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03-29-2012, 11:22 AM
Just wanted to post a quick hello! I am returning here after a year away! I started a weight loss blog last year and ran into allot of issues with logging on to it. I noticed I did not do as well with out a weight loss community and a place to be accountable. Sooooo I am making my come back here lol!

This past year has been rough in general, Lots of life changes.... Job loss strugles in my personal relationships, Family devestations, the list goes on. I am redefining what is normal, what my idea of sucsess looks like, what my family consists of. This is my season of change after a long long stall :)

For the past year I got so far away from my healthy way of living it seems like a distant memory. I have not realy gained back any weight (thank goodness) but I feel gross and sluggish. I dug my self out of the mental ditch I was in and have a renewed.... uhm, whats the right word.... Zeal! I have a new Zeal for life, a positive attitude looking on to my future and an appreciation for today! Now its time to get my physical health up to speed with my spirit!

I wont be posting much in the week to come cause I am going to P.A. to see my Dad for a week. I gonna take advantage of my time away and change of senery to kinada reset my eating and exercise habbits.

see yall soon
God Bless