100 lb. Club - How many days, weeks, months and years......

05-28-2013, 10:46 AM
I had a pleasant surprise today and was down a pound. Before weighing this morning, I was expecting to see a couple of extra pounds because I always have that after traveling, edema you know. Loved seeing that loss!

So this morning I looked at my weight graph on the Daily Plate. I have been relosing weight that I have lost before. I have rolled back my weight to July, 2011! Seeing that just gave me the happies ;). Made my day! :carrot:

I feel like I have undone 1 year and 10 months of damage. First, I want to get back to my 30 year low of 197 in August of 2010. After that my goal is to ultimately get back to the weight that I was in the late 70s and roll back my weight about 35 years.

So I have a questions for you. How many days, weeks, months, or years have you lost??

05-28-2013, 10:56 AM
I was just having this thought this morning! I weigh less than I did when I met my husband on October 30, 2005. I don't know where I was at this weight, but I know in 12 more pounds, I'll be where I was when I made my graduation walk back in 2001 in high school. Another 48 past that, and I will be where I was when I started my senior year in high school. And just a measley 19 pounds past that, I'll be where I was throughout most of my highschool years, at 161. When thinking along those terms, it is really easy to see the end results aren't so hard to obtain! But for now? I weigh what I did in when I was between the ages of 22-25, so I lost between 5 and 8 years! WOOT!

Kudos on the weight lost, BTW!!!! :dance:

05-28-2013, 11:04 AM
Neat question, never thought of it like this!

I've currently rolled back to Summer 2010 in the past five months :carrot:

I'm aiming to roll back to Fall 2005.

05-28-2013, 01:54 PM
I've rolled back to at least age 15, maybe 14? I'm trying to get my height/weight records from my pediatrician!

I wasn't 5'6 back then, so even when I last was in the 160's, I was larger with a higher BMI than I am now!

05-28-2013, 02:13 PM
I've made it back to around age 14, so almost 10 years!

05-28-2013, 02:31 PM
I didnt step on a scale for 10+ years, so it's hard to estimate. About 5 years ago I got down to 234 through A LOT of exercise. This morning I weighed in at 229.8. I'm guessing that takes me back to about 2002-2003ish.

05-28-2013, 02:41 PM
I remember vividly the first time I noticed a bit of roll on my tummy. I think I was maybe 14. I stepped on the scale to see 145. It's never been below that number from that point.

Given I'll be 44 in September, that would be 30 years.

05-28-2013, 03:11 PM
I'm the lowest I've been since college. When I began college I was the same weight as I am now (260). Then I lost 40 pounds in my sophomore year, but I gained it all back -- and then some -- before I graduated. So, I rolled back about 21 years!

(Now, if only the loose skin would roll back too! :p

05-28-2013, 03:23 PM
The weight I am now, is a weight that hasn't been "normal" for me since college graduation - 1987. I've reached lower weights, but I've never had any weight stay off as long as "this" time. Maintaining a loss (any loss) for more than eight years is unprecedented - heck, before this, I think my record was 18 months for maintaining a loss, and four or five years maintaining a highest, but stable weight. Truly for me, "just not gaining" is a tremendous acheivement.

05-28-2013, 07:05 PM
Awesome, Cheryl!!!!

I just had the same thought a few days ago. I'm down to my July 2012 weight, so I've undone all of the damage of the last 11 months. Now, to lose the 67 I gained between Jan 2012 and July 2012 and I'll be good to go.

05-28-2013, 08:31 PM
8th grade... so... 18 years.... After surgery (June 6th), it will be "forever" because I was not "fat" from kindergarten -6th grade, but I will have a healthier BMI and Body Fat Percentage than I ever did!

05-28-2013, 08:49 PM
I'm not sure because I don't recall what I weighed at various stages in my life. However, the last time I was comfortably a size 18 was my freshman year in college... So, I've lost around 32 years of weight.

05-28-2013, 09:08 PM
7th Grade - 150 lbs
Weight Watchers Round I - 10th Grade - Starting 180 lbs ---> 165 lbs
High School Graduation - 2002 - 185 lbs
College Graduation - 2005 - 190 lbs
Weight Watchers Round II - 2009 - Starting 210 lbs ---> 195 lbs.
2010-2012 - Anywhere from 210 lbs up to 215 lbs
2013 - SW 221 lbs - Currently at 201.8 lbs which was last seen in 2009. :)

05-28-2013, 09:43 PM
We are really rolling back the years!

05-28-2013, 11:58 PM
Almost four years ago is the last time I weighed what I weighed today

05-29-2013, 11:48 AM
Right now I've rolled back 7 years. But my mini-goals are set for points in time and my end goal is to weight what I did when I graduated from college 42 years ago. My next goal is to lose another 5 years.......

05-29-2013, 12:01 PM
Wow... never thought of it this way. I will hit 205 soon and that was my highest weight 9 months pregnant with DD. She just turned 21 last week.
Sorry I know thats a little off topic but it just made me think.
I don't remember being under 200 in about 14 years.