to lack of time. What a day!
Raven, so glad you are back. We've all been thinking about you and worrying. I know you have had a hard time, so no lectures from me (who has been bad as well over the last month, but better this last week) at all! Just glad to hear from you!
I went to the Rheumatoid specialist on Tuesday morning and was told there really isn't much they could do for me. I have early state Osteoarthritis, no surprises there, but I am sad that they really can't do all that much. I have exercises and can take stuff like Advil. The drugs they might have given me are suddenly taboo, due to side effects. She applauded my efforts at weight loss, though, and she said that will help - so now I have further motivation?
I was told, though, that I might want to take Yoga. A few of you mention this from time to time, so what do you all think of it? It would help maintain my flexibility? I have to admit, I've never been much in mind control and meditation.... for example, I never quite "got it" during natural childbirth classes and all that mind over matter stuff and breathing I was supposed to do was "lost" on my, it hurt darn it! No breathing could make it less noticeable as far as I was concerned! At any rate, not sure I would get in that lotus position, or whatever, and be able to put myself in a positive place and hold all these unnatural positions and "get something" out of it.
Also, for those who do Yoga, do you think I could count it as my point earning exercise with WW? I don't have all that much time for exercise and to "waste" (forgive me) my time on yoga vs. doing something that earns me more food points is really something I'm not sure would be "worthwhile".
Red, sorry you've been so busy, but I did like what I heard from you in terms of making that salad and having that apple. Sounds like you may have had a victory of sorts, even if you don't think so? Is it your inner diva telling you that you really need to take care of yourself?
I've been doing well these last few days with my food, not perfect, but I shall never be totally perfect. But, I feel good and have been much more aware of my choices. Weather it's this inner diva thing or not, I don't know, but I have been much better than usual.
I resisted doughnuts when I went to the coffee shop before my quilt meeting this morning as well! I made vegetable soup at lunch and had it with Wheat Thins (low fat) and cream cheese, which I actually weighed a "portion" on my ww scale and didn't "cheat" and give myself a bit more. I had my wheat thins, cream cheese and soup and felt happy with the choice. It was a 6 point lunch with hot pepper jelly mixed with the cream cheese, it's "held" me through the afternoon quite well.
Normally I fall apart on quilt meeting days, yet I was in control. True NSV!

02-03-2005, 05:58 PM
Here we go people! Finally got the new thread up! Here's the link. Hop on over!!

See you there!! :wave: