Does it Work? - Anyone Know Anything About Sun Slim

06-12-2003, 04:57 PM
I was considering joining WW (again!) and was doing a little research to see if there were any promotions going on for them, and in the process I stumbled across quite a few websites promoting the Sun Slim Diet, which appears to be a food combination method. Has anyone heard of or had experience (success or failure) with this or any similar type of diet? Thanks in advance for all replies!

06-12-2003, 06:09 PM
Just couldn't resist Googleing's amazing what new diet scams come up and down the pike.

Okay...checked out the website. AH! I's another doctor who has UNLOCKED THE BIG SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS, and apparently decided to tell all in a $25 e-book.

Let's see what she promises...

1) Eat "up to" 3,500 calories a day. (maybe for some big guys who are training in the gym...but I'm betting not sedentary women).

2) Eat normal every day food (well that could mean anything, but I'm betting it doesn't mean the Extra Value Meals at McD's - probably chicken breast, eggwhites, veggies, etc.)

3) Rearrange your food combinations...(there are a ton of books out there about food combining that you can check out for FREE at your local library - IMO the jury's out on this one).

4) Adjust your food patterns to achieve peak metabolic rate. (I'm guessing that means switching from 3 big meals a day to small frequent big secret - anyone who is weight training knows THIS one).

Oh and I see she works in a "cheat day" (or as it's called on Body for Life, a "free day"). And exercise is optional (but I'm betting she figures your calorie intake on how much and the level of intensity you're exercising!).

Here's something that just KILLED me on her website :lol:

13 years of Results Prove 29 out of 30 people can have new body in as little as 6 to 8 weeks - ( 96% Success Rate.)

So what does that mean? in 13 years she's had 30 people on her program? or what?? Gimme a break. And I don't know about YOU folks out there, but to me, the definition of "success" in weight loss doesn't just mean getting the weight off...but KEEPING IT OFF.

I gotta tell probably know this by now but THERE IS NO BIG SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS. Basically it boils down to calories in - calories out. Of course if you want to LOOK better and MAINTAIN your losses and muscle mass, you should exercise and weight train.

Actually her website ad sounds a lot like the Schwarzbein Principle - which you can find at ANY library.

06-12-2003, 06:18 PM
One more thing...the reason you're seeing so many ads online for this diet e-book isn't because it's awesome or anything like's because the author's website offers a 50% commission on every sale to websites who agree to have a sales link on their sites...that's pretty easy money for the hosting sites and I suppose they figure that dieters who see the ads plastered all over the 'net will assume that the program MUST work.

Just FYI... ;)