Depression and Weight Issues - Starting again

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01-16-2014, 09:44 AM
Hello everyone. First week back to healthy eating. Weigh twice as much as I should. Never been this big and since being on medication just seem to be going up and up. Don't want to miss my family growing up. I've started walking and done three walks this week. Drinking lots of water and counting calories. Positive at the moment but know this won't last. Hope to be able to keep going this time and not give up.

Mrs Snark
01-19-2014, 10:14 AM
I see this is your first post, Welcome!

I hope you stick around with us, there are lots of great people on the site! I suggest you jump right in posting, don't hold back! We all know how hard it is to make big life changes, but the support you get on this site can really help you focus and get you through the rough spots!