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04-08-2003, 12:12 PM
I spoke with my primary physician last week, and he recommended a name of a bariatric surgeon for me. Well, I got up the courage to call and make a consultation appointment this morning, and was able to get one for August 25! WOW!:) I didn't even think I would get in THAT soon--I was expecting maybe around October or so; it's hard to get an appointment with this particular doc! Anyway, I am supposed to get some general information packets in the mail; meanwhile I am staying on my 1500 calorie ADA-recommended diet. Might as well get a head start!:D

04-08-2003, 05:35 PM
congrats and welcome!!!! will try to write more later. please hang out with us... post questions, comments, fears, issues. whatever..

just taking a break from another crazed workday...

04-09-2003, 06:47 PM
Good luck on your journey with wls. I have my surgery on 4/21. I enjoyed Tigger and Noah's website. My Rose P Budd got jealous because she doesn't have a website.

04-19-2003, 07:46 AM
Hi all.
Just starting on this journey myself and wanted to share a couple things.
I had a dr. lined up locally to do my surgury only to find out that he is moving out of state. I was so upset. There is only one other dr. locally doing WLS... I had gone to his orientation and was not too thrilled about him overall. His is backed up till fall for surguries too.
I have been researching this for over 6 months now. Have all my paper work ready (husband also will be having WLS).
Well.... this past Monday.... i woke up and had no idea where to look next. I went to water therapy early and when I got home... i got on the internet and went to the Bariatri Weight Loss site. I ended up calling them and made a apointment to see a dr. in a month. I told the girl on the phone about my disappointment locally and asked if they ever had cancellations. She said they did and that she would call me if one came up. We hung up the phone and no more 20 seconds later.... it rang. IT was her saying.. how about tomorrow at 11:30 am. I was so excited and said...... I AM THERE !!!
So i have met with the dr. what a wonderful lady too. I have 3 hours to travel to where she is but I think that the things locally didn't work out for a reason. They are in the process of getting insurance approval now.
She wanted me to have a sleep test done. I called one dr. and they said the dr. for that couldn't see me till May 15th.... and then probably would be another 5 weeks before the actually sleep study would be done !!! I thought OMG..... here I go again. So i got back on the phone... the next place I called said... they could get me into see the dr. on may 13 and do the sleep test on may 14th. How COOL is that.!!!!
I just feel everything is falling in order for me !!!

A little about myself. I am 42 years old , married , no kids and live in NW Ohio. I have been heavy all my life. Did about every diet ever wrote about. Also lost at one time 150 pounds on phen/fen only to regain that and more. This past 8 months I have been basically house bound as I have athritis in my left knee.... walking is very painful. MY lower back hurts to stand more the a couple minutes. I have a syatic nerve that has been acting up and runs down my right side. And i feel like I am 95 instead of 42. This is not living.... it is time.....
I would like to join in with all those of you here if I could. One can never have enough support !!
Wishing u all the best as you start or continue your journey.

04-19-2003, 05:23 PM

Isn't it amazing how things work out? I see my PCP July 2 for my three month followup, then I see Dr Corceclous on August 25. I know how tough it is to see a WLS doctor right away, and the doc that was recommended to me has quite a patient load, so it was great to hear that you lucked out how you did! Good for you:cp: !

04-19-2003, 11:31 PM
congrats, cindy... and please hang out with us. but be prepared!!! we believe in protein after surgery!!!! DON'T WE????

what does your doc want you to do after surgery? what kind of support group?

come on... DISH!!!!

And lori... keep up the good work.

04-20-2003, 07:37 AM
Hi Lori and Jiffy.
I had to laugh when u (jiffy)asked.... what my dr. wanted me to do after surgery...... my first thought was to LOSE WEIGHT !!! lol !!! I am going to have my surgury done in Groveport Ohio . It is a baraitrc center. (3 hour drive from my house) Luckily they have two support groups within 10 miles of where I will be attending one of them or maybe both.

I read both of your profiles just now. Good job with losing weight before surgery Lori. Was this sugguested to you by your PCP or you just trying to get a head start ??? I know there are some WL surgeons who require their patients to lose weight before they will even operate. I asked that of my Dr. and she said NO. Whewwww.. of course i am not having lap done. (which is fine by me ) Did you asked to put on their cancellation list to see the surgeon?? *just a thought* One thing u might start thinking about is your 5 year weight history.....AND.. they want you to list every diet you have been on..... how long you were on them ..... how much you lost..... and how much u gained back. This was such a joke to me....who in the heck keeps track of such a thing.... especially when we are talking 30 some years of dieting. I probably would win the "yo yo" award if there were such a thing !!

Jiffy....... wow..... u are doing great gal !!! I can so relate to you !! My starting weight is very close to what yours was!! I am doing water therapy classes in warm water to keep myself somewhat active before surgery as i have a bad knee and it is hard for me to walk or stand for any lenght of time. I know when I get some weight off this will become easier for me. After surgery I plan on to continue to do water exercise classes. I can't imagen doing weight bearing excercises at my weight !! I love the water and that helps !!! You don't have any support groups in your area jiffy?? (where are u from?)

Hope u both are having a great Easter Day. I will check in again soon with you all !!


04-20-2003, 09:23 PM
hey there cindy... hmmmm. my question was more about what kind of post-surgery program you'll be on. some docs suggest instant breakfast, which is just not enough protein for us, and way too many carbs.. and that's just a single example.

and as for support groups, i was asking about YOU, to make sure you have what you need to help you get through the [uncomfortable] post op phase and to help you not sabotage the best shot at the most weight loss. there are so many tricks and tips that only folks who have been through this understand.,

i have a wonderful support group, fortunately, but others just aren't that lucky. so... ask your doc a whole bunch of questions. i'm a little concerned that you're having surgery 3 hours from home. that suggests that whatever support the bariatric center might offer could be too far away for you to reasonably get to.

just a few thoughts!

and thank you for the kind words... i love swimming, too. always have. but i don't always have time for it these days. it's great that you're keeping up with the water exercise. ageoldie is a great water exercise person as well, as is her hubby ole alvin who has lost the most weight of ANYONE i've ever heard of!!!!

keep coming back.. ask lots of questions..

04-23-2003, 04:14 PM
Hi Cindy,

Here is hoping everything is continuing to go well for you in your journey.

Actually, the weight loss in advance is both an initiative by me as well as recommended by my PCP. They need to document my progress in three-month intervals, and have already charted that I have used other methods of weight loss (Xenadrine EFS, Slim Fast, one meal a day, Xenical, etc.), and recommended that I try the ADA plan. I didn't realize a lot of stuff tasted so good! The best thing is though I have cut down on sugar and red meat (and discovered the hard way I beat a path to the bathroom EVERY 10 MINUTES every time I eat nuts...not pleasant, to put it mildly. I guess my system has gotten so used to the lower fat stuff it's telling me NOT to backtrack to the "bad stuff" :nono: Kind of an uncomfortable way to do it though:lol:

Got to admit my regular Pepsi habit has be broken:cp: I got the regular Pepsi by mistake when I ordered out one day and the taste was REVOLTING! Needless to say, I've gotten used to Pepsi One, Diet Pepsi and flavored water.:)

05-04-2003, 10:30 PM
Hey Jiffy and Lori,
Didn't want u to think i have forgotten this site... cuz I haven't. I am still heading in the right direction ....getting my ducks in a roll.... lol. I got a call on friday from the gal that handles the insurance part of it for my dr. (she is located in Michigan... surgery will be in Ohio) She left a message stating that she was still waiting on a copy of my insurance card to get that part rolling!


The dr. got all that information when i went for my consultation ohhh like a month ago. Do they not have fax machines??? I just couldn't believe it. IT was like one of those.... 2 steps forward one step back times. So... I faxed it to her yesterday (of all days... a saturday.....) and i will follow up with a call tomorrow to see if she has received it. If not.. i will again fax it tomorrow.

About a week ago I sent all Mike (my husband's) medical records to her in Michigan. He is also having the surgery done, after I do... and am able to help him. So I made sure SHE (in Michigan) knew to put a copy in his file too as we both have the same insurance. Next thursday the 15th we go back to columbus, ohio and he will have his meeting with the dr.

I go see my regular dr. this tuesday, and have to get a copy of the echo cardio gram I had done about 5 years ago after I was taken off phen-fen. I will just had deliever that when we go to columbus next week.

What I have learned is to make double copies of everything and send a copy to each place. Again... Do they not own a fax machine... sure makes me wonder.

I am still doing my water therapy. 4 to 5 times a week. I sure do enjoy it. And i am sure it is helping me .....keep as mobile as I can at this point. I dread the thought of NOT being able to get into the water right away after surgery. Do either of u have a clue as to how long before I will be able to get back into the water???

I heard a good idea on another site that I read alot at... it sugguested getting one of those shaved ice machine, and like freezing sugar free koolaids.... and then shaving the cubes. Sounds really good to me.. even at this very moment !

Do u Jiffy.... have any problems getting your protien in each day???

One concern I have now is I drink all the time when I eat. I am thinking maybe I should stop doing this before surgery and it won't be such a issue later on then? Was this a problem for YOU ?

Any good ideas would be so welcomed..... from anyone !!

I am so excited to get on with "the show" ..... my second chance of life....... of living !!!

My best to you all... I will try and do better at posting something !!

Cindy !

05-05-2003, 12:38 AM
my goodness you're busy!!! let me just answer your questions, since i'm really sleepy...

some days are better than others, and there are a couple of days i don['t hit my protein and water goals. but every day there;'s a little stick on my desk. i track my protein on one side and water on the other. it's been a big help.

as for the not drinking. it's a pain at first. very unpleasant. but you get used to it. some folks brush their teeth right after eating.

and you're right.. please come back more often.

05-05-2003, 07:54 AM
Hi Lori and Jiff.........and Welcome Cindy!!! I don't know how I missed this post.

05-05-2003, 11:22 AM
oh. and the getting back in the water.. check with your surgeon. most of them won't allow any water sports until after all stitches/staples are out. that's about a week. and, in fact, you MUST exercise, even before you leave the hospital they make you get up and walk around. the doc will probably even ask you before the surgery about your exercise plans. he'll certainly do it at the 1-week follow-up.

05-05-2003, 08:25 PM
Well......... I hope I can get in the water soon after surgery as any land exersice at this point (including walking) is not happening. I have arthritis in my left knee, plus my lower back goes into major pain if i stand more then a few minutes. Not good... I know. That is why water and me are best friends. I can get into that water and stand for 2 hours with no pain !!! Oh it's so great. I got up this morning and spent 2 hours in it matter a fact. But am really stiff and sore now.... maybe over did it. But gosh at the time... i felt like i could have moved the world.

So I called the girl to make sure she got the fax on my insurance card. YES she did. I made a point in letting her know how disappointed I was that i didn't know she didn't have it sooner. She wondered why they hadn't taken a copy of it when I was in Columbus. I said THEY DID. She said she never recieved a copy of it from them. At that point i said... So these past few weeks while I've been thinkin I was waiting for insurance approval....Nothing was happening.... She said...sorry but they would get on it NOW. GRRRRRRRRR oh well what's another delay !!! Atleast I know I am closer to being there then i was a month ago ! (I think) lol I also reminded her to PLEASE put a copy of the insurance card in Mike's file also.... so we don't go through this again !

OH another day in paradise..... lol
atleast the sun is shining... and it is getting warmer out !!
Still hoping my re-birthday will be in the spring of THIS year.

Hope all is well with everyone else.....
Till next time !
Cindy ;)