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02-26-2011, 04:19 PM
Okay, my daughter is getting married in three months and I desperately want to lose some weight.

My problem is I NEVER EVER stick to any kind of diet, eating plan, exercise plan, get the idea.

It seems every time I start something, I am going strong, seeing the results, and then get blindsided. Once I "fail" (even if it is just once), I totally give up and stop *whatever* was working. It is like I sabotage myself, you know?

Well, I don't want to do what I have done before....create a calendar, spend an entire evening planning out my exercise/calories only to stop after a week or two. The sad thing is I see pretty amazing results in a very short period of time. I mean going down a size!! It is good that I see results so quickly because I don't seem capable of sticking to it. I am disgusted to think I can't do this for my own child, much less myself.

Any ideas? Anyone else like me out there? If so, did you figure out the answer?

Thanks so much. It is worth noting my daughter thinks I look just fine. I am the one who wants to do this. I have a 33ish inch waist so I am not obese, but I know that is too big since I am only 5'2".


02-26-2011, 04:29 PM
It seems every time I start something, I am going strong, seeing the results, and then get blindsided. Once I "fail" (even if it is just once), I totally give up and stop *whatever* was working. It is like I sabotage myself, you know?

I believe that the difference between people who have long-term success and those who don't boils down to this statement. EVERYONE has slipups. Everyone. There is no one who sticks to plan 100% of the time, or at least, it is VERY, VERY rare.

BUT the difference between someone who sustains a longterm weight loss and someone who gives up is that the long-term sustainers screw up and say "Oh, well - I will do better with my next decision" and get right back on plan.

It's very easy to fall into a trap of giving up every time you have a slipup. But ultimately, ONE slipup doesn't mean you're right back where you started. Letting that slipup turn into a longer, bigger binge? That really will set you back.

Now, another issue might be that your previous plans were too restrictive. If you're not eating enough calories, or cutting out everything you enjoy, it's going to be nearly impossible to stick to your plan long-term. What sorts of plans have you tried before, and what is your plan this time? Would it be easier for you to make smaller changes more slowly, instead of going full-force into a very restrictive plan?

02-26-2011, 05:19 PM
Ouch...I am really strict when I start my plan. Your post made sense. I see how I set myself up.

Here is my latest plan (the one I fell off of one day and then gave up on). I did see awesome results..lost weight, inches, and did NOT feel hungry.

Breakfast-instant oatmeal with walnuts and blackberries
Lunch-chicken wrap (using whole-wheat wrap) and including black beans, corn, salsa
Snack-yogurt, nuts, fruit
Supper-Lean Cuisine
Snack-one wedge of laughing cow with a few crackers

I only drank unsweetened tea and water (that is normal for me).

What do you think?

02-26-2011, 07:43 PM
How many calories do you think that adds up to ? How about more vegies maybe add another vegie with your Lean Cuisine .

02-26-2011, 07:56 PM
No clue about the calories, but I was losing weight/inches. The best thing was I was never hungry. I can't remember what happened...probably my husband and I went out to eat and then I felt like...WHATEVER. Ugh!! I just don't know why I react that way.

I manage to stick to routines at work and at is ME that messes me up, you know? Typical for a woman...putting yourself last.

Yeah....I agree I should add more veges. I feel like I need to have a precise food plan written down for IT to work. I tried counting calories this summer....ate 1200 a day and easily dropped 5 pounds then SAME THING. Something got me off track, so why not eat half a pizza?!

The thing is...I really want to do this for my daughter. I feel like if I could lock myself in a room for the next 3 months then I could do this.

02-26-2011, 08:19 PM
If you really want to do this, then do it ! I think 1200 calories is a little low. I am 5' even and lost on about 1400 calories. We shorties just don't need a lot of calories. We can't eat the same as some one 5'8" . I count calories and plan every meal ahead of time , there are all kinds of places to get calorie counts, some like to go online. I personally like to use a book The Calorie King Calorie and Carbohydrate Counter is my favorite it has loads of info besides calorie counts.

02-26-2011, 08:29 PM
I actually have both of those books!
Your weight loss success is phenomenal, by the way!!!!

Okay, so you say you count calories and plan every meal ahead of time.
How do you handle when there is lunch provided at work or when your family wants to go out for pizza? You know....real life!!!

Also, how much exercise did you do in order to have such amazing results. How long did it take you to reach goal?

The sad thing is....if I lost 15 pounds....that would do the trick:( I would like to lose more, but I know how I look at 134 (15 pounds less than now). I am a slim size 6-8 pant and a medium top....right now my bra size is a 38 G because most of my weight is in my top half.

Thanks for your encouragement;)

02-26-2011, 09:44 PM
As for calorie counting at work and the pizza parlor. I estimate as best as I can. Try to avoid what I know is high calorie or eat a very small amount as for Pizza I eat everything but the crust , I just let them think I am a picky eater. Thanks for the compliment I started and stopped and started over again before I decided I would not do that anymore. Good luck on your plan I think 15 pounds is doable in 3 months, good luck !