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05-31-2013, 05:48 PM
For the last two days I have been a bottomless pit! I'm not talking about having an extra serving of cottage cheese with lunch kind of hunger. I'm talking about 3 servings of cottage cheese and half a serving of chips...after eating a lunch that would normally fill me up. It was making me crazy!!!

I know that TOM is coming, and I usually experience cravings for salty foods. I'm use to it, but having/craving/wanting/needing this much food is not normal for me, even on my hungry days!

Google to the rescue (a habit I learned from Lunarsongbird, research!!) ! I needed to figure out why and I found this article (http://www.iibc.com/hungry-period/). It says (in a nutshell):

"Your body uses more calories during the time right before and in some cases during your period."


Now I know why my body needs this much food right now. The key is not to resume eating out of habit/boredom, as I use to, when the need passes.

the shiv
06-01-2013, 01:48 AM
Oh heck yes. From one IE-er to another, you know I don't try to shoehorn myself into a plan despite my body demanding All The Food. But seriously, my TOM used to be dreadful! I'd get blood sugar crashes (hence the hospitalisation from concussion from passing out!). Low carbing it HELPED with that, but still didn't eliminate it. And by low-carbing I mean the cutting way back on sugar because it made me feel like cr*p thing that I did. But I'd still be a bottomless food pit for 5-6 days. The amount of calories I honestly felt hungry for was way over the difference you'd expect... So I have no idea what was going on there, only that my TOM seriously didn't like me, and I'm happy to be damn near shot of the stupid thing!!

I can only empathise. By the way, does it turn you into the 17-headed carb monster as well?! ;)