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04-12-2004, 07:20 AM
Good morning, Chickies! :coffee:

Today my firstborn is 24. Can hardly believe it. She was a baby just yesterday, I swear.

Yesterday we went to the garden centers and she bought plants, pots and soil so we could play in the dirt. Instead of the bed by the door being chickweed and liriope, it's now a pink and green garden. Filled with caladium, cranesbill, coleus, begonias and hostas and columbine. Very pretty.

Weekend after next, weather allowing, we'll tackle the bed directly opposite the pink and green bed. I think I'll do it in blues/purples.

Last night, BIL called. Looks like he may be moving in with us for a while. His GF, in one of her alcoholic rages, gave him 2 weeks to get out of her house. :rolleyes: I hope it's for real this time and he doesn't cave and go back to her. She's such a :censored:

Well, must get my shower and get ready for work.


04-12-2004, 08:02 AM
Good morning! Sunny and cold here this morning but it sure beats the snow that was predicted. It will go above freezing today, so they say! Come on, Spring!

Mamacita, that flower bed sounds great! I love hostas and have quite a collection. You can keep the liriope down South! Monkey grass? We have a weed called Creeping Charlie that keeps us busy enough. Your BIL sounds well rid of that GF. I understand your shock at having a kid 24 - I could not believe it when my son turned 40!

I did the Liquid Plumber yesterday and feel much lighter this morning - 199 but that won't last. I wish the darn appointment was right now instead of at 10:30! I am planning to leave at 9 and drop Hersh off at 4 Paws Inn for her treadmill and her first "fur-styling" from the owner who thinks she is a character. I'll pick her up later today once I've recovered.

I'm going to wash the kitchen floor - again - and then take a bath to kill some time. Catch you later.

04-12-2004, 08:59 AM
Good Morning Ruth and Mamacita! And Everyone else!!

It's cloudy and cooler here than normal. We were 80's Friday and have been 40's this weekend. :eek: Hopefully will get up in the 50's today. We have our first softball game tonight so wish us well. I ate horribly over the weekend but have no willpower when that "STUFF" is around. But it's back on Phase I today and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

Good luck :goodluck: Ruth with your procedure. Hopefully 10:30 will hurry up and get here. Mamacita, your flowers sound so pretty!!! Don't ya just love the choices we have in nature? Hope all goes well with BIL.


04-12-2004, 09:00 AM
Good Morning, Chicks,
Happy Birthday to your daughter, Mamacita! What a wonderful way to spend a birthday, working in the garden! Cranesbill is one of my favorites, and with the other plants, your garden sounds lovely. DH and I have been looking thru landscaping books trying to decide what to plant in our front garden this year. Can't wait to go to the nursuries and see all the plants! We want to put in mostly perrenials, with a few annuals scattered around.
Hang in there, Ruth. B-T-W, my SIL wants us to start a "Red Hat Day". My DD, "highlysung" said she remembers you and Clovey talking about belonging to one. I had never heard of it before, but it sounds fun!
Well, I made it through Easter staying OP, and saw a nice loss on the scale. Part of it was probably the way I worked my tail off last week painting. Thank goodness it's all done, and we got a lot of compliments yesterday. DH went back to work (Yay!) this morning, so things are back to normal. I"m just going to do a quick vacuum and tidy up, then I want to go check out Curves. My SIL joined one, and highly recommended it. We'll see. I'd hate to make a commitment, then lose interest.
See ya later!

04-12-2004, 09:03 AM
Good Morning to you, too, Sunshinelady, and to everyone else.

04-12-2004, 09:46 AM
morning chickies
hope you all had a nice weekend. mine was very busy but i got to visit with family and friends so it was a good one.
mamacita your garden sounds great maybe you can post pics when it is in bloom. i just love looking at other peoples landscapes to get good ideas for my own. good luck with the houseguest hope he gets everything sorted out.

ruth best of luck today with the tests!!

sunshine good luck with the softball game!!! hope you win!!! my dd starts practice for fastpitch tonight 2hours, that is after the hour of track practice she has makes it tough when the sports overlap.

morning cottage!!!
hope everyone has a great day!!!

04-12-2004, 10:38 AM
Where are all the chicks!! Everyone has a chocolate hangover from the bunnies?! In the Easter spirit, we decided to go gambling yesterday. We're so bad. On the way home, Jorge was flipping out because he ate meat on Friday (not that we're Christian at all....) and I just looked at him... Uhm, we went GAMBLING on Easter!! I think chicken on Friday is the least of worries! :lol: So funny...

Ruth- Good luck!

Sherry- ALways so nice to read your posts... so cheery!

Mamacita- My mom is going through the same thing! Her second born just turned 23! (thats me :)

Cottage- Love the Red Hats!!

Jodi- Morning!

Off to piles upon piles of work... uggghhhhhh...

Have a great OP day ladies! I'm repenting for the weekend... I had Cracker Barrel... back on P-1 today!

Sweater Girl
04-12-2004, 11:37 AM
Hi All,

I am bracing myself to start South Beach next Monday (this week is no good, too many things I am going to where I have no control over the food; a birthday, an off-site, a spa day)... So this week, I'll try and learn about it as much as I can (I am one of those eager types that absorbs myself in as much knowledge as possible when it comes to diet/exercise).

A little about me, I at my highest weight I was 256 lbs... I got down to 140 on weight watchers (that was a little thin for me), but over the past 2.5 years I have yo-yoed up to about 165. In the past two and a half years I have struggled with some health issues; mainly hypoglycemia . I am in the habit of eating 6 times a day now and think maybe SBD could help me a bit with the sugar cravings (the rest is getting mentally in shape to accept the new changes and to control my overeating). I will also count points with this.

Ideally I would like to lose 15-20 pounds by my 27th birthday which is in October. My main challenges are not eating out as much, ignoring the chocolate in the kitchen at work and not over eating because I made a slip (I kind of have that attitude).

I am 26 years old, work for the Tax Man, was born in Montreal to an English/Polish family, live in Ottawa, am shacking up with an amazing man, I just bought a house (yah). I have a degree in History and many things fascinate me about this world!

Anyhoo, Have a good day!!


04-12-2004, 11:40 AM
Morning all you beauties! I'm just quickly checking in to say hello!

I was SO good this morning about getting up and going to the gym that I thought I would treat myself and wear jeans to work. I got to work and realized I had totally forgotten a presentation I have to give in Washington DC!

So, I'm checking in before I run home and change my clothes and drive down to DC to rush through a presentation I'm not prepared for! Darn - I was feeling so together this morning!! It's always something isn't it?

I also want to thank all of you so much! This Sunday I reached the first weightloss goal I have ever set in my life!! I have always struggled with weight and always had an "ideal" weight but never set a mini-goal to work toward. It feels great! Thanks for all your great ideas and support. This forum has been so helpful for me.

04-12-2004, 12:55 PM
Just finished with my 1 hour walk. I keep my heart rate about 120's-13'0's, so I know my heart rate is where I want it to be. I behaved during Easter feast. Big old salad with some nuts. Strawberries for dessert and some nuts. I'm OK with that. I did enjoy a couple of deviled eggs made with some light mayo.

Sounds like you are all being very busy and behaving. If you aren't behaving it sounds like you're having fun. That matters. :)

04-12-2004, 02:16 PM
Hi beachies,

Ruth, I just have to tell you, I love creeping charlie. It is a coveted plant here in California, where the sun shines endlessly and we get more bermuda than anything else. I just love it spilling over a container with soft flowers nudged in between. But then again, I love shady gardens...this weekend I put in ferns and impatiens around my azaleas and hydrangeas.

So glad to be back on the beach, after my chocolate induced weight gain. I am so GLAD I gained doing that. If I hadn't, I'd rationalize that kind of eating until the pounds "snuck" up on me, this way, the pounds ANNOUNCE themselves, with a holler, with a big DON'T!!! It is crystal clear how to lose now, there's no uncertainty because I know what works. It has been years since I've really known exactly how to do this. Now, for the doing part....

Off to Trader Joe's for my favorite mineral water and cherry tomatoes.


04-12-2004, 02:48 PM
Back. All pooped out, so to speak, so I'm going for a nap. What a production number!

04-12-2004, 02:59 PM
Morning....uh...or afternoon for some of ya. Geez, I must be the onyl late riser here (work evenings). I'm so jealous of everyone that has a garden :cry: . I live in an aprtement and there is only so much you can do with a small patio :halfempty .

It's sunny here, but chiiiiiiillly. That's what I get for living so close to the coast. It's amazing I ever see the sun :sunny: .

24 must be the magic mom too was surprised when I turned 24 (albeit that was 8 yrs ago!).

I hope your procedure goes well Ruth. I've had a gastroscopy before and remember waking up in the middle of it with the endoscope down my throat :yikes:. So I can imagine the uncomfortableness of this whole thing.

Faithfullly did my workout this morning (only 3 weeks left to reach my goal...eeekkk!). I think I am now to the point where it is impossible for me to skip it because I know I will be beating myself up all day if I do. About time I hit that point!

Well, I'm off to get some java :coffee2: before getting ready for work. Since my schedule between work and school makes it nearly impossible for me to check in until the weekend, everyone have a great week! :D

04-12-2004, 05:09 PM
Hello chickies! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. ;)

I am sitting here at the computer eating my artichoke...I love these things! :T

Trying to get back on track. I of course slipped yesterday, although it wasn't really much....what is my problem???!!! I ate a sourdough roll at dinner, and it wasn't even that good. Then after dinner there was a tiny piece of birthday cake to celebrate my dad's 57th which is today. Does anyone else find that when they do eat the "bad" carbs, it doesn't even seem worth it? So why do I do it?

I think I am going to set up some little rewards for myself as motivation. When I went from 180 to 150 that really helped. Although I only have 9 more pounds to go (on a good day!) I think maybe some little rewards will help me to FINALLY get there. Now I just need to decide on what.

Well, I am off to get in some exercise...that is one thing that DH and I have been extremely good about lately. A lot of days I even end up exercising a second time with DH.

Watch out for those stray chocolate Easter bunnies!