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07-02-2003, 10:13 AM
Good Morning,

Its getting close to "D" day.... :D

Any good plans for the 4th of July Holiday ?

Happy Canada Day to everyone who I've missed, hope you had a great day.


07-02-2003, 10:25 AM
Good Morning Leenie!

What are you gonna do on your 3 day weekend? I'm gonna do a little as possible ha but definitely need to clean house on Saturday.

I got up early again this morning and did a 2 mile walk. Last night after supper I did handweights and sit ups and hope to do the same tonight, if nobody gets in my way. :-)

My mother is in the process of seeing about putting her mom into a nursing home. It is a really hard on everybody to take that route, but they just don't have any choice really, as she cannot do a thing for herself other then feed herself, and my mom and aunt are not in any kind of shape to take care of their mom 24/7. It's sad to see people get so old, even tho I know it is all a part of life.

I've got errands to run at noon.

Whassssssup with everybody today?

Cathy :wave:

07-02-2003, 10:47 AM
Good Morning!
I just returned from a 3 mile walk.did it too slow too! But none-the-less.........Friday morning on the 4th is the BIG DAY! Then I can slow down a bit after the 10K.

After the walk/race I will shower and go to husbands office parking lot for a huge garage type sale we are having! Then collapse for the rest of the evening I hope! We may kayak in the evening and watch people set off is fun from a boat on the lake!

Saturday is a huge church picnic complete with pony rides,cotton candy & fireworks. All 4 grandchildren will be there and 10,000 bugs I is on our new church property which we havent broken ground on yet!

A full week-end indeed! Better make some good food ahead of time cause I wont feel like it after Friday!

I am heading outdoors to trim a shrub that bugs me everytime I pass it.I have NEW hedgetrimmers.poor bush will never be the same! Maybe I should have been a barber!


07-02-2003, 12:28 PM
I have been busy like everyone else.......worked lots over the long weekend and it was all overtime so that was nice......housekeeper is here today so I had to do my 3-4 hrs prep before she got is working out pretty I want to tackle my basement.....have a garage sale and get rid of 11 years worth of toys.....and plan to get it finished this fall.........rugs and windows in the next few weeks.....hired help of course...we are going away the end of july and I want to have everything done before my friends arrive to housesit...

I worked my last shift in the ER last night in my position....I now go to Medicine again part-time and will be casual in the ER.....I can get more days off that way which is my priority right now...flexibility with my kids....hubby and I have an agreement that one of us always have to be home with the kids so that takes some is worth it though!

Anyhow glad to hear that everyone is hanging in there...

Cin way to go on the walk!

Cathy I hear ya when it comes to your Gramma...these times are emotional and physically draining.....hang in there!

Leens thanks for Canada wishes! It was a great day......we turned 137 I believe.....

Hope everyone checks in! I miss everyone!

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07-02-2003, 12:47 PM
wow.. so dark here I had to put a light on! thunderboomers moving in.. been hot and humid here on the prairies.. we were under a tornado watch most of yesterday

got all son's furniture, etc. moved into storage. now i have to pack what's still here at the house.. in the "scary room". It's a spare bedroom that has all the junk in the house in it.. it's my next challenge... and then I want to turn it into guest room.

we expect son will be moving back with us in fall *sigh.. much as I love him, we don't live under the same roof well at all. Since he doesn't sleep well, and wanders, we are going to build another bedroom downstairs. So I guess that will be another project soon as I get this upstairs room done.

I'm up almost 2 pounds today... what's up with that? must be water because I've been OP for 7 weeks now.. no cheats.. amazing for me.

hope everyone has a great day.. I'm off to tackle the world