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01-31-2004, 11:49 AM
Hey am I the first one up???!!! I am starting ;) chat!

01-31-2004, 11:54 AM
I've been up for a while but I decided to cook myself a really nice breakfast for a change. No more grabbing some sausage and running out the door. I had the strangest experience last night.... of going over to my bf's house with the intention of dumping him..... and I got dumped!!! At first I kinda giggled.... Now I'm wondering how I didn't know he wanted to dump me. A silly thing to ponder over when I so didn't want to be the one who called it quits in the first place..... but oh well.
The surgery went well yesterday but the news wasn't good. We are waiting until she gets back on her feet to see if she wants to go through radiation treatment or not. She watched her husband die a little over a year ago from the same type of cancer... and he had been going through radiation and it didn't seem to work.... so I don't know what's going to happen.
Well folks, that's all I've got for this morning. I"m feeling gooooood...

01-31-2004, 01:24 PM
Hey everyone!

Shimma - kindof funny how things work out. I'm glad to see that things are going better.

TG - :wave: I was thinking about you yesterday while I was wandering Lloyd Center. You seem to be doing great as usual!

Yesterday was my own little **** for most of the day. Thursday night, after class, I met up with a friend for some girl time. I had ordered a diet coke at the place where we were talking and we had a good time. I felt a little yucky when I went to bed but blamed it on smoking (something I normally only do on the nights dh works at the bar). I was wrong.

Yesterday morning, I was SICK. It felt like I had a horrible hangover without the dehydration and the headache. My stomach was just shaking and if I stayed upright for more than 30 seconds, I would throw up. It was terrible! I ended up having to stay laying flat on my back until 1:00 in the afternoon! I kept sipping water and nibbling on things to try and settle my stomach down. By 3:00 I was feeling almost normal. Except that I was completely lethargic and I was craving carbs like I was on my second day of induction all over again. :o

I've come to the conclusion that on my refill, the waitress must have accidently given me regular coke. OMG - that was terrible! So there's my motivation to stay away from sweets and only order water unless it comes in a bottle. Argh!

Happily I got feeling better in time to go with dh to a Winter Hawks game. They're our local, semi-pro hockey team and I love going to the games! Last night they played the team that they were tied with for first place ranking and we won! Yippee! And best of all, it was a really agressive game. I know, I'm terrible, but I love the body checks and the fights :D

Today, I'm at work making up for the hours I missed yesterday. DH is going to the Blazers v. Bulls game tonight and then meeting up with me and some friends later. Should be a fun night :)

Have a great day, all!

01-31-2004, 01:42 PM
Hi kids!

Urgh I had the worst day yesterday. I got home and all the stress just was killing me and I got in a fight with DH who i haven't seen since Monday, the kids were crying and the house was totally destroyed and I just had my own little nervous breakdown!! Then came the carbs, I ate like I haven't eaten since October!!! I ate some chocolate, then I ate a PB sandwhich and some cereal (that used to be a common meal for me then sand and cereal) then I ate some M& M's and washed it all down with a glass of milk. OMG I was soooooo outta control, I haven't felt that crazy in a long time! Then OMG as soon as the sugar hit my system, I felt like I was gonna DIE!! I was all shaky, my heart was racing and I felt totally lethargic, I was sleepy just like someone had given me a drug. BUT that is nothing compared to this morning!! OMG I was soooooooooo sick. Totally nauseated and diarrhea. the worst! I feel better now, I got some water down and some LC food and I seemed to have rounded the corner, i am just still shakey. I am gonna try the gym and burn off the rest of the sugar!

Well I won't be doing that again!!!!! OMG!!! I still am in awe that I even did that.

Star maybe I had sympathy carb sickness for you!! LOL

I will talk later gals!!

01-31-2004, 02:16 PM
Hey there, everyone!

Yikes, Theo & Star! Some pretty strong reactions there! Hope your systems are settled down now. Was wondering where you were yesterday, Star. It seems so bizarre to not see you floating around! :)

Shimma: Interesting how the two of you seemed to be at the same page, in terms of ending the relationship. I guess it helps that it was sort of mutual!

I'm marking assignments today. Part way through a pile of 70. Tomorrow one of my friends is actually having a superbowl potluck party (although interestingly enough, none of us are particularly huge fans, but it gave us an excuse to have a party). Another friend wants to go skating before hand, but on the other side of the city. I have to cook my contribution to the potluck, so it's going to be jam-packed day and I'm not sure whether I can fit both in. I haven't told him yet whether I am going to go or not...he has this amazing talent for picking the most inconvenient times to go skating. The difficult part is that he always takes it as a personal insult if you turn down an invitation to something that he comes up with. I think he thinks that we're lying if we say that we actually have to do something else at that time. *sigh*

Anyway, that's about it! Hope you all have a nice day!

01-31-2004, 02:29 PM
Hi Ladies,

Gee girls feel better huh..... ick.

Today we went to Kmart (I needed a purse), I can't justify buying an expensive one considering how I treat them (I toss them all over the place). Its FREEEZING outside burrr, so we came home, I had an omlet w/veggies and soy sausage for lunch, it was pretty good.

Tomorrow I'm going out for dinner for my anniversary - cheese cake factory ;)

And that would be it for the weekend lol, we just like to relax (well clean and do laundry) but not rush anywhere if you know what I mean.

Have a good weekend everyone....


01-31-2004, 03:22 PM
Happy weekend, ladies!

Shimma: I guess you both had the same idea. I guess it's better that way than having one person thinking break up and the other thinking they are meant for each other.

Star: Yuck! I can't believe the reactions that you have to sugar. I need those reactions so I wouldn't ever be tempted. I hope you are feeling better! Have fun tonight!

Theo'sgirl: I'm sorry about your bad day. Are things better? I'm glad you are starting to feel better.

Lekker: Good luck fitting everything in! I'd like to try ice skating again, but there's no ice in sight here.

Leenie: Have a fun and romantic anniversary dinner. :love:

Well, it's a rainy and gloomy day here. I don't feel like doing a whole lot, but will probably force myself to do some laundry and cleaning today.

We watched "Out of Time" and "Le Divorce" last night. "Out of Time" was pretty good. Dean Cain (former Clark Kent/Superman from TV's Lois & Clark), one of the most beautiful men in the world, was in it. He was kind of a jerk in the movie, but I still love him! I really didn't like "Le Divorce" at all -- yuck!

DH wants some good ole home cooking, so I'm making him chicken and noodles, with homemade noodles, which are a pain to make. That's a family tradition in his family. They always have noodles at family dinners. Too bad it couldn't be something easier... Anyway, the PIA noodles are done. I'm also making rolls, creamed spinach and cheesecake. Wow! Kind of a carb-filled meal, huh? Anyway, I'm not planning on eating any of it, except the spinach.

Yay! The Super Bowl is tomorrow! I love sports. I think DH and I are just hanging out and watching it at home. Last year, when the Bucs were in it, DH had to work, so I went out to a bar with some friends, and we had a blast, especially since the Bucs won. It was crazy after the game. All kinds of horn-honking and people running around going nuts in the streets.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Take care,

01-31-2004, 04:10 PM
Oh my goodness....just got back from the gym, drank a liter of water, took a shower and I feel like myself again, the sugar stupor is over and I spent time with DH before he went to work so that made me feel better! I was just haywire last night. I guess I am just as bad as the kids about having my routine messed up. gotta go grocery shopping...I am down to salami, cheese and some almonds!!

Going to Costco too and I am getting 2 bags of the foster farms Hot and spicy wings I am addicted to them!!! And at 1 carb per 4 wings how could you go wrong??!! continue our subway discussion over here... i had them add all the veggies and the extra cheese, but you are so right you need extra meat too! It was small but it tasted GREAT! I loved the taste.

Talk later ladies gotta do food log and word association!

01-31-2004, 04:34 PM
Maybe I've been doing this long enough to shrink my stomach??? After 6 1/2 months of appetitie supressing ketones, it's certainly possible. I also could barely finish of a 6" sub before I started Atkins and I think the wraps are pretty comprable in size so maybe that's it.

TG - I'm sure you're noticed it, but for those not in low-carb mecca, there's been an absolute explosion of low carb "stuff" around here. All the burger joints have "low-carb" menus. One of the local favorites, Burgerville, is now advertising a "protein platter". At work, they now offer low carb bread in the cafeteria (6 grams per slice) and the vending machines all have things like peanuts, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky in them. Even those food vending machines that I affectionately refer to as The Wheel of Death have meat, cheese, and veggie plates in addition to the usual sandwiches and pasta dishes. It's weird!

On top of it all, it seems like I'm getting approached by someone that I'm aquainted with every week because they've decided to start doing the low carb thing.

It's all over the news, the medical journals, stores, restaurants, I overhear people talking about it every where I go! And it's certainly an adjustment for me. I'm excited because perhaps this will equate to an overall better way of life. On the other hand, I don't think processing low carb versions of everything traditionally high carb is the answer. I'm still amazed at the amount of people who are leaping into this with both feet before even stopping to learn about what they're doing or making sure they're doing it right. It makes me wonder how many other people are going to hurt themselves out of ignorance/laziness and then blame this WOE.

Enough ranting. Just needed to vent :o

01-31-2004, 06:01 PM
Must be great living in carb central.. Around here everyone looks at you like your crazy if you order a burger without the bun :lol: We do have a few options. Hardess have their low carb burgers.. simply yummy.. but I ask them to take off the ketchup and pickles. BurgerKing I'm told has a low carb burger.. haven't gotten there to find that out yet.. and of course we have the Subway.. however those little wraps aren't for ones on induction *snaps* In the grocery stores Atkins products consist of maybe one shelf with a few other low carb brands on the sides. Not much to choose from indeed.

Have to admit that reading the effects of the "next day blues" you girls had, it made me realize that .. I used to feel like that everyday! Always tired.. always had an upset tummy.. just blah. Even in the 10 days I've been on Atkins I've noticed big changes... I do have much more energy.. I'm not always looking around for something to shove in my face and I'm not half as dead tired as I used to be. The only issue I'm having now is headaches.. oye I get one everyday! I blame it on the caffine.. Since I cut it out of my daily intake could that be whats doing it to me? I thought I would be over that part of it by now.. but then again I didn't become addicted to it overnight.

01-31-2004, 08:14 PM
Hi everyone. Just came to say hi and see how everyone is. I hope everyone's feeling better soon. I am loving how more businesses are offering low carb meals and products, especially breads, cookies and crackers. And I loved the Atkins' friendly subway wrap. :cbg: I found one just fine, could have ate two to get full, but dh wanted another one right away. But by the time we finished up our businees in town and decided to go to another drive thru Subway so we didn't look strange at the same place ordering more"diet food", he said he didn't need two and wasn't hungry anymore. So I split my macadamias with him. :cbg: Maybe me complaining it was $4.00 each made him happy we could just have one. LOL Take care! :cbg:

01-31-2004, 09:18 PM
Good evening ladies!

I FINALLY figured out how to change my avatar to reflect my passion for all things froggy! There went half the day, with the other taken up spending hours, sans dh and dd, at Walmart. A little of Star has rubbed off on me, because I was just meandering, taking items off the shelf and reading carb values like I was some sort of secret shopper!

Shimma: Obviously you and your boyfriend must have been on the same wavelength. Even though I always found it personally more satisfying to be the one to call it quits, at least you know you didn't have to break his po' lil heart! Glad to hear the surgery went well, too. Don't look too far ahead right now, but take things as they come.

Star: Massive sugar intake bad, bad, bad. :nono: Hope you're feeling much better by now. I'm also just a little fed up with the massive influx into the stores of "low carb" foods. Most of it is too expensive, too high in carb counts, and the marketing is fooling people into believing that you can pretty much eat however much you want of it and still lose weight! The Advantage bars alone have been the downfall of a lot of people who would have otherwise succeeded in this WOE. of my soapbox.

Theo's Girl: Again...Massive sugar intake bad, bad, bad. :nono: The same happened to me a few weeks back when I ate 1/2 a bag of Hershey's kisses (w/almond), and a triple decker PB&J. Thought I was going to shake myself out of my skin the next day.'s the memory of how I felt that day that helps keep me honest lately!

Lekker: I'm also working on school-related stuff, but not quite as advanced as yours. Just now, I'm taking a break from cutting out and laminating teddy bear shapes for my cuties. Wanna trade?

Leenie: Have a great time at the Cheescake Factory! Happy anniversary!

JDogg: You are too much! Since I've been Atkinsing, my hubby is one his own in the carb-loaded meal department. He's a skinny 'lil thing so I have little sympathy for him. Enjoy the cooking, stay away from the eating!

Trazzie: In a short while, when you see the weight really coming off, you'll start not to care whether people are looking at you strangely when you order your burger without a bun! I've ordered in restaurants before and told them "if it didn't have eyes in it's former life, leave it off the plate!"

Barbie: With everyone raving about the wraps at Subway, I'm determined to make a stop next week! I don't care how much they cost, as long as they're good!

01-31-2004, 09:50 PM
UGH! I hit my stupid backspace button on my mouse. I had this whole thing typed up about how my night went. How my co-leader kept sticking heath bars in my face because she thinks low-carb eating is stupid. Finally told her that it was MY choice of the way I want to eat. I wasn't hungry anyway which was a good thing or I'd have probably eaten the bars. I smuggled 2 boiled eggs for my breakfast while they chowed on "gorp". I'm wondering if I'd have had a bad reaction to the carbs if I'd have eaten it. Gotta admit I'm thirsty for a Pepsi. I made sf jello and plan on putting some of the chocolate whipped topping on it-maybe it's just a sweet attack.
Well, this chickadee is heading to bed in 10 minutes. Lack of sleep is hitting the brain (so maybe I won't even get to the jello. lol). Hope you all are having or had a great day :)

02-01-2004, 09:40 AM
Good Morning,

Just popping in to say hello :wave: I'm soooooo tired I could go back to bed but dd2 wouldn't let me lol.

Have a great day.


02-01-2004, 10:39 AM
Brenda: Don't let your coworkers sabbotage your efforts! I work closely with 5 other women, and I'm sure some of them were laughing (okay, I KNOW they were laughing) at my lunches consisting of turkey wrapped around cream cheese. But now that I've lost 17 pounds, it's funny how my copy of the Atkins books is floating between them. it's funny how they start asking some more educated questions, and how they start to wonder how much THEY could lose on this plan. Stick to your guns, girl. I'd rather they laugh at me because of the foods I eat than because my pants split down the back when I sit down!!!!!!

Tummy Girl
02-01-2004, 11:38 AM
Morning ladies, been a busy weekend for everyone wow, fortunately it's been pretty quiet over here and I'm actually getting a chance to relax a bit. Sorry to hear about the carb hangover ladies, it is disgusting the morning after, I too have felt the rath and I journaled it about 5 months ago when I fell off the wagon in the beginning. I read it now if I'm even tempted. And Star, I'm with you on the drinking from the bottle, I do that at the bar now, or I order right from the bartender to make sure it's diet, they only have to make the mistake once and then we become the carb police.

The going away party went well on Friday, thought I had way too many diet coke's but seems my body handled it just fine, dropped another 2 pounds on Saturday morning, that's 3 for the week, which has not happened in a while, very cool. But I'm coming up on 170 soon, I always seem to get stuck on the big weight decades, maybe this time will be different :lol: or not.

The low carb stuff is somewhat more common around these parts too, although the WOL isn't necessarily accepted. I stopped having the "agruements" with ppl about 20lbs ago, after all it's very hard to tell me how wrong this is when there's 45lbs less of me to argue with :p. A friend of mine started Atkins a couple weeks ago and she too was under the impression that you could jump right into the processed carb stuff but luckily she's very receptive to advice and is doing much better.


02-01-2004, 12:10 PM
Sped!! I love your new avatar. I love frogs too! Poison dart frogs and Tomato frogs are my fav.

Well I did all the shopping yesterday, finally we were sooo outta stuff since I don't have time to go during the week. i was down to almonds and lunchmeat for my food! BORING! I went to Costso and Winco (for those of you not NW, big huge grocery store) Today I am playing catch up with the house work and I am also going to get to the gym, get my hair cut, drop off stuff at my work, and go to the bank to deposit! I am a Little busy ( I really just wanna lay on the couch :() ...I will check back in with you chicks tonight!!

02-01-2004, 01:26 PM
Good morning everyone. We're going to watch the game today with some friends. First, the house cleaning! Not my idea of fun. We've been in this house for 7 years and on Atkins' for 4. We both went through the cupboards and finally threw out all the carb and sugar foods that were way in the back of the pantry. There was even a big bag of leftover Halloween candies from the past 3 years. I think that made me feel good to know I've been doing better with my eating since I found that.

We get the food shoved in our face all the time too. I just go hysterical with laughter when that happens now. Even recently a relative was "harshly razzing" on us and the Atkins' Diet. Everyone in the room was laughing at first, then one admitted that "Well, if they both look this good, then it must work for some, but not me!" I find it comical now when I get to the part that I gave up rice, pasta, and potatoes, then it's "I can never do that. I can't live without them! I'd die! I have to have those everyday." Then follow up with, "I don't know why I stay so fat. I hardly eat anything." They hadn't listened to a word I had said to try and help them, nor about why I don't eat them. I'm sure some of these people are secretly looking up the Atkins' afterwards.

Theo's Girl, I've been thinking of getting some wings, but hadn't thought of getting pre-seasoned ones. That sounds good.

In the 70's I volunteered at a Diabetic Center. We were all going to restraunts and ordering diet drinks. No one really had them because they said they didn't sell enough to make it worth it. So we joined a nation wide movement where we'd walk in, ask if they had diet pop, and when they said no, we said thank you, but we couldn't eat here then, and we'd walk out. Soon, it caught on. Then we pushed for CANS of diet pop to be sold upon request because it's too easy for a Diabetic person to get a sugared drink by mistake from the fountain. So I never drink a pop unless I can have or see the can. I've been know to have a couple of Diet Sprites in my purse at parties. I'll see you all later. Everyone have a great day! Barbie

02-01-2004, 04:54 PM
Hey all! Just stopping in real quick. I've got homework to do, a workout that I'm desperate to do, and a superbowl party to go to. Went out with some friends last night and stuck to my single-malt scotch with a twist of lime - yummy! And no risk of neglegent bartenders adding sugar. I'm still angry at the bartender who gave me that drink!

The superbowl party should be fun. I don't really care about the game, but I love the commercials! ;) It's being hosted by some guys from Buffalo so guess what that means.....BUFFALO WINGS!!! Homemade, and lots of them. I'm told that the guy that makes them does so good that you'll never want to eat other ones again. I'll try to sneak the recipe out of him :s:

It looks like everyone's doing good! I'm sorry I don't have time to address you all personally.

Have a great day!!!

02-01-2004, 06:58 PM

02-01-2004, 07:33 PM
....and so another re-induction tomorrow I guess? I was okay on Friday - we went to Red Lobster for dinner - and while I was in the washroom after dinner, poor chocoholic stressed out dh ordered the chocolate wave...something which is a huge chunk of chocolate cake with ice cream on the side all drizzled with chocolate sauce - and there were TWO one forced me to eat it - but I did help him out.

Sat started out okay - but had company for dinner - bought some "desserts" - those two bite brownies...and of course had to sample a couple - other than that and a couple of mini quiches I was okay. The most exciting part of the day was grocery shopping - people probably wondered why there was a grown woman crying in front of the frozen bread section - I could hardly believe my eyes!!!...ATKINS BAGELS (and bread) CANADA...right there in the frozen bread/dessert area. Bought some of the cinammon raisin ones but have yet to try one....maybe I'll bring one to work tomorrow!!! (Dh seems to be enjoying them!) had a couple of gin and tonics before dinner (yes I finally find some diet tonic water - very hard to find here)...and a glass of wine...and tried to stay in control.

Today was a whole other story - I am so craving carbs - and my period that started last week (early if you recall) is still around with no sign of ending?? (what's up with that?)....not sure if I should start next cycle? or call dr? or just wait a couple of days? Very annoying.

Starting the carb fest this morning and now I realize just one bite is deadly. Found some potato chips - I used to love those - had a few and realized they don't even taste that good anymore! Brother in law birthday brunch at local big buffet restaurant - okay for the most part....but did try a few mouthfuls of cheesecake and chocolate mousse.

Then got home and pigged out some more!!! Youngest ds wanted to make cookies and guess where a lot of the cookie dough ended up? I am so tired and dragging around.....and drinking diet pepsi. I have a long way to go to get back on track.

Sorry to hear about Star's and Theo Girl's nasty carb reactions - hope you are all "cured" now and feeling better.
...and keep me away from anything called a "poison dart frog"...sounds a bit dangerous to me?? :lol: :o

Congrats to Tummy Girl on the great loss - keep up the good work!

Jina - enjoy the super bowl - my eldest ds was just here begging me to order pizza and is downstairs watching the game - I myself am not a big sports fanatic altho I do go with ds once in a while to see our local Ottawa Senators play hockey (or fight on the ice which is a more apt description).

Lekker - have fun partying and skating (if you did go)...almost made it out to the Canal this pm - finally not a freezing cold day here - but put youngest down for nap - dh joined in and I was left alone to do laundry! Will wait for Winterlude weekends and for all those gorgeous ice sculptures to be completed.

Shimma - you and your bf seem to have a lot in common - are you sure you should have broken up? he he :D

So waiting for dryer to "call me"....and getting ready for the work grind - I am thinking I hate my new job, but I hate to be judging it so early in the game? Feel like I've been asked to do the impossible. Good news is I'm on a course Tues and Wednesda out of the office and Wed nite is the NYLONS CONCERT - I can hardly wait!



02-01-2004, 08:59 PM
DD made some valentines day cookies (ok, gotta admit I was the crazy one to LET her buy them). So they're on the counter BEGGING me to eat them. But I've made a deal w/myself. I'm going to do my best to stay on track (that means I'll allow myself a little SF jello w/chocolate whipped topping but that's it for going off induction) until those blasted Girl Scout Cookies arrive. That's in May. :lol: Then I'm going to just HAVE to try one :s: I'm hoping by that time I really don't WANT to! lol. ;) I can delude myself right?

WOOHOO!! I've got our State income tax done. Now onto the Federal!!!

02-01-2004, 09:20 PM
Back away from the junk food Froufy and Lady Adnerb! It's not worth it! Just one bite is the KISS OF DEATH! It takes some people weeks, months, and years to find their way back to atkins! You might be here tomorrow or next year with 50 more pounds! I hear stories of it on other boards all the time--how people wish they hadn't taken that bite that turned into a year of bingeing!

Kim in NJ
02-01-2004, 09:25 PM
Hi everyone.....I'm with tomorrow!
What a horrible week I've had - or it seems like a week....
My 18 month old has been ill since last Thursday...I've hardly had any sleep and what sleep I do get it with her hanging on me in some form. As of Friday she had no ear or chest infection but I am taking her back tomorrow because she is still running high temps and last night began pulling on her ears.

So - here is Kim for the past 4 a club chair, with "mISrABEL" lying across a pillow on my lap...a can of diet coke to my right and whatever I can munch to keep me occupied. I read for awhile and then watched TV but that ended up to be munching. Started as mozarella, pepperoni and mixed today has moved onto Nestle Toll House morsals and General Taos chicken!!!! I am a walking carbohydrate myself right now. Isabel won't even let my husband or daughter Emily touch her so it's all me :(

Hope everyone is doing well....anyone heard from Karen or Jamie lately? There are so many new people here which is WONDERFUL - but I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the messages...but I am reading and thinking about you all.

02-01-2004, 09:37 PM
Hang in there Kim - times like these demand mommy's attention (as you already realize) and you just need to do your best to get thru this - this too shall pass!

Hope Princess Isabel feels better - maybe there is something to treat now and hope dr finds it and you can get back on track!

Good luck Kim - we are thinking of you!