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11-20-2004, 06:55 AM
Bad timing! I'm off to potty and feed the Girls and make some coffee. Oy!

11-20-2004, 07:54 AM
Good morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

This is going to be a busy weekend for me. I'm off to the gym in about half an hour, which, btw, I can tell is working already. I can feel a difference in the area under my bra and I have a waistline again. Too cool!! :)

then, back home for a shower and then out to do my Thanksgiving shopping. I just dread that...I hate, loathe and despise crowds... and crowds in stores...Ugh!!! {{{shudder}}}

Then tomorrow is my handspinners guild meeting where we're having our annual stash reduction sale. I have a few things I want to get rid make room for better stuff! :D

I need to come up with a crockpot dinner for tomorrow so I won't have to cook...maybe chicken's going to be cold and rainy, so it'll warm us up from the inside.

I was so envious of Miss Mary...she got to go off to Charleston for a long weekend writers retreat at a beach house. Just the thing I needed. I'm pea green. ~~sigh~~ Oh, well, maybe next year or the year after.


11-20-2004, 08:36 AM
Things always take longer than planned, don't they? How the heck can it take 90 minutes to feed and potty the dogs and make and drink a coffee? :( Maybe sitting and reading my new book, The Island Walkers, had something to do with it! Lucy also got it into her silly head to pull all the towels off the racks in the bathroom and make a nest. When she was at Holly's for her furcut yesterday, she met a puppy so her maternal instincts may have kicked back in! :shrug:

Sarah and I planted some more bulbs yesterday and also got the garlands and bows up on the two Village gazebos. She may come back this morning to help put the Christmas lights onto the pergola that's in the middle of the meadow. It looks so gorgeous out there in the middle of nowhere on a snowy evening. (The electrical outlet for the well pump is out there so we just put it on a timer for dusk to midnight lights.)

Hershey and I go to a special evaluation for her this afternoon. She is to be tested for working with children. I hope she does OK. Sometimes her herding instinct snaps in when kids run around or make noises. Porties ARE working dogs and used to herd sheep when it was not the fishing season in the Algarve. If she doesn't pass, she will not be able to work the library reading programme. I have mixed feelings about that as I think we are doing enough with Clinic work on Wednesday and nursing home on Saturday mornings.

This week I really MUST get back OP. I am afraid the past year of stress has meant little or no weightloss. Of course, close encounters with Turtles candy has not helped!

Mamacita, I remember my waist! I guess it's still in there somewhere. I'll send out a search party. :lol:

I need to get cracking and start a laundry before the day gets away from me. Happy weekend, Chickies. :cofdate: :grouphug:

11-20-2004, 09:46 AM
Mornin chicks! Up way to early for a Sat. DH woke me at 6:40 OMG! Wanted me to get up and have coffee with him and then he went out to rake leaves. Oh I have counted most of the trees and there are well over 50! There's about 25 in the front yard and then the rest are in the back. Sheesh! Lots of leaves everywhere and the trees still look full!
Mama.. Have a great day hun! Sounds like you are goin to be very busy!
Ruth... Busy as a bee as always. I hope Hershey does well!
I must jet Mom wants to play Wheel of Fortune! teehee

11-20-2004, 10:21 AM
Hello Ruth, Mamacita, and Bamie. I posted on the biography thread if you are interested in my background. Basically, I am a 40 year-old (who feels like she is 25) married mother of a 7 year-old girl. I am a public school inner-city preschool teacher, and I LOVE MY JOB. Even though I love my job, I love being off in the summer to garden and spend hour upon hour at the beach. So, it is only natural that I would find the best diet ever on the BEACH.

I started on Monday, 11/15 at 240 lbs. (My previous all-time high weight is 250.) As of today, I am 233 lbs. I have lost 7 lbs. in less than a week!!! The first two weeks of this diet are difficult since I am a hypoglycemic who is totally addicted to carbohydrates. However, this is the first time that I have been on a diet and wasn't hungry. For me, suffering hunger pains has ruined every diet I've tried. I have acid-reflux disease as well as IBS, so I get very uncomfortable when my stomach growls. Even though the food selection is very limiting for me, I'm always satisfied. I just need to plan more carefully, and once I'm in the habit of eating this way, I know it will be a life change for the better.

I would love to pop in here once in a while to compare notes. Have an enjoyable weekend one and all.

11-20-2004, 12:40 PM
Hi, I wish I could say I've had the success summer has had. My cravings were definitely better but I still eat too much at night. I am starving when I get home from work(it's also a bad habit since I was a kid) when I get home I go right to the fridge. I'm also in the house I grew up in so it's the same kitchen. Just so familiar. I'm eating too many nuts because I miss noshing. I've tried raw veggies, really tried and yuck. I wish I could get hypnotised to like them. Beleive me. So in 12 days I've lost between 6-8 lbs. I say that because I weigh daily and the scale moves up and down 1-2.5 up or down ea day. Then last night I broke down and ate a muffin. I resisted at lunch with the girls. The all ate taco and fried stuff and potato skins and I was ok, even when they offered. Then at 10 pm last nite, the break down. I wanted to keep going because that's what I usually do. I fall of the wagon and then just keep going. But I stopped. But this morning I'm still fighting urges. Up until yesterday I was ok. No strong urges. I saw things and wanted them but was able to resist. Does this mean I need to start induction all over again. I don't know if I can do it. I feel so ashamed and disgusted. We have a house full of goodies and it's taking alot for me to not cave right now. Sorry to whine and cry like a baby. Feeling a little defeated. I've had a really stressful couple of weeks with a death in the family and changes at work and was so proud of myself for doing as well as I did. Sorry to ramble.

little chick
11-20-2004, 01:41 PM
Hi chicks a quick check in I am going on 4 hours of sleep right now as I picked up my dad last night at 10:30 and then had to drive back 2 hours took him to the hospital and we did not get home and into bed til 2:30 then I was up a 6:30 took dad back to the hospital then off to teach dance class then off to pick up a bit of food. Home made lunch and thought I would pop in for a second. I have to get a bit of a nap in before the parade tonight and work tomorrow. Well chicks I will check in again when I get the chance.

a broad abroad
11-20-2004, 02:00 PM
Hello everyone,

Nothing like a little pre-holiday madness out shopping to get one into the spirit of things :lol: I just got back from the grocery store and it is a MADHOUSE! I got the bare minimum and got out ASAP. While there I noticed that Celestial Seasonings tea has three new flavors for the holidays, Sugar Plum Spice, Gingerbread Spice and Nutcraker Sweet. Since the commissary rarely gets too much variety, and I wasn't very pleased with the last couple tea flavors I got from the German store, I picked up all three. I'm drinking the Gingerbread flavor right now and it is GOOD! :T I hope the other two measure up. It is a simple pleasure that sure hits the spot. Yum.

Mamacita, I know what you mean about the crowds, esp. the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thats one reason I refuse to go to Wallyworld on a Saturday - ever! :nono:

Ruth, I'm sure Lucy thought she had created a perfectly comfortable nest and why did you take it away? Life with a dog is entertaining, plus more! You just have to laugh. We got a new sofa and when DH is stretched out on it our dog can't get up there with him like he used to on the old one, so he skulks over to his dogbed. A dog on a dogbed - Shock, horror :dizzy:

Bamie - 50 tress?!?! I sure hope you and DH have a leaf blower. :tired:

Summerlover - welcome to the beach. :wave: It sounds like you are doing swimmingly! Pop in anytime and compare notes, and let us hear about your progress. It's very inspirational for us all.

DonnaD - You've done well losing 6 -8 lbs already. That provides some good motivation, right? Have you tried having a hot tea when you get home from work? or creating a different routine in the evenings so you can learn new good habits? (ie - staying busy after the evening meal, such as cleaning, scrapbooking, crafts, surfing the net, etc.) There has to be some veggies that you like. Try to remember 'you are what you eat' and you want to be healthy. The tacos, potato skins, fried, processed and junk foods can offer you nothing but empty calories. You should go ahead and begin phase 2 and incorporate OP things that you like. You can do it. Its all for you.

LC - good luck with all your goings on! :spin:

Have a good weekend ya'll.

anchor weight
11-20-2004, 03:09 PM
Happy Saturday All!

I just got done with my workout. Third one this week. I too can tell already that it is helping me. Love that virtual model thing. I can't believe how tiny I would be at my goal weight. Hope everyone is doing well!

I'll check in later.

11-20-2004, 08:11 PM
Hey Abroad we have 2 leaf blowers I call them Brittany and Zack! hahahahaha We do have one but probably need to invest in a sweeper type thing! Have a good day all!

11-21-2004, 09:16 AM
Good Sunday morning, Chickies~~ :coffee:

I get to take a day off from working out. :strong: Today is handspinners guild meeting day. DH and BIL got my triangle loom finished yesterday.

I got most of my groceries for Thanksgiving bought with minimal frustration.

The only fly in the ointment was this little troll at Walmart. The door monitor. She was busy woolgathering and we walked right past her. When we were 5 feet from the door she rushes up to us and demands to see our receipt. After scrutinizing it for several minutes, she then asks if we bought any electronic items. After looking in the cart, looking at the receipt, you'd think she could figure this out on her own. What the heck was she looking for anyway? When I told her "NO" in a very menacing tone of voice, that implied that I was about 2 seconds from demanding to see the store manager, she backed off. :mad:

Got a bit of distressing news. A dear friend's dh had a TIA on Friday night. He's around my age (44) and was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. He hadn't been taking wonderful care of himself despite the fact that his wife and daughter are both diabetic. (He'd sneak chips at work, etc) but, this past year he'd lost a lot of weight, began exercising, and then this. God only knows what it would have been if he hadn't been taking the right measures up to now.

Ok, I've got to bag up my stuff for the "yard sale" chicks be good and have a great day on the Beach!


11-21-2004, 09:54 AM
Oh Mama prayers for your dear friends! Have fun today! They kill me at Wally World! But I guess at this time of year they have about as much "walking" out as paying out! I am off on a shopping day with my MIL. She is retired from JCPeenney and today is a special associate shopping day with extra discounts. Of course there will be lunch! teehee Brittany is goin with us so it will be "GURL" time! Now that she is 13 I don't get a whole lot of that with her!
Well I'm off to finish my coffee have some breakfast and get ready. I hope you all have a great day today!

11-21-2004, 01:15 PM
Hersh and I are back from Church - late because we were decorating for Country Christmas next weekend. Our Church is Jerusalem in the Pageant where the Wise Men go to ask King Herod where the Baby can be found. Harry is Herod which is really an excuse not to shave for six weeks! :lol:

I am feeling a bit draggy lately so am going to take it easy today - just a bit of pre-Gail tidying and no yard work although it is a fairly decent day for it. It actually feels like spring out there.

Hersh did NOT pass the evaluation yesterday as she started to herd the kidlets as they ran around the room. I am just as glad because I really didn't feel like having another half day of volunteering at a Library along with her two half days a week at the Clinic and Nursing Home! So it's :) rather than :( for me although the TPOC team leaders were disappointed.

Time for a ww pita pizza and salad and then a nap! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. We are going to watch the Grey Cup and have a late dinner. I'm not into sports but this is a tradition! :shrug:

11-21-2004, 03:24 PM
Hey, guys! We had people over last night and I made the Easy Cherry Cheesecake. It was quite a hit. I'm down this morning to my lowest (152) which is great after a party.

Now that the house is cleaned we need to start calling to invite people for our day after the Thankgiving party. One person is doing true low carb, another is on Atkins, two others have major food allergies.

Goin' Grandma
11-21-2004, 04:42 PM
Hello from Seattle,

I'm starting a little Thanksgiving cooking today. My daughter and boyfriend are also doing SB so we're spending the day together.

I'm experimenting with making sugar-free cranberries whole and possibly jellied using orange jello and Knox gelitin. Wish me luck.

11-21-2004, 07:46 PM
Good luck Grandma and welcome to the Beach! Much success to you and your DD and her BF!

See you in the morning!