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10-02-2011, 04:51 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the Heartland with no wind and in the low 80's. We just got home from eating out at a nice Italian restaurant where I bring home 2/3 of my dish home and have two more meals out of it. Anyway we were out with the manager of the local KFC and his wife and 3 little boys. All had a good time and ate well. I am so excited for in the morning we take the dogs to the groomer then off to a neighboring town to meet the lady that we are getting Turn To from. She called last evening to confirm the meeting. I am so glad that the dogs come in here and don't bother the kittys things. It is probably a good thing I got them set up and then they could examine them and then go on. Next thing to get them used to is a kitty in the house. I just got a notice on my Blackberry that I have a few upgrades to download so I will be doing that when I get off of here. I like it when they improve the apps.

DONNA FAYE We pay a lot more than that for our tires. Guess it all depends in what you want in a tread. Ours run about $200 per tire. But they sure last. The ones we had before we got these we got nearly 60 thousand out of. It is all in what you want in a tire what it will cost. Since you don't do any off roading then yours are cheaper than outs. :p Hope your visit tomorrow with your doc gives you a direction to go to fix your problems.

JEAN I make business cards for Will for church and myself for my glass works plus some hand out cards and I will just e-mail you what they all are. So it was Bob that spilled the beans. :lol:

Have a great afternoon Magnolias :wave:

10-02-2011, 08:05 PM
Maggie -- Italian food makes me think of Olive Garden . . . my favorite place to go! :T You had a good idea to bring some home with you for later. Your business cards are pretty spiffy! :D Yup, Bob spilled the beans but not on purpose. The elevator shifted and he didn't realize the beans were going over the top on the far side of the bin. He just happened to walk back to the barn for something and saw it piling up on the ground. It's happened before but never when he's be "in charge" at the bin. It's not a big deal as long as it wasn't raining; the grain vac will sort out the leaves and twigs so just the beans go through.

10-03-2011, 10:05 AM
Good morning everyone. Well today is dr appt day but not until 1 pm so I have a bit of time.

Jean: When Jack got back from Firestone, he had a list of stuff needing maintenance and we are going to have to have a new battery before cold weather strikes. Sheesh, those things aren't cheap either. The battery for our car if they install it is $130!!! No wonder people don't get regular maintenance on their cars, between the price of stuff and insurance it about puts you in the poor house. :lol: I noticed when we went to the commissary they hadn't picked the cotton yet, but it looks puny compared to previous years. All the corn has been mowed under now, but I doubt they got much from the harvest this year. The corn was really poor this year with the flooding causing problems then our long patch of excessively high heat over the summer. You gotta feel for farmers who make their living from farming nowadays that's for sure.

Maggie: Hope you have a good time on your jaunt to pick up the cat.

Short and sweet gals, but I want to get some stuff done before I have to get ready for the dr. Talk to you tomorrow. Faye

10-03-2011, 01:05 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another sunny day in my corner of the world -- love this weather! I balanced at church after figuring out $500 was included in the budget giving and should have been put in "building use" category; (I did it right). I'm getting better at finding why my total isn't the same as the treasurer's. I stopped for a loaf of bread on my way home and have made 3 phone calls for church meetings later this week. I have an initiation this afternoon and then the evening is mine because Bob will be farming. This morning he said he thought it would be at least another 3 weeks if it doesn't rain.

"Gma" -- I didn't know that batteries were no longer kept under the hood in most cars! :o I don't know where my current one is, but it was under the back seat in our last car. I do know if one needs to use jumper cables the hook-ups are still under the hood. :cp: Good luck this afternoon! I'll be thinking of you!

I need to figure out something to wear this afternoon. I need to organize my clothes since parts get separated and I always seem to be hunting for something! Have a marvelous rest of the day! :D :wave:

10-03-2011, 04:53 PM

We just got back a little bit ago from picking up my kitty. Decided to name him Cecil Au Nuget (you probably remember that the Au is the chemical name for Gold). the lady had been calling him Nuget. He is so very cute. When we broght him in I just set the butt hutt down and opened the door. In a bit he stuck his head out and looked around then stepped out and examined the whole room then came to me and wanted to be picked up. I held him for awhile and his purr is awesome. Right now he is eating some so I guess he isn't traumatized any. Now that he has had a snack he went back into his Butt Hutt. I had placed a hand towl in the bottom of it for when we picked him up and now he is curled up on it fixin' to take a nap. He doesn't seem to mind that it is pink in color. The lady we got him from said if we decided we didn't want him she had 3 other folks in line that do so just call her and she will come pick him up. Well, that will not happen. Little Cecil has a new home now. Will has gone to pick up the dogs from the groomer and we shall see what happens when they meet the newcomer. It is so cute ~ Cecil has pushed the towel to the back and is curled up on it. I am so glad he went back in it on his own for now when we need to make trips to the vet he will not mind being in it.

DONNA FAYE Batteries have sure gone up in price haven't they. Ouch. The things that have to be done to keep the car going. Our "check engine light" came on again and Will made an appointment to have it looked at this coming Wednesday. However, today when we were going 70 (speed limit is 75) the light went off. Maybe that Jeep just doesn't like city driving at all. Who knows but the mechanic and his books to look it all up in.

JEAN Sounds like you are getting your counting all squared away. :cp: Bet that makes you feel good. Enjoy your good weather and we are also having nice not windy days. Hopefully the rain will hold off for Bob to get his farming done.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias :wave:

10-03-2011, 06:53 PM
Afternoon gals. Clean bill of health from the doctor, didn't have to have a pap smear and won't need one until next year. Got the ole ticker and lungs checked out and she checked to make sure blood was flowing up to my brain. :lol: I got new prescriptions and a new bp med that hopefully works without swelling me up like a balloon. I am waiting to hear from the GYN dr on staff as we have decided to go ahead and do an ablation, which is where they burn the lining of the uterus so that it scars and for older women they then have no more issues. She said last year when I had my physical my doctor at that time did do a blood test to determine if I was menopausal and she said the results said that I had gone through menopause. She like my other dr and my gyn was puzzled as to why I was still have issues since she read my whole lab and procedure file and said everything they did showed no problems and I had healthy innards. If someone would stump a doctor about something it would surely be me! :lol: Anyway, I am waiting for that and an appt for a mammogram for the year. I did get my flu shot as surprisingly they actually had them there. The nice thing getting them when you go to your appt is you pay the $12 for the copay but then you don't have to pay anything extra for anything they do in the office like lab work, shots and such so I didn't have to pay for the flu shot. I need to go back in 2 months so she can see how the new med is working out and I had a cholesteral and sugar test since all my siblings have diabetes now and my mom died from diabetic complications so we will discuss those results. I have always had great cholersteral and never insulin problems so hopefully that is still the way it is. When I went into the lab, it was a new lady that had never drawn my blood so I warned her I was tough to get blood out of. She thwacked the top of both hands, then went into the inner arms and whacked on them a bit, then had me hold something and squeeze it and she pushed down right at the elbow area, inserted the needle with nary a stick and out the blood came. Unfortunately, the flu shot hurt like the devil this time and I bled like a stuck pig! lol I have to say, I sure do like my new doctor. She is probably between my daughter and son's ages and is a really sweet gal. She is a staff physician instead of a resident and my primary care manager so she won't be leaving anytime soon.

Maggie: We had the check engine light issue with our Grand Marquis. We had a couple things fixed (come to find out didn't need it) and the service guys would always reset the sensor to make the light go out, but a week or so later back on it came. I did find out that the only way to guarantee your sensor not to flip the light is taking it to a dealer. The vehicles are set up so that when the sensors come on they have to be reset by the dealer for them to stay off completely. The guy told us the auto companies do that so you will have them do the work. When we exhausted everything connected to the check engine light and none of it was faulty, we gave up fooling with it and I ended up putting a piece of duct tape over it to keep it from drawing our eye to it. We never had an issue with it except it not going out so yours may be the same thing and the dealer has to reset it to make it stay out. It is nice to have fancier cars nowadays, but these electronic gizmos can be a pain.

Jean: :carrot: Another day of $$$ coming out ok at the church! :lol: Since I got out later, we just went to Olive Garden for dinner. I told Jack if we ever get up your way we are going to take you and Bob to OG as it is your favorite. We still came in under lunch portions and I wasn't all that hungry so didn't eat much anyway.

Well, my little doggy wants some attention and Jack is up in his office. I am going to tackle making dog food in a bit so I guess I should go. Have a nice evening all! Faye

10-03-2011, 10:53 PM
Maggie -- I hope Cecil likes his new home and will be curious as to how the first two four legged residents like him. Have fun! :dance:

"Gma" -- Glad your visit with your new doc is over and you like her. I hope the new meds will help you feel better. The closest OG is in Sioux City and it seems like no matter what time of day it is, the parking lot is busy. We don't usually have to wait very long though. :T I thought about going there by myself but then decided that wouldn't be so much fun. There are several restaurants right in a row and they're all pretty busy.

I'm taping DWTS so I don't have to sit through all the commercials and the goofus MC making small talk. :lol: Bob just got home from the farm and is thinking there must be a football game on somewhere. I think I will read for awhile and then head to bed. Tomorrow is my morning in the gift shop.

10-04-2011, 08:50 AM
Good morning ladies. Well, I was up at 6 making dog food as I had run out and Fortune was whining to be fed. :lol: I then folded a load of clothes, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and will start more laundry in a bit after Jack has his shower. I have to tackle upstairs cleaning this morning and get that done.

I just finished a pretty good couple books and downloaded a couple more last night. I haven't been knitting because I have been so tired. I talked to the dr and she said the heart meds I am on will cause real tiredness as it slows the heart rate so it is just something I have to deal with from time to time. I may take a snooze while Jack is gone this morning because I got up around 5 AM and went to bed late because I wanted to finish my book. On top of that the snot next door was playing her music at 9 PM so loud the house vibrated. I don't ever go to homes around here after dark and to call the cops would take hours for them on a nuisance call so I waited and she finally turned it off. They are going to be pains, I can just tell. They have this snot of a teenager who is obnoxious as the devil.

Jean: Hope you have a good gift shop day. Do you think since they moved it that you do more business or less?? I know you didn't do a whole lot when it was in its original spot. The gift shop at our hospital here is right down the main hall before you get to the elevators so you can hardly miss it. The stuff in there is outrageously expensive, well they sort of have a captive audience so to speak.

You gals all have a good day. I am going to get some breakfast and read awhile then tackle nasty bathrooms. Faye

10-04-2011, 01:27 PM

It is a beautiful sunny day here this day in the Heartland. I have not much to say this day except about this kitten. It is a hoot. Ragg Mopp just ignors it for the time being for they have been nose to nose and excepted each other. Beanie is just to excited right now so Cecil ignors him and just keeps at least a foot away from him. He eats and plays and Beanie just wants to play so bad but needs to settle down some. It is so cute to see the kitten going into the butt hutt. He is so little he can't just jump in yet but can hook is front paws in the edge and pull himself up and in. Right now he is trying to untie my shoe. He definitely is friendly to people. He met and greeted Paul and made himself at home in his lap last evening. He eats and drinks water just fine so he isn't upset. He boxes his shadow on the floor with those big front feet with the 6 toes. Did I mention that this is the kind of cat that doesn't bother folks with alergies. I don't know what the deal is but I read that somewhere. Must have something to do with the dander thing. Have any of you been to McD's since they started the new game? I got a deal that I won 5 bucks and have to go to a web site to claim it. Made my breakfast burrito free that I had.

DONNA FAYE I think it is wonderful that you make Fortunes food. He sure has a good mommie. Isn't it a teens job now days to be that way? Seems more and more of they are copping an attitude. I am glad there are a few that haven't fallen to that level though. I know some really nice teens. Too bad you have that one for a neighbor.

JEAN We tape some programs also that we don't want to hear the commercials. Boy o boy TV has sure changed since I was a kid. No more test patterns. Have a wonderful day at the gift shop.

All y'all have a great day this Roctober 4th. Rock on. :wave:

10-05-2011, 12:01 AM
Don't know why I couldn't get in here earlier but am here now. :cp:

"Gma" -- I'm sorry you have a loud music loving teenager next door. I hope that doesn't go on too late or, if I were you, I'd be calling the landlord. She would probably just turn it up louder. :mad: The gift shop does less business where it is now and that is because there is less space with less merchandise. Before we moved I just worked on Saturday mornings and employees weren't used to it being open unless they happened to walk by on their way to the ER or lab. The coffee shop doesn't do nearly the business it used to either but now there is a chef in the new "fancy" dining room which offers many more food choices. Where the coffee shop used to be, it was a gathering place for neighborhood people to gather for coffee. Now it's mainly the hospital employees that come in for the fancy coffee drinks, a donut, muffin, or cookie on the run. Bob and I ate lunch there today -- sloppy joes :T and coffee.

Maggie -- I'm glad Cecil is feeling comfortable in his new home. I'll bet Beanie is so fun to watch around him. :lol: We don't eat at McDs here in town so didn't know they have a new game going. :congrat: on winning!

I'm heading off to bed. It's been a long day. :yawn:

10-05-2011, 06:28 AM
Good morning to everyone. It is nice and cool this morning, but not really cold. We are still getting up into the 80's during the daytime hours though so it is quite warm for here in October. We are usually in the 70's or even lower by now. I told Jack it is about time to haul everything back into the garage for the fall and winter. We so look forward to blowing leaves in a month or so though with the new guys doing lawn care, I don't know whether they will pick them up.

I am reading a murder mystery set in New Orleans about a lady who owns a scrapbooking store. They talk a bit about Marie Levau in it so I kind of did a mini research on her and she has a lot of myterious stuff about her including her daughter was named Marie Levau II so that some of her voodoo stuff is attributed to her mother. Interesting stuff though. I know cajuns are big into what they call gris gris, which is good luck and are very superstitious. One thing I didn't know but it makes sense is that jambalaya has it's roots in spanish paella when the spanish came into the New Orleans area centuries ago. We have never been, but it is only an 8 hour train ride or you can drive it from here in a day so one of these days I would like to visit as long as it isn't around Mardi Gras. I am too old to deal with all that.

Jean: I love a good homemade sloppy joe. My oldest sister makes great sloppy joes as did my mother. Jack likes mine, but I can take em or leave em. He doesn't care for bell pepper and I think you need to put bell pepper in sloppy joes to make them yummy. She turned her music on the minute she hit home from school, but it didn't last long yesterday. The parents speak to us, but she doesn't. She has two young brother and sister and they are fairly nice children so far. I have had to deal with the ball in the yard thing once, but I told him that we are not always home so to be careful as he cannot come into the yard because our gate stays locked and so far he has been careful playing ball.

Maggie: Glad Cecil is settling in ok. I am sure Fortune would ignore him pretty much too and give him his space. Jack won an order of ff's but we just threw it away cause we sure don't need ff's. We don't collect all those monopoly pieces though, too much of a pain to do so.

As you can see, it is way early again. I did go to bed early as I was tired last night, but was up and down with Fortune a lot last night. He has been really antsy the last few days.

Susan and Gail: Hope you are both doing ok.

Have a good middle of the week! Faye

10-05-2011, 01:46 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to get my nails done, came home and have done two mini loads of laundry, fixed dinner and it's in the oven. I'm not sure if Bob is farming today or not since the combine is in the shop for getting "hot" yesterday. I have bell practice later this afternoon. We play on Sunday and should practice in the sanctuary today; we have a new "clueless" custodian so I'm betting he won't haul our "stuff" downstairs for us. As near as we could tell on Sunday he quit one job on the 30th and started at the church on the 1st w/o any instructions from the former custodians. Bob doesn't think the light bulb is shining very brightly in that attic. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- It was 90 degrees in Sioux City yesterday and 87 here, according to the tv weatherman this morning! That is very unusual for this time of year. Like one lady said, it is one less day of winter! :lol: Thanks for sharing a bit of history from the south. I always thought New Orleans would be an interesting place to visit. I chop onion and green pepper very fine to disguise it when the kids are here. No one ever says anything and Will would be sure to pick his out. I hope you and Fortune can get in a catnap this afternoon.

I need to check on my oven and unload the dishwasher. Enjoy the rest of this Wonderful Wednesday! :D :wave:

10-05-2011, 02:50 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! We're having a heat wave at 68 degrees today. It has been so cold, down in the low 50s, I had to turn the heat on. It's too soon for it to be so cold!

As you can tell, I now have internet again...I am so happy. I had over 200 emails piled up. DirectTV, internet and phone are all working great so I just have Sandy's to do Friday afternoon and then I can get back to my normal schedule.

I'm done with PT and can go back to water aerobics, carefully, but not any weight machine for my legs for another 4 months. The knee is still stiff if I sit too long or when I first get up in the morning, but it loosens up faster each day.

Fall Festival was last weekend and my 2 friends and I always work the quilt guild booth demonstrating quilting from 2-4. Of course this year it had to be cold, in the 50s, and raining. Believe it or not, it didn't stop people from coming. We make Quilts of Valor for wounded service men and we had blocks for people to sign that would be made into these quilts. lk

Saturday was sew day for breast cancer at RCQ guild. We had a lot of fun and my friends got me a birthday cake and gifts...I was really surprised.

Monday I had my appointment with the eye doc and yesterday I ordered new glasses. JC Penney's was having a sale for $95 complete no line bifocals. What a steal. The frames I chose were more than that. I saved over $225 altogether because I refused all the extras they offer.

Maggie, I'd love to see your new kitty. I didn't know that Manx were hypoallergenic, so to speak, so I will have to investigate that more. That's probably what I should get, if I get one.

Jean, it seems like fall now for sure since Bob is farming. I made a pot of WW Garden Vegetable Soup this morning. Time to think of heartier lunches and dinners.

Faye, one thing for sure, you could make extra of Fortune's food and have it for you and Jack for dinner. He is one lucky pooch. I'm glad every thing was good and you like your new doctor. I hope the ablation ends all your woes in that department.

I'm going to go to a little quilting while I watch a movie. Have a marvelous day.

10-05-2011, 05:43 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias. It has been a wonderful day up in the 80's. I posted earlier but it is ~~whoof~~ gone for it is not here. Probably because I was having a bit of computer problems so had to set it back a day and it is fine now. The animals are getting more and more acquainted with each other. Beanie is a pest though. When it is time for Cecil to take a nap he sticks his head into the crate and wakes him up just wanting to play. Poor little kitty just wants a nap. So when that happens Beanie is closed out of this room. :p I received my camp oven and it is definitely better than the one I had years back. I will give it a trial run and make some biscuits in it one of these days soon. The temp gauge is on the outside of the front door. I also got a nice stainless mess kit that will be great when I add a couple larger pots to the mix. Two of the items in the mess kit will be great to use in the oven also. The kit contains: one 7ounce stainless fry pan with copper bottom and "stay cool" insulated folding handle; One 12 ounce stainless saucepan (for oven use also) with cover; One stainless plate/fry pan cover (great for the oven also). They are small but large enough to cook for two. I will add a skillet and small griddle with grill on the flip side to the mix that I have. It is square and fits on one burner. I found a childs cookie sheet that will fit in the oven on a web site that sells children sized cooking items. Just like the ones "momie" has but small which will ge great. The oven folds down and stores in a small place which is so neat and just uses one burner on the outdoor coleman camp stove.

DONNA FAYE Time to get the out door furniture put away for the winter season. What will happen to the leaves if they gardeners don't haul them away? Do they just blow around or do you and the other tennets have to do the raking. I saw an advertisement of huge lawn tractors that suck up leaves ~ those are for folks who have lots and lots of lawn and also lots of trees that shed. All that equipment must cost the bucks.

JEAN What is for dinner that you put in the oven? I don't have to cook this evening for it has become "tradition" for us to get it from Colonel Cluck after class this evening. I will be having my usual of skinless chicken and Will likes their chicken fried steak that they serve on Wed. evenings.

SUSAN Nice to have you back on line. I did e-mail you a couple pictures of Cecil but will remail them since you got so many and it may have been lost in the bunch. :p Please do check that out about them not causing alergies but it was what I was told and I can't remember where I heard it from. Some web page I was researching them on probably. He hasn't made me sneeze so far.:o

All y'all have a wonderful evening. :wave:

10-05-2011, 11:46 PM
Susan -- I'm glad to see you tonight! :cheer: It's nice that you are all "hooked" up again; I hope Sandy's will go smoothly for you too. It's nice that you know how to do it for her. I know you will be anxious to get back into your exercise routine again. :yes: It sounds like you have been busy with quilting and sewing get togethers. Enjoy your new glasses -- even more so with the great savings!

Maggie -- When I tried to get in here earlier it wouldn't let me post. :( Maybe the site has a glitch of some sort. I fixed a ham loaf (similar to meat loaf) and scalloped potatoes along with a salad. There are plenty of leftovers for a couple days. I need to think of something to fix for Bob's secretary if she ends up having surgery. Now that is real effort on my part. ;)

Not much else is newsy from here. Guess I will head for the news and then bed. See you all tomorrow! :D :wave:

10-06-2011, 10:39 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it's supposed to be another warm 80+ degree day. The leaves are falling fast in the slight breeze. I got the gift shop bank statement yesterday and in filing it in the notebook, I found another reconciliation bank sheet which I knew nothing about. :crazy: I really don't see why all the extra paperwork if no one looks at it. I have to take the check book in for an audit in January and make a yearly report for the annual meeting. I'm hoping that is one task I can avoid; I sent the former treasurer an email so have my fingers crossed.

I need to do some much needed dusting and vacuuming today. My windows are filthy but the prediction is for rain over the weekend so think they will stay dirty awhile longer. I have a memorial committee meeting and then a nominating committee meeting at church this afternoon. Bob is farming all day today so I won't see him until after dark tonight. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy your day! :D :wave:

10-06-2011, 11:08 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, we went and voted, though our votes count zippo. I voted for the least worst of the bunch for mayor as not one mayoral candidate even comes close to my politics, but in this city it isn't surprising. I voted for 2 council members and didn't vote for the rest as none of the ones running are worth anything and a couple of them are incredibly dishonest. Three of the mayoral candidates owe back taxes, one of them seriously owes bigtime so you get what you get. The one candidate I would vote for dropped out along the way. I can understand it. It takes a lot of money to run for office even city offices and frankly if you are white, you can forget about getting voted in as mayor so this guy gave up. He was the only conservative candidate running.

I have a clean downstairs but need to tackle the bathrooms. Unfortunately, Fortune kept me up all night. I don't know why he has been so very fidgity lately, but he squirms and jumps on and off the bed all night long the last few nights. I haven't had more than an hour of sleep at one time. So, I am going to read a bit and probably nap this morning.

Jean: Accounting stuff when handled by more than one person sure can get convuluted that's for sure. Hope your committee meeting went ok. We are supposed to be near 90 today so I am staying indoors.

Maggie: Sounds like Cecil is settling in nicely. Beanie still has his puppy genes going and that little doggy I am not sure is ever going to grow out of his puppy stage. Funny how dogs, even the same breeds are so different. Kelly's dog was alway so active, jumping around not getting still and Fortune is just the opposite never wanted to do much except set right next to you or on your lap even.

Susan: Glad to see technically you are again with us! Sounds like your fall is going to be full of lots of things to do.

I can't believe we are almost to Halloween. Alicia sent me a picture of Jackson in his costume for this year. He is going to be Wolverine from the comic strip and movies. He is all into super hero stuff! Now that Thomas doesn't trick or treat anymore it is kind of sad. He is getting so grown up and I wish my boys could stay little, but they just don't do it! :lol:

Have a grand Thursday to you all. Next week the whole bunch of you have birthdays, bang, bang, bang. Faye

10-06-2011, 05:48 PM

It is a beautiful windy day here in the heartland. Should blow a lot of trash into our yard from the place across the street. It is a building center and the wind picks up stuff from their trash bins. But the wind sweeps the town nice and clean looking. Beanie played with Cecil so much the baby has been sleeping for a long time now. He still likes going into his carry crate to sleep which is good. He re-arranges the towel and snoozes away. All the animals go nose to nose now and are good with each other. The hallway is getting a work out. Up and back Beanie chases Cecil then Cecil chases Beanie. It is so cute to watch. I have been busy this day so far doing computer work for the tea party. I made up some tickets for a dinner we are putting on for the Wounded Worriers. They are numbered and look quite good I do believe. Will will show a page to the head guy and get his approval. Then I will print a couple hundred or so and we can all get to selling them. I think Will has a leather tool I can use to perferate the tear off portion. When I made some before for something else I sewed a line of stitches without thread along where I wanted to tear them. I could that again if Will doesn't have a tool that will work. I am so glad I have that publisher program where I can do these things so don't mind at all when Will volunteers me to do things of this sort.

DONNA FAYE Beanie is only 10 months old and he is surely going to get out of the puppy stage by age 2.;) I sure hope he does. He is so much better with Cecil now though, but I can't seem to keep him from sticking his head in the butt hutt when Cecil is in there. Guess he things he has to supervise. We put a block of wood in front of it to make it easier for Cecil to get in for he was just hooking is front feet in and pulling himself up and over the edge. Well he promptly moved the block of wood and entered the hutt his way. So much for trying to help him out. It is good that you vote ~ don't stop please. Things will turn around if we stand firm.

JEAN We have wind now ~ real wind. It is supposed to shower some this afternoon. Last night we had just a spit or two ~ nothing to even take the dust off anything. It is good that you get the books to balance. I believe only one person should do that to keep it on an even keel so to speak. Too many hands in the pot surely spoil the mix.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

10-07-2011, 12:49 AM
"Gma" -- I always figured if I didn't vote then I couldn't complain about the ways things aredone in the end. :) I did get most of my cleaning projects done today! :cp: Our memorial committee went through the list of designated money and there are some people we need to call to see if they have a preference as to where the money goes. The nominating meeting was a "bust" because only 2, out of 10 of us, showed up. We did have some things explained by the minister so I learned a bit more about how the church is governed. Both committees are set to meet again in 2 weeks. I'll bet Jackson makes a "cute" Wolverine! Kids get such a kick out of Halloween!

Maggie -- It turned cooler here this afternoon and the wind kept right on blowing. Wind makes me tired. :yawn: I would love to meet Cecil and watch him play with RM and Beanie. :yes: Kittens have so much energy but when they need their nap, they nap! I did find out the gift shop reconciliation papers come from the hospital so I don't have to do that. Whew!

I am heading off to bed. See you all tomorrow!

10-07-2011, 07:47 AM
Good morning ladies. I got up to feed the starving doggy and couldn't go back to sleep so thought I would stay up for a bit. I sat up late last night and finished 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel. It was a good book. I am reading another one of hers and a couple other things. I need to put them down and get the knitting going again. I have just been so tired lately not getting enough sleep that knitting is not an option. Knitting is soothing for me and makes me sleepy! :lol: So, I have to be well rested to knit or I get drowsy.

I am tackling upstairs today and washing bedding, shower curtains and the like and then putting everything back together. My guest room is a hurricane disaster and will remain so for awhile until I figure out what to do. Our condo has small closets for the most part and I have clothing in our small walkin closet in our bedroom and in Jack's office closet. I had no where for shoes so bought something a few years ago to hang in the closet, but it crashed just a couple months back and all my shoes are all over the place now, falling out of the closet and such. I have quite a few prs of shoes a lot of them I don't wear now because of a couple reasons, but want to keep them. Then there are the handbags, which hang on hooks running down the closet doors, but again, they are full up and I have not a place top all of them so stuff is sitting on the bed for the time being. Our big plan is to take the spare bedroom and eventually turn it into a big closet with shelving, storage and all of that. I have found stuff at the Ikea store in Nashville to use along with a couple other places, but we need to replace the carpet in there with tile and "build it" so to speak and that is a couple years down the road. So for now, we have a keep out policy in that room.

My dr called with my blood test results and a-ok on everything. You wouldn't think a morbidly obese woman would have excellent cholesterol, but I do! :lol: I have to go back to see her in 2 months, but can't make the appt yet because they didn't have their "calendar" up. You would think they would have it at least two months in advance. Jack's cardiologist let's him book his appts 6 months to a year in advance. They did just get great new digital scales with a big platform, which is nice for me as standing on that little one on those old mechanical scales was difficult with my knee because the platform is so small, especially with the gunboats I have for feet. :lol:

Jean: I absolutely agree if you don't vote you don't have a voice, but frankly in this town since we are white and conservative we end up without a voice anyway because none of candidate choices ever win. That doesn't mean we don't go and vote anyway. I just don't vote for offices I know nothing about the candidates. Unfortunately, Tennessee is a "bipartisan" state and unlike other places we have lived finding platforms for these people is almost impossible. I sat for over an hour the other night trying to read up on just the mayoral race and couldn't find anything except for one young man. Of course, I knew that there were not conservatives even running for the mayor's office, but I wanted the least of the evils. Pretty much the same old people were voted back in so we will have the same stupid idiots on the city council and sitting in the mayor's office.

Maggie: Hope all is going well with you today.

I am going to get out of here and see if I can snooze a bit more. Have a great day and weekend all. I have a grocery run later on in the day, but cleaning comes first! :lol: Faye

10-07-2011, 02:40 PM
Good Afternoon! It is very windy again today; we started out with dark clouds which blew away to let the sun shine. I went to church to stuff and seal envelopes for the quarterly giving statements. Then I sorted through 2010 giving envelopes, picked out rubber bands and paper clips, threw the envelopes away, and shredded the check copies. My last effort was to sort through a pile of catalogs which had lots of 2010 and a few 2009 expiration dates. We get multiple copies of some catalogs and everyone just adds their's to the pile. I've already told the secretary there are lots of Dec., 2011, that will be gone in January! Now I'm home for the rest of the day and have laundry to do, as well as some clothes sorting for the SOS store. I also need to regroup my shoes since sandal season is just about over.

"Gma" -- I haven't read a DS book in a long time. There is talk of adding a second story on to our library and the last time I was there the head librarian checked my books. I asked her if they would have to close during construction and she didn't know. Maybe we will have to "book shop" with hard hats! :lol: Glad your bloodwork came back ok. :cp: That is always good news! We always vote, but if I don't know the person or their stand then I don't vote for that particular office. I'm beginning to think politics are pretty much the same at all levels of government. I hope you and Fortune enjoyed a nap!

Guess I will see what's available for a WW frozen dinner and have lunch. Enjoy the rest of your Fantastic Friday! :D :wave:

10-08-2011, 11:28 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy but still no rain happening. The wind has settled down into a slight breeze which is fine with me. I need a couple things from the grocery store and will head there when I finish here. Bob just left for the farm so have no idea when I will see him again. I have plenty of "to dos" to keep me busy today.

Maggie, Susan, and Gail -- Missed you yesterday -- hope all is well at your house!

"Gma" -- Did you sleep in this morning? ;)

I need to get my rear in gear and head out. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and enjoy whatever chores you decide to do. :D :wave:

10-08-2011, 11:55 AM
Good morning ladies. I came in here at 4 AM and couldn't get in. Kept getting a database error so I finally gave up and sat down and read until 7 then had breakfast, fed the dog, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and then went back to bed for awhile. I am going to go up and shower and go to the grocery store when I finish here. I need to stock up on more fruit and veggies, ff cheese, get some turkey breast for sandwiches and a couple boxes of that chicken that comes in the box in the lunchmeat area.

Jean: I get catalogues everyday. They sure pass around your address because I am now getting clothing catalogues for shoes, handbags and clothing aimed at black women. I don't do leopard! :lol: :lol: How is Bob coming along with his farming??? I have to get the dusting done upstairs. Jack has volunteered to vacuum upstairs so I am going to let him. I hate to vacuum and our vacuum is really heavy too so it can be hard to push. I don't want to buy like a stick vacuum for upstairs because we eventually are going to replace the upstairs with hardwood or tile and I don't want to waste money. Besides I am overwhelmed with appliances! :lol:

I am down 2# so far this week, am striving to eat balanced meals too and get more veggies in my diet and such. So far so good. I have cut out sugar and am using more Splenda. I think since Pepsi One has Splenda in it, I am used to the taste now so it doesn't taste metallic or whatever like it used to but I am trying to stay away from baked goods and such no matter what sweetener is in it. Jack weighed himself this morning and is back to his prevacation weight so he is happy about that. The scales at his cardiologist is wayyyyy off as there was only 1 lb difference between my scales and my regular dr when I weighed on Tuesday(theirs weighed a lb heavier) but Jack's is off by at least 5 lbs. Jack weighs with shoes and such on and was 11 lbs heavier at the drs than here at home. I too had shoes on and fully clothed and my dr was only 1 lb difference.

We are going to have to buy a new toaster and I just bought one a few months back. The thing burned two pieces of toast this morning, even set at the lowest so either the dial is broken and it is dialed all the way up or the toaster is just wacked. My house stinks of burnt toast now! :lol:

Have a great weekend. I am out of here and am going to the store in about half an hour. Faye

10-08-2011, 03:11 PM

It is a chilly 65 day here in the Heartland and raining. Yes ~ raining. Love the rain and we need it. Beanie totally supervises the kitten now. Gives him a bath and wants so bad to eat his food. I know it won't hurt him to eat Cecil's food but I would like to know just how much Cecil is consuming. Beanie has gone from following Cecil around step by step to laying and watching him in his antics. Ragg Mopp just goes on about his own business. I really did make a post yesterday and evidently it is out in cyber space floating around. I have been working on making numbered tickets with stubs for a dinner our local T party is putting on for the Wounded Warriors. Doing what I can for the cause. I can make them much cheaper than we could get them done at a printers shop. I love our service men and women.

DONNA FAYE :dancer: Congratulations on being 2# down. You go girlfriend. What really matters is that folks show a loss on their home scale. If a person weighed at the Dr office all the time then they would show a loss on that scale. Once I weighed on my docs scale and he sent me across the street to another specialist doc and I weighed 10 pounds higher on his scale. I told him he needed to recalabrate his scale and he got on the phone right then and told someone to call the company and get someone out there to do just that. I laughed and asked him if he was sure that the one across the street was right. He slapped his forehead with his palm and called my doc across the street and asked when they last had had their scale calabrated. I have a set of upright doctors scales where I move over a chunk on a bar when I have lost ~ or the other way if I show a gain. It is calabrated "right on." I see now Cecil has gone into his sleep hut and is napping. Things got real quiet in here. :p

JEAN Bob sure does like his farming doesn't he. OUCH ~ I just picked up Beanie to get him out of here while Cecil takes a nap and he has a goat head sticker somewhere on his under belly because my finger is now bleeding where I got stuck. I'll have to get it off of him in a bit. Hope you have a good day doing what it is that you are planning to get done.

I have work to be done and my break is over. :wave: Type at y'all later.

10-09-2011, 12:30 AM
"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing 2#s! :cp: You are on your way down the scale. I have noticed that leopard print seems to be around more this year. The guys are combining corn now, and the poor deer look lost because they are used to hiding in the tall corn. The main complaint today was people who pass on the double yellow lines. There are some really DUMB people driving! I have an electric Hoover "stick" vacuum and love it on both the bare floor and carpet for a light once over. In fact I think it gets in corners better than my regular vacuum. My doctor's scale and the WW scale weigh exactly the same as I have gone between the 2 within an hour. I take my shoes off too! I've bought 3 or 4 toasters over the last few years. The problem is they only toast hot on one side so we end up flipping the toast to get both sides toasted.

Maggie -- We never did get any rain today, maybe tonight. It was a warm day and I still have windows and the back door open. I did get a few things done but found a new game on Facebook so spent too much time there. :o It's nice that you can make the tea party tickets, and save money by doing so. Ok, I'll bite. What is a goat head sticker? :?: Doesn't sound like something I'd really want a first hand experience with.

I'm heading off to bed. Bob got called to usher tomorrow and I have to be ready to practice at 7:30 so it will be an early morning. :yawn:

10-09-2011, 10:18 AM
Good morning gals! It is a lovely morning here again today. I did forget to turn off the ac unit so the downstairs was {{{cold}}} this morning. We usually leave it off completely until afternoon when the house gets hot and turn it on then turn it off before bed, but I forgot last night.

Today is vacuum and dust day. I had such a time at the grocery store yesterday I gave up doing it upstairs yesterday. I know I shouldn't go on Saturdays, but I needed fruit, veggies and some other stuff so had to go. I didn't want to stick Jack with a big ole long list so I went. It was hot in the store first off when you walked in so fatty me was sweating the whole time, then my back hurt as it usually does from walking and then they had no loose oranges and I won't them in bags anymore because you don't know what your are getting. They also had no pears except a little basket of really expensive ones so I opted for rock hard peaches and plums, which I put in brown paper bags when I got home hoping they ripen that way. The topper though was only 2 checkers except self checkout (this was at Krogers since I knew what Walmart was likely to be like) and I got in line behind 3 black women from their talk all lived together. Anyway, they are are welfare and wick(sp) people and it made me angry that I was basically paying for them to buy expensive food and get it all free. The one woman alone bought $296 worth of groceries and that didn't count the 6 boxes of cereal, peanut butter, 8 gallons of milk, 2 gallons of juice, that she got with her wick coupons. THEY ALL did that and frankly it makes me angry. I don't have a problem with a bit of a help up, but no one helped my family when my dh was serving his country in the Navy and we couldn't make ends meet. My kids didn't even get juice or lunchables or fancy cereals because I couldn't afford it. Our family of 4 had to eat 1 box of hamb helper between us and we didn't have salads and rolls and such to make it stretch farther. I knew going on Saturday was going to make me mad because they all go and shop on that day, but I had to have stuff and thought Krogers would be better than Walmart, but obviously I was wrong. I let them know what I thought though because I called my husband as they were checking out and told him I would be home as soon as I could I had "3 of our tax dollars at work" ahead of me and it was going to take awhile. I said it loud enough for them to hear too. So, I came home tired, hot, aching, and hungry not including irked! I fixed myself a turkey, ff cheese, lett, tom, lowfat mayo on white bread sandwich with pretzels and grapes for lunch and felt better after sitting for a few minutes. I then finished putting everything away and cleaning up.

Susan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!:celebrate::hb::gift: I hope your birthday today is just grand!!!!!

Jean: A goat head stick is called that because it sort of looks like a goat's head. It is round and has two prongs sticking out like goat horns. They are tiny but man sharp and if you step on one or like Maggie get stuck, you are going to know it, that's for sure. They were really bad when we lived in New Mexico and since she is from California, I imagine she has see her share as they tend to be a more western thing. I will keep that in mind about the stick vac being good on the wood flooring and such. Our dr office don't let you take your shoes off. Our practice caters to a lot of medicaid crowd and frankly some of them are pretty nasty so I think they don't want athlete's foot or something spread around. I wear my lightest shoe.

Maggie: I agree. We don't take too much stock in the dr office scales. Jack was so funny yesterday. He is worse than a woman, as he weighs himself everyday! :lol: He weighed himself yesterday and turned to me with a big grin. I said, "let me guess, you are back to your prevacation weight." Yep, he was. I actually weighed this morning and I am down another two lbs so what I am doing is working for sure.

Well gals, I need to go and eat. I try to eat at around 7, then at 10 have a little snack like pretzels or a piece of fruit then lunch at noon. Have a wonderful day all! Faye

10-09-2011, 04:04 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Our sunshine has disappeared and it is a cool 79 degrees with a breeze. I went to church for practice at 7:30 (bells were awsome according to the new minister), :cheer: Bob came at 8 to usher, and we stayed for a custodians' retirement cake 'n coffee afterwards. Bob is on that committee but the ladies had everything under control so he didn't have to do much except make small talk as people went through the line. He's long gone to the farm while I read the paper and cleaned up the kitchen.

"Gma" -- I hear ya on the food stamp merry-go-round. I followed a couple out one day and he bought beer, booze, and cigarettes with cash while she bought milk, bread, and cereal with food stamps. Our "free food" center is crying for help because the shelves are bare. Our church offers free food every Monday evening. College kids pick up leftovers from the hospital, college, restaurants, etc., bring it to the church, repackage it, and put it in the freezers. The secretary was telling about 2 women, with 6 children in tow, that came in wanting money for food. Lynn took them to the freezers and offered them anything they wanted. Both looked disgusted and said their kids wouldn't eat any of that stuff and left in a huff! I try not to go to WM or the grocery store over the weekend if I can help it. So, where do goat head stickers come from?

Susan -- :hb: :woo: I hope you are having a fun day on your special day today! :bday2you: May you enjoy many, many more happy days!

I have a load of laundry ready for the dryer and another one waiting, so I'm off. I should wash farm clothes today too. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D :wave:

10-09-2011, 05:06 PM

It is a rainey day here in the Heartland. Wonderful much needed rain coming down gently so some will soak in nicely. Had a wonderful church service this day with quite a few visitors. Went out to eat at Mokas and I had a turkey panini. So you guessed it ~ I am now sipping on a sf ff latte from there ~ our favorite place to get them and eat a sandwich. It is so cute to see Beanie mothering Cecil and bathing him. I now have all 250 tickets sitting on my computer waiting for the go ahead to print them for that dinner or make a change where it will be held before printing. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE Food stamps and welfare were never to be a way of life like some of the folks now think they are. They were just to be a safety net while folks looked for work which used to take about 3 months. Now whole generations have been on welfare and stamps. It has become a way of life for lots of folks. They feel entitled to it. They feel the govt owes them. For what ~ I can't figure that one out for what have they done but been on the dole. :soap:

JEAN Goat Head Stickers come attached to other animals or the seeds come on the wind and can grow in your yard

SUSAN :bday2you: :celebrate: :bday2: :hb: :balloons: Hope the day is going well with you my fellow Roctoberian. Enjoy and have a wonderful celebration.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

10-09-2011, 10:36 PM
Maggie -- Still no rain in my neighborhood but it has cooled down considerably. It sounds like you had a nice lunch. :T I'm hoping Goat Head Stickers don't move eastward! ;)

I'm going to play some solitaire and then hopefully stay awake for the news and weather before I head to bed. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

10-10-2011, 09:32 AM
Good morning gals. Jack wanted to wait until this morning to do the upstairs so I went along so I have dusting to do upstairs this morning. Tomorrow I imagine I will start downstairs with cleaning again. Jack is going to do just a quick sweep in the dining room with the shampooer. Fortune may be having abit of trouble again as he had some loose stools this morning so I have to shampoo in there. Who knows, he drives me nuts sometimes, but I still have meds left from his last bout so if he gets worse, I will just start him on them. I have to call this morning and get him in to see the vet this week. I think he may have an eye infection. They can sure cost you money once dogs get into their senior years that's for sure.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUBBY TODAY!:woo: Nothing planned as he doesn't even care about celebrating his birthday. I guess growing up it wasn't much of a big thing.

Today was weigh day and I am down a total of 5 lbs for the week! :carrot: Getting back into the swing of things after vacation. I am working to better balance my meals and such too.

I guess I need to get ahold of Alicia and get her started on thinking of things Jackson would like for Christmas. I am getting gift cards for BMOC this year. :lol: He wants clothing gift cards from the places like Abercrombie and Hollister and such so that is what he is going to get. They aren't very much fun when they get to this age and just want clothes! :lol: I also have to think of some fun stuff for the Toys for Tots gift gag exchange we do every year with the kids. I need to start looking for stuff as it can take some time getting just the right thing and not go over budget of $10, which I seem to always do. It is fun though.

Jean: We used to get people into the church there in Indiana wanting money all the time. Usually the deacon board would give them a tank of gas, or take them up the street to Mcdonalds or maybe to the grocery store with a certain $$ spent, but most people that showed up were not even from the city but "passing through." You are right though about folks saying they didn't want what was offered. Good food is good food and people that refuse it just want money not to feed the family, that's for sure. I just get steamed with the welfare business because they buy stuff most folks going through the line with money don't buy because they can't afford it. One of those ladies on Saturday bought a couple racks of ribs and a package of those precooked prime ribs. Now if you have only a certain amount on that card for the month and truly had financial difficulties, wouldn't you want the biggest bang for your buck? I mean you could buy tons of chicken and other less expensive beef for what those two racks of baby backs and those prime ribs cost. Instead of a loaf of bread, a package of sliced cheese, and lunchmeat, you but 12 packages of lunchables???? That tells me you have income frankly because the bread and lunchmeat will take you farther than the more expensive lunchables would. In the old days you got peanut butter, cheese, and such along with the food coupons you didn't just get handed over a card with money on it. Enough about that I guess. Hope Bob's combining is coming along. Jack has one more week than he reports back to work. His boss misses him! :lol: He called here last week and talked sports and such with Jack and complained about some issues at work. He now sees what Jack is talking about with one of the guys. He is a BIG racist and lazy and Jack has been trying to tell him this for a long time, but he got the full on experience I guess since Jack has been gone and now this jerk has filed a grievance against Jack's boss because he dared to make him work.

Maggie: You are right, Welfare was set up as temporary, but there are people here who have been on it for decades because it is easier than working. Sad, but true.

Well gals, it is 7:30 so time for breakfast and to set up my meals for the day. You all have a grand start to your week. Hello, to Susan, Gail and Gloria. Faye

10-10-2011, 04:35 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cool day in my corner of the world. We had some rain this morning but not enough to stop the combining effort. The clouds are breaking up so may see the sun yet this afternoon. I just finished doing the gift shop deposit so need to go to the bank and then stop at the jewelry store. I ordered cleaning cloths to polish the bells, left Bob's ring to be checked and cleaned, and my watch to have a link taken out of the band. My wrists are the only skinny thing on me, and my watch sliding around bugs me!

"Gma" -- :hb: to Jack! :balloons: Are you making him a special meal for tonight? It doesn't seem like he has been gone from work very long and it's time to go back. I'll bet his boss does miss him. :congrat: on losing 5#s that are gone forever! :cp: You are on the right track down the scale! Is Fortune feeling better? I hope you got all of your chores done that you wanted to accomplish.

I've got to head to the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D :wave:

10-11-2011, 11:09 AM