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12-01-2012, 08:28 AM
Ta Ta Ta Taaaaaa! It's the weekend! Doesn't coffee always taste better on a day off? :coffee2:

I'm enjoying mine while sitting here admiring the tree lights. We decked the house yesterday, inside and out, and it looks so warm and cheerful. It was the perfect antidote to put me in the Christmas spirit.
After coffee and some breakfast, I'm going to go over to Mom & Dad's and wrestle their tree out of the attic and get it set up and decorated. Dad wasn't going to bother this year, but I insisted. Christmas was always Mom's favorite season and I know she'll get great comfort and joy with her tree up. She's looking forward to helping me decorate it, too. :)

OK, so on with the day!

12-01-2012, 08:32 AM
Sounds like a wonderful day, Cottage !! I hope to decorate my house as well today, after I go to work :(. I had hoped to get a tree (we like to cut our own tree down....great memories... :D ), but DH is going hunting this afternoon. I really hope he doesn't get one (what the heck do I do with a deer?!), but we did find a chest freezer on craigslist last night in case he does. If nothing else, I'll have a better spot for my 30 lbs of blueberries come july!

I'm enjoying my quiet morning and strong coffee. I need to get off my rump soon and get ready for work. I definately need a vacation!

And I'm with you, Cyndi and Lisa, it's been rough getting back on it lately. The cookie swap party last night didn't help...

12-01-2012, 09:10 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Flyby here....on my way to work. We had a great family day yesterday now I need to get organized for my vacation week tomorrow (after I drive sis to the airport at 4am) Thankful for SBD energy!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

12-01-2012, 09:29 AM
Good morning! feeling a tad wiped this morning after a good DWARPs night that didn't end until after 1 AM. There are a lot of empty wine bottles in my kitchen, one broken glass, two tired dogs and four books that got left behind so I guess everyone had a good time. Pat's mother made us a Book Club banner that says "My book club reads between the wines" and she was spot on!

I'm scheduled for pet therapy at the nursing home at 10:30. Sure hope I can patch myself together in the next two hours!

12-01-2012, 10:52 AM
Good morning,

Woke up a bit more rested, seems like cold is moving into throat and chest area now but I will survive.

I need to clean house today that is priority number 1, I think DD2 wants to do a dance clinic today so maybe I will wrap her presents while she is there and then we need to go shopping for a few last items.

Cottage glad that decorating got you in the Christmas spirit

Twynn I wouldn't know what to do if DH brought home a deer thankfully he only likes to go Pheasant hunting.

Debbie enjoy planning your week off.

Ruth sounds like you had quite the book club last night lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone

12-01-2012, 02:50 PM
I was up and out with only coffee today. My hormones are getting the better of me lately. Yesterday it was sobbing and I mean sobbing over a wrestling video. OK if you didn't cry there would be something wrong. Woke up to a text message from Meredith (very good friend) that led to a lengthy exchange, nothing too horrendous but still really great way to start the day. Stopped by my friend Ed and Jenn's house to pick up honey one of our cops made. Then up to Joe's. He pocket dialed me and I heard him say something about his former GF to his dad. Hello raging female hormone alert! He did clarify what they were talking about. So as I am driving I couldn't help but notice all the snow covered cars coming south. Maybe I should have been paying more attention to my speedometer. Thank goodness for "professional courtesy" If I wasn't "on the job" I probably would have had my license suspended already, but I digress. Quick stop at Agway for oyster shell and a shovel for my trunk. Get to Joe's get my car stuck in his driveway. Not a happy camper today. Maybe I should have worked today lol. These hormones are wreaking havoc on me this month. Maybe I should wear a warning sign!

Ok enough venting. Debbie have a wonderful vacation. Linda so glad you are in the Christmas spirit. Kudos on taking care of your parents' decorating too. Cyndi, Tammy and Weezie I can completely relate to your frustrations. I too am up and down lately. We know what to do. I am trying to take one challenge at a time this month. Pre planning my meals does help. Ruth sound like a rowdy book club I love it lol. Wine goes with everything from literature to chocolate. Pearlrose feel better, it's the NYC air leaving your system for fresh country air :)

Ok need more coffee if I didnt have to drive I would go get a nice bottle of merlot!

Tammy almost forgot, venison is awesome in the Wendy's chili recipe. If hubby bags a buck let me know, Joe cooks venison regularly. I've made a Spanish Pot Roast and stew with it. Very, very lean meat. Quite tasty too, but not gamey which for me is huge!

12-01-2012, 06:51 PM
Moooo...... MOOOOO......

Sorry. Just mooing while I still can. I'm going to make that Chickpea Lentil Tomato soup, and probably some cole slaw, broccoli salad, and I need to pick up a big jug of hummus at the store. Oh and LF cottage cheese. And veggies. Seriously. Moo.

Cyndi - I blame men.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!!! :D


12-01-2012, 08:43 PM
Got lucky tonight! ... not that kind of lucky, Sillies. I was working at the Town Hall monitoring washroom use and the water went off!!! (I think I must be doing something evil to plumbing systems.)

Anyhow, rather than sit there reading waiting for folks to come in to pee, I had to close down the washroom now instead of at 9:30. Now I am back in my cozy and warm house having a drink and waiting for my lasagna to thaw in the microwave. Sure beats sitting in the cold waiting for people to come in to use the facilities.

The contractor came in and found that a switch was thrown that controls a cable that keeps the water line from freezing so the line froze. We'll be OK by morning. Sure glad he found it and imagine he'll have words with some of his workies.

12-01-2012, 10:35 PM

12-02-2012, 06:18 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Getting packed up here. I leave for the airport at 5 (2 hr RT) then will head over the mtns right after hoping to miss ski traffic.

Have a good day, everyone!

12-02-2012, 07:44 AM
Good morning. Debbie, and Beachers to follow. Sounds like you are leaping into your day.

We're having a heat wave. ;) It's 38F right now and going up to a balmy 46F this afternoon. It's supposed to rain but I hope to at least get started on putting up the outside lights.

Church is first on the agenda - a baptism so it will be a bit longer. It'll be followed by the usual coffee and visiting with a cake for the baby. Claire made a Dundee Cake for the occasion but I will definitely avoid it. My resolution this month is to not eat cake or cookies!

After the lights this afternoon, I'll be making my rum cake for tomorrow's Quilters Lunch and wrapping my gift for the exchange. Seems early for a Christmas Party but it's our regular meeting day. That'll get me in the mood and I may even wrap some other gifts if I can find more paper. I suspect I pitched last year's leftovers in a fit of tidying!

How does your Sunday look? (Just realized I mentioned cake twice in here. Sorry!)

12-02-2012, 08:10 AM
If it was colder I'd think we were having a blinding blizzard right now, but it's only a dense fog. It sure does look spooky out there!

Debbie, have a safe run to the airport and enjoy your week off in Glenwood Springs! Which side of the mountain do you have your main house, anyway?

Ruth, I always look forward to the Sunday services when there is a baptism. Will this wee babe be one of the last to be baptized in your church? Be careful putting up those outside lights and I hope they all light up!

I ended up having to run over to NJ to Monica's yesterday, but I promised Mom that I'd be there today to help put up her tree. Mine is all done except we can't find the angel topper for it. We keep all the Christmas stuff together, so I can't figure out where it could be. :dizzy: I'm sure it will turn up sooner or later.

I need a refill. Can I get anyone a cup while I'm up? :coffee2:

12-02-2012, 08:16 AM
Good morning.

My brother and SIL are still visiting. Yesterday we mostly hung out around home since SIL is recovering from a call. I worked in the evening and she came by with my mom and other SIL to shop. Today we are eating out for lunch and dinner, visiting a museum in between, ending the day with a view of the famous KC Plaza Lights. It's been nice but tiring.

Have a great one.

12-02-2012, 08:26 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Little Dog decided she wanted to fuss a big chunk of the night, the chunk that dovetailed perfectly with me trying to get back to sleep after a bout of insomnia. There may be a nap today though I'm not very good at that. It is my one and only day off this week, so lots of laundry, cooking, and cleaning to do. I will shop tomorrow when I work in town.

Weezle - can't remember if I shared this but made this soup ( the other night. We really liked it, very different from anything else I make. it's always nice to add a new variation.

Off to drink more coffee. I'll stop back later

12-02-2012, 09:11 AM
Good morning. Linda I can appreciate how dense the fog is as I drove home in it last night. Ruth I have plenty of wrapping paper if you need me to send some your way. After a long indoor ride it is my plan to wrap away the day. Later looking forward to making chicken, red pepper, Monterey Jack burgers. Debbie have a wonderful time and safe travels. Ruth enjoy the baptism. Cyndi hope you get some rest today. Also, that recipe sounds delicious. Karen, glad to hear you are having a nice visit with your family.

Joe made it back early from hunting. Which was a nice surprise to me. Had a nice dinner at this little cafe we both really like. Not too much on plan, but didn't over due it which is something I struggle with. Have a nice Ohio ham and bacon in the freezer. This bacon is the best I have ever had. It is worth the occasional splurge. What's nice is the butcher makes 1/2 pound packages. Don't worry I don't eat an entire package in one sitting, but DS might lol

Uh oh two pups need their morning belly rubs. Have a great day

12-02-2012, 10:32 AM
Once I get out of bed, I will be tweaking my grocery list and hitting the stores. Also have to run a few errands for my folks. Then... Hopefully just making soup (Cyndi, that sounds awesome!) and lying around. Chris and Voo are still sleeping, which is rare!

Better get a move on. Have a great Sunday!


12-02-2012, 11:49 AM
Ok now that I've spent more than an hour looking at more OP menus, I think I have it. I'm going to make those bean muffin thingies again too, but may substitute PB for the butter. I liked them the first time around (YEARS AGO) but thought.... why not?

Cyndi - I saw a recipe you'd posted a long time ago for Foccacia Style Flax Bread. Did you like it? I remember trying a recipe with flax once and it ended up super bitter, but my flax could've been old.